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  • Rk-5700 - Power Meters The Rk-5700 Series Power Meters accept a wide variety of probes ? pyroelectric, silicon, and thermopile ? enabling them to perform absolute radiometry, total laser power (cw and average), and irradiance measurements from the UV to far-IR, pW to kW. Integrated lock-in amplifier circuitry allows for synchronous detection of chopped optical signals, improving both S/N ratio and background rejection.
    Laser Probe
  • 11PMK-H5 - Power Detector Laser Power Meters Fast, Small Size, Flat Spectral Response, Full NIST-Traceability, High Damage Threshold: 36 kW/cm² to 45 kW/cm², Personal Wavelength Correction™, Low profile, Air and Water cooled, Energy mode, Effective aperture diameter 19 mm (area 2.84 cm²)
  • 11PD100-Si - Photo Detector Laser Power Meters Silicon detectors provide a generous aperture for laser beams up to 10 mm in diameter. The threaded aperture allows you to install filters, attenuators, fiber optic adapters or other optics that suit your specific needs.
  • 11PMK-W5 - High-Power Detector Laser Power Meters 11PMK-W5 power detectors surface absorber stands up to average power densities of 100 kW/cm². That is the best in the world for average power density. 11PMK-W5 high-power detectors come ready to mount on a rod, a bracket and the square case even lets you set them right on the optical table.
  • 11XLP12 - Extreme Low Power Detector Laser Power Meters 11XLP12 extreme low power detector is best suitable for low power im both the µW and mW regimes with very low thermal drift. Featuring broadband flat spectral response, minimal thermal drift and a noise equivalent power as low as 1 µW the 11XLP12 is ideally suited for measuring any pulsed or CW low power laser.
  • Singlemode power meters and Laser sources The KD Optics range of Singlemode power meters and Laser sources are designed for the testing of SDH, CATV, Telecom and other singlemode links. The power meters are highly accurate with a wide dynamic range, while the laser sources feature a very quick stabilisation time, promoting accurate readings.
    KD Optics Ltd
  • GM82011P4 - Optical Multiport Power Meter OPTICAL MULITIPORT POWER METERS are PC control multiport passive components power meter test systems and offer superior performance in testing multi-channel DWDM, WSS, ROADM, AWG & PLC components and modules, optical amplifiers, DWDM system and performing other general-purpose multiport fiber optical test and measurement applications. The meters can be integrated with tunable laser source, optical attenuator & PDL controller to provide a high performance passive components and modules automatic test system platform.
    UC Instruments
  • FHP2 - Optical Power Meter The FHP series of Power Meter are the advanced version of LPM series. It is more functional and intelligent. Under the situation of laboratory, LANs, WANs and CATV as well as longdistance optical network, the Optical Power Meters, together with Grandway's Stabilized Laser Sources, can be used to identify optical fiber, measure optical attenuation, verify continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.
    Shanghai Grandway
  • TB200 - Optical power meter The TB200 Optical Power Meter has been optimally designed for application in the manufacture of next-generation optical disks, DVDs and CDs. The TB200 enables virtually error-free measurement even without measurement of the wavelength of the laser diode used on optical disks.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • OM220A - General Purpose Power Meter The OM220 is a general-purpose power meter suitable for a both premise and outside plant applications. These units are ideal for measurement of optical power and optical loss/attenuations in a fiber optic network. When paired with an OS400 series source the OM200 series meters are ideal for single-mode (OS430 laser source) or multimode (OS420 LED source) applications. 
    Advanced Fiber Solutions
  • 407A - Portable Laser Power Meter The Model 407A Portable Power Meter is a compact and affordable unit with a thermopile included, yet offers features not found on many larger, more expensive ones. 
  • Multi Channel Power Meter The multi channel power meter is offered for simultaneous measurements of CW lasers and laser diodes. The system is designed to provide maximum flexibility, speed and user-friendliness for the user who needs to conduct power testing of numerous resources. Aside of the Power Meter capability, the system also provides a long term fluctuations presentation of power versus time in a strip-chart format.
    Duma Optronics LTD
  • 11UNO - Laser Power Meter Monitor New 11UNO portable laser power meter brings unprecedented performance in a compact hand-held instrument. The one-finger navigation of the 11UNO laser power meter makes it our most simple to use monitor, and it has just the functions you need to take a fast and precise laser power measurement.
