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  • Embedded IDE Link CC 4.1 for TI's Code Composer Studio Embedded IDE Link™ CC connects MATLAB® and Simulink® with the Code Composer Studio™ embedded software development environment from Texas Instruments (TI). Embedded IDE Link CC software lets you debug and verify embedded code running on TI DSPs using MATLAB scripts and Simulink models. You can use a test bench created in MATLAB and Simulink as a test harness to verify both hand-written and automatically generated embedded code.
    The MathWorks
  • MSX-Box-800 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box). Although it features standard components like PCI backplanes, PCI I/O boards and controller board, the MSX-Box is run without expandable parts like hard disk, drive, ventilator or keyboard, ... and convinces any user by means of its compact design and open-system principle.
    Team Solutions
  • Embedded Test Systems & Custom Designs Cercis, Inc., has provided custom test systems to streamline the large-volume manufacture of fiber-coupled lasers and detectors - including in-process and final test data collection and screening. Custom designs include: power burn-in test setup for high speed detectors, Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) characterization and measurement setups, and automation of fiber-laser or fiber-detector alignment.
  • MSX-Box-500 - PCI-Embedded Solution ADDI-DATA offers a brand new Embedded Solution for all measurement and control applications: the MSX-Box (Measurement Solution EXtended-Box).
    Team Solutions
  • VectorCAST/RSP - Automated Software Testing in Real-Time Embedded Environments VectorCAST/RSP is a Runtime Support Package add-on to the VectorCAST toolset enabling testing of real-time applications directly in an embedded target or simulator environment. VectorCAST/RSP works in conjunction with VectorCAST/C++ or VectorCAST/Ada to provide automated module testing in a real-time embedded environment. VectorCAST/RSP has been ported to industry-leading compiler and run-time combinations.
    Vector Software
  • ECU-TEST - Embedded System Test Automation Software ECU-TEST is the software for automation tests used in the validation of embedded systems within the automotive industry. It can be used when designing, implementing, and evaluating different tests. It will generate intuitive test reports.
    Tracetronic GmbH
  • SystemBIST - Embedded Configuration and Test Processor The SystemBISTTM Embedded Configuration and Test Processor - is a complete plug-and-play IP module built upon a unique patent-pending architecture. The SystemBIST processor is embedded onto a PCB, which enables design engineers to build high quality, self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products. SystemBIST is vendor independent and can configure any IEEE 1532 or IEEE 1149.1 compliant FPGA and CPLD in-system.
  • Wireless Embedded Fixtures Daintree is excited to work with LG to embed wireless technology into LG’s light fixtures. Together, the companies have worked to embed wireless communication capability directly into LG LED drivers used in LG LED lighting fixtures, enabling seamless interaction with Daintree’s ControlScope™ networked wireless control solution.
    Daintree Networks
  • EPIC Embedded SBC - SBC, Motherboards EPIC sized Embedded SBC (approx. 4.5" by 6.5") serve as the ultimate crossover of the best proven embedded PC/104 IO expansion concept with the ATX-motherboard-like full featured frontplate IO access. The best scaleable off-the-shelf-board solution - with up to Pentium M performance now combined with full PC/104 and PC/104plus compliant expansions.
  • NTS3700 - FLASH MEMORY AND EMBEDDED FLASH MEMORY A gang parallel write/erase/verify FLASH memory endurance cycling system for engineering and characterization. Includes functional test and environmental stress capability. 3 independent environmental chambers.
    Novtek Test Systems
  • E4Coder - Simulation & Code Generator for Embedded Devices E4Coder is packaged as a set of Toolboxes for ScicosLab, a free and open software for simulation of software and system models. In particular, E4Coder includes the following main components: E4Coder Code Generator, an efficient embedded code generator for microcontrollers and for general puropose systems; SMCube, a finite state machine modeler and code generator; E4Coder GUI, a prototyping tool for generating Graphical User Interfaces.
