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  • 2520 - Pulsed Laser Diode Test System w/ Remote Test Head The Model 2520 Pulsed Laser Diode Test System is an integrated, synchronized system for testing laser diodes early in the manufacturing process, when proper temperature control cannot be easily achieved. The Model 2520 provides all sourcing and measurement capabilities needed for pulsed and continuous LIV (light-current-voltage) testing of laser diodes in one compact, halfrack instrument. 
    Keithley Instruments
  • DFLT - Depot & Field Level Laser Tester The DFLT offers fast, reliable, easy to operate and versatile testing of laser range finders and laser designators in the field or lab/depot. The DFLT tests all the significant parameters of laser systems such as energy, pulse width, PRF, coding, beam divergence, range simulation & receiver sensitivity.
    CI Systems
  • Hydra SIL - Laser Warning Receiver Test Set Hydra SIL is a laser warning receiver test set designed specifically for the needs of systems integration laboratories.
    Textron Systems
  • OTDR-2100GOF-400 - High resolution optical fiber test instrument using the blue-light laser Analyze a luminescent material in an optical fiber This high resolution OTDR uses for the blue-light laser for excitation. It measures the point and the amount of luminescence when impurities and luminescent are present in an optical fiber.
  • LD-607 - LASER DIODE TESTER LIV curve test. LD horizontal and vertical test. LD Spectrum test (620~820 nm). With mechanical machine, the tester can have automatic machine repetition verification function.
    WeiMin Industrial
  • LRS-9424B - Laser Reliability and Burn-In Test System The LRS-9424B Laser Reliability and Burn-In Test System is the second generation of ILX Lightwave?s successful 9424 platform and offers precision and flexibility at an affordable price. With up to 1024 devices in the LRS-9424B?s compact chamber, you?ll be able to increase throughput and lower your overall cost of test. The LRS-9424B?s proven laser control technology gives you the flexibility to process TO-Can lasers and TOSA assemblies in the same system. The LRS-9424B incorporates precise, individual fixture temperature control allowing you to run up to 32 independent tests each at a unique temperature. Careful attention to thermal management, high accuracy control and measurement circuitry, and multiple levels of laser protection deliver 0.1% long-term stability and ensure data continuity even through power disruptions. Standard control modes support ACC, APC, and LIV tests, which are easily configured using the system?s ReliaTest control software.
    ILX Lightwave
  • Hydra - Laser Warning Receiver Test Set Hydra front line confidence test set is designed to stimulate laser warning receiver systems, laser range finder, beam rider and designator threats.
    ESL Defence Ltd
  • LASER SAFETY TESTING D.L.S. provides regulatory compliance services for lasers and products or devices that incorporate lasers. The D.L.S. Laser Compliance Program offers consulting and testing services for U.S. and European Union laser safety compliance to manufacturers of such products and devices. 
    D.L.S. Electronic
  • Model 2520 - Pulsed Laser Diode Test System The Model 2520 Pulsed Laser Diode Test System with Remote Test Head is an integrated, synchronized system for testing laser diodes early in the manufacturing process, when proper temperature control cannot be easily achieved. The Model 2520 provides all sourcing and measurement capabilities needed for pulsed and continuous LIV (light-current-voltage) testing of laser diodes in one compact, halfrack instrument.
    Keithley Instruments
  • BARINGA - Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR) and Laser Threat Warning Testing UV Baringa test set is used to stimulate UV missile warning systems; likewise, the IR Baringa is able to test one- or two-colour IR missile warning systems.
    ESL Defence Ltd
  • Laser Ranging Test Module The Laser Ranging Test Module from Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. provides the capability to perform range accuracy and receiver sensitivity tests, among others, on laser rangefinders and laser receivers. It uses up to three different laser diodes (1064nm, 1540nm and 1570nm) and a fiber network to provide accurate and dynamic high precision pulsed laser output.
    Santa Barbara Infrared
  • DLT - Depot Level Laser Tester A depot-level laser test station, the DLT tests all the parameters of laser range finders and laser designators, including: energy, pulse width, PRF, divergence, multiple range simulation, receiver sensitivity, and more. With CI?s automatic test software, operating the DLT is streamlined and effective. 
