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  • PDS 100 G-GN - Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector Detection, measurement and identification of radioactive and nuclear material for Homeland Security applications
    Mirion Technologies
  • BDPA-07 - Detecting Unit of Neutron Radiation As a unit of MKS-07 "POSHUK" search dosimeter-radiometer. As a part of automated systems of radiation control.
  • IR-ESF Series - Fiber Optic Scanning Type Radiation thermometers The IR-ESF series is applicable to measure width-direction temperature patterns of moving objects. The system is consisted of a scanning unit, a display/operation unit with a built-in exclusive software for operation and graphic display, and connection cables.
  • LZT-1110 - Electromagnetic field tester / Radiation Tester simple, rapid measurement of the electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity
    Shenzhen Sunwin E-Commerce
  • LEDGON - Goniophotometer for determining spatial radiation patterns The LEDGON goniophotometer from Instrument Systems determines the spatial radiation pattern of LEDs and small LED modules. Measurement is made over the whole forward hemisphere of an emitting LED. A high angle resolution of 0.1° means exact measurements even for narrow emission angle LEDs.
    Instrument Systems
  • Abacus - Wireless Handheld Radiation Alert® Detector The Abacus is a handheld, digital radiation detection device that enables you to complete your surveys automatically with your Abacus and a Windows Mobile, Palm Pilot or Windows Computer. Not only does it offer excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, gamma, and x-rays, but the internal "guard" detector automatically performs gamma subtraction from the "pancake" detector for unprecedented beta sensitivity. 
    SE International
  • Radiation Finder This Radiation Finder will detect EMF strength of your cell phone, microwave oven, TV, computer monitor, alarm clock, hair dryer, and other appliances. Based on the measurement you can choose the appliances with lowest radiation, determine the save range of microwave oven, and adopt other steps introduced in the manual attached to the product to avoid potential harmful effects.
    Osun Technologies
  • IR-H Series - Handheld Type Radiation Thermometers The IR-H series is a small and lightweight handheld Infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder. The thru-the-lens optical system enables it to measure small targets from a long distance. The measured value can be read on the internal digital display in the viewfinder. Three models are available - a high functional type IR-HQH having combined functions of a 2 color type + single color wide range type, a single color medium temperature type - IR-HI and a single color high temperature type IR-HS.
  • RDS 30 - Radiation Survey Meter Measurement range from 0.01 µSv/h to 100 mSv/h
    Mirion Technologies
  • SRM-3006 - High Frequency Radiation Meter Electromagnetic fields are the medium wherever such forms of communication are used. These fields affect everything around them including the people that are moving within them. Complete coverage would otherwise be impossible.
    Narda Safety Test
  • KH5931 - Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Analyzer KH5931 low-frequency electromagnetic radiation analyzer auto-dimensional electric field measurements    isotropic three-dimensional magnetic field measurement automatically  20Hz ~ 100KHz  7 selectable bandwidths  0.5V / m ~ 100KV / m or 15nT ~ 3mT  Use single charge time Approximately 20 hours
    Beijing KeHuan Century
  • IR-ESC Series - Scanning Type Radiation thermometers The IR-ESC series is scanning type radiation thermometers for low temperature and is applicable to measure width-direction temperature patterns of moving or rotating objects. The temperature range is 100°C to 600°C.
  • DH6000 - Flaw Radiation detector 1. Single-chip, Big LCD display, Backlight 2. High sensitivity, wide measuring range, good performance of energy response 3. 800 group datas memory of dose rate, eacy to check 4. Dose rate alarm, detector fault alarm 5. Dose rate and Cumulate dose can be tested 6. Lower voltage alarm 7. Al-Mg die-casting shape, better application countryside Specifications
    Testech Group Co
  • Iospectra® 1320-AO - Radiation Probe The Iospectra® 1320-AO radiation probe is a sensor for monitoring ambient levels of ionizing radiation as part of an environmental monitoring and security system. In its standard configuration, the probe detects beta, gamma, and x-radiation with one channel and energy compensated gamma with a second channel; it can be configured to detect alpha radiation as well. This dual channel configuration is the preferred method for simple alarms, providing information to determine what type of source is involved. The 1320-AO is intended to operate in conjunction with a data logger, the Iospectra® Hawk, or a computer running the Iospectra® 1320 software, which can be configured to provide a user-defined alarm function. Proper installation, use, and maintenance of the Iospectra® 1320-AO probe are essential to ensure safe and reliable data collection.
    International Medcom
  • DRM-1 - Data Radiation Monitoring System DRM-1: Two energy compensated, auto-switching GM tubes (5 mircoR/hr to 1000 R/hr)
    Mirion Technologies
  • Radiation Measurement Beginning with the first Reuter Stokes gas-filled neutron detectors in 1956, GE has long been a global leader in radiation detection technologies. Providing expertise in multiple gamma and neutron detection technologies, our diverse product line addresses a wide variety of applications that include instrumentation for nuclear reactors, radiation detection for environment and homeland security, and flame detection for gas turbines.
    GE Energy
  • NT6103A - Radiation Area Monitor NT6103A Radiation Area Monitor, economical multi-ray detection equipment with inbuilt high sensitive radiation detector, it adopts high speed of microprocessor, LED display and super threshold sound and light alarm function. The instrument can be fixed in a radioactive area, also can move to a temporary monitoring area according to the need as mobile radiation detector. It can be applied to environmental laboratory, radiation chamber, nuclearmedicine, molecular biology, radiochemical, nuclear material storage, etc. for γ and X ray radiation dose rate detection.
    Testech Group Co
  • 06450 - Solar Radiation Sensor For use with Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro2. (Already included with Vantage Pro Plus and Vantage Pro2 Plus.) Measures solar radiation and is required (along with an anemometer and a temperature/humidity sensor) if you wish to monitor evapotranspiration.
    Davis Instruments
  • Digilert 50 - Personal Radiation Monitor The Digilert 50 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-radiation. Its digital display shows readings in your choice of counts per minute (CPM) or mR/hr, or in accumulated counts.
  • AT1103M - X-Ray Radiation Dosimeter Unique high-sensitive instrument to control dose burden of crystalline lens, mucous membranes and skin. It measures directional dose equivalent rate of continuous x-ray radiation with the energy from 5 keV
  • LZT-1150 - Electromagnetic field tester / digital electromagnetic radiation type tester features a simple, quick measurement of the electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity
    Shenzhen Sunwin E-Commerce
  • Pace-Alert Mini - Radiation Detector Specially designed for pacemaker and ICD wearers (patented), this ultra compact device is portable and discrete for users to keep a safe distance from magnetic field (EMF) and high frequency (RF) sources, effectively preventing pacemaker interference.
    Osun Technologies
  • DRM-2 - Data Radiation Monitoring System DRM-2: Two energy compensated, auto-switching GM tubes, (5 μR/hr to 1000 R/hr)
    Mirion Technologies
  • 0362A - Cellular Radiation Detector The causes of brain cancer are mostly resulted from the use of handsets that have been discussed widely. This unit can detect the actual existence of electromagnetic wave, showing its immense and strong intensity on the display of a meter. For health reason, consumers have to need this product to check if they need Wave Safe-Guard to protect their brains.
    Eagle B & L Instrument

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Radiation - The transmission of energy through material or space.