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  • 236 - In-Circuit ESR & DCR capacitor Tester This In-circuit ESR & DCR capacitor tester is designed to measure ESR (equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors range from 0.47uF to 2200uF, in or out of circuit. The ability to trouble shoot in-circuit saves time and makes the 236 a must for anyone that tests or trouble shoots PCB (printed circuit boards).
    GME Technology
  • UCT - UltraCap Tester The flexible high capacity test system (SCT) is designed for testing and grading of either single ultracapacitors or blocks of capacitors (parallel - serial). The system meets customers' specification in regards of voltage range, current range and number of circuits. The Ultracapacitor Test System, UCT, is designed for R&D and production lot testing of Ultracapacitors.
    Digatron Firing Circuits
  • CapAnalyzer 88A - Capacitor Tester The CapAnalyzer 88A checks electrolytic capacitors in-circuit for both ESR and DCR with no unsoldering. It is the only capacitor tester that discharges the cap, checks it for low DC Resistance (DCR), reads out high-frequency Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and compares your readings to industry standards on the three-color chart right on the front panel. The included one-handed tweezer probe allows testing of both normal and surface-mounted electrolytics and uses coaxial cable instead of normal test-probe wire for stable readings on small capacitors. Now shipping series II, which gets extended battery life.
    Electronic Design
  • PFT Series - Portable AC Hipot Tester The PFT Series of 50/60 Hz Portable AC Hipot Testers are ideal for a variety of Field and General Repair Shop HV testing applications. They are ideal for testing the integrity of a wide variety of items including insulating materials, isophase bus duct, switchgear, transformers, vacuum bottles & interrupters, vacuum switches, automatic circuit reclosers, bushings, fuses, arrestors, circuit breakers, transformers, capacitors, and motor and generator windings. 
    High Voltage
  • TEST LABORATORY REACTORS Test laboratory reactors are designed in high voltage and high power test laboratories. They are designed to withstand the most extreme service conditions during test periods. Design techniques must be implemented in accordance with the most demanding service conditions. These reactors are used for various purposes in test laboratories such as current limiting and synthetic testing of circuit breakers, capacitor testing, artificial line simulation etc.
  • MLR10 - 10 Amp Leakage Reactance Tester • Measures the short circuit impedance of transformers • Useful in detecting and diagnosing winding deformation • Capable of performing measurements in single- or three-phase transformers • Optional capacitor bank testing
  • WR - AC Voltage Test Systems The WR AC resonant test systems with variable inductance are used for factory testing of medium and high voltage cables, high voltage capacitors, generators, and motors. They use the resonance between the capacitive test object and the inductive HV reactor of the test system to generate a continuous sinusoidal high voltage. The natural resonance frequency of the test circuit is matched to the feed-in mains frequency 50/60 Hz by setting the variable inductance of the HV reactor. If the HV reactor and test object are designed to form a series resonant circuit, the result will be an ideal sinusoidal testing voltage. The oil-cooled HV reactor is installed in a closed steel tank. The high voltage is fed outward through the steel tank via a HV bushing. The reactor can be fitted with additional voltage taps (bushings) to achieve largest testable capacitances of test objects at lower test voltages.
    Highvolt Prüftechnik
  • S1345 - Oscilloscope 1mV/DIV Sensitivity. Variable Hold Off X-Y Operation TV Sync. Beam Finder Sweep Mix Z Modulation Component Tester (Max test voltage 8.6 Vrms on open circuit; Max test current 11ma shorted; TESTS: line frequency; capacitors; inductors; diodes; transistors ; zener etc.) (Max test voltage 8.6 Vrms on open circuit; Max test current 11ma shorted; TESTS: line frequency; capacitors; inductors; diodes; transistors ; zener etc.) 2 FREE probes (x1 & x10) included.
    Elenco Electronics
  • Quick-Check® - Transformer and Capacitor Tester The Quick-Check® Transformer and Capacitor Tester is a versatile tool for quick and easy checks of capacitors, transformers and the connections made to them. In the field, the Quick-Check is used to test the primary and secondary sides of single- or three-phase transformer installations for short circuits prior to energizing.
