RF Field Strength Meters

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  • FSM1 - Signal Level Meter The FSM1 is a lightweight, battery operated, field strength meter. This unit is ideal for making signal test measurements of all standard broadcast (VHF and UHF) and CATV channel assignments. Visual or aural carrier level, and aural verification (using built-in speaker) measurements are available.
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  • Mini Spectrum AS 960 - Cable TV Network Analyzer Sharp Vision Mini Spectrum AS 960 is an instrument to provide total analysis of your cable TV network. AS 960 is a necessity which not only indicates trouble shooting of Cable TV system but also helps in its maintenance. Sharp Vision Mini Spectrum AS 960 is far superior to the DB Meters available till date, as it has advantages of digital and graphic display of your complete frequency spectrum, Slope, 3 CH, V/A and C/N, which are its major as sets. The accuracy of ±1.5 dB with a resolution of +
    0.1 dB makes it among the top field strength meters.
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RF Field Strength Meters - measure magnitude of electromagnetic field.

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