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  • IR-AH Series - Handheld Type Digital Radiation Thermometers The IR-AH series is non-contact handheld type digital radiation thermometers for the measurement of temperature. The thermometers have features of a wide measuring range from -50°C to 3000°C, digital displays of the measured value in the finder and on the panel board, and storing function of the measured data. An RS-232C port is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer. With a Data Logging Software (sold separately) , you can analysis and manage the measured data.
  • IR-H Series - Handheld Type Radiation Thermometers The IR-H series is a small and lightweight handheld Infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder. The thru-the-lens optical system enables it to measure small targets from a long distance. The measured value can be read on the internal digital display in the viewfinder. Three models are available - a high functional type IR-HQH having combined functions of a 2 color type + single color wide range type, a single color medium temperature type - IR-HI and a single color high temperature type IR-HS.
  • AT6130, AT6130A , AT6130B, AT6130C AND AT6130D - Radiation monitors Hand-held small-sized instruments to measure ambient equivalent x-ray and gamma radiation dose and dose rate and beta radiation flux density from contaminated surfaces. Selective beta and gamma radiation measuring in mixed fields.
  • Model 25-IS-1 - Personal Radiation Monitor * Intrinsically Safe Dosimeter * .001 mSv/hr to 10 Sv/hr Dose Rate Range * 0 - 1999 Sv Accumulated Dose Range * Loud Alarms * Lightweight * Rugged * Easy to Use * 6000 Hour Battery Life
    Ludlum Measurements
  • Interceptor™ - Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors Finds Faster: Superior gamma & neutron, sensitivity over other PRD's. The state-of-the-art Interceptor™ is a Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) combining the qualities of a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) with isotope identifier capabilities (RIID). Available in 4 versions: Gamma Finder, Gamma + Neutron Finder, Gamma Finder with ID and Gamma + Neutron finder with ID.
    Thermo Scientific
  • LEDGON - Goniophotometer for determining spatial radiation patterns The LEDGON goniophotometer from Instrument Systems determines the spatial radiation pattern of LEDs and small LED modules. Measurement is made over the whole forward hemisphere of an emitting LED. A high angle resolution of 0.1° means exact measurements even for narrow emission angle LEDs.
    Instrument Systems
  • AT1103M - X-Ray Radiation Dosimeter Unique high-sensitive instrument to control dose burden of crystalline lens, mucous membranes and skin. It measures directional dose equivalent rate of continuous x-ray radiation with the energy from 5 keV
  • IR-ESF Series - Fiber Optic Scanning Type Radiation thermometers The IR-ESF series is applicable to measure width-direction temperature patterns of moving objects. The system is consisted of a scanning unit, a display/operation unit with a built-in exclusive software for operation and graphic display, and connection cables.
  • Solar Radiation Sensor Incoming solar and sky radiation is one of the basic meteorological parameters. It enables meteorologists to prepare more accurate weather forecasts. For climatological studies and studies of plant growth, knowledge of radiation is also of great importance.
    Aanderaa Data Instruments
  • EM SLICE - Electromagnetic Radiation Simulation Software EM SLICE is a simple, cost-effective, flexible and user friendly simulation solution for systems involving electromagnetic radiation. While we currently have finite element (FDTD) and Ray Tracing solvers under development, we also provide a python scripting capability to allow you to control parts of the simulation exactly as you wish.
    EM Simulation Systems
  • ERD-1500 - Electromagnetic Radiation Detector The WiNRADiO ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is an exceptionally efficient "RF Sniffer" developed to quickly and reliably locate sources of electromagnetic interference. The detector contains a miniature wide-band antenna with a quality amplifier and high-performance Schottky barrier detection diodes for maximum sensitivity.
    WiNRADiO Communications
  • BDPA-07 - Detecting Unit of Neutron Radiation As a unit of MKS-07 "POSHUK" search dosimeter-radiometer. As a part of automated systems of radiation control.
