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  • 334A - Loop Calibrator Checks all loop signals—mA, % of Span and DC V. Save time on every mA transmitter, recorder, alarm trip, I/P and computer you calibrate. Flip the QUIK-CHEK switch for instant outputs of 4 and 20 mA accurate to 0.006 mA! Source 0.00 to 24.00 mA or -25.0 to 125.0% read mA or percent to 52.00 mA, simulate 2-wire transmitters, measure -99.99 to 99.99 volts DC power & read 2-wire transmitters.
  • 334Plus - 4-20 mA Loop Calibrator Calibrate Milliamp Instruments Source 0.000 to 24.000 mA & -25.00 to 125.00% of 4-20 mA Read 0.000 to 52.000 mA, -99.99 to 99.99 V Simulate 2-Wire Transmitters, Power & Read 2-Wire Transmitters Selectable 250 W resistor for HART compatibility Calibrate with confidence Accurate to ?0.025% of Span at 4.000 & 20.000 EZ-CHECK outputs Easy-to-Read Display Turn on the backlight to read in dark areas of the plant
    Practical Instrument
  • 151T - Transmitter, Loop-Powered Universal Input (TC, RTD, mV, ohms) These programmable transmitters convert temperature and other sensor inputs to a proportional process current signal. A HART protocol output is optional.
    Acromag Incorporated
  • MS7206 - Loop Calibrator 22,000 counts LCD display. Data hold and LCD backlit for easy reading.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • MESSINA HiL (modularHiL) - Modular and Universal Hardware-in-the-Loop Test System modularHiL is a modular, universal hardware-in-the-loop test system. As an individual module, with its flexible signal conditioning and the use of open industry standards, it is a cost-effective solution for component test stations. Linked together by powerful networking technology, it offers virtually unlimited performance reserves for the testing of individual component subsystems or integrated vehicle simulation.
    Berner & Mattner
  • FoSmeter H - Magnetic Field Strength Meterc/w Loop Listener The FoSmeter H combines the functions of the FoSmeter magnetic field strength meter (as detailed in column two) and a loop listening device in one unit.
    SigNET AC Ltd
  • A-BAR-E Series - Closed-Loop Linear Actuators w/ Stepper Motors, Encoders, and Controllers Zaber's A-BAR-E Series products are computer controlled, motorized, ball screw driven linear actuators (electric cylinders) with integrated feedback encoders. They are stand-alone units requiring only a standard 48 V power supply. A built-in encoder allows closed-loop operation and slip/stall recovery features. A manual knob at the end of the unit permits manual control - press and hold to switch between velocity mode and distance mode, turn to move the actuator, and press to stop.
    Zaber Technologies
  • DPI 800/802 - Pressure Indicator/Loop Calibrator The DPI 800 Series is a complete range of advanced, robust and simple to use hand-held instruments. Highly cost effective, these tools are ideal for test/calibration of many popular process parameters. Advanced features and technical innovations address more applications in less time and deliver results you can rely on.
    GE Measurement &
  • CLM-420 - Current Loop Module The CLM-420 Current Loop Module converts 4-20 mA signals to 1 - 5 Volts. This module is useful for many process control measurements. User scaling should be set to reflect the above signal relationship. Specifications Accuracy: 1% of the value being tested Frequency Response: Greater than 1 kHz Drift: less than 0.1% per degree Celsius
  • VeHIL - Vehicle Hardware-In-the-Loop Vehicle-Hardware-In-the-Loop (in short: VeHIL) laboratory, we offer a unique environment for the development and testing of intelligent vehicles and transport systems; safely, cost-effectively and manageably.
    TASS International
  • MS5910 - RCD/Loop Tester Trip out current/time measurement. Contact voltage measurement.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • 707 - Loop Calibrator The Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator is a high performance solution for calibration, repair and maintenance of current loops. The new "Quick Click" knob making it extremely fast and easy to use.
  • ILR3+ - loop tester The ILR3+ is a high quality audio induction loop receiver just like the ILR3, but with the added functionality of display LEDs that indicate whether the system is functioning to the IEC 60118-4 Standard..
    Ampetronic Ltd
  • 1166 - Single Loop Controller The 1166 is a powerful, single loop profile controller for complex processes. It offers profiling capability with 4 programs each of 16 free format segments making it a leader in its class.
  • RC2000 - RCD Tester loop Fast and easy to use and suitable for testing all common RCDs up to 500mA. The RCD rating is set using the convenient centrally located rotary switch. Three different currents (full, half and fast test) are available at a touch on one selector, and 0° or 180 & deg (positive /negative half cycle) can be set on the second selector.
    Martindale Electric
  • SFK157 - Intelligent Loop Resistance Tester This tester takes advantage of high frequency switching power supply and digital circuit techniques. It is compact, light, with constant current output, and portable, specially used for loop (contact) resistance measurement of switching control equipment.
    Shanghai Launch Electric
  • 4120A - - LOOP / PSC Tester Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability. 3 LEDs for checking correct wiring status. 15mA LOOP measurement:LOOP impedance 2000Ω range measurement is carried out with low test current (15mA). The current will not cause tripping out involved RCD even the one with the lowest nominal differential current (30mA). Model 4120A has the automatic RCD (ELCB)lock device.
    Kyoritsu Electrical
  • Model 861 - Hand-Held Open-Loop Motion Controller The 861 Hand-Held Motion Controller is a perfect companion for Newport?s open-loop CMA Actuators. The 861 allows open-loop operation with adjustable velocity control. This controller has a female ?phone-jack? receptacle. 
  • C-995 - Phase-Locked Loop Optical Chopper The C-995 phase-locked-loop optical chopper incorporates Direct Digital Synthesis in order to provide rock-solid, crystal controlled accuracy and stability. Provides chopping rates from 4.000 Hz to 5000 Hz without the need to change blades.
    Terahertz Technologies
  • MS5910 - RCD/LOOP Tester Trip-Out Current measurement · Trip-Out Time measurement · Contact Voltage Measurement · Loop Resistance (RL) measurement · Measures AC phase voltage between 0V –440V AC · Measures line frequency between 45Hz –65Hz, DC
    Precision Mastech
  • 8978 - Digital Loop/PSC Tester c/w RCD-LOC Loop testing without tripping out any type of RCD. The unique 5 mA test current means the unit will not overheat. The 8978 is the fastest non trip loop tester on the market The resistance of the individual conductors can be measured with a single press of the test button, enabling R1 & R2 values to be established on live circuits.
  • M334 - 4-20 Milliamp Loop Calibrator The Meriam M334 is a state of the art, highly reliable, rugged and easy to use milliamp calibrator. It has the functions necessary to perform all the required maintenance and calibration tasks of virtually any 4-20mA loop. It provides source and read milliamp functions along with power and measure and two wire transmitter simulations. In addition it can measure DC Voltage for troubleshooting power supplies.
    Meriam Process Technologies
  • 58-LM-E1-30-04(AWGN2) - MULTI-STANDARD LOCAL LOOP SIMULATOR WITH OPTIONAL AWGN GENERATOR The Model 458-LM-E1-30-04 Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator is the ideal solution for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 chip/modem/DSLAM testing out to 9,000 meters in very small increments. Optional noise modules may be ordered that add in AWGN on the CO and/or CPE
  • MS320 - Closed-Loop Motor Controller Master and Ratio-Follower modes and programmable input functions. Options include analog speed feedback input, analog setpoint inputs and relay outputs. Works with incremental shaft encoders and pulsefrequency output shaft speed sensors. Optional explosion proof enclosure or NEMA 4X enclosure kit.

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