TPS - aka Test Program Sets

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  • Software Development - TPS Development Astronics DME has been doing software business with our government customers for thirty five years. The company has a long and successful history working under the Defense Systems Software Development Standards, Software Development and Documentation Standard, and Software Lifecycle Processes, DOD-STD-2167, DOD-STD-2167A, MIL-STD-498, and IEEE/EIA 12207. The company has an excellent record in producing MIL-STD-498 compliant data and has delivered scores of software data items to satisfied customers under the Information Processing Standards for Computers (IPSC) standards, IPSC-81427 to IPSC-81448.
    Astronics DME
  • IWNS-T - Thermal Night Sight Test Program Set Designed and developed a TPS to test the USMC Individual Weapon Night Sight Thermal (IWNS-T) on the VIPER/T VEO2 ATS running IRWindows. PIDESO designed a 2-axis mounting fixture with reference mirror to null out mounting differences from station to TPS fixturing. The TPS is designed to measure the .5 Minute of Angle accuracy of the IWNS-T optical reference line to the Picatinny rail mount requirement. The TPS is also capable of measuring Modulation Transfer Function, System Intensity Transfer Function and Noise equivalent delta temperature.
    Pioneering Decisive
  • Automatic Test System & TPS Development Development of automated test systems and test program sets for field, intermediate, and depot level support. MTI's Test Engineering department provides an in-depth, robust environment for Automatic Test System (ATS) and Test Program Set (TPS) development. MTI's test engineering personnel have extensive experience in all aspects and engineering disciplines related to Automatic Test Systems (ATS), avionics test development, and life cycle sustainment for weapon system support equipment
    Manufacturing Technology
  • TPS Development Develop test programme for testing and diagnosing of digital, analog, power modules and hybrid PCBA. Design and fabricate Interface Test Adapter (ITA) and accessories to facilitate automated testing. Generate test documentation to provide comprehensive technical coverage on testing process.
    Singapore Technologies
  • Test Program Set Development est Programs Sets (TPS) consist of automated functional test routines and associated interface hardware. They are designed to test and diagnose faults on electronic assemblies using a standard suite of computer controlled equipment or Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). Innovasys has a proven track record for producing and maintaining TPSs for the Australian Defence Force. We have been engaged for more than 10 years to develop TPSs to support the RAN Surface Fleet.
    Innovasys Pty Ltd
  • TPS Development Covering all aspects of TPS development including: Testing for SRU, LRU, BRU, SRA, WRA, and CCA.
    TPS Development Services
  • Test Program Set Development Partech is an acknowledged leader in providing Test Solutions for the ADF, providing high quality, indigenous in-country support for key defence platforms. Our experienced Test Engineering Team can provide test solutions incorporating automated test or special to type equipment.
    Partech Systems Pty
  • Test Program Sets Astronics DME has developed a reputation as the preferred source for Test Program Sets for the Marine Corps on the Virtual Instrument Portable Equipment Repair/Tester (VIPER/T) and TETS as well as the Air Force Special Operations Forces (SOF) for our work on the AC-130U/H Gunship Test Equipment/Test Program Sets.
    Astronics DME
  • TPS Development G Systems develops Test Program Sets (TPS) on the Lockheed Martin LM-STAR Test Platform. Typical test applications include:
    • Functional Board Test (FBT) • Fiber Optic Fire Wire • Interface Test Adapters (ITAs. Hardware Development • ITAs. Software Development • Test Stand • LabWindows • CVI
    G Systems
  • TPS Devlopment Our engineers have designed and built Test Program Sets (TPSs) for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) used in avionics and flight control environments as well as ground electronics applications. Phoenix Engineering’s engineering team has extensive experience in all phases of Test Program Set development including technical analysis; test strategy development; interface device design; fabrication and testing of interface hardware prototypes; coding of tests, including fault isolation and diagnostic routines; software and hardware integration; support documentation, including Computer Program Specifications, Technical Orders and Test Manuals; preparation, delivery and training to military and commercial airline customers in the US and foreign countries.
    Phoenix Engineering
  • TPS (Test Program Set) Development DRS Test & Energy Management, LLC maintains an Engineering staff of over 200 people at its’ Huntsville, Alabama facility. At any one time more than half of these people are working on projects that involve the development or maintenance of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Test Program Sets (TPSs). This section of our web-site provides a broad overview of our TPS experience and capabilities.
    DRS Technologies
  • Test Program Sets(TPS) Included in the GPATE consortium, ETI has full responsibility (development and Production) to provide a sub-set of Test Program Sets(TPS) for the NHI NH-90 Helicopter Line Replaceable Units(LRU) supporting Avionics Testing for all the NAHEMA participating nations(Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Portugal and Finland).
