Digital Multimeters - aka DMM,DVOM

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  • MM10 - Digital Multimeter Full Function DC and AC Voltage Our compact, low cost Model MM10 Digital Multimeter is ideal for general electrical testing and troubleshooting. This full function multimeter measures DC and AC voltage to 600V, DC current to 10A and resistance to 20 MO. In addition to volts, amps and ohms, this meter includes audible continuity, diode, LED and transistor hFE tests. Rotary switch allows you to select from any of the twenty ranges quickly and easily. The 3.5 digit LCD features automatic polarity correction, low battery and overload indication. Rugged, high impact case comes equipped with built-in tilt-stand for versatile, hands-free operation. Overload protected to 600 VAC/600 VDC for voltage ranges and to 500 VAC/500 VDC for resistance, diode and continuity test ranges. Current ranges are protected by 0.5A/250V, replaceable fuse. Multimeter is furnished with 22" test leads, 9V battery and instruction manual.
    Dwyer Instruments
  • VA18b - Elegant Digital Multimeter with USB Interface 6000 counts LCD, max. reading 5999. USB interface to computer.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • GDM-8246 - Bench Top Digital Multimeters The GDM-8246 bench-top DMM is equipped with a rich set of features. It offers a 50,000 count meter with a large dual display 7 segment LED. The display is capable of showing two electrical characteristics at once: ACV plus frequency or dBm, DCV plus dBm or ACV ripple.
    Good Will Instrument
  • DM6K1 - Digital Multimeter * 6000 count LCD display with blue backlit. * Wide current range 20Amp AC/DC. * Resistance range from 0.1Ohm to 60MOhm. * 8KV Transient Protection. * All Ranges are overload protected. * Designed for most accurate and linear readings. * Wide operating temperature range 0 to 50°C. * Temperature measurement from -200°C to 1000°C using K-Type Thermocouple. * Self - explanatory front pannel.
    The Motwane Manufacturing
  • 81K - TRMS - 5 Digit 80,000 Count DMM with Counter Multi-Display : Primary 80000, Secondary 80000, Bargraph 23 Segments. Basic DC Accuracy : 0.05%. mV Impedence : > 1000M Ohm. More than 50 Measuring Functions. Frequency Measurement : 0.5Hz to 1000.0MHz (with Optional Adaptor). 16 Frequency Points, 1% to 99% Duty Selectable Square Wave Output. Analyzing Component of Current or Voltage Signal
    Meco Instruments
  • UT20B - Digital Multimeter Power 12V Battery A23 LCD Size 31 x 13mm Product Colour Red and Grey Product Net Weight 125g Product Size 95 x 52 x 26mm Standard Accessories Test Lead, Battery, English Manual Standard Individual Packing Blister Standard Quantity Per Carton 80pcs
    Zhangzhou AMPD Electronic
  • DT-925/9966 - Voltage & Current Calibrator / DMM with Voltage & Current Calibrator DT-925 Voltage/Current Calibrator is a portable instrument for calibrating process devices and measuring process signals. It brings you into the field of precision measurement. 9966 is Autoranging Digital Multimeter with voltage/current calibrator.
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • UT58C - Digital Multimeter with Input Indication Icon 3 1/2 digits large and clear LCD display. Input socket indication to avoid wrong connection of test leads.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • DM-300 - TRMS Digital Multimeter Use to measure voltage, resistance, and continuity. Excellent for measuring AC voltage of electrical circuits. AC/DC voltage measurement. Non-contact voltage detection for identifying live lines without contacting conductors. Voltage measurement: 600.0 mV; 6.000, 60.00, 600.0, 1000V; Resistance measurement: 600.0 ; 6.000, 60.00, 600.0 k; 6.000, 60.00 M.
    Greenlee Textron
  • DM830A - 3 1/2 digits LCD DIGITAL MULTIMETER 3 1/2 digits LCD, Max. reading 1999. Low battery indication. Overload protection. Battery check function
  • DM9802A+ - General Purpose Digital Multimeter with Backlit 3 1/2 digits jumbo LCD display with unit annunciator, max. reading 1999. Data hold and LCD backlit.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • DMM20UL - AC/DC Digital MultiMeter AC Voltage 200/600V. DC Voltage 200mV/2/20/200/600V. Resistance 200/2k/20k/200k/2M. DC Current 2mA/20m/200mA/10A. Battery Test 1.5V/9V. Diode Test.Continuity Buzzer
    General Tools & Instruments
  • EM393 - 3 1/2 digits LCD Digital Multimeter EM393 Series 3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading of 1999. Low battery indication. Overload protection. Audible continuity
