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  • MSX-Box-500 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box).
    Team Solutions
  • I-7188E8 - Ethernet to 8 Port Serial Embedded Controller This ICP DAS controller focuses on communication applications. Used with different embedded firmware programs, it can be used as a Device Server, Addressable Ethernet to RS-232/422/485 Converter, or Embedded Internet/Ethernet Controller.
    B & B Electronics
  • MSX-Box-800 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box). Although it features standard components like PCI backplanes, PCI I/O boards and controller board, the MSX-Box is run without expandable parts like hard disk, drive, ventilator or keyboard, ... and convinces any user by means of its compact design and open-system principle.
    Team Solutions
  • T560 Series - Embedded Delay Generators The T560 series is a family of small digital delay generators, intended for use in embedded OEM applications. The T560-1 is the standard, packaged version, usable in many OEM applications and as the evaluation unit for custom versions.Four TTL-level delay outputs, individually programmable for delay and pulse width. 10 ps delay and width resolution, 10 second range. 25 ns insertion delay, 20 MHz max trigger rate.
    Highland Technology
  • NI VXIpc-770 - Single-Slot 566 MHz Celeron Embedded VXIbus Controller VXIplug&play compliance 128 MB RAM, upgradable to 512 MB MITE-based VXIbus interface 15 GB minimum internal hard drive; optional internal solid-state IDE flash drive Choice of Windows 2000 or no operating system installed; Linux and VxWorks software available
    National Instruments
  • SpyKer - Embedded System Trace Tool Debug, diagnose and optimize embedded system performance. Monitor all the events on your embedded system with SpyKer™, the first dynamically instrumented system trace tool.
  • NI cRIO-9103 - 4-Slot, 3M Gate CompactRIO Reconfigurable Embedded Chassis -40 to 70 °C operating range Automatically synthesize custom control and signal processing circuitry using LabVIEW 4-slot reconfigurable embedded chassis accepts any CompactRIO I/O module 3M gate reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA core for ultimate processing power DIN-rail mounting options
    National Instruments
  • EBC-1000 series - NS MediaGX1 Embedded Board with CPU/VGA/LCD/TV/LAN/CF/Audio * NS MediaGX1 300MHz Processor on board * NS CS5530X Chipset * System memory up to 256MB SDRAM * Supports LCD/CRT VGA with TV out function * TV out supporting NTSC & PAL signal * Realtek RTL-8139C 10/100Mbps Ethernet * Supports DOM & CompactFlash Type II flash disk
    ADLINK Technology
  • T346 - Embedded waveform generator w/complex modulation capability The T346 is a compact 4-channel, 32 MHz waveform generator. It incorporates four DDS waveform synthesizers that may be used independently or synchronously to produce coherent signals. Waveforms include sine, triangle, sawtooth, Gaussian noise, and precision pulse/PWM outputs. User-loaded arbitrary waveforms may be generated.
    Highland Technology
  • Industrial Grade USB Embedded Module (DOM) Delkin's embedded USB module (Industrial eUSB/Industrial Disk on Module (DOM /UDM or UDOM)) provides a rugged, reliable, cost effective design alternative to a hard disk drive (HDD), especially for applications with limited space available. With no moving parts, embedded USBs provide faster start-up, lower latency, consistent read performance, and higher reliability by eliminating the risk of mechanical failures.
    Delkin Devices
  • Embedded Motherboards ontron´s embedded motherboards with a longevity up to 7 years are the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. As the options for embedded computing continue to expand, choosing the right embedded motherboard becomes more complicated and confusing. In applications where permanence and risk avoidance must be optimized, Kontron's experience in a variety of markets leads customers to the solution that meets their critical programming and cost objectives.
  • USBHost - Embedded USB Host Tester Designed for testing of embedded USB host stacks, to ensure a positive, reliable and predictable user experience with your embedded USB host. USBHost Tester will provide you with the certainty that your embedded USB host will perform as it was designed and will support the thousands of USB devices across the supported USB classes your host is implementing. Use - Mobile Phones, Automotive Infotainment Systems, Set-top Boxes (STBs), USB Silicon Vendors.
