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  • 7005 - Loop Calibrator (MET VA) The 7005 is a micro-processor based handheld process control instrument for voltage and current loop calibration and simulation. It can operate in three modes: a) Loop current/voltage Source (transmitter simulation and loop supply simulation) b) Sink of loop current (transmitter simulation) c) Measurement of loop current/voltage (loop indicator simulation). 
    Time Electronics
  • LC-110H - Precision Current Loop Calibrator With Hart Communications The Martel LC-110 and LC-110H are mA (loop) calibrators designed to take the loop calibrator class to the next level. The new LC-110 series feature a user friendly interface with dedicated buttons and a rotary encoder (Quick-Set Knob). This combination drastically reduces the time it takes to measure, simulate, or source both voltage and current and power up a loop. The rugged ABS plastic case is contoured to easily fit a technician's hand and the large back lit graphics LCD is best in class. The LC-110H differs from the standard LC-110 in that it incorporates HART communications and supports a select set of the HART universal and common practice commands. This unique feature allows the LC-110H to be used as both a loop calibrator and communication tool.
    Martel Calibrators
  • SFK157 - Intelligent Loop Resistance Tester This tester takes advantage of high frequency switching power supply and digital circuit techniques. It is compact, light, with constant current output, and portable, specially used for loop (contact) resistance measurement of switching control equipment.
    Shanghai Launch Electric
  • Open Loop Current Sensors Open loop current sensors measure DC and AC currents and provide electrical isolation between the circuit being measured and the output of the sensor. Typically, open loop current sensors cost less than closed loop sensors. They are preferred in battery powered circuits due to their low operating power requirements.
    F.W. Bell
  • 7006 - Loop-Mate 1 - Loop Simulator The Loop-Mates are single function low-cost pocket sized units, designed for process loop calibration and testing. Simplicity of operation is their key - no keypads or complicated selections. Engineers will be able to pick them up and get to work immediately.
    Time Electronics
  • MS196 - Closed-Loop Motor Controller Pulse-locked Master and zero-cumulative-error Ratio-Follower (electronic gearing) modes. Features include multiple setpoints, contact-closure input and NPN output functions. Works with incremental shaft encoders.
  • DPT-810 - Loop powered Dewpoint Meter ● -110°C to +20°C dewpoint Sensor ● Specifically designed for OEM use ● Small & Lightweight ● State-of-the-art electronics & software ● NIST calibrations ● Stainless Steel housing ● Easy to use Appliance connector with gasket
  • MS332 - Closed-Loop Motor Controller Modes include zero-cumulative-error Ratio-Follower (electronic gearing) and zero-cumulative-error Index-Follower (mechanical event/phase synchronization). Features include Forward-only and Forward/Reverse settings for uni/ bi-directional control, multiple setpoints and many programmable contact-closure input and NPN output functions. Builds numerous machine synchronizing / follower processes. Works with quadrature incremental shaft encoders (all modes) and prox, photo-eye and other presence/event sensors (Index-Follower mode).
  • RC2000 - RCD Tester loop Fast and easy to use and suitable for testing all common RCDs up to 500mA. The RCD rating is set using the convenient centrally located rotary switch. Three different currents (full, half and fast test) are available at a touch on one selector, and 0° or 180 & deg (positive /negative half cycle) can be set on the second selector.
    Martindale Electric
  • 9001780915 - Cablemate LOOP a LINE The Loop a Line is a product developed specifically for telecommunications technicians involved in fault location activities. It provides the functionality to remotely switch the line through 4 positions: open, short, tone and exchange
    Aegis Pty. Ltd
  • KT41 - DIGITAL LOOP/PSC TESTER * 20, 200 & 2000O Loop measurement ranges * PSC measurement up to 20kA * Displays mains voltage before test * Lock-down test button – for hands free testing
  • 654T - Transmitter, Dual DC Voltage Input, Loop-Powered These units accept DC voltage input signals, provide isolation, and output proportional DC current signals.
    Acromag Incorporated
  • 260A - Limit Alarm, DC Current Input, Loop-Powered The 260A accepts a 4 to 20mA input signal and provides a dry contact relay output if the input exceeds a user-defined setpoint limit. Power is received from the input loop.
    Acromag Incorporated
  • M334 - 4-20 Milliamp Loop Calibrator The Meriam M334 is a state of the art, highly reliable, rugged and easy to use milliamp calibrator. It has the functions necessary to perform all the required maintenance and calibration tasks of virtually any 4-20mA loop. It provides source and read milliamp functions along with power and measure and two wire transmitter simulations. In addition it can measure DC Voltage for troubleshooting power supplies.
    Meriam Process Technologies
  • 250T / 350T / 450T - Transmitter, Output Loop Power Excellent accuracy and stability ensure reliable measurements in harsh industrial environments. Input isolated from output/power.
    Acromag Incorporated
  • ILR3+ - loop tester The ILR3+ is a high quality audio induction loop receiver just like the ILR3, but with the added functionality of display LEDs that indicate whether the system is functioning to the IEC 60118-4 Standard..
    Ampetronic Ltd
  • 4-20mA Loop-Powered Transmitters/Drivers The transmitter converts the displacement or vibration signal to DC voltage and/or current for a DCS or PLC system. They control a 4-20mA current loop for a specified vibration range (ex. 0-5 mils peak-to-peak). The transmitters have a two-wire hook-up, powered solely by the loop current and have a power supply range of 15 to 36 volts.
    Riverhawk Company
  • 7334-1 - Loop Sensor The Solar Type 7334-1 Loop Antenna was originally designed as a substitute for the AT-205/URM-6 antenna and is a replacement for Eaton Model 94607-1 as specified in RE01 of MIL-STD-461A. It continues to be used for Test Method RE101 of MIL-STD-461F.
    Solar Electronics
  • Ae30-300 - H-field active loop antenna The principle of operation is that an RF voltage appears across the terminals of a loop when it is placed in an electromagnetic field. This voltage is proportional to frequency for a given field strength. Therefore at Very Low Frequencies, the voltage is very small, and requires greater amplification.
    Quartzlock (UK) Ltd
  • 2811LP - PSC Tester Loop Impedance Microprocessor controlled with advanced safety features. Displays and sound warning if external voltage present.
    Hoyt Electrical Instrument
  • GDH-200 - Loop Resistance Tester GDH-200 Loop Resistance Tester is designed to measure circuit loop resistance(contact resistance) of high/low voltage switch,power cable and wires,and weld joint.
    HV Hipot Electric
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation-Centers offer the ideal research environment for the constant assessment of complete weapon-systems and individual component. From conception to design phase and to their final implementation. The test-runs deliver insight data that is useful for the optimization of whole systems and individual components, regardless of whether these react to rays in the visual or infrared range.
    E.sigma Systems GmbH
  • 232CLDR - RS-232 Serial to Current Loop Converter Current loop signals often can transmit over circuits that serial signals can?t traverse reliably, due to distance, marginal conductors and electrical noise. Model 232CLDR interfaces RS-232 to the most common current loop ports, 20mA with open circuit voltages up to 30 V.
    B & B Electronics
  • D5000 - Dual-Loop Phase-Locked Oscillator Dual Loop PLL •Locks to any reference •Excellent Phase noise •Low Spurious Emission
    Syntronic Microwave

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