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  • T1/E1 (WCS) - Client/Server Scripted Control Software WCS (Windows Client Server) application uses remote C++ client/server mechanism for scripted mode execution option of T1/E1 operations. Various protocol decode agent modules are supported by WCS application.

    WCS supports transmission/reception of files/digits, Multi-channel BERT, CAS Emulation, DSP operations, Dynamic DSP capability, SA Bits/ FDL/ HDLC/ TRAU/ MC-MLPPP/ SS7/ ISDN TxRx/ Multilink-Frame Relay Emulation, Pulse Mask and Jitter Measurements, and more.
    GL Communications
  • YESPC - Web-Based SPC (Statistical Process Control) Software Tool As an enhancement to the already powerful capabilities of Nordson YESTECH's AOI technology, YESPC software enables senior management to make informed decisions by providing diagnostic and trending analysis of the manufacturing process, which saves them time and money. By providing real-time monitoring and reporting of SMT production processes, management can immediately react to critical process events. YESPC software is fully compatible with every Nordson YESTECH AOI system.
  • ASDC ECOMONITOR - utomated system of dosimetry control” software ASDC ECOMONITOR is also used by the companies and organizations that deal with ionizing radiation sources for automated recording and control of individual absorbed doses of the staff with the application of DKG-21 EcotestCARD personal gamma radiation dosimeter.
  • Psychrometer Log - Windows Based Automation and Control Software Psychrometer Log software is a user-friendly DAQ program designed to be used with the Thunder Scientific 5A-1MP Electronic Psychrometer. The user can accurately control the 5A-1MP remotely using a desktop or laptop, Windows* based computer. This unique software provides the user with the ability to set up controlled sampling and monitor the progress of the data taken from the 5A-1MP.
    Thunder Scientific
  • VmtWin - Remote Control Software for the VM700T Video Measurement Set VmtWin is a Windows 95/NT based communications program manager that enhances the automatic capabilities of the Tektronix VM700T and VM 700A Video Measurement Sets. The Windows-based user interface simplifies the remote operation of the VM700T in several ways.
  • RouteWarePRO - Professional Control GUI Software Our new RouteWarePRO 3.0 delivers a comprehensive and robust control/status GUI application simplifying your control needs of our switching systems. This is a cost effective and flexible solution to providing a customizable means of automating your Universal Switching Corporation (USC) system right out of the box. RouteWarePRO 3.0 contains many important new features and improvements that have been driven by both client feature requests and planned USC hardware/software improvements.
    Universal Switching
  • itk.TACware - Test Bench Automation & Control Software Automation software for the effective, time efficient and user friendly operation of component test benches. The structure and implementation of the software is specifi cally optimized for highly dynamic test benches with high demands on control quality. In
    particular, itk.TACware provides a solution for test benches of medium degree of complexity (e.g. steering test benches and suspension strut test benches), that meets all current requirements for test bench automation.
    ITK Engineering AG
  • Eclipse - Control and Analysis Software Tennelec Eclipse is the multi-tasking, Windows-based software application which provides analysis and control of Tennelec Low Background Counting Systems. Eclipse and Tennelec Series 5 together provide capabilities and features that no other low background counting system can offer
    Canberra Industries
  • Software Tools and Quality Control MVP’s experience within the AOI business is demonstrated through their knowledge and experience within the industry. Widely known as the first true AOI company and with 22 years of experience in the business, MVP stands for performance, flexibility, innovation and leadership. The quality of our programs, false fail rates, throughput and ease-of-use will exceed your expectations.
    Machine Vision Products
  • GEOSCOPE REAL - GeoScope Control Software from 3d-Radar 3d-Radar supplies easy-to-use software for control and configuration of the GeoScopeTM GPR. Live views of data being captured allow users to quickly see the effects of configuration parameters. Markers can be inserted to highlight special features in the data.
    3d-Radar AS
  • iTest - Powerful Data Acquisition & Control Software for Powertrain Testing The iTest system is the central control system in a modern Powertrain test cell. In this function it executes a predefined test schedule by coordinating the dynamometer and throttle systems, along with data acquisition from sensors on the test article or in-cell instruments. iTest achieves this level of functionality through an intuitive configuration editor and user-friendly operator GUI, while employing international standards for connectivity to the test cell instruments. The operator can select from a library of test cycles based on testing standards from North American, European or Asian governing organizations.
