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  • Zumara - Protocol Analyzer, Simulator and Conformance Test Software Our new Zumara software can simulate multiple SIP or H.323 endpoints via the PC host NIC or a combination of NIC and LAN adapters. This transforms a standard PC host into a powerful VoIP simulation, analysis, traffic generation and quality measurement tool.
    Packet Data Systems
  • HCT-7000 - Dual Port E1/T1/Datacom Protocol Analyzer and BER Tester The HCT-7000, our flagship tester, is a portable, battery powered E1 and data communication tester, designed for a wide range of protocol analysis and BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) at full E1 speeds (2.048Mbps) and is fully suitable for equipment installations, on-line or off-line diagnostics, debugging, and interface development.
    CTC Union Technologies
  • Clarinet - Protocol Analyser, Simulator & Conformance Test System The PDS Clarinet test system is a very well respected and established solution for a wide range of protocol analysis, simulation and development applications. Physical interface pods are available for E1/T1, S/T-U and LAN (Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/S). The Clarinet system includes a Run-Time software license and Clarinet pod(s) supporting the relevant interfaces required for your application.
    Packet Data Systems
  • ParaScope AsyncCom - Data Communication Protocol Analyzers and Tester WanXL-AsyncCom is a component of the ParaScope family of data communication protocol analyzers and testers, each of which operates with the world proven WanXL software. WanXL considerably decreases the time required to search hex dumps by presenting data in a highly organized, easy to read format.
    Frederick Engineering
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution) - Protocol Analyzer GL's LTE analyzer is capable of capturing, decoding and performing various test measurements across various interfaces i.e. S1, S3, S4, S5 (or S8), S6a, S10, S11, S13 and X2 interfaces of the LTE network.
    GL Communications
  • PSIA-2722 - Programmable Serial Interface Adapter This adapter enables the connection of chip-level devices, such as analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters and sample rate converters, to Audio Precision 2700 Series and System Two Cascade Plus audio analyzers. Devices under test may have a variety of interface protocols, including different logic families and voltage levels, clock rates, word orientations, and formats.
    Audio Precision
  • UMTS - Protocol Analyzer GL's UMTS analyzer is capable of capturing, decoding and performing various test measurements across various interfaces i.e. Iub, Iur, IuCs and IuPs interfaces of the UMTS network. In addition, it supports ATM as the transport layer. It helps in fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of UMTS network. Multiple instances of UMTS Analyzer can run simultaneously capturing data (real time and off-line) on several T1/E1 lines. The analyzer is also capable of capturing & reassembling frames that were transmitted with Inverse Multiplexing. IMA combines up to 8 T1/ E1 links to form a single high-speed connection with flexible bandwidth options.
    GL Communications
  • CCTV-25TEST - Multifunctional tester CCTV-25TEST combines the most important testers in one compact housing: LCD monitor with a diagonal screen size: 6.4cm (2.5") PTZ controller for testing high-speed dome cameras (PELCO P, PELCO D and other protocols) PTZ protocol analyser for displaying data sent via an RS-485 interface Cable tester for network cables RS-485 polarity tester
    Monacor International
  • Electrical Safety Tester / The robust, fully automatic Electrical Safety Tester ST400 ensures fast testing cycles incl. documentation (backtracking of data – Traceability). In addition to that, the ST400 Electrical Safety Tester also disposes two USB- Interfaces, LAN, RS232 and digital, as well as analogue I/O ports. I/O tests are ideally used to automatically pilot external systems. The test procedure with an Electrical Safety Tester results as follows: Connect the testee (device under test), chose the settings for the test program (automatic barcode if provided), test and save test protocol. The Electrical Safety Analyzer can of course also be operated manually through a spin-press button, similar to GPS systems used in automobiles. The following operating modes are available: Manual, Remote RS232/USB, Digital and Ethernet. Each Electrical Safety Analyzer can be remote controlled through a comfortable testing software. The GOOD-BAD results will be saved automatically on your databank. Electrical Safety Analyzers will be delivered including a leakage current test in case the device needs to be used in accordance with the medical-technical norm EN 60601. The Electrical Safety Testers of the 60335 series are easy to integrate at the workplace and laboratory.
