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  • AT1125 and AT1125A - Radiation monitors Portable high sensitive radiation monitors intended to search and detect gamma radiation sources, measure ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate and alpha and beta radiation flux density from contaminated surfaces and estimate 137Cs specific activity in environmental samples
  • Radiation Detection GE offers the Reuter Stokes product line of radiation detectors for neutron scattering research, Homeland Security and safeguard applications. With over 50 years of design, manufacture, and operational experience, and an installed base of thousands of detectors, we have both the technical expertise, quality and manufacturing skill your application needs to succeed.
    GE Energy
  • MW-AM10 - RF-Microwave Radiation Measurement The Acoustimeter is a user-friendly accurate RF measurement instrument which provides both LED lights and LCD text display of peak and average levels of radio frequency and microwave frequency electromagnetic fields, covering the spectrum from 200 MHz (digital TV and radio) all the way up to and beyond the latest 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies to over 8 GHz. It has a digital readout which is sensitive to 0.02 V/m and a sound output enabling you to hear the actual sound of the signal modulation. These features make the instrument the most useful one available to even those with severe electrosensitivity.
    Sensory Perspective
  • IR-FA Series - Fiber Optic Radiation Thermometer The IR-FA series is a fiber optic radiation thermometer featuring multi-function and high-speed response. Three types, single-color type for low temperature, single-color type for medium/high temperature and two-color type, are available. Parameter setting function, signal modulation and analog output are built in. Various options including lens assembly with finder, laser-spotting function, analog input and communications interface are available.
  • PCE-EMF 823 - Electromagnetic radiation detector The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 is a had-held device to determine Tesla or micro Gauss radiation. The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 has been specially designed to measure electromagnetic radiations in electrical appliances such as televisions, lamps, computers, conductors, screens and industrial electrical installations. With the electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 you will be able to detect sources of risk, avoid radiation sources or protect against them. With the electromagnetic radiation detector PCE.-EMF 823 you will improve your quality of life and avoid risks caused by electromagnetic radiations which can be harmful. The electromagnetic radiation detector PCE-EMF 823 is very easy to use even for inexperienced personnel. At the following link you will find an overview of all radiation detectors available at PCE-Instruments.
    PCE Instruments
  • Iospectra® 1320-AO - Radiation Probe The Iospectra® 1320-AO radiation probe is a sensor for monitoring ambient levels of ionizing radiation as part of an environmental monitoring and security system. In its standard configuration, the probe detects beta, gamma, and x-radiation with one channel and energy compensated gamma with a second channel; it can be configured to detect alpha radiation as well. This dual channel configuration is the preferred method for simple alarms, providing information to determine what type of source is involved. The 1320-AO is intended to operate in conjunction with a data logger, the Iospectra® Hawk, or a computer running the Iospectra® 1320 software, which can be configured to provide a user-defined alarm function. Proper installation, use, and maintenance of the Iospectra® 1320-AO probe are essential to ensure safe and reliable data collection.
    International Medcom
  • SRM-3006 - High Frequency Radiation Meter Electromagnetic fields are the medium wherever such forms of communication are used. These fields affect everything around them including the people that are moving within them. Complete coverage would otherwise be impossible.
    Narda Safety Test
  • UV-Radiation Sensor The high quality steel housing holds the sensor and the complete evaluation electronics and measures light intensity from 0 to 150,000 Lux in the spectral range from 370 nm to 680 nm. There are three analog inputs for connecting other sensors (voltages between 0 and 4.095 Volt). We also offer an UV-sensor, a leaf moisture or a global radiation sensor.
    Reinhardt System-
  • GammaRAE II R - Dosimeter / Radiation Detector GammaRAE II R is two instruments in one: it has the rapid response of a detector and the accurate dose measurement of a dosimeter. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of first responders.
    RAE Systems
  • PCE-G28 - radiation detector The PCE-G28 radiation detector for magnetic fields comes with a triaxle sensor to determine electro-magnetic radiation. The radiation detector has been specially designed to measure transformers and for evaluating magnetic fields generated by computer monitors, industrial electrical installations and electro-motors. The radiation detector meets such European standards as: the European Union Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive IEC 801-1 (EN 50081-1), such as for laboratory prescriptions and measuring instruments IEC 204 (EN 60204). By way of a triaxle sensor, it can save conversions for each axis. This small gaussmeter for electrical fields has some characteristics which are useful in an industrial setting. It is easy to use and very accurate.
