Spectrum Analyzers - aka SA,Analizador de espectro

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  • MS2721B - Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHZ to 7.1 GHz The MS2721B handheld spectrum analyzer is designed to conduct highly accurate analysis on the new wave of wireless LAN and cellular signals, including 802.11a, 3G, ultra-wideband, WiMAX, and wireless medical patient monitoring systems. The MS2721B is ideal for AM and FM broadcast proofing because the wide dynamic range and low phase noise make NRSC measurements on analog and IBOC signals easy with no need for an external carrier notch filter.
  • GA4063 - SPECTRUM ANALYZER ·Frequency range: 9kHz ~ 3.0GHz ·Displayed average noise level (DANL) <-148dBm ·Phase noise -95 dBc/Hz typically (@offset 10kHz) ·Full amplitude accuracy of <1.0 dB ·Minimum resolution bandwidth (RBW) 1Hz ·Standard pre-Amplifier 3.0GHz Tracking Generator (optional) ·Measuring capabilities & a variety of automatic settings ·Compact size, easy to carry and use
    Starmeter Instruments
  • FST S3030 - spectrum analyzer FSTS3030 is a compact performance and portable spectrum analyzer, full digital step scanning and IF technology realizing high performance and easy operate.
    ZhiZun Foresight
  • Q8384 - Optical Spectrum Analyzer Q8384 is a high-grade optical spectrum analyzer (Advantest) with a 4-pass monochromator and extremely low polarization dependance. Thanks to a special method used, a value of ±0.05 dB can be guaranteed, the typical value is as low as 0.02 dB
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
  • TSA12G5 - Mini Spectrum Analyzer Mini Spectrum Analyzer. Frequency Range: Band1: 4.9GHz - 11.1GHz, Band2: 11.1GHz - 13.5GHz. Frequency Spans: 1MHz to 1000 MHz.
    Triarchy Technologies
  • AnalyzeAir - Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer AnalyzeAir software provides IT network professionals with the vision they need into the hidden world of RF, providing them with the ability to see the spectrum in a visible and intelligible format.  AnalyzeAir software lets you see, monitor, analyze, and manage all the RF sources and wireless devices that influence your Wi-Fi network?s performance and security, even if those devices are unauthorized or transient.
    Fluke Networks
  • BOSA-C - The Highest Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer The BOSA-C is the only high resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer which measures optical spectra with a top combination of high resolution (0.08 pm) and high dynamic range (>80 dB) at one time, for any span and fast measurements. This provides very detailed spectra, never seen on the existing optical spectrum analyzers, which contains relevant information about the signal under test.
    Aragón Photonics
  • TrueRTA - Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software TrueRTA audio spectrum analyzer software, in combination with your PC, provides a test capability that would normally require thousands of dollars worth of traditional audio test instruments. Now you can afford the powerful audio testing capability normally seen in better audio research and design laboratories! Includes: Real Time Analyzer, Low distortion, Signal Generator, Digital Level Meter, Crest Factor Meter
    True Audio
  • WiSA24 - WiFi Spectrum Analyzer for 2.4GHz Band WiFi Wirelwss LAN frequency spectrum and field strength measurement
    Cornet Microsystems
  • PSA1302 and PSA2702 - Handheld Spectrum Analyzers 1MHz to 1300MHz or 2700MHz frequency range
    Resolution bandwidths of 1MHz, 280kHz or 15kHz
    -96dBm typical noise floor at -20dBm reference level
    Trace modes of normal, single, peak hold and average
    Zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation
    Live, View and Reference traces in contrasting colors
    Twin markers with readout of absolute & difference values
    Measurement in dBm or dBuV, mV or uW
    Smart marker movement with selectable peak tracking
    Auto-find automatically sets sweep parameters for the
    highest signal found
    Unlimited storage for waveforms, set-ups and screens
    User assignable file names, file stamping from real-time clock
    USB interfaces for Flash drives and PC connection
    Comprehensive status and context sensitive help screens
    More than 8 hours continuous operation from a charge
    Smaller and lighter than other spectrum analyzers
    (weight only 0.56 kg)

