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  • PDS 100 G-GN - Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector Detection, measurement and identification of radioactive and nuclear material for Homeland Security applications
    Mirion Technologies
  • RDS 30 - Radiation Survey Meter Measurement range from 0.01 µSv/h to 100 mSv/h
    Mirion Technologies
  • AT1117M - Radiation monitor Portable combined high-sensitive accurate instrument to measure ambient x-ray, gamma and neutron radiation dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate, alpha and beta radiation flus density from contaminated surfaces and alpha and beta radiation surface acitivity and neutron radiation flux density
  • NUKALERT - 24/7 Nuclear Radiation Monitor More than just a detector, the NukAlert is a patented personal radiation meter and alarm. Small enough to attach to a key chain, the device operates non-stop, 24/7 and will promptly warn you of the presence of unseen, but acutely dangerous levels of radiation.
  • FA/J 51 - Post Accident Radiation Monitoring System calibrated measuring channels for health physics and process monitoring assembled with qualified components:
    Mirion Technologies
  • Handheld Solar Radiation Measuring Device The measuring device has been designed primarily for engineers, architects, fitters and measurement technicians. Dimensions and design enable practical one-handed use. Global radiation measuring device for the measuring of momentary values of irradiance from 0...1000 W/m² and temperatures from -25...+75°C. A maximum value mode has also been incorporated. Total Error, Radiation Measurement: <3% ± 1 digit Total Error, Temperature Measurement: <3K ± 1 digit Value Display: LC display Current Supply: fully self-sufficient due to solar energy
    IKS Photovoltaik
  • IR-TE Series - Water-proof Palm-sized Radiation Thermometers Model IR-TE palm-sized infrared thermometer is designed to measure the surface temperature of objects without making contact with them. The built-in laser sighting pinpoints the center of the area being measured on the target.
  • Radiation Resistant PAC?s 9215 family of high temperature AE sensors have also been designed for high radiation resistance in nuclear applications.?? PAC?s S9215 and D9215 AE sensors have been certified in actual test?s to be radiation resistant up to 1000 MRADS Gamma and 2.23 x 1017 n/cm2 Neutron radiation.?? These sensors have been designed for operation in very high temperature and radiation environments by using an electron beam welded inconel case with a hard-line metal cable to a Tefzel (radiation resistant) coaxial cable.
    Physical Acoustics
  • IR-RST Series - Standard Radiation Thermometers The IR-RST series is single-color radiation thermometers that are used as the standard unit for comparison calibration of radiation thermometers by using comparison blackbody furnaces.
  • RKS-01 - Gamma, Beta Radiation Radiometer-Dosimeter A compact search device with telescopic tube for quick detection and localization of gamma and beta radiation sources.
  • DKG-21M - Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter Measurement of individual equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation. Measurement of individual equivalent dose (ED) of gamma radiation. Clock, alarm clock.
  • ORM400 - Optical Radiation Meter The ORM400 Optical Radiation Meter has a USB 2.0 interface and is supplied with powerful calibration features and data display functions. It is ideally suited to display the measurements from the DH400 range of detectors as well as third party current generating detectors. The ORM400 includes a library of standard spectral light sources to which customers may add. This enables the greatest accuracy and flexibility when measuring light sources with filter based instrument. 
    Bentham Instruments
  • PDS 100 G ID - Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector Detection, Search, Identification of nuclear material for Homeland Security applications
    Mirion Technologies
  • PGS-100 - Sun Photometer for Direct Solar Radiation Measurement PGS-100 is a spectrophotometer for the routine automated measurement of the spectrum of direct solar radiation
    Kipp & Zonen B.V.
  • Radiation Measurement Beginning with the first Reuter Stokes gas-filled neutron detectors in 1956, GE has long been a global leader in radiation detection technologies. Providing expertise in multiple gamma and neutron detection technologies, our diverse product line addresses a wide variety of applications that include instrumentation for nuclear reactors, radiation detection for environment and homeland security, and flame detection for gas turbines.
    GE Energy
  • PCE-EMF 823 - Electromagnetic radiation detector The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 is a had-held device to determine Tesla or micro Gauss radiation. The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 has been specially designed to measure electromagnetic radiations in electrical appliances such as televisions, lamps, computers, conductors, screens and industrial electrical installations. With the electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 you will be able to detect sources of risk, avoid radiation sources or protect against them. With the electromagnetic radiation detector PCE.-EMF 823 you will improve your quality of life and avoid risks caused by electromagnetic radiations which can be harmful. The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 is very easy to use even for inexperienced personnel. At the following link you will find an overview of all radiation detectors available at PCE-Instruments.
    PCE Instruments
  • RMS1000 - Modular Radiation Detector System Standard setting speed of response: through the use of Thurning Instruments' digital "current mode" measurement technology and advanced signal processing. SZ70 scintillation detectors have a response time of less than 1 millisecond for 100% response to a step input Outstanding dynamic range: to eliminate the need for detector changes with changing product thickness or density range. IK50 ionisation tube detectors offer a dynamic range better than 1:105.
    Thurning Instruments
  • DH8000 - Radiation Flaw Detector Single-chip, Big LCD display, Backlight 2. High sensitivity, wide measuring range, good performance of energy response 3. 800 group datas memory of dose rate, eacy to check 4. Dose rate alarm, detector fault alarm 5. Dose rate and Cumulate dose can be tested 6. Lower voltage alarm 7. Al-Mg die-casting shape, better application countryside
    Testech Group Co
  • AT1103M - X-Ray Radiation Dosimeter Unique high-sensitive instrument to control dose burden of crystalline lens, mucous membranes and skin. It measures directional dose equivalent rate of continuous x-ray radiation with the energy from 5 keV
  • RDS-1000 - Dirty Bomb Detector & Radiation Detector The RDS-1000 is a radiation monitoring system used to detect gamma radiation in excess of local background radiation.
    Security Intelligence
  • IR-H Series - Handheld Type Radiation Thermometers The IR-H series is a small and lightweight handheld Infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder. The thru-the-lens optical system enables it to measure small targets from a long distance. The measured value can be read on the internal digital display in the viewfinder. Three models are available - a high functional type IR-HQH having combined functions of a 2 color type + single color wide range type, a single color medium temperature type - IR-HI and a single color high temperature type IR-HS.
  • Interceptor™ - Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors Finds Faster: Superior gamma & neutron, sensitivity over other PRD's. The state-of-the-art Interceptor™ is a Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) combining the qualities of a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) with isotope identifier capabilities (RIID). Available in 4 versions: Gamma Finder, Gamma + Neutron Finder, Gamma Finder with ID and Gamma + Neutron finder with ID.
    Thermo Scientific
  • URSA II - Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer The URSA II, with a full-featured MCA program, can be used with practically any radiation detector and can extract any data your detector can supply! It has been designed taking into account comments and requests from our current URSA customers. URSA-II MCA, the all-new fully, quantitative Windows based URSA-II software package has been designed for ease of use in a 32-bit Windows environment.
    SE International
  • Model 3-IS Series - Intrinsically Safe Radiation Survey Meter The Model 3-IS series is an intrinsically safe radiation survey meter that can be used in areas where explosion safety is a primary concern. This meter is available in two models; a general purpose Model 3-IS which can be adapted to a variety of external radiation detectors for gamma and neutron exposure rate or alpha/beta/gamma contamination surveys, and the Model 3-IS-1 which is outfitted with a single, internally mounted GM detector for performing exposure rate measurements.
    Ludlum Measurements

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Radiation - The transmission of energy through material or space.