Oil Dielectric - aka Insulation Oil

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  • OTSA Series - Insulating Oil Tester / : uP Operated Fully automatic test cycle. Tests: ASTM D 877, ASTM D 1816, IEC156, IS 6792 etc.
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • RELIABLE Insulation Oil Testing Equipment Easy operation-Fully automatic test cycle along with average BDV display. . Economic design, completely user friendly-just 35 kg/46kg in weight. . Pre settable – Number of tests, Stew time and stir time . 25 mm 3 digit LED display for kV and time. 1 digit display for number of tests. . Keep position.
    Chongqing Technology
  • HYYJ-501 - Insulating Oil Tester HYYJ-501 is developed according to the standard IEC156 Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Testing Method .LCD screen can display test procedure and test result.
    Wuhan Huaying Power
  • AGC SERIES OTS80SX / OTS100SX - 80kV / 100kV Transformer Insulation Oil Tester Large LCD Display • Portable and Economical • Output Maximum Voltage of 80kV or 100kV Depending on Model • Fully Automatic Function with Manual Override • Built-in Timer and Fuse Protection • Built in Dot Matrix Printer • Includes Vessel and Standard Accessories
    AGM Power Engineering
  • MG-II - Transformer Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Tester The dielectric breakdown voltage test (BDV test) is an important test to determine the breakdown voltage of insulating oils. After a certain period, transformer oil will be degraded, and there are moisture, gas and impurity in oil. Then, the quality of transformer oil is affected. So it is necessary to test the transformer oil. BDV test is one of the most common tests to insulating oils.
    Chongqing Kailian
  • Stable quality Insulation Oil Tester SY series portable insulation oil puncture testers are designed according to the standard IEC156 of Electric Power Ministry, (Testing Method of Small Clearance Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength ). It is widely used in the production and scientific-research units, such as, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum and so on to test the dielectric strength of the insulating oil.
    Chongqing Technology
  • 3810-55S - Insulating oil tester Other oil withstand voltage test, withstand voltage test can be hot-Armor 置針 breakdown voltage meter display remains easy to use automatic step-up type Small compact size Supplied with oil cup with a micrometer Safety features start with the zero volt
    Musashi Intek
  • DPA 75 - C Fully automatic insulating oil tester 75 kV The portable insulating oil tester DPA 75 measures the electric breakdown strength of insulating liquids. The Real Breakdown Monitoring feature enables results of the highest accuracy by using a special feature which excludes false breakdown results. In addition to dissipation factor (tan delta) and the relative permittivity the breakdown voltage is a crucial parameter for insulating fluids
    BAUR Prüf- Und Messtechnik
  • FKYJS - Tester for Insulating Oil Diel… Tester for Insulating Oil Diel…
    Wuhan Fanke Transformer
  • Dielectric Oil Tester, Portable 80kv Insulation Oil Puncture Tester can achieve the same precision as the traditional testing method of 2.5 mm electrodes clearance.
    Chongqing Technology
  • BA100 - Dielectric Oil Tester The BA100 dielectric oil tester by b2hv is a portable Breakdown Analyzer for on-site testing of transformer oil. The test voltage is automatically controlled and increased to a maximum level of up to 100 kV rms.
    B2 High Voltage
  • BA60 - Insulating Oil Tester The dielectric strength of insulating oil can be tested in a simple, quick and fully automatic way, without the need to ship oil samples to a test laboratory.
    B2 High Voltage
  • GDJJC - Insulation Oil Tester GDJJC Insulation Oil Breaker Tester is adopted industrial single plate integrated circuit, new-style I/O jack, with unique inspection and anti-interference technology to greatly improve its reliability and functionality.
    HV Hipot Electric
  • LS -JJ-II - Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Testing 1.The instrument has the function of automatic detection. 2.Tiny TPU-A panel printer is adopted for automatic printing out type insulating oil dielectric strength ATE is a full self-reacting device, which is developed according to the requirements in International IEC-156 and International GB507-86 “Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Mensuration”, combining the feedback opinions of all users . The instrument adopts singlechip as the leading part, and uses the method of “first setting and then testing”. The whole process is controlled by automatic microcomputer. It is operated simply and used conveniently.
    Chongqing Lushun
  • YJJ-II - Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester YJJ-ⅡInsulating Oil Tester is produced according to the National Standard GB-86 Determination Method for Dielectric Strength of Transformer Oil. The parameters are set in advance with the adjusting switch and then the instrument strictly works on the basis of the preset parameters. After doing one test, the results can be printed if you want. This instrument has a series of characteristics, such as strong anti-jamming, simple operation, sound&light warning.
    Chongqing Gold Mechanical
  • Series IIJ-II - Insulating Oil Tester In the electric power industry, insulating oil is wildly applied in electric equipments. The dielectric strength is a comprehensive index for insulating oil. Series IIJ-II oil tester is special for testing insulating oil’s dielectric strength. IIJ-II Automatic oil tester is designed according to international standard of IEC156. Adopt industrial single chip as controller, apply large integrate circuit, new type I/O interface, LCD displayer, combined with special testing and anti-jamming technologies which greatly improve the tester’s performance.
    Chongqing Nakin Electromechanical
  • SFY163 - Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester The tester is designed in comply with IEC156 and GB507-86 (insulating oil dielectric strength test method). It could automatically accomplish quiescence, agitation and repeated tests. It takes use of electromagnetic shielding and there is no need to calculate the average value. Anti-interference capacity of the tester is excellent. Over current protection cur-off time is less than 20 MS. The tester is equipped with panel printer for print of the test parameters.
    Shanghai Launch Electric
  • Digital Display Transformer Oil Dielectric Test Equipment SY series portable breakdown voltage tester is specially designed and produced according to DL429.91 standards of China Electrical Ministry for testing insulating oil breakdown voltage.
    Chongqing Wanmei
  • TAN-DELTA & RESISTIVITY TEST FOR INSULATING OIL TDRNT02 measures dielectric parameters like D.C. resistivity, dielectric constant and loss factor of the insulating oil of transformers, circuit breakers etc.
    International Biological
  • GD6100 - Insulation Oil Tester GD6100 Automatic Precision Oil Dielectric Loss Testers is a high-precision instrument of testing dielectric loss angle of insulating oil and other liquid, integrated with main components of cup oil of dielectric loss, temperature controller, temperature sensor, dielectric loss test power Bridge, AC test power, standard capacitors.
    HV Hipot Electric
  • HYYJ-503 - Insulating Oil Tester HYYJ-503 is developed according to the national standard GB-86 Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Testing Method .The tester can test three cups of oil at the same time.LCD screen can display test procedure and test result. All the human interaction operations complete by the rotating mouse .
    Wuhan Huaying Power
  • DTS-60D - Oil Dielectric Tester The DTS-60D and DTS-100D Oil Dielectric AC Test Sets provide repeatable, accurate measurement of breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electrical equipment. These versatile, lightweight yet rugged units have been designed for both field and laboratory use. 
    High Voltage
  • SG7808 - [Oil Dielectric Test Set with Integrated Control and Data Acquisition] For many electric equipments used in power system and enterprises, inner insulation is mostly oil-insulated. Oil dielectric strength test is one of the essential routine tests. SG7808 Oil Dielectric Test Set is the ideal testing device for oil dielectric strength. The test sets are fully automatic.
    Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric
  • FKDY - Insulation Oil Voltage Withstan… Insulation Oil Voltage Withstan…
    Wuhan Fanke Transformer

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Oil Dielectric - measures the breakdown voltage of insulating oils.