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  • MSX-Box-500 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box).
    Team Solutions
  • NI PXI-8102 - 1.9 GHz Dual-Core PXI Embedded Controller 1.9 GHz dual-core Intel Celeron T3100 processor Up to 30 percent higher performance than the PXI-8101 1 GB (1 x 1 GB DIMM) 800 MHz DDR2 RAM standard, 4 GB maximum 10/100/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit) Ethernet and 2 Hi-Speed USB ports Integrated hard drive, serial port, and other peripheral I/O Windows OS and drivers already installed; hard-drive-based recovery
    National Instruments
  • MSX-Box-800 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box). Although it features standard components like PCI backplanes, PCI I/O boards and controller board, the MSX-Box is run without expandable parts like hard disk, drive, ventilator or keyboard, ... and convinces any user by means of its compact design and open-system principle.
    Team Solutions
  • XMCGA6 - embedded systems integrator Bringing desktop performance to the rugged market, the XMCGA6 represents a step change in capability for the embedded systems integrator. With outstanding functionality, together with PCI Express™ interconnect, even the most demanding applications can now be deployed with incredible fidelity. The XMC form factor allows for high speed PCI Express connections to single board computers in the system. The XMCGA6 supports the 8-lane PCI Express implementation, providing the maximum available communication bandwidth to a CPU such as GE Intelligent Platforms PPC9A. The PCI Express link will automatically adapt to the active number of lanes available, and so will work with single board computers in 8- and 4-lane configurations. With a rich set of I/O, the XMCGA6 is designed to serve many of the most common video applications. Dual, independent channels mean that it is capable of driving RGB analog component video, digital DVI 1.0, and RS170, NTSC or PAL standards. In addition, the XMCGA6’s video input capability allows integration of sensor data using RS170, NTSC or PAL video formats
    GE Intelligent Platforms
  • ETSerdes - Embedded SerDes Test The explosive adoption of high speed serial data links and the proliferation of multi-lane SerDes channels have created a new set of challenges for semiconductor design and test teams. These multi-Gbps low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) channels are proliferating in many standard forms, including PCI express, Gbit Ethernet, Serial ATA, RapidIO, Fiber Channel and Infiniband to name just a few.
  • NI PXI-8186 RT - High-Performance RT Series PXI Embedded Controller 42 kHz single-channel PID loop, maximum Mobile 2.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor 40 GB hard drive 256 MB DDR RAM Standard, 1 GB Maximum 10/100BaseTX Ethernet, 2 RS-232 serial ports, 1 GPIB port Deployment platform for LabVIEW Real-Time applications
    National Instruments
  • Athena II - High-Performance Rugged Embedded CPU with Data Acquisition Athena II is a high performance, third generation PC/104 expandable single board computer combining high integration CPU and peripheral technology with Diamond Systems' renowned high accuracy data acquisition circuitry on a single board. Athena II utilizes the new VIA ultra low power Mark CoreFusion™ CPU, operating at 500MHz or 800MHz and features 256MB of soldered DRAM for increased resistance to shock and vibration.
    Diamond Point International
  • Octavio - Smallest Embedded Server with Data Acquisition The Octavio embedded application servers are based on a mid-performance PC/104 form factor single board computers combining a low power, highly integrated CPU with Diamond Systems' renowned high-accuracy data acquisition circuitry on a single board.
    Diamond Systems
  • QM57IX - Mini-ITX Embedded Motherboard The QM57IX is a tiny, highly efficient, yet incredibly powerful long-life industrial mini-ITX embedded motherboard supporting the latest Intel mobile i7 and i5 processors. This Mini ITX form factor board was designed around the QM57 Express embedded mobile chipset, allowing for extreme operating temperature tolerances not easily achieved with standard desktop motherboards. But don't let the "mobile" designation fool you, this is one powerful motherboard featuring a full speed (x16) PCI Express x16 slot and DDR3 RAM, that can battle toe to toe with some of the fastest full size desktop i7 motherboards. The QM57IX was designed specifically for OEMs needing very compact computing power for intensive computational related tasks in harsh industrial applications, such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Security and Surveillance, Broadcast, and Industrial Automation.
  • RES300 - EMBEDDED INTO FOUP STOCKER The new RECIF Technologies G5 RES300 embedded sorter, is providing IC manufacturers with the highest productivity solution for 300mm wafer sorting integrated into FOUP Stocker. The RES300 has been designed to be compatible with all main stockers on the market.
    Recif Technologies
  • AC Response Embedded Accelerometers Measurement Specialties is the pioneer and world leader in offering accelerometers manufactured out of piezoelectric film. Piezo film accelerometers are ideal for dynamic OEM vibration applications because they are low cost, highly sensitive and very reliable ? and they require no external power source
    Measurement Specialties
  • Q87MITX - Embedded Motherboard The Q87MITX is a powerful, long-life, industrial mini-ITX embedded motherboard supporting the latest "Haswell" generation Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 series of processors. Beyond the incredibly powerful CPU, the Q87MITX embedded motherboard provides a solid migration path for use in variety of industries such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Industrial Automation, Military/Security, Broadcasting and Digital Displays.
