TPS - aka Test Program Set

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  • IWNS-T - Thermal Night Sight Test Program Set Designed and developed a TPS to test the USMC Individual Weapon Night Sight Thermal (IWNS-T) on the VIPER/T VEO2 ATS running IRWindows. PIDESO designed a 2-axis mounting fixture with reference mirror to null out mounting differences from station to TPS fixturing. The TPS is designed to measure the .5 Minute of Angle accuracy of the IWNS-T optical reference line to the Picatinny rail mount requirement. The TPS is also capable of measuring Modulation Transfer Function, System Intensity Transfer Function and Noise equivalent delta temperature.
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  • Software Development - TPS Development Astronics DME has been doing software business with our government customers for thirty five years. The company has a long and successful history working under the Defense Systems Software Development Standards, Software Development and Documentation Standard, and Software Lifecycle Processes, DOD-STD-2167, DOD-STD-2167A, MIL-STD-498, and IEEE/EIA 12207. The company has an excellent record in producing MIL-STD-498 compliant data and has delivered scores of software data items to satisfied customers under the Information Processing Standards for Computers (IPSC) standards, IPSC-81427 to IPSC-81448.
    Astronics DME
  • Test Program Sets Astronics DME has developed a reputation as the preferred source for Test Program Sets for the Marine Corps on the Virtual Instrument Portable Equipment Repair/Tester (VIPER/T) and TETS as well as the Air Force Special Operations Forces (SOF) for our work on the AC-130U/H Gunship Test Equipment/Test Program Sets.
    Astronics DME
  • ATE Integration & TPS Development We are a system integrator with extensive hardware/software development expertise leveraging the latest in advanced technology. Our cost effective high quality products are a direct result of engineering and manufacturing excellence. We supply rapid system development, and unsurpassed customer responsiveness. Consultation to complete turn-key solutions available.
  • Automatic Test System & TPS Development Development of automated test systems and test program sets for field, intermediate, and depot level support. MTI's Test Engineering department provides an in-depth, robust environment for Automatic Test System (ATS) and Test Program Set (TPS) development. MTI's test engineering personnel have extensive experience in all aspects and engineering disciplines related to Automatic Test Systems (ATS), avionics test development, and life cycle sustainment for weapon system support equipment
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  • Series 08 - Interface System The Series 08 Interface System is built to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. Navy and will meet all of your Test Program Set (TPS) development needs.
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  • CEE - Commercial Equivalent Equipment he CEE duplicates the capabilities of the Base Shop Test Station (BSTS), and is used by weapons systems contractors as factory test equipment, by test program set (TPS) developers, and by the U.S. Army at depots and Special Repair Activities. All TPSs developed on the CEE are fully transportable to the militarized, field-deployable BSTF. TPSs can be developed once for factory testing and used in the field at the intermediate maintenance level, depots, and Special Repair
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  • TestCentre ARC’s TestCentre™ software is an integrated suite for the complete development of digital, analog and mixed signal test systems. The TestCentre™ suite consists of tools for developing digital test program sets, building sophisticated test sequences, and automating the test process, be it in a low volume, R&D, or high volume production environment. TestCentre™ is designed to allow engineers, developers and technicians to get past the test creation learning curve as quickly as possible and focus on the task at hand with an intuitive user interface. Specifically for digital test developers, TestCentre™ includes the DS Configuration Editor Module, which allows users to quickly create digital field definitions, associate tester hardware I/O with UUT I/O, set variable voltage and advanced timing configurations, create conditional criteria, and configure all of the options needed for a digital TPS. The DS Source Builder then allows users to graphically create digital vectors for stimulus and response, build reusable functions and subroutines for more sophisticated digital patterns (such as memory tests, CPU tests, and bus emulation), and compile the graphical projects into DS executable programs.
    ARC Technology Solutions
  • Development, Design, Integration Service PIDESO provides research, development, design, integration, production and test of instruments, Automated Test Systems, system software products, Test Program Sets, and Test Kits - while playing a major role in research, development, and implementation of maintenance infrastructures crucial to national defense.
