RF Field Strength Meters

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  • FH 55 - Magnetic Field Strength Meter Gaussmeter / Teslameter The magnetic field strength meter FH 55 is a compact precision instrument that measures the magnetic flux density and field strength in gauss, tesla and ampere/meter. The instrument is supplied with a zero field chamber and an operation manual in english language.
    Magnet-physik Dr
  • R-506 - Field Strength Meter The R-506 expands the Z Technology product line of cost effective test instrumentation with a rugged portable unit designed for the professional user. Accurate NIST traceable field strength measurement of RF signals.
    Z Technology
  • FSM - Field Strength Meter The FSM is a cost effective and simple solution for measuring, setting up and commissioning an induction loop system to the requirements of IEC60118-4:2006. The meter is an ergonomically designed hand held instrument for measuring loop system performance.
    Ampetronic Ltd
  • PI 4100 - Medium Wave Field Strength Meter The PI 4100 is Potomac's third generation of precision survey instrumentation intended for the direct measurement of electromagnetic field strength in the 520 kHz to 5.1 MHz frequency spectrum. This instrument combines a laboratory quality radio frequency voltmeter, a calibrated, shielded loop antenna, an internal GPS receiver, an internal calibration source, and data acquisition hardware and software in a single rugged package weighing less than 3 kg.
    Potomac Instruments
  • DX-101 - Gaussmeter DX-101 Gaussmeter is based on the Hall effect magnetic field strength of the latest developments in instrumentation, the design of desktop-type Gauss meter. Maximum range 330.0mT and 3000mT two tranches, the minimum basic error of 1.0%. Test probe connectors is imported, stable and reliable connection.
    Dexing Magnet Tech

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RF Field Strength Meters - measure magnitude of electromagnetic field.