  • Digilert 100 - Handheld Digital Radiation Alert Detector The Digilert 100 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. Its digital display shows readings in your choice of counts per minute (CPM) or mR/hr, or in accumulated counts. A red LED flashes and beeper sounds with each count detected and when the radiation reaches a user set alert level. 
    SE International
  • SRM-3006 - High Frequency Radiation Meter Electromagnetic fields are the medium wherever such forms of communication are used. These fields affect everything around them including the people that are moving within them. Complete coverage would otherwise be impossible.
    Narda Safety Test
  • PCE-EMF 823 - Electromagnetic radiation detector The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 is a had-held device to determine Tesla or micro Gauss radiation. The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 has been specially designed to measure electromagnetic radiations in electrical appliances such as televisions, lamps, computers, conductors, screens and industrial electrical installations. With the electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 you will be able to detect sources of risk, avoid radiation sources or protect against them. With the electromagnetic radiation detector PCE.-EMF 823 you will improve your quality of life and avoid risks caused by electromagnetic radiations which can be harmful. The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 is very easy to use even for inexperienced personnel. At the following link you will find an overview of all radiation detectors available at PCE-Instruments.
    PCE Instruments
  • PDS 100 G ID - Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector Detection, Search, Identification of nuclear material for Homeland Security applications
    Mirion Technologies
  • 840024 - Digital Radiation Meter Uses a Geiger-Muller tube detector for scanning lab work areas and clothing for traces of radioactivity after clean up. Operation is simple enough for use in science education. Also excellent for emergency responders, mining, Hazmat or any area of potential radiation exposure. The meter emits a chirping sound with each count that increases with radiation intensity. A loud 95 dB audible alarm can be set at any point within the meter's range.
    Sper Scientific
  • HF02 - Flare radiation monitor / heat flux sensor HF02 (formal indication LEX35A, B or C), is a temperature sensor than can be used for sensing heat flux or thermal radiation in an outdoor environment. It is designed in particular for flare radiation monitoring and activation of alarm systems. The design is certified for use in an explosive environment, and can cope with radiation levels up to 15.000 W/m2. Hukseflux recommends use of HF02 as a qualitative measurement, and not as a tool for decision making or safety, but always combined with single source.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • Pace-Alert Mini - Radiation Detector Specially designed for pacemaker and ICD wearers (patented), this ultra compact device is portable and discrete for users to keep a safe distance from magnetic field (EMF) and high frequency (RF) sources, effectively preventing pacemaker interference.
    Osun Technologies
  • IR-TA Series - Handheld Type Radiation Thermometers The IR-TA series hand-held type radiation thermometers measure temperature quickly from a distance - without contact. Ideal for applications in fields such as refrigeration show cases, transportation, storage, electronic/mechanical parts, food processing, construction, power facilities, etc.
  • IR-FA Series - Fiber Optic Radiation Thermometer The IR-FA series is a fiber optic radiation thermometer featuring multi-function and high-speed response. Three types, single-color type for low temperature, single-color type for medium/high temperature and two-color type, are available. Parameter setting function, signal modulation and analog output are built in. Various options including lens assembly with finder, laser-spotting function, analog input and communications interface are available.
  • Ambient Temperature Radiation Sheid This ambient temperature assembly utilises a weather shield to provide protection from the effects of solar radiation and precipitation.
    Dynamic Ratings
  • PRT-5 - Precision Radiation Thermometer The Model PRT-5 Precision Radiation Thermometer is a batterypowered, infrared radiometer. Extremely versatile, this instrument makes highly sensitive, non-contact temperature measurements in any selected range between -50?C and 150?C.
    Pyrometer Instrument
  • BDPN-07 - Detecting Unit of Neutron Radiation As a unit of MKS-07 "POSHUK" search dosimeter-radiometer. As a part of automated systems of radiation control.

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Radiation - The transmission of energy through material or space.