Digital Multimeters - aka DMM,DVOM

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  • EM302 - DIGITAL MULTIMETER 3 1/2 digits LCD, Max. reading 1999. Low battery indication. Overload protection. Auto range. Auto power off
  • DT920B - POCKET SIZE DMM 3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading 1999 ·Low Battery indication ·Overload protection
  • TD2020 - High Performance Handy Type Digital Multimeter High Performance multi measuring Functions (10kinds), Temperature Measuring ?/? switchable (-40?~1200? / -40?~2192?), High Resolution with 3 3/4 digits (Maximum Display 3999 counts), Auto Ranging and Range Hold Function, REL Function and Duty Function, Minimum, Maximum Hold Function, P.C Interface (RS232C), Sharp readable LCD at any angle with Analog bar segments with back light, Special LED indicator to avoid injury of user and meter by wrong test leads connection, Multi position title stand and Hanging strap with heavy duty Double Molded Housing
    Wintex Technology
  • PCE-DM 12 - digital multimeter The PCE-DM 12 digital multimeter has a large, high contrast LCD which is made of a double shell ABS plastic enclosure and designed for a long life. The digital multimeter has automatic range selection and an accuracy of 0.5% for DC voltage. It is perfect for laboratories or in research and development as well as an on-site technical service tool.
    PCE Instruments
  • MY60A - MY SERIES DMM 3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading 1999 (My68 Max.reading 3200,My69 and My99L Max.reading 4000) ·Low Battery indication ·Overload protection ·Auto power off After being idle for about 15 minutes
  • UT50D - Digital Multimeter with Auto Backlit Data hold and automatic LCD backlit for easy reading in dark place.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • M8908 - DCV:200mV-1000V Digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter, DCV:200mV-1000V ±(0.5% + 1)
    ACV:200mV-750V ±(1.2% + 3)
    DCA:2mA-10A ±(0.8% + 3)
    ACA:2mA-10A ±(1.2% + 3)
    OHM:200O-20MO ±(0.8% + 1)
    CAP:2000P-20µF ±(2.5% + 3)
    Zhangzhou HUAYI Electronics
    UNION Instruments
  • MS9803R - 4000 Count Autoranging Digital Multimeter Display: Digital and Analog Display, 4000 Counts and 42 Segments Bar Graph, Digit is 18mm High · Autorange and Manual Range · Data Hold, MAX/MIN, Relative Measurement · Storage Data Display/ Recall · True RMS for AC Voltage and Current · ADP Measurement: 400mV±0.3%, 10 Digit/1mV DC · Continuity Test
    Precision Mastech
  • 60 Series - Autoranging and Manual Selection Digital Multimeters 2000 count large scale digital display. Autoranging and manual selection. ACV, DCV, Ohm, Continuity and Diode function. True RMS reading on AC mode (62R). 0.5% basic DCV accuracy. Data Hold
  • DE-15 - 29 Ranges of Measurement Digital Multimeter 3 3/4 digit 4000 counts LCD display. Auto Range. Auto Power Off Selection. Data Hold. 29 Ranges of Measurement. Capacitance Measurement. Hz / Duty Measurement. Relative Measurement  
    DER EE Electrical
  • EM310 SERIES MINI DIGITAL MULTIMETER 3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading of 1999. Low battery indication. Overload protection
  • DT181/DMM181 - Mini Digital Multimeter Function   Range   Accuracy  DC Voltage  200mV-500V   ±(0.5%+2dgt)  AC Voltage  200-500V   ±(1.2%+10dgt)  DC Current  200μA-10A   ±(1%+2dgt)  Resistance  200Ω-2000KΩ  ±(0.8%+2dgt)  Diode Test   Yes  Transistor Test   Yes  Power Supply   12V Battery A12  Maximum Display  1999  Products Size  100×50×20mm  Product Net Weight  58g  Standard Accessories  Test Lead, Battery, Manual
    Zhangzhou AMPD Electronic
  • EM386D - DIGITAL MULTIMETER 3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading of 1999. Data-hold function. Low battery indication. Overload protection. Audible continuity
  • EM366A - SOLAR POWERED DIGITAL MULTIMETER The EM366 hand-held environmentally friendly solar powered digital multimeter is 3 1/2-digit digital multimeter. It is with solar power supply, you don not need to worry about run out of battery any more. It can be operated easily and is an ideal measurement
