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  • 4700 - Photodiode Characterizer Complete PD Measurement System. The 4700 Photodiode Characterizer is a complete photodiode test system. It will characterize PDs or APDs (upcoming) without the need for additional power supplies. It is this simple: connect your device and press start. Like the dBm Optics optical power meters, the dBm Optics photodiode meters employ an electrometer-based design. 
    DBm Optics
  • 2502 - Fiber Alignment Photodiode Meter The Model 2502 Photodiode Meter is designed to increase the throughput of Keithley's LIV (light-current-voltage) test system for production testing of laser diode modules (LDMs). Developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of LDMs for fiberoptic telecommunication networks, this dual-channel instrument has features that make it easy to synchronize with other system elements for tight control over optical power measurements.
    Keithley Instruments

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