    Jungo Ltd
  • NI VXIpc-771 - 1.26 GHz Pentium III Embedded VXI Controller VXI plug&play compliance 30 GB minimum internal hard drive; optional internal solid-state IDE flash drive MITE-based VXIbus interface 256 MB SDRAM standard, upgradable to 512 MB Windows XP/2000 installed or without OS; Linux and VxWorks software available
    National Instruments
  • NTS3700 - FLASH MEMORY AND EMBEDDED FLASH MEMORY A gang parallel write/erase/verify FLASH memory endurance cycling system for engineering and characterization. Includes functional test and environmental stress capability. 3 independent environmental chambers.
    Novtek Test Systems
  • NI cRIO-9961 - CompactRIO Embedded System Hardware Evaluation Kit Complete CompactRIO reconfigurable embedded system cRIO-9014 intelligent real-time embedded controller cRIO-9103 4-slot 3M gate reconfigurable chassis 4 CompactRIO I/O modules for direct connection to industrial sensors/actuators DC power supply
    National Instruments
  • VectorCAST/RSP - Automated Software Testing in Real-Time Embedded Environments VectorCAST/RSP is a Runtime Support Package add-on to the VectorCAST toolset enabling testing of real-time applications directly in an embedded target or simulator environment. VectorCAST/RSP works in conjunction with VectorCAST/C++ or VectorCAST/Ada to provide automated module testing in a real-time embedded environment. VectorCAST/RSP has been ported to industry-leading compiler and run-time combinations.
    Vector Software
  • NI PXI-8196 - 2.0 GHz Pentium M 760 Embedded Controller for PXI 50 percent higher performance than the NI PXI-8187 512 MB (2 x 256 MB DIMMs) dual-channel DDR2 RAM standard, 2 GB maximum 10/100/1000 BaseTX (Gigabit) Ethernet ExpressCard/34 slot and 4 USB 2.0 ports Integrated hard drive, GPIB, serial, and other peripherals
    National Instruments
  • Model 4231 - Embedded Pentium CPU Embedded Pentium CPU. Contact factory for the latest information on clock speeds, memory and storage options
  • EPIC Embedded SBC - SBC, Motherboards EPIC sized Embedded SBC (approx. 4.5" by 6.5") serve as the ultimate crossover of the best proven embedded PC/104 IO expansion concept with the ATX-motherboard-like full featured frontplate IO access. The best scaleable off-the-shelf-board solution - with up to Pentium M performance now combined with full PC/104 and PC/104plus compliant expansions.
  • Q67AX - Embedded ATX Motherboard The Q67AX is a powerful long-life industrial embedded ATX motherboard supporting the second generation Intel® "Sandy Bridge" Core™ i7, i5, and i3 series of processors. Beyond the incredibly powerful CPU technology, the Q67AX still provides a solid migration path for legacy technology users, and was designed specifically to perform in embedded applications such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Security and Surveillance, Broadcast, Industrial Automation, and Gaming.
  • Real Time Developer Studio - Embedded Software Modelling Tool Real Time Developer Studio is a modeling tool for real time and embedded software. It is suited for any communicating systems or any application running on top of a Real Time Operating System. It covers requirements, specification, prototyping, design, debug on target, and testing.
    PragmaDev SARL
  • GEME-2000/3000 - Ulltra Low Voltage Celeron 650/Pentium III 800 Embedded Machine Engine # Low power, fanless CPU applied for embedded applictaions # Supports multi-applications: motion/vision/DIO/communications/High Speed Link # Expandable enclosure design for one PMC and up to three PC104 modules # Compact design with frontal access # OS support: Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Linux(Default User ID: root, Password: adlink for Linux) # Multi-storage options: CompactFlash, DOM, DOC, Flash Disk, Hard Disk
    ADLINK Technology
  • VectorCAST/Ada - Ada Embedded Software Test Solution An integrated software test solution that significantly reduces the time, effort, and cost associated with testing Ada software components necessary for validating safety- and mission-critical embedded systems. VectorCAST/Ada parses your source code and invokes code generators to automatically create the test code (stubs and drivers) required to construct a complete, executable test harness.
    Vector Software
  • Q87MITX - Embedded Motherboard The Q87MITX is a powerful, long-life, industrial mini-ITX embedded motherboard supporting the latest "Haswell" generation Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 series of processors. Beyond the incredibly powerful CPU, the Q87MITX embedded motherboard provides a solid migration path for use in variety of industries such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Industrial Automation, Military/Security, Broadcasting and Digital Displays.

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