  • DDM230C - DIGITAL MULTIMETER Dawson DDM230C is a portable, hand-held yet professional meter that features True RMS measurement display, AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, Frequency, Capacitance, Resistance, Continuity, Duty Ratio, and Diode Testing. This Meter is easy to use even with one hand, suitable for professional users or amateurs, and ideal for school or home use.
    Dawson Tools
  • HT39 - TRMS digital Multimeter HT39 model is the instrument with more accurate specifications of last TRMS multimeters family which include models HT32 and HT37 also. This meter perform basically Voltage AC and DC measures up to 750 V and 1000V respectively , Current DC/AC measures up to 10A in totally Autorange, AC Voltage and Current Peak values such important in industrial environments. This model is also provided with RS-232 interface for PC connection and real-time visualization of electrical parameters.
    HT Italia Srl
  • MS8250B - High Safety DMM with NCV 4000 counts LCD with analog bar graph. Non contact AC voltage detection. Data hold, relative measurement.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • UT50E - Digital Multimeter with Auto Backlit 4 1/2 digits clear LCD display with engineering unit annunciators.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • Rishmulti 14 S - Digital Multimeter The automatic Terminal blocking system prevents incorrect connection of the test leads and incorrect selection of the measured quantity. This reduces danger to the user, the meter and the system to a remarkable extent. Interface and Software RISH com 100 The multimeters are fitted with a serial RS-232 C interface via which the measured values can be transmitted to a PC. These values, electrically isolated, are transmitted to the attachable interface adaptor with infrared light through the case*.
    Rishabh Instruments
  • Rish MIT30 - Digital Multimeter Insulation resistance measurement up to 3G Ohm with Test voltages selection: 50 V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V. Route mean square value with distorted wave form Measuring principal employed permits the measurement of rout mean square value (TRMS) OF AC quantities and mixed quantities (AC and DC) regardless of wave form.
    Rishabh Instruments
  • DM-350 - TRMS Digital Multimeter True RMS for no compromise accuracy when harmonics are present. Large LCD display for easy viewing. AC/DC voltage, AC/DC amperage measurement. Non-contact voltage detection for identifying live lines without contacting conductors. Easy viewing, backlit display. Auto Off for longer battery life. Low battery indicator. Resistance measurement. Audible continuity and diode tests. Frequency measurement.
    Greenlee Textron
  • MS8260A - Digital Multimeter Conform to the IEC1010-1 Standard CAT.?1000V CAT.?600V Non-contact voltage detect Full Overload Protection Low Battery indication Function characters indication Auto Power Off Data Hold Back Light
    Precision Mastech
  • TM-186/TM-187 - Digital Multimeter, Measures DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA Digital multimeter, Measures DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, resistance, conductance, capacitance, ferquency, Diode test, hFE test, Manual range, Max.display 19999
    Twintex Electronics
  • METRAHit 16I - Digital-Analog TRMS Multimeter Digital-Analog TRMS Multimeter with Insulation Measurement for Service Technicians. This inexpensive, universal multimeter has been especially designed to fulfill the requirements of electrical service technicians. In addition to a multimeter, it also includes an insulation tester (500 V / 1000 V) per VDE 0413, and a precision temperature meter. The optional current transformer clamp WZ12A allows for trouble-free, safe measurement of current up to 30 A / 100 A.
    GMC-I Messtechnik
  • Series 500, 4000 count - True-RMS DMMs 3¾digit, 4000 count with bar graph. Autoranging. Safety shutter protection for current terminals. Surge (Transient) voltage protection. Fused 10Amps range. True-RMS on AC voltage and current ranges. Auto-Power-Off. DC voltage basic accuracy within 0.3%.
    Fine Instruments

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Digital Multimeters - Electronic measurement instruments that combine multiple functions in a single unit and output information through a digital display, in a numeric value.


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