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  • Design + Test Services Build to Print or Design Test Systems Engineering and Test Program Set design Support/Service Contracts Software Application Programming Instrument Driver Development On-Site Training/Programming Test Fixture Design and Fabrication Design for Testability Reviews Product Test Strategy Plan Preparation
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  • System Development System development is more than rack, stack, fixtures and LabVIEW. It's about great design. For us, it's a part of our history and in our DNA. Custom fixtures, full service test program set, active and/or passive self test, custom RF interface and panel development and high power (multiple KW) to electro optical to microwave.
    Hiller Measurements
  • Quality of Service Testing QoS is one of the unexpected features of the DBA package. Error levels, TPS information or content analysis are there.
    Arbitrary Resources
  • CASS Instrument Real Time Controller External control of the Navy CASS ATE via Ethernet. Standardized graphical user interface (GUI) for individual control of each instrument independent of CASS software. Allows TPS developer or ATE maintainer to change/control instrument settings for TPS debug and instrument troubleshooting.
  • Test and Implementation Capabilities TPS design, development and integration - ATML file generation - ATML implementations - ATML custom software tools - ATS Hardware and Software integration - Instrument driver development (IVI, VXI plug & play) - Test Requirements & Test Strategy analysis and generation - TPS Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) - ATS proposal support - ATS trade studies - ATE evaluation and selection
    Summit Test Solutions
  • TPS04 - Test Program Development ITS offers a full service custom TPS development for all types of digital/analog modules. Our TPS services are tailored to the development of advanced functional tests for the most complicated module architectures. Microprocessor based, multi-peripheral, multi-ASIC, and multi-protocol designs are our specialty. Our proficiency in the area or modeling and simulation development allow us to handle the most complicated modules from a system level.
    Integrated Test Solutions
  • Digital Simulation I.T.S. is the most advanced LASAR simulation company in the industry. Our process of behavioral stimulus and high level simulation development is unique to the field of LASAR simulation, and is used by I.T.S. and its customers to drastically reduce TPS development time while producing extremely accurate functional test programs.
    Integrated Test Solutions
  • T964 - 50 MHz Digital Resource Module # 50 MHz Digital Stimulus-Response with 1 ns Edge Placement Resolution # Engineered for Reliability with an Advanced Thermal Design, Temperature Monitoring, and Over-temperature Shutdown # Innovative Software Tools to Speed Test Development # Optional VIVA Migration Tools Simplify Legacy Replacement and Preserve TPS Investment
    Astronics Test Systems
  • LibertyGT™ - Family of Software Defined Synthetic Instruments ADX® LibertyGT™ Family of Software Defined Synthetic Instruments (SDSI) combine RADX COTS, Advanced, Realtime Measurement Science Firmware and Software (MSFS) with modular, pre-configured PXIe and LabVIEW® Test and Development Reference Systems (TDRS) from National Instruments® (NI) and tailored, TPS and binary-compatible Deployment Platforms from RADX, NI and system integrators that employ NI PXIe products.
    RADX Technologies
  • NGATS ATLAS Simulator integration and modification of the PAWS-ATLAS runtime and integration with the Army’s IFTE NGATS module. PIDESO is developing the NGATS ATLAS Simulator Software product for the U.S. Army. The software integrates with the NGATS ATLAS runtime and provides simulated execution and extended conflict verification of TPS source without requiring the use of an NGATS. The product provides simulation capabilities for TYX-PAWS ATLAS TPSs during migration from legacy systems.
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  • TS-383 - Bradley Production/Intermediate Test Set The TS-383 is a full parametric test set for the Bradley Fighting vehicle program. This system supports production and intermediate-level test of RYJ and additional Bradley Line Replaceable Units (LRUs).
    Marvin Test Solutions
  • PAWS - Developer's Studio PAWS Developer's Studio gives you the power to compile, modify, debug, document, and simulate the operation of ATLAS test programs in a Windows NT Platform environment. It offers the Visual Development capabilities prevalent in the marketplace today, specifically tailored for ATLAS TPS development. A full range of the most commonly-used ATLAS Language subsets is supported. A PAWS Toolkit can modify the ATLAS Language subset to meet the particular ATE (Test Station) configuration. Its output is ready to be executed on the associated Debugging PAWS/RTS Run Time System, or can be translated to run on your own unique, existing run time system.
    Astronics Test Systems

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TPS - The collection of equipment, programs and items necessary to complete a test.