    Additional features with option U01
    Limit lines and limit patterns with limits comparator
    Data logging of peak values, complete traces or screen
    images from timer, external trigger or limits comparator
    Sweep triggering from external trigger or limits comparator
    Compensation tables, fixed offsets and 75R compensation
    Capability to show screen contents on a PC
  • DRSA & TRSA Series - Spectrum Analyzers The D/TRSA utilizes two/three single board SBS spectrum analyzers in a 1U chassis offering two/three discrete inputs, all of which can be monitored and controlled simultaneously. This allows simultaneous real time monitoring and analysis of the desired carriers on the same screen via AVCOM remote control software. If your rack space is limited and you have the need for multiple spectrum analyzers then this system offers space saving advantages in a 1U package. Each board supports its own Ethernet/USB/RS-232 connectivity. When multiple screens are used in the GUI, this allows for real time monitoring of all carriers at the same time.
    Avcom Of Virginia
  • PSA-3000 - Spectrum Analyzer Records frequency employing a high-performance digital Synthesizer method. Measures wide frequency : 9 kHz ~ 3.0 GHz. Superior Resolution : Minimum 1 Hz. Compact and lightweight package. CDMA measurement functions.
    ED CO. LTD
  • MS2683A - Spectrum Analyzer The MS2681A/MS2683A spectrum analyzers are ideal for analyzing next-generation radio communication systems and devices. They deliver optimum performance over a wide dynamic range (156 dB, typical value) with the wide resolution bandwidth (20 MHz) and high-speed sweep (refresh rate of 20 times/sec) required for evaluating next-generation technologies. They can be used not only as spectrum analyzers but also to perform various measurements easily and quickly by installing measurement software.
  • SM - 2011 - Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analysis
    Satvision Technology
  • Spectrum Analyzers Spectrum analyzers, RF signal generators, power sensors, antenna testers
    Meilhaus Electronic
  • N9320B - RF Spectrum Analyzer Regardless of whether your application is electronics’ manufacture, bench repair, RF education or R&D projects, you need a spectrum analyzer that is equipped with the essential functionality, required performance at an affordable price. The N9320B is designed to be the right answer for you.
    Keysight Technologies
  • VT DSO-2810R - Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer This is one of the second-generation USB DSOs designed and developed by Virtins Technology. This generation of USB DSOs features Virtins Technology’s unique hardware-based DSP algorithm which enhances the performance and functionality dramatically without adding extra hardware cost. When used in conjunction with Multi-Instrument® software, the USB DSO converts any desktop, laptop, or tablet PC into a powerful oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, multimeter, data logger, signal generator and so forth, all of which work simultaneously.
    Virtins Technology
  • SpectraPLUS - Audio Spectrum Analyzer SpectraPLUS allows you to perform complex audio signal analysis without the use of any other hardware other than your Windows compatible sound card. Real-time FFT analysis of live input.
    Pioneer Hill Software
  • MS2724B - Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 20 GHz The MS2724B handheld spectrum analyzer is designed to conduct highly accurate analysis on the new wave of wireless LAN and cellular signals, including 802.11a, 3G, ultra-wideband, and wireless medical patient monitoring systems. The next generation of Anritsu's best selling Spectrum Master, the MS2724B is a small and easy to use portable spectrum analyzer with unprecedented measurement capability for applications up to 20 GHz.
  • LPT-6000 - (9kHz to 6.2GHz) SPECTRUM ANALYZER The Model LPT-6000 Spectrum Analyzer is a fully synthesized RF spectrum analyzer featuring simple user controls which allow the novice or the seasoned expert to use the LPT-6000 right out of box. The LPT-6000 provides you with a powerful RF test and measurement tool for CDMA and WCDMA RF systems, broadcast RF systems, ISM Band, wireless LAN applications, EMI/EMC.
    LP Technologies
  • SPA-3000 - SPECTRUM ANALYZERS Com-Power Spectrum Analyzer models SA-512.2 and SA-514.2 are feature rich and are the most affordable in its class for performing EMC testing. They are suitable for engineers for conducting preliminary Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) product testing to meet the various global regulatory requirements. These analyzers are lightweight and portable. 
  • DSA800 Series - Spectrum Analyzer DSA800 series is one of RIGOL's compact size, light weighteconomic spectrum analyzers, the digital IF technology guarantees its reliability and performance to meet the most demanding RF applications.
    Rigol Electronic.co
  • 8821Q-R - Spectrum Analyzer A portable analyzer designed for use anywhere in the cable network, Trilithic's new 8821Q-R Spectrum Analyzer provides a comprehensive array of digital signal quality tests to give engineers and senior techs an advantage in alignment, troubleshooting and proof of performance testing.
  • RSA6000 - Spectrum Analyzer Series The high-performance RSA6000 Series will help you easily discover design issues that other spectrum analyzers will miss. Its industry-leading dynamic range and bandwidth combination, coupled with the unique DPX™ Live RF spectrum display, gives you immediate confidence in the stability of your design, or instantly displaying a fault when it occurs.

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Spectrum Analyzers - Frequency-selective, peak-responding voltmeters, which are calibrated to display the rms value of a sine wave.