OTDR - aka Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

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  • 8000 - Production and Laboratory OTDR The 8000 OTDR is the first of a new generation of OTDRs that has been designed specifically for optical fiber and cable test applications. Its revolutionary "performance first" optical design delivers unsurpassed optical performance, and its MS Windows operating system facilitates integration of the OTDR into manufacturing networks. These features, combined with unique data acquisition capabilities, significantly reduce the time associated with many aspects of the OTDR measurement process, making it possible for fiber and cable manufacturers to increase production output and reduce manufacturing costs.
    Photon Kinetics
  • ST3200 - OTDR Ⅰ. OverviewST3200 OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) is an intelligent optical fiber communication tester. This tester is easy to use and portable, which has a 3.5-inch color LCD touching screen.
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • FIRECATQUAD - FIS Firecat Quad Wavelength OTDR # Dynamic Range - 23db
    # Lowest Cost OTDR in the Industry
    # Easy Operation with ‘Soft Key Menus
    # Small, Lightweight and Rugged
    # Interchangeable Adapters
    # Event Table and Auto-Test Modes
    # USB Data Transfer
    Fiber Instrument
  • ST3203 - Cute OTDR Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Ⅰ. Overview ST3203 CuteOTDR combines the industry's leading OTDR technology with visible laser source in one hand-held unit.
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • AF-uOR-200A - OTDR The 200 Series line of OTDR's are designed for Single Mode Applications. We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new FTTH version to our 200 series line. The AF-uOR-210 1310/1550/1625nm unit is the latest addition to this ever expanding line.
    Advanced Fiber Solutions
  • RY-OT4000 - Palm OTDR Tester RUIYAN OTDR-4000 series handheld optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) is the latest FTTx optical fiber cable-based test instruments. Integrated machining, elegant appearance, splash design, small size, light weight, durable. Built-in three test wavelengths and visual fault locator (VFL) function is tailored FTTx network testing a new product.
    Shenzhen Ruiyan Communication
  • SH-TR300 - OTDR Determine fiber optic cable or fiber optic’s failure point, connection point, breakpoint position -Describe fiber optic cable or fiber’s loss distribution curve, measure cable, fiber’s length and the loss, attenuation coefficient between two points -Measure fiber optic cable, optical fiber connector’s insertion loss -Measure fiber optic cable, optical fiber’s reflection loss
    Shenzhen Sharingtek
  • MW90010A - Coherent OTDR * Ultra-long distance reach up to 12,000 km
    * Compact and lightweight all-in-one design for on-site / on-ship portability
    * Fault detection with 10-m distance resolution
    * Wide dynamic range supporting fault detection and troubleshooting of submarine cables with repeaters at 80km or wider intervals
    * Integrated tunable light source with high wavelength accuracy of +0.2nm for wavelength setting range of 1535.03 to 1565.08 nm
    * Adjustable output power from 0 to +13 dBm
    * Simple and easy touch-panel operation for easy first-time use
  • OTDR Emulation Software NetWorks * Exclusive, patented Smart Splice Template feature for automated template generation
    * Provides desktop or “on the box” processing of OTDR and loss test set data
    * Familiar Windows® environment promotes ease of use
    * Batch processing to update and reformat multiple trace files in seconds
    * Batch display for quick visual inspection of up to eight traces simultaneously
    * Multiple printing and reporting options create customized, professional results
    * Innovative report generation wizard for one step loss reporting
  • FLX380-102 - PON-optimized Micro OTDR FLX380-102: 1310/1490/1550 nm OTDR, OLS, OPM and VFL for complete out-of-service testing at all FTTx PON wavelengths.
    Simbol Test Systems
  • OFL 200 - Single-Mode OTDR The OFL 200 OTDR sets new standards for size, weight, ease-of-use, and &#118alue in a Telco/broadband OTDR. Smaller than many optical loss test sets, the OFL 200 has the range, features, and price to make it the perfect OTDR for outside plant crews installing and maintaining optical fiber cables in broadband, metro, access, and FTTH networks.
    Shenzhen Tellid Communication
  • S20AN - Palm OTDR Shineway palm OTDR/N Series handheld OTDR is a revolutionary diagnostic product for fiber optic network which has been drawing wide attention across the world with excellent stability and staggering low cost. Shineway Palm OTDR S20AN is more compact and user-friendly comparing with other OTDRs. The hotkey feature enables convenient events review and analysis. palmOTDR/N Series supports averaging and real-time test on singlemode (1310/1550nm) and multimode (850/1300 nm) fibers and complies with various connector types. With “TraceManager” software, you can download trace files from OTDR to PC for further analysis, reporting and printing.
