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  • MSX-Box-800 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box). Although it features standard components like PCI backplanes, PCI I/O boards and controller board, the MSX-Box is run without expandable parts like hard disk, drive, ventilator or keyboard, ... and convinces any user by means of its compact design and open-system principle.
    Team Solutions
  • MSX-Box-500 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box).
    Team Solutions
  • 640-0064-000 - Embedded DisplayPort Test Adapter Kits Qty. 1 - Embedded DisplayPort Receptacle Adapter with eDP Cable image6 - High Performance Phase Aligned 6" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs image1 - 30 Conductor 6" High and Low Speed Ribbon Cable w/ 30 Position I-PEX Conn. image1 - 20 Position Low Speed Cable and Connector Qty. 1 - Embedded DisplayPort Calibration Module image5 - High Performance Phase Aligned 6" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs image2 - High Performance Phase Aligned 3" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs DVD containing Embedded Embedded DisplayPort User Manual Instrument Case
    Wilder Technologies
  • NI cRIO-9961 - CompactRIO Embedded System Hardware Evaluation Kit Complete CompactRIO reconfigurable embedded system cRIO-9014 intelligent real-time embedded controller cRIO-9103 4-slot 3M gate reconfigurable chassis 4 CompactRIO I/O modules for direct connection to industrial sensors/actuators DC power supply
    National Instruments
  • RVS 3.1 - Real-time Embedded Systems Verifier / Optimizer Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) consists of dedicated on-target aerospace and automotive optimization and verification products which give engineers the tools to tackle the challenges of working on real-time embedded systems.
    Rapita Systems Ltd
  • Embedded Test Systems & Custom Designs Cercis, Inc., has provided custom test systems to streamline the large-volume manufacture of fiber-coupled lasers and detectors - including in-process and final test data collection and screening. Custom designs include: power burn-in test setup for high speed detectors, Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) characterization and measurement setups, and automation of fiber-laser or fiber-detector alignment.
  • ETPLL - Embedded PLL Test ETPLL provides unique and comprehensive IP for the digital characterization and production test of analog phase locked loops. ETPLL enables the on-chip testing of critical PLL parameters essential for the success of today?s timing critical, multi-clock domain ASICs. 
  • AC Response Embedded Accelerometers Measurement Specialties is the pioneer and world leader in offering accelerometers manufactured out of piezoelectric film. Piezo film accelerometers are ideal for dynamic OEM vibration applications because they are low cost, highly sensitive and very reliable ? and they require no external power source
    Measurement Specialties
  • SpyKer - Embedded System Trace Tool Debug, diagnose and optimize embedded system performance. Monitor all the events on your embedded system with SpyKer™, the first dynamically instrumented system trace tool.
  • NAA - Embedded Network Testing Embedded network testing in a compact form factor system (1U x 19 in chassis) Field upgradeable, rack-mounted platform with up to five test modules All ports can be configured independently and operated simultaneously Supports 20 simultaneous users Optical Transport Module (OTM) with comprehensive features for SONET/SDH and optional OTN OTDR, OSA, and PMD for optical physical layer measurements Intuitive interface with a simple, consistent setup and workflow across all test modules Every test feature accessible by remote GUI and optional automation scripting Industry proven platform provides efficient and cost effective support and service Cloud-based management option for each module OTN, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel available as an optional Multi-Protocol Module (MPM) 110/240VAC or -48VDC input power options
    Digital Lightwave
  • QM57IX - Mini-ITX Embedded Motherboard The QM57IX is a tiny, highly efficient, yet incredibly powerful long-life industrial mini-ITX embedded motherboard supporting the latest Intel mobile i7 and i5 processors. This Mini ITX form factor board was designed around the QM57 Express embedded mobile chipset, allowing for extreme operating temperature tolerances not easily achieved with standard desktop motherboards. But don't let the "mobile" designation fool you, this is one powerful motherboard featuring a full speed (x16) PCI Express x16 slot and DDR3 RAM, that can battle toe to toe with some of the fastest full size desktop i7 motherboards. The QM57IX was designed specifically for OEMs needing very compact computing power for intensive computational related tasks in harsh industrial applications, such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Security and Surveillance, Broadcast, and Industrial Automation.
  • T346 - Embedded waveform generator w/complex modulation capability The T346 is a compact 4-channel, 32 MHz waveform generator. It incorporates four DDS waveform synthesizers that may be used independently or synchronously to produce coherent signals. Waveforms include sine, triangle, sawtooth, Gaussian noise, and precision pulse/PWM outputs. User-loaded arbitrary waveforms may be generated.