    Empordef –Tecnologias
  • Test Program Set Development ASP is part of Teradyne Support Network and has established a strong relationship with Teradyne, a leader in the ATE industry. We have a partnership on military/aerospace projects with Teradyne supplying the hardware and ASP supplying application software. We have Spectrum 9100 test systems in the ASP facility. We have demostrated on time and on budget performance and is maintaining a flexible and cooperative business relationship. ASP has delivered more than 200 TPS based on Spectrum 9100 platform, including more than 20 L200 to Spectrum 9100 TPS Conversion using Teradyne TPS Conversion Studio.
    Alliance Support
  • TPS(Test Program Set) - TPS Development TPS is defined as the following categories; 1. Self Test Program for ATE, 2. Functional Test Program, and 3. Diagnostic Test Program.
    Wellring Technology
  • MEGA MIGRATOR - Multiplatform TPS migration tool Migrate test program sets from Legacy Test Platforms. Migrate existing TPS between multiple Test Platforms. Support/Modify legacy TPS on NI workstations – push back to legacy ATE. Use TPS created on an NI platform on a variety of ATE.
    Global Engineering
  • Series 08 - Interface System The Series 08 Interface System is built to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. Navy and will meet all of your Test Program Set (TPS) development needs.
    MAC Panel
  • TestStudio - Web-Based ATE Operating Environment Teradyne’s TestStudio is an open-architecture, web-based software that manages test program set (TPS) development, documentation, debug and execution—ensuring fast, efficient TPS development and support. TestStudio leverages common Microsoft Windows application development environments (ADEs) and COM interface standards to ensure easy integration with in-house programming tools. TestStudio also supports the use of major ADEs such as C#, C++, LabWindows, CVI and Labview.
  • IRIS 2000/IRS 1200 - ATE Software Revision Service Aeroflex offers Software Revision Service (SRS) for its two legacy Avionics ATE Systems: IRIS 2000 ATE and the IRS 1200 ATE. SRS is a maintenance program designed to keep your Test Program Set (TPS) software up to date with the latest OEM test specifications.
    Aeroflex / Weinschel
  • CEE - Commercial Equivalent Equipment The CEE duplicates the capabilities of the Base Shop Test Station (BSTS), and is used by weapons systems contractors as factory test equipment, by test program set (TPS) developers, and by the U.S. Army at depots and Special Repair Activities. All TPSs developed on the CEE are fully transportable to the militarized, field-deployable BSTF. TPSs can be developed once for factory testing and used in the field at the intermediate maintenance level, depots, and Special Repair
    Northrop Grumman
  • CEE - Commercial Equivalent Equipment he CEE duplicates the capabilities of the Base Shop Test Station (BSTS), and is used by weapons systems contractors as factory test equipment, by test program set (TPS) developers, and by the U.S. Army at depots and Special Repair Activities. All TPSs developed on the CEE are fully transportable to the militarized, field-deployable BSTF. TPSs can be developed once for factory testing and used in the field at the intermediate maintenance level, depots, and Special Repair
    Northrop Grumman
  • iStudio - Development & Debugging Software With an analog test editor (Ai-760, Ai-762) and a digital test editor (Di-Series) for programming and editing tests, Teradyne’s iStudio offers a comprehensive GUI-driven development and debugging environment that complements existing applications development environments and test executives. iStudio can be used interactively on the test system, or on a standalone computer with instrument simulation. iStudio software is effective at increasing test program set (TPS) developer’s productivity both as a development tool and as a debugging tool.
  • LASAR - Digital Logic Simulation Software Teradyne’s LASAR simulation software is the U.S. defense industry's standard for digital test program set (TPS) development. LASAR focuses on the problems facing the test engineer by predicting the timing variability of signals and the behavior of the unit under test (UUT) when a physical or logic fault is present. LASAR then builds an accurate diagnostic database for isolating faults on the UUT. LASAR also reduces TPS costs by predicting: the effect of the test fixture on the board under test, worst case timing problems and compatibility with the target tester.
  • SCATE® - Scalable Common Automated Test Equipment The SCATE® 500 and 510 are a part of DRS’ Scalable Common Automated Test Equipment (SCATE) family of general purpose functional testers with significant capabilities. The SCATE® 500 was tailored to perform testing of the Sidecar® production unit, and utilizes LabVIEW™, which provides an industry-standard development and run-time environment familiar to many Test Program Set (TPS) engineers and users. All Unit Under Test (UUT) power needs are met with five robust power supplies.
    The addition of the M-Module Analog Versatile Instrument Series (MAVIS™) significantly increases the capability of the SCATE® 500 baseline, creating the SCATE® 510.
    DRS Technologies
  • Defense & Aerospace Teradyne Defense & Aerospace provides customizable test solutions with high reliability to ensure mission readiness and to support lean logistics. Our systems and instruments have become de-facto test equipment standards deployed in thousands of defense and aerospace programs around the world. Our product architectures, hardware, software and service philosophies embrace compatibility to ensure the long-term support of existing test program sets.

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TPS - set of UUT specific documentation, programming and interface.