    Exfiber Optical Technologies
  • 18B - Palm OTDR Aplab-Aitelong 18B Palm OTDR is the newest instrument designed for testing FTTx network. It's mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber under test, such as the length, the transmission loss and the splice loss etc. It can also locate the faults or breaks of optical fiber. It's widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance in optical fiber communication system.
    Aplab Limited
  • ST3300 - OTDR I. Brief IntroductionAs fiber optics plays more and more important role in modern telecommunication and CATV networks, the requirements to the construction, test and maintenance of fiber optics links also become more prominent.ST3300 is a unique product mainly designed for construction and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV networks.
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • 8000i - In-Process Test OTDR The 8000i In-Process Test OTDR is the most recent addition to Photon Kinetics' family of innovative solutions for optical fiber cable testing. The 8000i's "cable test optimization" provides the balance of OTDR dynamic range and dead zone performance that's proven to be most effective for accurate characterization of typical fiber cable lengths. Dynamic range has been maximized to reduce measurement time, while resolution has been tuned to ensure that typical cabled fiber defects are detected. The 8000i delivers this optimized measurement capability at a more economical price than our full featured, final QC 8000 OTDR, which makes it a perfect fit for "in-process" testing on ribbonizing or loose tube production lines.
    Photon Kinetics
  • AV6416 - Palm OTDR The AV6416 Palm OTDR is designed for FTTx application. It can test the length, fiber loss connector loss and other physical characteristics of fiber. Meanwhile, With a short 1.6m dead zone and up to 65534 sampling points, the AV6416 Palm Optical Time Domain Reflectometer can locate events on fiber cables precisely. It is really the tool of choice for FTTx application installation and maintenance as well as for fiber R&D and producing testing. AV6416 OTDR rugged design, lightweight and easy operation, as well as the low-reflection LCD and more than 10 hours battery life make it be perfect in filed testing. Meanwhile, Its two USB interfaces help to store and transfer traces easily and conveniently.
    Exfiber Optical Technologies
  • M310 - Enterprise OTDR The M310 OTDR with TruEvent Technology is the most accurate Enterprise OTDR on the market. This enhanced event analysis minimizes the reporting of false events and ensures the accuracy of the reported losses. Adding short dead zone performance, the M310 is the perfect choice for any data center or other enterprise applications.
    AFL Telecommunications
  • SH-TR600 - OTDR SH-TR600 Series meet the needs on the wide range of measurement by FTTx, Metropolitan Area Network, Backbone Network and other optical networks.
    Shenzhen Sharingtek
  • C850 - Compact QUAD OTDR The NOYES C850 Certification OTDR from AFL combines multiple functionality in a hand-held test set designed for testing and inspecting multimode and single-mode fibers. The C850 integrates an OTDR with optical light sources (OLS), an Optical Power Meter (OPM), Visual Fault Locator (VFL) and inspection capability for testing and troubleshooting enterprise networks.
  • CS260 series - Contractor Series Troubleshooting OTDRs CS260 Contractor Series handheld OTDRs enable cost-effective troubleshooting of FTTx PONs and point-to-point metro/access networks. Two models are offered:
  • IIT-6000 - Multifunctional Compact OTDR Rugged (metal) and compact high-end OTDR. High Dynamic Range models (up to 43dB) are available in this body. Wide and super contrast LCD (from PSP) for convenient trace analysis right in the field. Beginers mode with fully automated trace diagnostic . One button setup and events detection.
  • C860 - QUAD OTDR and Certification Test Kit The C860 is the most efficient single-mode and multimode fiber optic certification OTDR (Tier 2) and loss (Tier 1) test set. Bi-directionally certify two fibers in two directions. Integrated OTDR, OPM, OLS and VFL allow users to complete more tests and generate comprehensive acceptance reports quickly. Touch and Test® user interface has pass/fail thresholds and auto-test modes to enable technicians to test like a fiber expert.
    AFL Telecommunications
  • FTE-7500A - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer The FTE-7500A Optical Time Domain Reflectometer has a 36 dB dynamic range, a 1 meter dead zone, trace overlay capability, a visible fault locator, a built-in video inspection scope, and much more. It features a long battery life and it comes in a lightweight and rugged enclosure.
    Allied Instruments
  • TQ-1550 - OTDR Fault Locator TQ-1550 is a newly designed optic tester to determine the optic fiber length or fault location based on OTDR technology. It can automatically calculate and display the nominated event length and interval event length(s) if any in 30 km, which greatly helps user to build a detailed analysis for the optic net structure. Additional visible light (VFL) 650nm makes it available to locate fiber distribution and test jumper/splicing condition especially in short distance of 20m.
    Tongqi Telecom Technology

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OTDR - OTDRs characterize the integrity of optical fibers by measuring the impedance of applied light pulses.