  • FieldMax-TO - Laser Power Meter (RoHS) Power Meter. Introducing FieldMax-TO, an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use digital power meter designed for field service and production test applications. FieldMax-TO features a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD and an intuitive user interface offering direct button-driven control for simple operation.
    Coherent Instruments
  • FieldMate - Laser Power Meter (RoHS) Power Meter. FieldMate is compatible with all PowerMax thermal sensors and a variety of optical sensors, allowing its use with lasers from the ultraviolet to the infrared, from nW to kW. Built-in wavelength compensation ensures that readings at any wavelength will remain accurate.
    Coherent Instruments
  • PTM-300C - PON optical power meter PTM-300C is a new designed tester compatible with optical power meter measurement, PON stable laser source, and network cable test. Measuring at all three wavelength 1310nm (upstream mode and 1490nm, 1550nm wavelength in EPON/GPON system simultaneously.
    Guangzhou Wanglu
  • TM203 - Optical Power Meter TM203 optical power meter is a new generation, high performance and handheld optical network tester which adopts the latest precision laser exploration and processing technology. It is a compositive optical power meter aimed at opening, maintenance, equipment research and development of optical network. It stays TM203’s design small dimension for easy carrying but have new features for wider power measurement, higher accuracy and have date and time display on the screen. It is calibrated at a large number of wavelengths to enable power measurements on a wide range of Single Mode and Multimode fiber optic cable systems. The TM203 optical power meter defines a new industry standard for Installing testing, maintaining single mode and multimode networks and cables.
    T&M Tools
  • OPM5 - Optical Power Meter with Data Storage NOYES OPM5 is designed for measuring optical power in all network types and performing insertion loss measurements on multimode or single-mode fiber optic links. The OPM5 is fully N.I.S.T. traceable.
  • OPM4 - Optical Power Meter with Wave ID and Set Reference NOYES OPM4 is designed for measuring optical power in all network types and performing insertion loss measurements on multimode or single-mode fiber optic links. The OPM4 is fully N.I.S.T. traceable.
  • LM 100 - Laser power meter This read out unit is designed to measure the output power of different lasers in combination with a thermophile head. The maximum power is limited by the power head used. Normally, the time constant of a power head is in the region of 15 to 25 seconds. Use of the read out unit enables reduction of the time constant of the whole measurement system to one second.?
    Scitec Instruments
  • 840017 - Laser Power Meter Provides a direct mW power read-out for a variety of lasers. This portable laser power meter can for used for field-testing and repair of DVD, VCD, CD, MD (mini disk) players and laser pointers. An analog display, tripod back and a 3' corded sensor, enable calibration and adjustment of lasers in research labs. Switch between 3 factory-calibrated, and frequently used wavelengths (635, 650, and 830 nm) or measure any wavelength in between against a known standard. No battery is required as the meter obtains power from the laser itself. Comes ready to use with instructions and a hard carrying case.
    Sper Scientific
  • OPM-900 - Optical power meter Excellent linear parameter , liable and stable. High precision, ¡À2% Up to 80dB inspection range. Up to 7 calibrated wavelengths. Can identify light modulation signals and laser wavelengths. Can detect light signals and link losses 
    Shenzhen Ethernal
  • 840011 - Pocket Laser Power Meter This tiny laser power meter is less than ¾" thick, weighing only 4 oz. (120 g) and is easily carried in a shirt pocket. Ideal for in the field testing and repair of DVD, VCD, CD and MD (mini disk) players. The controls, display and sensor are all neatly contained and protected within the folding case with directions printed right inside the cover. When open the sensor may be extended for remote use or snaps into a fixed position atop the case. Unit features min/max, bar graph display, auto power off, and hold functions and indicates low battery and over range. Reads in mW and uW. Powered by 2 button cell batteries (included).
    Sper Scientific
  • LabMax-TO - Laser Power Meter (RoHS) LabMax is appropriate for anyone who needs to analyze and monitor laser output. Data analysis can be achieved via statistical and trend analysis and stored in onboard flash memory for future retrieval with the File Manager tool. PC interfacing via USB, GPIB or RS-232, plus analog output , or by logging data to a USB flash drive attached directly to the meter. Installable applications software and LabView ® drivers are provided to support PC interfacing.
    Coherent Instruments

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