Digital Multimeters - aka DMM,DVOM

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  • TH1942 - Digital Multimeter Digital Mutimeter TH1942 4 1/2-digit is voltage/current/resistance tester with multi functions and low cost. The instrument can stably perform measurement at high speed as several times as other instruments at the same level. It provides excellent performance, such as maximum reading of 51,000 counts, maximum DC voltage accuracy of 0.02%, and low cost to give you a best choice.
    Tonghui Electronic
  • HD3011 - Auto Range Digital Multimeter 6000 counts LCD display with analog bar graph, max reading 3999.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • SK-6150 - Large LCD and Bar Graph Digital Multimeter Basic DMM with large LCD and bar graph, Dust proof and water resistant.
  • NI 72 - Compact True RMS Digital multimeter The NI 72 is very compact True RMS digital multimeter with many functions. Besides measuring AC/DC voltage, the meter can be used for measuring AC/DC current in two ranges, capacitance, frequency. Other functions are continuity and diode test, Min/Max Hold and Data Hold.
    Nieaf-Smitt B.V.
  • MY60N - General Purpose DMM, Large LCD 3 1/2 digits LCD, max. reading 1999. Data hold for easy reading. Continuity check with buzzer.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • HT327 - TRMS digital multimeter 4000 counts with Peak measure HT327 model is the top meter of family 320, which include also model HT321, HT322 and HT326, designed on safety measure category CAT IV 600V. The meter performs basically Voltage DC/AC TRMS, Current DC/AC TRMS up to 10A measurements and resistance, test continuity, diode test, capacitance, frequency as sub-features. HT327 is in compliance to EN 61010-1 safety standard with double insulation protection
    HT Italia Srl
  • M3500A - 6 1/2 Digits Digital Multimeter Stability, Speed and Accuracy
    High Performance: 2000 readings/sec
    Multi-Point Scan
    19 Full-Featured Functions
    Temperature Measurements
    Dual Displays with 3-color
    Noise Immunity
    Built-in USB and GPIB (optional) Interfaces
    Easy & Free PC applications
    6 1/2 Digits M3500A Specifications
    Optional Accessories
    Digital Communication
  • GOM-802 - Milliohm Digital Multimeter The GOM-802 milliohm meter is designed for component and material resistance measurements in laboratories and other test environments.
    Good Will Instrument
  • MS8260A - High Safety Digital Multimeter with NCV Non contact AC voltage detection. Data hold, auto power off.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • DVM890L - 3 ½ DMM - 29 RANGES / 20A / TEMPERATURE / CAPACITANCE low-battery indication. overload protection and auto power-off function. transistor, diode and audible continuity test. current measurements: DC (max. 1000V) and AC (max. 700V). capacitance measurements: 2000pF to 20µF
  • 3PK-8200G - DMM With Mechanical Prevent Mistaken Operation Preventing the test leads from connecting wrongly. Data hold; Back light; Display: 1999 counts,digit is 28mm high; DC Voltage: 200m/2/20/200V±0.5%, 1000V±0.8%.; AC Voltage: 2/20/200V±0.1%, 700V±1.2%; DC Current: 2m/20mA±1.0%, 200mA±1.5%, 10A±2.0%; AC Current: 2m/20mA±1.2%, 200mA±2.0%, 10A±3.0%; Resistance: 200/2K/20K/200K/2M/20M ohm±1.0%; Capacitance:2n/20n/200n/2µ/20µF±4.0%; Temperature:-20°C~1000°C±3.0%; Frequency:20KHz±1.5% ; Continuity test; Diode test.
    Prokit's Industries
  • M320 - POCKET SIZE DIGITAL MULTIMETER Pocket size DMM. Data hold. Auto power off. Display: 14X35mm LCD 3999 counts. Autoranging on all functions. DC voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V?0.5%, 600V?0.8%. AC voltage: 4V/40V/400V?0.8%, 600V?1.0%?
    Precision Mastech
  • VC96 - 3 3/4 Auto-range Digital Multimeter Auto range (with manual range button). 3200 counts max. Unit symbol display. 34-segment bar graph. Data hold. Low battery indication. Auto power off. Auto AC/DC switch in voltage measurement
    Victor Electronics
  • EM5510 - 3 3/4 digits 5 IN 1 Digital MultiMeter EM5510 autorange backlight DMM combines a high accuracy 3 3/4 digits digital multimeter.