    CI Systems
  • Laser Pen and Laserlight Testing Per U.S.F.D.A. requirements on Class 3A laserlights on laserpens. From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Compliance Guide for Laser Products per standard Class IIIa limits: 1040.10 (b) (8) and 1040.10 (d) (Table III-A) apply for products that have emissions in the visible spectrum and that have beams where the total collectable radiant power does not exceed 5mW.
    Tandex Test Labs
  • LASER GUIDED BOMB TESTER Designed for application on the Tarmac, this portable battery operated laser guided bomb test system enables a pre-flight test of laser guided bomb. Specially designed to provide the required guidance and portability through an built-in battery back and sunlight readable displays, this precision test sytsem is qualified by 3rd party QA Agencies.
    Data Patterns Pvt
  • ILT - Intermediate Level Laser Tester An I-level laser test station, the ILT tests all the significant parameters of laser range finders and laser designators, including: Pulse energy, pulse width, PRF, beam divergence and range. You can easily operate it in the I level, lab, or depot. With CI's automatic test software, the ILT is a fully automatic comprehensive laser tester. 
    CI Systems
  • LT-5000 Series - Laser Holographic Leak Test Systems The LT-5000 Series of optical leak test systems is the first generation of NorCom Systems patented holographic leak test systems These systems were designed to test a wide range of hermetic electronic packages. They report results in a lid deflection measurement that is then correlated with known helium leak rates.
    NorCom Systems
  • Custom Laser Target Tester An example of a Cercis custom tester included four user-selectable lengths of fiber and large input and output collimators.  A USB interface allowed for computer or remote control, as well as manual length selection from the front panel  A red visible laser was provided  for alignment of the collimators; and also used for optical component and fiber inspection.  This system was used for characterizing a laser-target system.
  • Vacuum Capacitors Fixed & Variable The LBA Technology vacuum capacitors store maintains a large stock of all types of RF capacitors, both vacuum and mica capacitors. While LBA is a factory dealer specializing in COMET and JENNINGS fixed and variable vacuum capacitors, we can supply virtually any style, value, or manufacturer's product on special order. Typical of other brands supplied are Meiden, Sangamo, and Cornell Dubilier. We provide fast quotes and worldwide shipping. The high quality vacuum capacitors we stock and sell typically have capacitances from 3 pF to 6600 pF, and peak test voltages to 100 kV at 1000 amps. These include both fixed and variable styles. A full line of capacitor accessories such as cylometers, insulators, corona rings, and mounting hardware is available from LBA. Vacuum capacitors are used in a wide variety of applications that require the generation and management of high power radio frequency energy. The vacuum capacitor is extremely stable in electrical characteristics, has extremely low internal dissipation factor (loss) and withstands electrical overloads, such as lightning, with less damage than other types of capacitors. The vacuum capacitor is a key component in high frequency RF generators, industrial RF process applicators and antenna systems operating from low frequency through VHF, at power levels reaching and exceeding 1,000,000 watts. Both air-cooled and water-cooled vacuum capacitors, in fixed and variable styles are used. Vacuum capacitors are employed in broadcast transmitters for long wave, medium wave (MW or AM), short wave, and VHF (FM and TV). They also serve in broadcast antenna systems, particularly in AM directional antenna phasing systems, diplexers, triplexers and line tuning units. Vacuum capacitors find wide application in industrial applications of radio frequency energy. High power RF systems are found in RF dielectric heating devices such as RF welders, radio frequency sealers, RF process heating such as drying and baking ovens. The ubiquitous vacuum capacitor finds frequent application in such medical RF areas as MRI, CAT scanners, RF surgery, and high power particle accelerators. High power RF devices also use vacuum capacitors to help generate RF energy for laser systems, plasma generators, semiconductor foundries, research RF applications, and more.
    LBA Group
  • O-Level - Multi Sensor Systems Tester The O-Level Multi-Sensor Systems tester is designed for FLIR, day sight and laser testing at the flight line. Its configuration makes it easy to add test hardware and tests.
    CI Systems
  • CATS BD Stamper - Blue Lazer Stamper Tester CATS stamper testers for the Blue Laser formats are based on CATS reference BD and HD DVD replica testers. The necessity of stamper testing. Stamper testing is essential to optimizing the production control process. It ensures that problems are avoided early on. 