    A&D Technology
  • ADAPT - Data Acquisition And Control Software ADAPT data acquisition and control software features an innovative graphical user interface that simplifies the configuration of complex test procedures and provides immediate operator feedback on tests. Individual test states, input and control signals, and control loops are all labeled with operator-defined names to provide an intuitive understanding of the systems and test procedure. Sophisticated real-time screen tools including meters, dials and strip charts allow full customization of test displays for clean and functional operator screens.
    A&D Technology
  • Nucleus: Probe Station Control Software Cascade Microtech Nucleus software enhances your test investment by providing quick results in a flexible and integrated environment. Each wafer test step from loading and aligning, creating wafer maps, collecting test data, and analyzing results has been carefully crafted to optimize your time spent taking measurements.
    Cascade Microtech
  • QI Analyst - Analyst Statistical Process Control Software Useful in nearly any vertical industry, Wonderware QI Analyst Statistical Process Control (SPC) software is an important part of any quality management program. Performing both on-line and historical SPC, QI Analyst supports real-time process monitoring and alarms as well as historical reports to view process "health" over any period of time.
  • COMTEST - est control software for 95T and 700 series test stands Our incredibly popular test-control software package has just gotten better! Introducing COMTEST, the next level in material testing. This powerful software now is packed with improved features and a redesigned layout that make it more powerful and easier to use than ever. Through the use of a personal computer, the COMTEST will allow the user to control the COM-TEN Test Stand 95T and 700 series with ease.
    Com-Ten Industries
  • PowerView - Ionograph Test Module Control Systems Software Ionograph 500M test system modules operating under PC supervision are controlled by proprietary SCS PowerView software. The Windows® based program establishes contamination testing parameters and calibrates equipment for consistent, repeatable and accurate measurements. All New Enhanced 32-bit User Interface Enhanced Graphical & Database Capabilities Operates on Windows® 98, 2000, NT & XP Platforms Controls All Current and Future Ionograph Series Instruments
    Specialty Coatings
  • PILOT - Control Software for wafer probing and inspection systems An integral part of SemiProbe’s patented adaptive architecture, PILOT control software consists of a number of DLL-based functional modules linked through the SemiServer for communicating to and from the PS4L and other test equipment. Standard control modules include the Navigator and Position Matrix, with a host of more sophisticated capabilities for applications like automated wafer mapping and pattern recognition.
  • TestRite - Software for mote Control Cablescans TestRite software enables remote control of Cablescan's microprocessor-based testers (TestMate, Model 64, Model 64x2, Model 128/PC, Model 256/PC, Model 512, and Model 4000C) by external PCs. TestRite is a Windows 95/NT application comprising two programs: TestRite (Editor) and TestPanel.
  • Testing Anywhere FUNCTIONAL - Automated Software, App, Website and Control Testing Software Whether you’ve automated tests at your organization before or are ready to dive in now, there’s a way to do it faster, smarter, and more reliably. A leader in automation, Testing Anywhere enables teams to perform more comprehensive load, functional, and mobile testing with scriptless test automation software that lets you automate virtually anything.
    Testing Anywhere
  • PDC-Ecomonitor - Software Programming and Dosimetry Control The "PDC ECOMONITOR" program is designed for automated noncontact programming of the operating modes of DKG-21 "EcotestCARD" dosimeters and automated noncontact reading of dosimeter measurement results of DKG-21 "EcotestCARD", MKS-U and MKS-07 "POSHUK" dosimeters.
  • ThermoTrak II - - Chamber Control Software Designed with input from engineers worldwide, ThermoTrak II's innovative capabilities make test chamber control more efficient than ever before. ThermoTrak II is designed to simplify lab management and improve performance by saving time, increasing productivity and cutting costs. The ThermoTrak II" software enables you to automate and simplify your testing process.
    Thermotron Industries
  • 8PI - Control Panel Software 8PI Control Panel software lets you access the numerous GP Series and Xpress series devices features with coherent sets of functionalities grouped into modes of operation. Each mode of operation targets a specific application to offer the maximum flexibility during test, analysis and debug of your electronic system.
    Byte Paradigm
  • EES-100-xx - DC Electronic Load Control Software EES-100  Software controls all electronic load types.  ( Single & Dual channel) data logging, constant current, constant voltage, constant power, constant resistance, up-down timing, V/I Curves, Graphing, Response Testing
    Executive Engineering
  • PositionCommander - Position Control Interface Software Position Control Interface Software. # inear-Motion Directional Commands ? These controls move the wafer in linear directions a specified distance: step moves the wafer in the largest increments, and pulse in the smallest. # Theta Controls ? These commands move wafers clockwise or counter clockwise using step, jog, or pulse movements. # Z-Controls - PositionCommander can also be used to move the wafer up or down.
    Pacific Western Systems

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