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  • moduleanalyser - Flexible Network Analyser and Automotive Diagnostics Module Analyser is a 5 in 1 easy to use CAN bus analyser with the following advantages Automotive OBD Scan tool and J1939 Automotive UDS - (supports ISO14229, ISO15765) ODX editor CAN BUS monitoring Data Acquisition
    Influx Technology
  • C-TAC Plus MIL-STD-1750A - CHANNEL MONITOR C-TAC is an embedded system analyzer. It provides simultaneous Real-Time Non-Intrusive (RTNI) monitoring of all key points in the system. The monitoring is done on a completely non-intrusive basis without the injection of wait states or cycle stealing, and does not affect bus timing or message sequencing. C-TAC also provides timecorrelation of data across multiple processors, backplanes, and networks as well as system level evaluation in the operational environment
  • NETCAR-Analyzer Timing Analysis and resource usage optimization for in-vehicle networks. Worst-case response times / jitters on CAN
    with and without frame offsets. NETCAR-Analyzer implements a set of proprietary optimization algorithms that typically enable doubling the bus load on Controller Area Network (CAN), which may defer the need for additional CAN networks and FlexRay technology.
  • PA Probe Ultra - Media Converter for PA The PA Probe is a small but high-tech extension for the ProfiTrace analyzer that makes it possible to do measurements directly on the PA bus. With the PA Probe, you can use ProfiTrace on DP as well as PA networks and finally cover all installations with 1 tool.?
  • CANwatch CANwatch is an analyzer supporting easy error detection
    during installation and operation of CAN networks.
    CANwatch judges the analog signal on the bus
    and detects errors like e.g. Invalid levels, overshoots,
    slow slopes and short circuits within the signal lines.
    Port GmbH
  • E5071C-790 - Measurement Wizard Assistant The Measurement Wizard Assistant (MWA) software can dramatically improve your productivity in multiport device testing when using the 4-port ENA network analyzers and the multiport test set. ENA Option E5071C-790 is required to enable the full MWA software capability. Upgrade product for the ENA is available as well. (E5005A for E5071C, E5070BU/71BU-790 for E5070B/E5071B)
    Keysight Technologies
  • neoVI Red - Multiple Protocol Tool to Support Vehicle Bus Intrepid Control Systems introduces neoVI RED; newest in our line of vehicle network development tools. neoVI RED fills the need for multiple CAN and LIN channels as well as giving you a 0-20 volt oscilloscope to troubleshoot physical layer issues with LIN and a logic analyzer for CAN. neoVI RED is a low cost, high value CAN and LIN bus interface that fits in your pocket.
    Intrepid Control

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Network Analyzers - Software and/or hardware, that measures the activity on a network and the devices connected to the network.

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