    Highland Technology
  • E4Coder - Simulation & Code Generator for Embedded Devices E4Coder is packaged as a set of Toolboxes for ScicosLab, a free and open software for simulation of software and system models. In particular, E4Coder includes the following main components: E4Coder Code Generator, an efficient embedded code generator for microcontrollers and for general puropose systems; SMCube, a finite state machine modeler and code generator; E4Coder GUI, a prototyping tool for generating Graphical User Interfaces.
    Evidence Srl
  • Real Time Developer Studio - Embedded Software Modelling Tool Real Time Developer Studio is a modeling tool for real time and embedded software. It is suited for any communicating systems or any application running on top of a Real Time Operating System. It covers requirements, specification, prototyping, design, debug on target, and testing.
    PragmaDev SARL
  • AMC5160 - Embedded Controller AMC5160 is one of the embedded controller series products developed by Beijing Aerospace Measurement & Control Technology with two calculation engines in each CPU which can handle two independent tasks simultaneously in a multi-task environment and therefore providing extraordinary processing service in order to complete complex testing tasks. There are two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, one for LAN routing, and the other to control the new generation LXI equipment
    Beijing Aerospace
  • NI PXI-8102 - 1.9 GHz Dual-Core PXI Embedded Controller 1.9 GHz dual-core Intel Celeron T3100 processor Up to 30 percent higher performance than the PXI-8101 1 GB (1 x 1 GB DIMM) 800 MHz DDR2 RAM standard, 4 GB maximum 10/100/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit) Ethernet and 2 Hi-Speed USB ports Integrated hard drive, serial port, and other peripheral I/O Windows OS and drivers already installed; hard-drive-based recovery
    National Instruments
  • ETLogic - Embedded Logic Test ETLogic is industry-proven embedded test and measurement IP and corresponding design automation software for the at-speed test and diagnosis of digital logic blocks. This product's random-pattern-based approach provides the most efficient trade-off between test time and test quality.
  • NI VXIpc-871B - 1.26 GHz Pentium III Embedded VXI Controller 1.26 GHz Pentium III Embedded VXI Controller
    National Instruments
  • NI cRIO-9104 - 8-Slot, 3M Gate CompactRIO Reconfigurable Embedded Chassis 8-Slot, 3 M Gate CompactRIO Reconfigurable Embedded Chassis
    National Instruments
  • NI VXIpc-872B - 1.26 GHz Pentium III Embedded VXI Controller VXIplug&play compliant MITE-based VXIbus interface 30 GB minimum internal hard drive; 1 PCI expansion slot Choice of Windows XP/2000/NT installed or no OS; Linux and VxWorks available 256 MB SDRAM standard, upgradable to 512 MB
    National Instruments
  • Neptune - Embedded-Ready Subsystem w/ Integrated Data Acquisition & Configurable CPU Neptune introduces a new concept in small form-factor embedded-ready subsystems. Neptune's CPU core consists of an ETX module mounted its bottom side, an approach that improves thermal management and increases the space for I/O functions and connections
    Diamond Systems
  • Q57AXE - Embedded ATX Motherboard The Q57AXE is a long-life industrial embedded ATX motherboard supporting the latest Intel Xeon® processors, while still providing a solid migration path for legacy users. The Q57AXE motherboard was designed specifically for OEMs running intensive server related tasks in harsh industrial applications such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Security and Surveillance, Broadcast, and Industrial Automation.
  • NI PXI-8110 - 2.26 GHz Quad-Core PXI Embedded Controller 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9100 quad-core processor 120 GB (or greater), 7200 rpm high-performance hard-drive standard 2 GB (1 x 2 GB DIMM), 800 MHz DDR2 RAM standard; 4 GB maximum 10/100/1000BASE-TX (gigabit) Ethernet, ExpressCard/34 slot, and 4 Hi-Speed USB ports
    National Instruments
  • Q67AX - Embedded ATX Motherboard The Q67AX is a powerful long-life industrial embedded ATX motherboard supporting the second generation Intel® "Sandy Bridge" Core™ i7, i5, and i3 series of processors. Beyond the incredibly powerful CPU technology, the Q67AX still provides a solid migration path for legacy technology users, and was designed specifically to perform in embedded applications such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Security and Surveillance, Broadcast, Industrial Automation, and Gaming.

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