    Sourcetronic GmbH
  • SuperLink network Tester - ISDN Analyzer According to ITU-T and the latest R&D standard of ISDN in China, the ISDN tester is a high-performance analyzer for ISDN users. Provide overall monitoring analysis for ISDN protocol including direct protocol test of ISDN and test for interface V5.1/V5.2 on ISDN.
    Beijing Comtest Co
  • TUP/ISUP - Optimized Analyzer Support MTP, TUP, ISUP, TCAP, INAP and other protocol test;??good assistant for testing and maintenance of SS7?meanwhile effectively insure the connectivity of network.
    Beijing Comtest Co
  • DLM400 - Serial RS422, RS423, RS232 - Handheld Monitor, Analyzer & Tester Serial RS422, RS423, RS232 analyzer tester and data line monitor with buffer capacity of 1 megabyte of memory. Line speeds to 230.4K (half duplex), 75-115,200 asynchronous, 75-64 kbps synchronous and bisynchronous, SDLC/HDLC, isochronous protocols. Supports MIL-Std-188-114 monitoring, testing and RS485 simulation. Small, lighweight and portable.
    Benedict Computer
  • PC401 - Type 2, PCMCIA Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 serial bus Simulator Analyzer Tester MIL-STD-1553 A, B, & McAir MULTI PROTOCOLS Simulator/Analyzer/Tester type 2 PCMCIA BUS Interface Card - The PC401 can be used for Validation Testing, ProductionTesting, full bus simulation and monitoring, as a generalpurpose 1553 interface or a stand alone bus Analyzer. Forprecise message scheduling and measurements, the Majorand minor frame times are independent of messagesequences or retransmissions on errors and the start of allcommand messages are independent of message length,response time or length of response. Message timing iscalibrated and RT responses have low jitter.
    Andor Design
  • Cpci301 MIL-STD-1553 - CPCI BUS Interface Card MIL-STD-1553 A, B & McAir MULTI PROTOCOLS Simulator / Analyzer / Tester CPCI BUS Interface Card - The CPCI301 can be used for Validation Testing, Production Testing, full bus simulation and monitoring, as a general purpose 1553 interface or a stand alone bus Analyzer. For precise message scheduling and measurements, the Major and minor frame times are independent of message sequences or retransmissions on errors and the start of all command messages are independent of message length, response time or length of response. Message timing is calibrated and RT responses have low jitter.
    Andor Design
  • PCI301 - PCI BUS Interface Card MIL-STD-1553 A, B & McAir MULTI PROTOCOLS Simulator/Analyzer/Tester PCI BUS Interface Card - The PCI301 can be used for Validation Testing, Production Testing, full bus simulation and monitoring, as a general purpose 1553 interface or a stand alone bus Analyzer. For precise message scheduling and measurements, the Major and minor frame times are independent of message sequences or retransmissions on errors and the start of all command messages are independent of message length, response time or length of response. Message timing is calibrated and RT responses have low jitter.
    Andor Design
  • ST Handheld Signaling Protocol Analyzer Signaling Tester handheld signaling protocol analyzer is connected to the links by high resistance to monitor and analyze the signaling and not to affect the normal operation of the links. DS79 can simultaneously test multiple networks, multi-network segments, multi-time slots,
    Wuhan Sunma Technologies
  • J6840 - Network Performance Tester The Network Analyzer - Wireline Protocol Test (J6840) is a wireline software application for full 7-layer protocol analysis and troubleshooting of LANs, WANs and ATM networks, delivering statistics, decodes, expert analysis, protocol vitals, connection stats, & extensive VoIP analysis.
  • Docklight - Serial Analyzer Docklight is a testing, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols (RS232, RS485 / 422 and others). It allows you to monitor the communication between two serial devices or to test the serial communication of a single device.
