Receptacle Testers - aka Outlet Testers,Socket Testers

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  • ST-101B - Receptacle Tester Easily check and confirm proper wiring of electrical receptacles with the Amprobe ST-101B Receptacle Tester. Quickly test sockets and confirm wiring and operation of AC outlets.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • SK310 - GFCI Receptacle Tester with 110 to 125V AC Voltage GFCI receptacle tester Voltage range: 110 to 125V AC Light pattern indicates condition of wiring UL approval
    Advance Plus Co
  • PCCtest 172 - Low Cost 16-bit PC Card Socket Tester (3.3 & 5 volt) The PCCtest 172 is part of a new family of low cost 16-bit PC Card socket testers. Based on the highly successful PCCtest 2xx series of socket testers, the PCCtest 172 is a cost reduced version designed to provide similar test coverage at a significant price reduction.
    Sycard Technology
  • MK2 - Socket Tester HDT Socket Tester MK2

    Model: 8410

    Functional Test / Socket Maintenance

    • Socket Tester with RCD tripping function
    • Simple and easy to use Socket test with RCD-tripping
    • Quick and easy testing of 30mA RCD
    • Monitors and controls contact voltages indicated via LED
    • PE errors clearly indicated via LCD
    • The fixed power plug enables quick and easy testing
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • 207A - Outlet Loop RCD Tester First Socket test to indicate actual fault location - Live, Neutral or Earth Earth loop test at main frequency to check the actual condition of the installation Swift and efficient testing of RCDs by 30mA Microprocessor control with built-in visible self-check ensures total confidence in correct functioning at all time. four socket versions available: Euro major(Schuko), UK, USA/Japan/Brazil, Australia/Argentina/China. Customized socket version is welcomed
  • ST-102B - Receptacle Tester with GFCI Easily check and confirm proper wiring of electrical receptacles with the Amprobe ST-102B Receptacle Testers. Quickly confirm that GFCI breakers are properly wired for protection.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • DL1090 - Socket Tester c/w Buzzer Clear visual and audible indication of wiring status LED indication of a wide range of wiring conditions Designed to EN 61010 and IP30
  • GFI6302 - GFCI Outlet Tester Tests standard 3-wire and GFCI protected 120V outlets.
    Sperry Instruments
  • 120V/15A - GFCI Outlet Tester The GFCI Outlet Tester is designed to check the integrity of the wiring for ground fault and standard outlets. Tests for proper function of GFCI outlets. Features Power Quality Monitor and Nuisance Trip Test
    Technology Research
  • PCCtest 460 - CardBus Socket Tester The PCCtest 460 is designed to test the full functionality of the PC Card/CardBus interface. Since the 1995 and subsequent releases of the PC Card Standard, the number of different cards that can be supported in a single machine has drastically increased. It is not uncommon for a PC Card slot to support 32-bit CardBus, 16-bit PC Card, Zoomed Video, 5V and 3.3V cards.
    Sycard Technology
  • PCCtest 350 - 16-bit PC Card Socket Tester for 5 Volt Systems The PCCtest 350 socket tester provides a quick and easy way of verifying the operation of a host socket. Housed in a type II PC Card, the PCCtest includes software to test a wide variety of socket controllers from Intel, Cirrus Logic, Vadem, Ricoh, Omega Micro and VLSI Technology. The PCCtest socket tester verifies all signals on the 16-bit PC Card interface including accurate Vcc and Vpp measurements.
    Sycard Technology
  • SK300 - Receptacle Tester with 110 to 125V AC Circuits Test for use on 110 to 125V AC circuits Simply plug-in, watch red and amber indicators Detects faulty wiring in three wire receptacle With UL mark
    Advance Plus Co
  • NT-1933 - Receptacle Tester Standard Receptacle Tester. Plug in to check outlet polarity. Lights up lights in pattern to tell outlet status. UL approved
  • ST-C1 - 13 AMP ELCB & SOCKET TESTER Plug the tester into a live 13A flat pin socket or 15A flat pin socket (using a 13A adaptor) The combination of 3 carefully selected Neons will diagnosed whether or not the socket and circuit are correctly wired with the help of the table below
    Wenzhou Hopesun Instrument
  • ST101A - Socket Testers The ST101A Socket Tester confirms proper wiring of 110-125 V AC sockets. The display of the ST101 socket tester uses easy-to-read light indicators for wiring results.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • CT102 - Receptacle Tester Checks correct wiring for 15 or 20 amp, 120 VAC single-phase 3-wire receptacles. High visibility colored lights. Reliable electronic components, no mechanical failures. Easy-to-read chart explains light display. Compact size fits shirt pocket. Dimensions: 3" x 1-3/8" x 1-3/8".
  • Testavit Schuki 1 and Testavit Schuki 3 - Socket Outlet Testers The socket outlet testers Testavit Schuki 1 and Testavit Schuki 3 are essential test instruments for all professional technicians. The test instruments display all dangerous faulty connections in the socket outlets by means of various lighting configurations and signal lamps.
    Testboy GmbH
  • DT-905A - Socket Polarity Tester The new ergonomic, easy to use socket tester is designed to make the electrician’s job easier and is ideal for first level indication for testing standard mains sockets
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • 98130 - TESTER, AC OUTLET & WRIST STRAP Internal audit tool. Tests to practical resistance limits. Tests ESD smock continuity. Convenient, easy to use. Tests wrist strap without leaving workstation. 27 VDC test voltage. Minimizes skin resistance effects. Outlet analyzer. Verifies proper AC outlet wiring and ground path integrity, enabling effectiveness of grounding products 
    Desco Industries
  • SK200 - Durable LED/Audible Socket Tester with Audible Signal and Built-in Self Check Bright and durable LEDs out-perform fragile and low visibility neons Audible signal gives additional information Microprocessor control with built-in self check GS approved
    Advance Plus Co
  • MS6860 - Socket Tester Designed to test 110V or 220V sockets in one easy step.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • GRT-3500 - Receptacle Tester & Circuit Analyzer Tests standard receptacles to ensure proper wiring. Neon indicators give positive indication of circuit status.
    Gardner Bender
  • 1934 - GFI Receptacle Tester with Voltage of 110 to 125V AC Test for GFI receptacle for proper operation, 110 to 125V AC circuits
    Detects faulty wiring in three wire receptacles
    Various combinations of three lights tell if wiring is correct or six possible faulty conditions
    UL and UL approvals
    Peaceful Thriving
  • RT600 - GFCI Receptacle Tester The RT600 receptacle tester is designed to detect the most common wiring problems in standard 120V receptacles. It also tests GFCI receptacles. You can test your receptacles for correct wiring, open ground, hot and ground reversed, open hot, open neutral and reverse polarity. Conditions NOT indicated: quality of ground, multiple hot wires, combinations of defects, reversal of grounded and grounding conductors.
    Klein Tools

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