Digital Multimeters - aka DMM,DVOM

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  • Pro30 - Digital Multimeter The Pro30 Digital Multimeter is a basic tester for identifying wiring faults. Specifications include; DCV:0-500V. ACV:0-500V. DCA:0-200mA. R:0-2Mohm. Audible continuity: <50ohm. Diode test. Battery: 9-12Vx1, GP23A
    Armada Technologies
  • 2110-120 - Digital Multimeter The Model 2110 5½-Digit Dual-Display Digital Multimeter combines a compelling price with a comprehensive set of capabilities, superior measurement accuracy, and high speed for a broad range of applications. It features 15 measurement functions and 7 math functions and has dual-line display capability, which allows it to display two different measurements concurrently. Its buffering capability and GPIB option further increases its performance and flexibility. The Model 2110 is an unbeatable value for production, R&D, and test engineers, scientists, and students making a wide variety of measurements in portable, bench, and system applications.
    Keithley Instruments
  • DT-9919 - Professional True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter 9919 is Professional digital multimeter which provides much more safe measurements with double molded plastic housing design and IP67 waterproof function. 9919 performance as True RMS AC/DC voltage and current measurement, 40,000 counts resolution and a 0.05% basic DC accuracy within the reach of more customers. The large LCD display with analog bargraph and backlit ensures that readings are easy to read under all circumstances.
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • ST-111/ST-112/ST-113 - Pocket Digital Multimeters 111/113: 4000 counts, 10 functions including DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Continuity and diode test with Data Hold and Relative functions
    Standard Instruments
  • SMX206x - 7-½ Digit Digital Multimeter Card The SMX2060 plugs into any PXI or CompactPCI chassis to provide a combination of resolution, accuracy and speed that surpasses rivals. A 7-½ digit display, 0.006% basic DCV accuracy and 1400 rps assure you of measurements that are accurate, fast and repeatable. The SMX2064 adds a comprehensive repertoire of measurement and source functions.
    Marvin Test Solutions
  • HH0308C - 6000 Count Digital Multimeter Double Injection Casing. High Accuracy (basic accuracy 0.3%). 6000 count Jumbo LCD display with symbolic signs. Auto Ranging High Voltage test up to 1000V DC and 750V AC. Higher Current test up to 20A AC/DC. Diode and Continuity Check. Measure Resistance up to 60MΩ. Measure Temperature up to 300c. Measure Frequency up to 600k Hz
    Colluck Company Limited
  • UT71A - True RMS Professional Digital Multimeter, USB Interface 20,000 counts large and clear multiple LCD display with bar graph and double backlit.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • MT592 - Digital Multimeter Ideal for measuring volts and testing for continuity. Measures AC volts, DC volts and ohms. Performs diode and continuity tests. Features continuity buzzer and data hold. DMM is stored in wallet-size case that easily fits into shirt pocket. CE Conformity.
  • 8233B,8233C - Digital Multimeter This multimeter is most suitable for use on production lines or lab, R & D, maintenance and repairing work.
    Bestone Industrial
  • AT-9955 - Automotive Digital Multimeter With IR Laser Thermometer Automotive Digital Multimeter provides multi-functions: RPM measurement for automotive engines with 2 to 10 Cylinders using the inductive Pick-up. Oversized high contrast 4000 counts LCD display with backlight 14 Functions including DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Resistance, RPM (Tach), Dwell angle, Duty cycle, Frequency, Temperature (IR Temperature) (ºC/ºF), Capacitance, Continuity and Diode Check.
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • UT151G - General Purpose Digital Multimeter 4 1/2 digits LCD, max. reading 19999. Full protection on all ranges. True RMS.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • 33XR-A - Manual Ranging Digital Multimeter Manual ranging digital multimeter with temperature and capacitance for field service technicians. For more features and specs on Capacitance, Temperature, Frequency (autoranging), Diode Test, Continuity, Peak Hold, Overload Protection please click on the Detailed Specs link.
    Amprobe Test Tools
  • ST-3216/ST-3218 - Pen-type Digital Multimeters 7 functions Pen-type Digital multimeters
    Standard Instruments
  • DM830C - 3 1/2 digits LCD DIGITAL MULTIMETER 3 1/2 digits LCD, Max. reading 1999. Low battery indication. Overload protection
  • ST-991/ST-992/ST-993 - Mini Digital Multimeters 991 Series Mini Digital Multimeters provide multifunction and lower price. Rugged pocket design is easy to use with protective holster
    Standard Instruments
  • M92A/DMM92A - Digital Multimeter Function Range Accuracy DC Voltage 200mV-1000V ±(0.5%+1dgt) AC Voltage 200mV-750V ±(0.8%+3dgt) DC Current 200μA-20A ±(0.8%+1dgt) AC Current 2mA-20A ±(1.0%+3dgt) Resistance 200Ω-20MΩ ±(0.8%+1dgt) Diode Test Yes  Transistor Test Yes  Continuity Buzzer Yes   Power Supply 9V Battery 6F22  Maximum Display 1999  Weight 250g  Products Size 160×82×30mm  Standard Accessories Test Lead, Battery, Manual, Holster
    Zhangzhou AMPD Electronic
  • 87V - True RMS Industrial DMM From the control room to the plant floor, the Fluke 80 Series family of digital multimeters has earned its reputation as the digital multimeter industrial technicians trust. When productivity is on the line, the Fluke 80 Series delivers the accuracy and advanced troubleshooting capabilities you need to solve problems fast. Use its low pass filter function to measure voltage and frequency accurately on electrically "noisy equipment like adjustable speed motor drives. Use the peak capture function to detect intermittent problems and transients as fast as 250 micro seconds (µs).
  • CD772 - Shock Proof Digital Multimeter The entire outer surface of the case has been formed with thermoplastic elastomer material, giving the main body, though downsized, high resistance against the shock of a drop.
    Sanwa Electric Instrument
    Wenzhou Hopesun Instrument
  • TH1941 - 4 1/2 Digit true RMS Digital Multimeter Digital multimeter TH1941 4 1/2-digit is voltage/current/resistance tester with multi functions and low cost. The instrument can stably perform measurement at high speed as several times as other instruments at the same level. It provides excellent performance, such as maximum reading of 21,000 counts, maximum DC voltage accuracy of 0.02%, and low cost to give you a best choice.
    Tonghui Electronic
  • OS-782 - Poliscope Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter This new poliscope OS-782 from PROMAX, with 3.8" LCD color, fits two instruments into a handheld design: 2 channels oscilloscope and digital multimeter.
    PROMAX Electronica
  • M8907 - 1999 Display Digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter. Transistor Test:yes Diode Test:yes Continuity Buzzer:yes LCD Display:yes Power:9V 6F22 Maximum Display:1999 Display Size:27*60mm
    Zhangzhou HUAYI Electronics
  • IBL-801 - Hand Held Test Tool DIGITAL MULTIMETER A most complete and most accurate Hand Held Test Tool. It has a 3.3/4 Digits Large Liquid Crystal Display which makes the measurements very simple to read even from a distance.
    International Biological
  • MS8201 Series - Digital Multimeter Diode test, Continuity test, Data hold Special functions include Diode test, Continuity test, Data hold.
    Shanghai Yi Hua V&A

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Digital Multimeters - Electronic measurement instruments that combine multiple functions in a single unit and output information through a digital display, in a numeric value.


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