  • UT71D - Intelligent Digital Multimeters DC Voltage 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V (0.025%+5). AC Voltage 4V/40V/400V/1000V (0.4%+30). AC Bandwidth 100KHz. DC Current 400µA/4000µA/40A/400mA/10A (0.08%+8). AC Current 400µA/4000µA/40A/400mA/10A
    Uni-Trend Group Limited
  • DM-820-C - Digital Multimeter, includes Certificate of Calibration DM-800 features: Autoranging, 3-5/6-digit, 5000-count display for greater accuracy. Frequency and capacitance measurements plus diode and continuity tests standard. Data hold to capture measurements.
    Greenlee Textron
  • MS8233B - Digital Multimeters DC Voltage 200mV/2V/20V/200V 600V ±(0.5%+2) ±(0.8%+2) AC Voltage 200V/600V ±(1.2%+10) DC Current 200μA/2mA/20mA 200mA 10A ±(1.0%+2) ±(1.5%+2) ±(3.0%+2) Resistance 200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ 20MΩ ±(0.8%+2) ±(1.0%+2) Feature Display 2000 Counts Data hold √ Back light √ Diode test √ Continuity √ General Power supply 9V6F22 Battery Weight Approx 110g Size 140mm x67mm x30mm Safety Rating CE ETA CAT.II600V RoHS
    Starmeter Instruments
  • EM308 - DIGITAL MULTIMETER 3 1/2 digits LCD, Max. reading 1999. LCD backlight. With spotlight. Auto range. Auto power off. Audible continuity
  • 2701 - Digital Multimeter Data Acquisition and Datalogging System Integra Series systems (2700, 2701, 2750), DC power supply products, combine precision measurement, switching, and control in a single, tightly integrated enclosure for either rack-mounted or benchtop applications. These cost-effective, high performance test platforms offer affordable alternatives to separate digital multimeters and switch systems, dataloggers/recorders, plug-in card data acquisition equipment, and VXI/PXI systems. The Integra Series plug-in switching and control modules offer unmatched flexibility and testing efficiency for a wide range of industries and applications. System builders can create test solutions with a combination of channel count, cost per channel, and system performance unmatched by any other singlebox measurement system. The input modules provide the flexibility to vary the channel count from 20 to 200 (2-pole), apply a stimulus to the device under test, route signals, control system components, and make precision measurements with up to 14 functions. Robust digital I/O capabilities can be used for triggering, handshaking with other automation equipment, and alarm limit outputs. Scan rates of up to 500 channels/second (up to 3500 readings/second on a single channel) will increase test productivity
    Keithley Instruments
  • 207MK1-(T) - 3¾DIGITS 4000 COUNTS DIGITAL MULTIMETER 7 FUNCTIONS High Accurancy Reading. * Large LCD For Easy Reading. * Diode & Continuity Test * Overload Protection On All Ranges. * Data-Hold, Facility * Duty Cycle Test * Accessories : Test Leads, Carrying Case, User Manual, Protective Holster, Tilt stand, Temperature
  • PL280N - Digital Multimeter Digital multimeter in a double moulded housing.
  • 480A - AUTO-RANGING DIGITAL MULTIMETER The #480A is a high precision Auto-ranging DMM that can help you troubleshoot all types of electrical problems. Just set to the desired test function and the unit automatically selects the proper test range.Includes test leads, protective holster, instruction manual and two AA batteries.
    Electronic Specialties
  • DT830B - 1999 Display Digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter. Diode Test:yes Power Supply:9V 6F22 Maximum Display:1999 Product Size:126*70*28mm Product Net Weight.150g ¢ÙPacking:gift box Quantity:100pcs Dimension:56.5*35.5*29cm G.W.:20.0KGS N.W.:18.0KGS ¢ÚPacking:double blister
    Zhangzhou HUAYI Electronics
  • M-3900 - 3 1/2 digits LCD Digital Multimeter 3 1/2 digits LCD with a Max. reading of 1999. 32 versatile ranges for flexibility of use. Low battery indication. Overload protection
    KILTER Electronic

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Digital Multimeters - Electronic measurement instruments that combine multiple functions in a single unit and output information through a digital display, in a numeric value.


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