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  • Solar Radiation Sensor Incoming solar and sky radiation is one of the basic meteorological parameters. It enables meteorologists to prepare more accurate weather forecasts. For climatological studies and studies of plant growth, knowledge of radiation is also of great importance.
    Aanderaa Data Instruments
  • FA/J 51 - Post Accident Radiation Monitoring System calibrated measuring channels for health physics and process monitoring assembled with qualified components:
    Mirion Technologies
  • Radiation Detection GE offers the Reuter Stokes product line of radiation detectors for neutron scattering research, Homeland Security and safeguard applications. With over 50 years of design, manufacture, and operational experience, and an installed base of thousands of detectors, we have both the technical expertise, quality and manufacturing skill your application needs to succeed.
    GE Energy
  • Radiation Finder This Radiation Finder will detect EMF strength of your cell phone, microwave oven, TV, computer monitor, alarm clock, hair dryer, and other appliances. Based on the measurement you can choose the appliances with lowest radiation, determine the save range of microwave oven, and adopt other steps introduced in the manual attached to the product to avoid potential harmful effects.
    Osun Technologies
  • DRG-T - Radiation Survey Device The DRG-T radiation survey device is designed for use in special-purpose vehicles for continuous control and measurement of exposure dose rate (EDR) of gamma and X-ray radiation, as well as for providing audio and visual alarm of its dangerous levels and for issuing commands to start the actuators of protection equipment.
  • TM-91, TM-92 - RADIATION MONITOR Built-in a GM tube. - Quick response to the radiation strength of Beta(B) & Gamma(y) ray. - Auto Ranging. - Automatic detection, easy setting. - Bright LCD display for night or day operation. - A beeper chirps with each radiation count. - Audio alarm set function. - Low battery indication.
    Tenmars Electronics
  • BDPA-07 - Detecting Unit of Neutron Radiation As a unit of MKS-07 "POSHUK" search dosimeter-radiometer. As a part of automated systems of radiation control.
  • DKG-21M - Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter Measurement of individual equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation. Measurement of individual equivalent dose (ED) of gamma radiation. Clock, alarm clock.
  • Sensor for Measuring Global Radiation GSS 1M (Solar Energy) Sensor for measuring global radiation (pyranometer, 305 to 2,800 nm) The high quality steel housing holds the sensor and the complete evaluation electronics and measures global radiation (solar energy) from 0 to 1300 W/m2, resolution 0.3 W, accuracy +/-40 W. There are three analog inputs for connecting other sensors (voltages between 0 and 4.095 Volt). We also offer an UV-sensor, a leaf moisture or a lux sensor (light intensity).
    Reinhardt System-
  • AT1125 and AT1125A - Radiation monitors Portable high sensitive radiation monitors intended to search and detect gamma radiation sources, measure ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate and alpha and beta radiation flux density from contaminated surfaces and estimate 137Cs specific activity in environmental samples
  • PRT-5 - Precision Radiation Thermometer The Model PRT-5 Precision Radiation Thermometer is a batterypowered, infrared radiometer. Extremely versatile, this instrument makes highly sensitive, non-contact temperature measurements in any selected range between -50?C and 150?C.
    Pyrometer Instrument
  • aGent-R - Gamma Radiation Warning Device Detection of the increased levels of gamma radiation and their estimation by means of the four-level threshold alarm system.
  • Interceptor™ - Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors Finds Faster: Superior gamma & neutron, sensitivity over other PRD's. The state-of-the-art Interceptor™ is a Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) combining the qualities of a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) with isotope identifier capabilities (RIID). Available in 4 versions: Gamma Finder, Gamma + Neutron Finder, Gamma Finder with ID and Gamma + Neutron finder with ID.
    Thermo Scientific
  • RKS-01 - Gamma, Beta Radiation Radiometer-Dosimeter A compact search device with telescopic tube for quick detection and localization of gamma and beta radiation sources.
  • IR-H Series - Handheld Type Radiation Thermometers The IR-H series is a small and lightweight handheld Infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder. The thru-the-lens optical system enables it to measure small targets from a long distance. The measured value can be read on the internal digital display in the viewfinder. Three models are available - a high functional type IR-HQH having combined functions of a 2 color type + single color wide range type, a single color medium temperature type - IR-HI and a single color high temperature type IR-HS.
  • RDS-1000 - Dirty Bomb Detector & Radiation Detector The RDS-1000 is a radiation monitoring system used to detect gamma radiation in excess of local background radiation.
    Security Intelligence
  • Abacus - Wireless Handheld Radiation Alert® Detector The Abacus is a handheld, digital radiation detection device that enables you to complete your surveys automatically with your Abacus and a Windows Mobile, Palm Pilot or Windows Computer. Not only does it offer excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, gamma, and x-rays, but the internal "guard" detector automatically performs gamma subtraction from the "pancake" detector for unprecedented beta sensitivity. 
    SE International
  • NR Lite2 - Net Radiation Measurement The design of the NR Lite2 is unique. The detector is based on a Teflon™ coated, weather resistant black conical absorber. In contrast to other sensor designs, NR Lite2 requires no fragile plastic domes. This results in a virtually maintenance free design. The vertical stick prevents birds from affecting the output signal.
    Kipp & Zonen B.V.
  • PRHR-ME - Radiation and Chemical Survey Device The device for radiation and chemical reconnaissance, designed for installation at fixed and movable objects. It continuously monitors and detects low and high level gamma radiation, vapors of toxic substances, and controls the actuators of protection equipment. PRHR-ME is widely used by military and emergency services units for the effective exercise of their professional duties.
  • PCE-G28 - radiation detector The PCE-G28 radiation detector for magnetic fields comes with a triaxle sensor to determine electro-magnetic radiation. The radiation detector has been specially designed to measure transformers and for evaluating magnetic fields generated by computer monitors, industrial electrical installations and electro-motors. The radiation detector meets such European standards as: the European Union Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive IEC 801-1 (EN 50081-1), such as for laboratory prescriptions and measuring instruments IEC 204 (EN 60204). By way of a triaxle sensor, it can save conversions for each axis. This small gaussmeter for electrical fields has some characteristics which are useful in an industrial setting. It is easy to use and very accurate.
    PCE Instruments
  • R500 - Digital Multi-function Radiation Detector Food and beverage inspection, raw material of steel smelting detection, radioactive detection of metal, stainless steel products, scrap steel, stone, mineral, jewelry, ceramic and marble.
    Testech Group Co
  • Ambient Temperature Radiation Sheid This ambient temperature assembly utilises a weather shield to provide protection from the effects of solar radiation and precipitation.
    Dynamic Ratings
  • LEDGON - Goniophotometer for determining spatial radiation patterns The LEDGON goniophotometer from Instrument Systems determines the spatial radiation pattern of LEDs and small LED modules. Measurement is made over the whole forward hemisphere of an emitting LED. A high angle resolution of 0.1° means exact measurements even for narrow emission angle LEDs.
    Instrument Systems
  • URSA II - Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer The URSA II, with a full-featured MCA program, can be used with practically any radiation detector and can extract any data your detector can supply! It has been designed taking into account comments and requests from our current URSA customers. URSA-II MCA, the all-new fully, quantitative Windows based URSA-II software package has been designed for ease of use in a 32-bit Windows environment.
    SE International

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Radiation - The transmission of energy through material or space.