    Flachmann Und Heggelbacher
  • SIP - Conformance Analyzer SIP Conformance Analyzer is an advanced testing solution for SIP enabled products widely used in today's VoIP and 3G networks. Comprehensive tests, protocol simulation and analysis tools verify SIP compliance according to ETSI TS 102 027 / RFC 3261 ensuring high probability of interoperability.
    Hermon Laboratories
  • MPA - Multi-Protocol Analyzer Multi-protocol testing in a compact form factor system (1U x 19 in chassis) Field upgradeable, rack-mounted platform with up to five test modules All ports can be configured independently and operated simultaneously Each port supports 21 rates and protocols Multi-Protocol Module (MPM) supports OTN, SONET/SDH, Ethernet and Fibre Channel Intuitive interface with a simple, consistent setup and workflow across all test modules Every test feature accessible by remote GUI and automation scripting Supports 20 simultaneous users Industry proven platform provides efficient and cost effective support and service Cloud-based management option for each module Most cost-effective compact solution for multi-protocol testing Significantly reduces the amount of testing equipment, required footprint, and test time One single platform for multi-protocol testing requirements which will grow as needs change and expand, allowing modules to be easily added on-site and new capabilities to be downloaded 110/240VAC or -48VDC input power options
    Digital Lightwave
  • mTDR-030 - LAN cable tester plus NanoTronix LAN Cable Tester Plus (Model No.: mTDR-030) is a combination unit that utilizes MTDR(Metallic Time-Domain Reflectometry) technology used in measuring cable distance and TCP/IP protocol analyzer for examining internal conditions of LAN communication lines. To improve the efficiency on LAN cable management, LAN Cable TesterPlus also has a pairing check function used for pinpointing the ill connection of LAN connectors (open, short, reversed, crossed and splitted) and a tone probing function used for tracing cable in the walls, floors and ceilings. LAN Cable Tester Plus is ideally suited for work on installation of networks and for ongoing maintenance and service to any type of paired (shielded or twisted) metallic cables such as category 5/6 UTP cables, Telephone lines, Coaxial cables and LAN systems. Its' all-in-one testing capabilities meets the needs of every cable contractors, installers and technicians at lowest cost. LAN Cable Tester Plus is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure designed to deliver water-resistant performance and provides technicians with the added convenience of being hand-held. It is powered by four AA(NEDA 15A or LR6) batteries, which are stored in a compartment on its back.
  • Investigator AFDX - Protocol Analyzer Interface, Analysis and Test Support Investigator™ AFDX Protocol Analyzer supports network interfaces capable of full-line rate, multi channel and multiple protocol testing. Hardware supports analysis, traffic generation, statistics, impairment test, and BERT for both copper and optical interface connections. State-of-the-art FPGA technology is leveraged to facilitate flexibility and protect capital investments, while providing continued capabilities for development and support.
    Absolute Analysis
  • 780 - Handheld Test Instrument The 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI® is a battery-powered, portable video and audio generator and HDMI analyzer that enables you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of your HDMI system and analog video displays. The 780 is equipped with both a reference HDMI source and a reference HDMI sink interface allowing you to test audio, video and HDMI protocols—HDCP, EDID, CEC & infoframes—of any type of HDMI device: sources, repeaters and sinks.
    Quantum Data
  • Serialtest® - Asynchronous RS-232/422/485 Serial Protocol Analyzer and Packet Sniffer Serialtest Async is a PC-based analyzer for passively monitoring or actively testing serial asynchronous (async) communication circuits and networked equipment, at speeds up to 921.6 Kbps. The product offers an economical solution for debugging, testing, and troubleshooting equipment, circuits and software applications on serial data communication networks. Typical test application areas include utility meter reading, railroad signal and switch monitoring, PC-based control, lottery and gaming, credit authorization, and the Internet.
    Frontline Test Equipment

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