  • CA5260 - 4000-Count Digital Multimeters The tough, reliable, economical Model CA5260 Digital Multimeter (DMM) with a 4000-count display is average sensing and provides 1% accuracy of reading. The multimeter has a large backlit display, clear push-button functions, large rotary range selector and dedicated push buttons.
    AEMC Instruments
  • DM-830A - TRMS AC+DC DUALTEMP DMM True RMS For No-Compromise Accuracy Measures Voltage, Current,Resistance, Capacitance And Frequency Tests Continuity And Diodes Backlit LCD With Dual 10,000 Count Displays BeepJack Warns When Test Leads Are Incorrectly Inserted In Current Measurement Terminals Automatic And Manual RangeSelection Relative Offset Mode To See Changes In Measurements Data Hold Use Optional USB Interface DMSC-9U For Direct-To-PC Logging Lifetime Limited Warranty AC+DC True RMS gives accurate readings on complex waveforms Low impedance AutoCheck mode - automatically selects ACor DC volts, resistance or continuity. Low impedance masks ghost voltage pickup dBm function with 20 selectable reference impedance values Crest capture (peak hold)plus recording of max, min, max-min and average Two voltage detection modes - non-contact or using a single test lead Two temperature measurements using type K thermocouples Conductance measurement Accessories included: (1)9V battery, bead temperature probe (DM-820A, DM-830A only, 400 DEG F/204 DEG C max), test leads, protective boot, carrying case
    Greenlee Communications
  • ST-9915/ST-9917/ST-9918/ST-9918T/ST-9919/ST-9925 - Professional Digital Multimeters The six models of the new 9915, 9917, 9918, 9918T, 9919 and 9925 series are the new benchmarks multimeters. They set the standard with a combination of precision, features, ease-of-use, safety and reliability
    Standard Instruments
  • UT151E - General Purpose Digital Multimeter Full protection on all ranges. Integrated shock protection holster, data hold for easy reading.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • GDM-8255A - 199,999 Counts Display Digital Multimeters 199,999 Counts Display ? VFD Two Colors Display ? 0.012% DCV Accuracy ? True RMS (AC, AC+DC) ? 9 Major Measuring Functions and 10 Advanced Measurement Functions ? 2W/4W Resistance Measurement
    Good Will Instrument
  • 2000 - High Performance 6-1/2-Digit Digital MultiMeter The Model 2000 61/2-digit Multimeter is part of Keithley's family of high performance DMMs. Based on the same high speed, low noise A/D converter technology as the Model 2001 and 2002, the 2000 is a fast, accurate, and highly stable instrument that's as easy to operate as it is to afford. It combines broad measurement ranges with superior accuracy specifications - DC voltage from 100nV to 1kV (with 0.002% 90-day basic accuracy) and DC resistance from 100μΩ to 100MΩ
    Keithley Instruments
  • 485 - SELF CALIBRATING TRUE RMS DMM This self-calibrating DMM leverages new technology through the use of high stability, low temperature coefficient resistors in the resistors network. Once the self-calibration function is turned on, the multimeter will automatically compare the standard resistor with other resistors in the resistors network, measure and store the actual and accurate values. The accuracy can endure for extended periods in a wide range of temperature environments. A self-calibration multimeter is an undoubtedly more accurate, more reliable measurement tool. User simply presses the button to CALIBRATE when they feel it is necessary.
    Electronic Specialties
  • HT322 - CAT IV professional digital multimeter with temperature measurement HT322 model is one of meter of last family 320, which include also model HT321, HT326 and HT327, designed on safety measure category CAT IV 600V. The meter performs basically Voltage AC and DC measures up to 600V and resistance, test continuity and diode test as sub-features, more than temperature measurements °C/°F with external type K probes.
    HT Italia Srl

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Digital Multimeters - Electronic measurement instruments that combine multiple functions in a single unit and output information through a digital display, in a numeric value.


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