  • T560 Series - Embedded Delay Generators The T560 series is a family of small digital delay generators, intended for use in embedded OEM applications. The T560-1 is the standard, packaged version, usable in many OEM applications and as the evaluation unit for custom versions.Four TTL-level delay outputs, individually programmable for delay and pulse width. 10 ps delay and width resolution, 10 second range. 25 ns insertion delay, 20 MHz max trigger rate.
    Highland Technology
  • Agama Embedded IPTV Monitor Agama Embedded Monitoring extends the Agama IPTV Monitoring Solution into the set-top box and enables an operator to monitor the delivered quality of an IPTV service to each and every customer.
    Agama Technologies
  • RVS 3.1 - Real-time Embedded Systems Verifier / Optimizer Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) consists of dedicated on-target aerospace and automotive optimization and verification products which give engineers the tools to tackle the challenges of working on real-time embedded systems.
    Rapita Systems Ltd
  • Neptune - Embedded-Ready Subsystem w/ Integrated Data Acquisition & Configurable CPU Neptune introduces a new concept in small form-factor embedded-ready subsystems. Neptune's CPU core consists of an ETX module mounted its bottom side, an approach that improves thermal management and increases the space for I/O functions and connections
    Diamond Systems
  • Q67AX - Embedded ATX Motherboard The Q67AX is a powerful long-life industrial embedded ATX motherboard supporting the second generation Intel® "Sandy Bridge" Core™ i7, i5, and i3 series of processors. Beyond the incredibly powerful CPU technology, the Q67AX still provides a solid migration path for legacy technology users, and was designed specifically to perform in embedded applications such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Security and Surveillance, Broadcast, Industrial Automation, and Gaming.
  • EBC-1000 series - NS MediaGX1 Embedded Board with CPU/VGA/LCD/TV/LAN/CF/Audio * NS MediaGX1 300MHz Processor on board * NS CS5530X Chipset * System memory up to 256MB SDRAM * Supports LCD/CRT VGA with TV out function * TV out supporting NTSC & PAL signal * Realtek RTL-8139C 10/100Mbps Ethernet * Supports DOM & CompactFlash Type II flash disk
    ADLINK Technology
  • GEME-2000/3000 - Ulltra Low Voltage Celeron 650/Pentium III 800 Embedded Machine Engine # Low power, fanless CPU applied for embedded applictaions # Supports multi-applications: motion/vision/DIO/communications/High Speed Link # Expandable enclosure design for one PMC and up to three PC104 modules # Compact design with frontal access # OS support: Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Linux(Default User ID: root, Password: adlink for Linux) # Multi-storage options: CompactFlash, DOM, DOC, Flash Disk, Hard Disk
    ADLINK Technology
  • VectorCAST/RSP - Automated Software Testing in Real-Time Embedded Environments VectorCAST/RSP is a Runtime Support Package add-on to the VectorCAST toolset enabling testing of real-time applications directly in an embedded target or simulator environment. VectorCAST/RSP works in conjunction with VectorCAST/C++ or VectorCAST/Ada to provide automated module testing in a real-time embedded environment. VectorCAST/RSP has been ported to industry-leading compiler and run-time combinations.
    Vector Software
  • 640-0063-000 - Embedded DisplayPort Test Adapter Kits 1 - 30 Conductor 6" High and Low Speed Ribbon Cable w/ 30 Position I-PEX Conn. DVD containing Embedded Embedded DisplayPort User Manual Instrument Case
    Wilder Technologies
  • T340 - Embedded sine wave generator The T340 is a compact standalone waveform generator. It incorporates four internal DDS waveform synthesizers that may be used independently or synchronously to produce polyphase signals. Waveforms include sine, triangle, sawtooth, and precision square/PWM outputs.
    Highland Technology
  • Mx-Suite - Embedded Software Test Environment Using intuitive graphics, Mx-Suite™ streamlines your engineering development efforts by automating tests, clarifying testable requirements, improving traceability and diagnosing possible root failure causes. Mx-Suite™ provides the connectivity to your MIL, SIL, or HIL test environments, allowing you to complete testing earlier in your development cycle to achieve superior product quality levels.
  • Phoenix ATX-G - Embedded ATX Motherboard The Phoenix ATX-G™ is a powerful Intel® Pentium 4® processor-based industrial embedded ATX motherboard controller for embedded applications. This new design utilizes the Intel® 845GE/GV chipset to deliver maximum processing performance, powerful graphics options, latest USB standard, and multiple I/O in a single ATX (8.2"x12") design. The Phoenix ATX-G boasts an impressive list of features which includes: support for latest Intel® Pentium® 4 processors, six hi-speed USB 2.0 ports, five 32-Bit PCI slots, onboard VGA with ADD support, onboard Ethernet configurable to 1Gb, 44-pin connector for flash disks or other IDE devices, and onboard sound. The Phoenix ATX-G is custom-designed to meet a diverse range of embedded computing requirements across a wide spectrum of device categories, including medical, networking, security, and factory automation, serving vertical market segments ranging from the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries to printing, test and measurement, textile manufacturing and industrial robotics.

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