    Evidence Srl
  • GEME-2000/3000 - Ulltra Low Voltage Celeron 650/Pentium III 800 Embedded Machine Engine # Low power, fanless CPU applied for embedded applictaions # Supports multi-applications: motion/vision/DIO/communications/High Speed Link # Expandable enclosure design for one PMC and up to three PC104 modules # Compact design with frontal access # OS support: Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Linux(Default User ID: root, Password: adlink for Linux) # Multi-storage options: CompactFlash, DOM, DOC, Flash Disk, Hard Disk
    ADLINK Technology
  • AC Response Embedded Accelerometers Measurement Specialties is the pioneer and world leader in offering accelerometers manufactured out of piezoelectric film. Piezo film accelerometers are ideal for dynamic OEM vibration applications because they are low cost, highly sensitive and very reliable ? and they require no external power source
    Measurement Specialties
  • Strain Gauge or Load Cell Embedded Analogue Amplifier The second generation ICA (in cell amplifier) is an extremely high performance stain gauge amplifier, converting a strain gauge input to a volt or a mA output.
    Procter & Chester
  • 640-0065-000 - Embedded DisplayPort Test Adapter Kits Qty. 1 - Embedded DisplayPort Receptacle Adapter image6 - High Performance Phase Aligned 6" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs image1 - 20 Position Low Speed Cable and Connector Qty. 1 - Embedded DisplayPort Calibration Module image5 - High Performance Phase Aligned 6" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs image2 - High Performance Phase Aligned 3" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs DVD containing Embedded Embedded DisplayPort User Manual Instrument Case
    Wilder Technologies
  • 640-0062-000 - Embedded DisplayPort Test Adapter Kits Qty. 1 - Embedded DisplayPort Calibration Module image5 - High Performance Phase Aligned 6" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs image2 - High Performance Phase Aligned 3" Adapter Coaxial Cables w/ Female SMAs
    Wilder Technologies
  • USBHost - Embedded USB Host Tester Designed for testing of embedded USB host stacks, to ensure a positive, reliable and predictable user experience with your embedded USB host. USBHost Tester will provide you with the certainty that your embedded USB host will perform as it was designed and will support the thousands of USB devices across the supported USB classes your host is implementing. Use - Mobile Phones, Automotive Infotainment Systems, Set-top Boxes (STBs), USB Silicon Vendors.
    Jungo Ltd
  • KT-PXI-501 - Embedded PCB-Tester für PXI The KT-PXI-501 is the core module of the Konrad LEON series embedded PCB tester offered as a single slot PXI module. It combines classic manufacturing defect analyzer, or analog in-circuit-test functionality with additional functional test measurement capabilities on one single-slot PXI module. Multiple modules can be configured in one PXI chassis for parallel test applications and high test throughput.
    Konrad Technology
  • Eclipse Juno - Embedded Debugging Solution Macraigor Systems now offers you a free full Eclipse Juno embedded debugging solution with example Eclipse projects that run on many (ARM, Xscale, MIPS32/64, TX49, PowerPC, AMCC, ...) standard evaluation boards.
    Macraigor Systems
  • T560 Series - Embedded Delay Generators The T560 series is a family of small digital delay generators, intended for use in embedded OEM applications. The T560-1 is the standard, packaged version, usable in many OEM applications and as the evaluation unit for custom versions.Four TTL-level delay outputs, individually programmable for delay and pulse width. 10 ps delay and width resolution, 10 second range. 25 ns insertion delay, 20 MHz max trigger rate.
    Highland Technology
  • ETPLL - Embedded PLL Test ETPLL provides unique and comprehensive IP for the digital characterization and production test of analog phase locked loops. ETPLL enables the on-chip testing of critical PLL parameters essential for the success of today?s timing critical, multi-clock domain ASICs. 
  • SpyKer - Embedded System Trace Tool Debug, diagnose and optimize embedded system performance. Monitor all the events on your embedded system with SpyKer™, the first dynamically instrumented system trace tool.
  • PXIe-8106 - 2.16 GHz Dual-Core PXI Express Embedded Controller Highest-performance PXI Express embedded controller; up to 46% higher performance than NI PXIe-8105. 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 dual-core processor. Up to 1 GB/s system bandwidth and 1 GB/s slot bandwidth. 512 MB (1 x 512 MB DIMM) dual-channel 667 MHz DDR2 RAM standard, 2 GB maximum. 10/100/1000 BaseTX (Gigabit) Ethernet, ExpressCard/34, 4 Hi-Speed USB, GPIB, serial, and other I/O.
    National Instruments
  • INTE011 - EMBEDDED VXI COMPUTER VXI EMBEDDED PC VXI Embedded PC module is intended for usage as 6U high speed two-slot embedded computer with slot-0 system controller function for VXI systems. 

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