    AudioDev AB
  • STR-5000 - IR Tester This system can accept up to a 5.5G glass substrate (1400mm*1100mm). It measures insulation resistance between each electrode after laser scribing. It is a testing system adapted for inline testing that achieves high throughput by one time full contact and multi channel tester
    Micronics JAPAN
  • M-SDT-SD4 - 7 inch HD-SDI CCTV Tester Model Number M-SDT-SD4
    Signal System NTSC / PAL (Auto-Selecting)
    Display 7 inch TFT-LCD Screen
    Resolution 800 x 600 (H x V)
    LCD adjust Adjustable brightness, contrast, color of LCD
    SDI Input / Output 1 channel SDI input & 1 channel SDI output
    VGA signal input 1 channel VGA input, receive VGA signal from DVR / NVR. Conveniently to test and set DVR / NVR
    Video Input / Output 1 channel BNC input & 1 channel BNC looped output
    Video Output Mode 1.0 Vp-p
    Video Level Test Video signals measured in IRE or mV
    Power Adapter 5V DC, 2A input supply
    Power output 12V DC, 2A power output for camera
    Audio input 1 channel Audio input
    USB power output USB 5V 2A power output to mobile phone
    Communication RS232, RS422 simplex and RS485
    Baud Rate 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps
    Power Saving Features Sleep mode, Battery level indicator
    PTZ Address Scanning Scan for local PTZ address over data cables
    Rechargeable Battery 7 hours charge, work for 17 hours
    Battery 1 pcs Lithium Ion Polymer Battery; 7.4V DC, 6500mAh
    Video Display Displays video signal from analog input
    Video Signal Color bar generator for monitor testing
    UTP Cable Test Checks connections of UTP cables
    PTZ Protocol Compatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, TeleEye etc.
    PTZ data Capture Reads and displays commands sent from controllers
    Image 10x zoom 10x zoom image display and video out
    Photograph Snapshot and save the image as JPG file and screenshot
    Video record Video recording and playback from the SD card
    Port flicker Find the connected POE port quickly 
    IP scan Find out the connected IP camera or network equipment´s IP address
    Link monitor Check the IP address whether is occupied
    Ping testing Network and Ip camera´ping testing
    PoE tester PoE voltage testing, PoE port flicker, PoE link monitoring
    Night Led Built Led lamp
    SD card Built in 4G Micro SD card, support Micro SD card for recording
    Cable scan Find out the connected cable in many messy cables. Connect one end of the cable to tester and the tester will send specific signals, which will enable the blue cable tracker to find out the other end of the connected cable quickly and easily by making clearly sound.
    Video level meter PAL:
    Peak Range: 1000±200mV
    Sync signal Range: 300±35mV 
    Color Burst Range: 300±35mV
    Peak Range: 140±15IRE
    Sync signal Range: 40±5IRE
    Color Burst Range: 40±5IRE
    Multimeter Voltage, current, resistance and capacitance measuring, continuity testing, diode testing.
    Fiber optic power meter Testing the laser power of Video Fiber Optic Transmission equipment and Fiber Optic Patch Cord.
    Dimension 253mm x 176mm x 52mm
    Gross Weight 2340g
    Fuzhou Metricu Technology
  • FRL-04 - Benchtop ORL meter The bench-top optical insertion loss/return loss test station is a multi-functional device for optic fiber network,and cable manufacturer to verify the quality of fiber leads. It's designed to be a combination of optical insertion loss tester,optical power meter, laser source and relative power value, but also work as a self-testing system to measure optical loss of optic fiber cable and passive device. research work.
    Shanghai Grandway
  • modular testers Color Human Machine Interface touchscreen Active Process Data and Results visibility right at the tester Recipe Management with read and write security Product/Process Data and Test Result redundant local data base Total product Traceability Adaptive control algorithms to automatically adjust parameters for production creep Diagnostic functions for smart peripheral devices like laser and scanners Systems configuration functions for equipment and line equipment Automated calibration Active and Historical Event recording and alarming Ability to store production results to plant production databases Digital input/output monitoring Master/Slave architecture Single model "Batch" or mixed model "Single Piece Flow" testing
    Innovar Systems Ltd

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