    PCE Instruments
  • PCE-UV34 - radiation meter The PCE-UV34 radiation meter is a device used to measure UVA and UVB radiation. This accurate device operates on a wave length of 290 to 390nm. With this radiation meter you can measure UVA radiation from the sun or in tanning salons in order to protect yourself from damage of high exposure and possible sunburn. With the industrial sector we frequently find elevated UVA radiation level, such as the arc light used in soldering. The UV radiation meter is very versitile thanks to its external sensor. Other fields of use are the sterilization of UVA rays, photo chemical compensation, in virology laboratories or in DNA research.
    PCE Instruments
  • BDPA-07 - Detecting Unit of Neutron Radiation As a unit of MKS-07 "POSHUK" search dosimeter-radiometer. As a part of automated systems of radiation control.
  • Radiation Force Balance for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Ultrasound Ultrasonic power is a primary acoustic quantity and its measurement is required by international specification standards for both diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound systems. In order to comply with the US FDA 510(k) regulatory requirements, IEC61157 and IEC61689, medical equipment manufacturers are required to measure ultrasonic power.
    Precision Acoustics
  • Inspector Xtreme - Handheld Digital Radiation Alert Detector The Inspector Xtreme offers maximum performance in a lightweight rugged solution for using your survey meter in the field. The Inspector Xtreme is designed specifically for individuals operating in tough environments, such as 1st Responders, Mining, and HAZMAT crews. The unit is a small, handheld, microprocessor-based instrument which offers excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays.
    SE International
  • Digilert 50 - Personal Radiation Monitor The Digilert 50 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-radiation. Its digital display shows readings in your choice of counts per minute (CPM) or mR/hr, or in accumulated counts.
  • HF02 - Flare radiation monitor / heat flux sensor HF02 (formal indication LEX35A, B or C), is a temperature sensor than can be used for sensing heat flux or thermal radiation in an outdoor environment. It is designed in particular for flare radiation monitoring and activation of alarm systems. The design is certified for use in an explosive environment, and can cope with radiation levels up to 15.000 W/m2. Hukseflux recommends use of HF02 as a qualitative measurement, and not as a tool for decision making or safety, but always combined with single source.
    Hukseflux Thermal
  • DRM-2 - Data Radiation Monitoring System DRM-2: Two energy compensated, auto-switching GM tubes, (5 μR/hr to 1000 R/hr)
    Mirion Technologies
  • Solar Radiation Sensor Incoming solar and sky radiation is one of the basic meteorological parameters. It enables meteorologists to prepare more accurate weather forecasts. For climatological studies and studies of plant growth, knowledge of radiation is also of great importance.
    Aanderaa Data Instruments
  • Abacus - Wireless Handheld Radiation Alert® Detector The Abacus is a handheld, digital radiation detection device that enables you to complete your surveys automatically with your Abacus and a Windows Mobile, Palm Pilot or Windows Computer. Not only does it offer excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, gamma, and x-rays, but the internal "guard" detector automatically performs gamma subtraction from the "pancake" detector for unprecedented beta sensitivity. 
    SE International
  • FA/J 51 - Post Accident Radiation Monitoring System calibrated measuring channels for health physics and process monitoring assembled with qualified components:
    Mirion Technologies
  • TM-91, TM-92 - RADIATION MONITOR Built-in a GM tube. - Quick response to the radiation strength of Beta(B) & Gamma(y) ray. - Auto Ranging. - Automatic detection, easy setting. - Bright LCD display for night or day operation. - A beeper chirps with each radiation count. - Audio alarm set function. - Low battery indication.
    Tenmars Electronics
  • Pace-Alert Mini - Radiation Detector Specially designed for pacemaker and ICD wearers (patented), this ultra compact device is portable and discrete for users to keep a safe distance from magnetic field (EMF) and high frequency (RF) sources, effectively preventing pacemaker interference.
    Osun Technologies
  • DKG-21M - Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter Measurement of individual equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation. Measurement of individual equivalent dose (ED) of gamma radiation. Clock, alarm clock.
  • DH8000 - Radiation Flaw Detector Single-chip, Big LCD display, Backlight 2. High sensitivity, wide measuring range, good performance of energy response 3. 800 group datas memory of dose rate, eacy to check 4. Dose rate alarm, detector fault alarm 5. Dose rate and Cumulate dose can be tested 6. Lower voltage alarm 7. Al-Mg die-casting shape, better application countryside
    Testech Group Co

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Radiation - The transmission of energy through material or space.