    HD Electric Company
  • 881 - In-Circuit ESR Tester This In-circuit ESR & DC Resistance capacitor tester is specially designed to measure ESR (equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors in the range of 0.47uF to 2200uF, in or out of circuit. The ability to trouble shoot in-circuit saves time and makes the 881 a must for anyone that tests or trouble shoots printed circuit boards. 15mVp-p Output test voltage (will not turn on any solid-state devices)
    B&K Precision
  • Stationary DC High voltage Test Set This equipment is used for testing the underground cable, large Generator, Motor Transformer capacitor etc as per IS specification. Multiplier circuit for economy and better life. Multiple interlocks for human safety. Optional computer interface facility. Available unto 1000 kV and 1 Amps.
    Monarch Electronics
  • HYGS - Tan Delta Tester 1 General introduction
    HYGS Automatic Capacitance & Dissipation Factor Test Set is applied to measure the dissipation factor (PF) of insulating materials in heavy interference site such as power plants or power substations. It can also be applied in laboratory for high accurate capacitance and dissipation test. The tester is whole in one designed: including precision digital bridge, power unit, reference capacitor (CN), step-up transformer and other electronic circuits. When started, it’s running automatically and then outputs the results on LCD display and prints the results automatically.
    2 Technique index
    Accuracy: Cx ±(reading×1%+1pF)
    PF ±(reading×1%+0.00040)
    Interference Ratio: Interference current is no more than 2 times of the test current
    Capacitance Range: Internal HV 3pF~60000pF / 10kV,60pF~1uF/0.5kV
    External HV: 3pF~1.5μF/10kV 60pF~30μF/0.5kV
    Resolution: 0.0001pF, 4 digitals
    Tgδ Range: No limit, Resolution 0.001%, C/L/R sample test
    Input current range: 10μA~5A
    Internal HV: 0.5~10kV / 200mA (max)
    CVT low voltage output: 3~50V, current 3~30A
    HV Adjust: Rise or fall smoothly
    HV Accuracy: ±(reading×1%+10V) Resolving 100V
    Frequency select: 50Hz single point, locked
    45Hz/55Hz double point, locked
    Test Time: 40s typical
    Power Supply: 180V~270V 50Hz/60Hz auto
    Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃
    storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃
    Humidity: <90%
    Wuhan Huaying Electric
  • CKT1175-MBA - Multiple-Bus Architecture Cable/Harness Test System The CKT1175-MBA (for multiple-bus architecture) will provide seamless testing of electronic racks, panels and chassis containing passive and active components such as relays, solenoids, switches, circuit breakers, lamps and LED's, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc. This functionality is made possible by a switching matrix that is up to 10 levels deep, plus a multiplexer that controls the various stimuli sources, instrumentation connections, and external energization outputs. 
    CK Technologies
  • Capacitor Wizard - In-circuit ESR Meter Equivalent Series Resistance Meter / capacitor tester.
    Midwest Devices
  • PG 6-200 - Surge current generator The high-current pulse generators PG 6-200 / PG 6-400 are designed for surge testing of electrical components, over-voltage protectors and electronic circuits acc. to IEC, VDE etc. They generate standard impulse currents with waveform 8/20 µs. Short circuit output current amplitude is selectable from 0.2 up to 10 kA by adjustment of the charging voltage of the internal energy storage capacitor.
    Hilo-test Elektrische
  • FADOS7F1 - Fault Detector and Oscilloscope for Circuit Board Repair Determining faults of all types of electronic cards such as electronic cards of medical devices, textile and any other machines; automobile electronics; computer, monitor, TV, etc. Electronic Components Test: IC, transistor, FET, IGBT, resistor, capacitor, indicator, ect. This device is used to determine the faults at all these electronic components.
    Prot-Ar-Ge Industrial
  • 275 - Clamp-on Meters (Current) True RMS 400 Amps AC/DC Measure motor in-rush current and run current Measure temperature differential using relative mode Non-contact voltage (NCV) feature to see if power is being supplied to the 24 VAC control circuit Up to 4,000 microfarads to test motor start and run capacitors Frequency, Min/Max/Record, Data Hold and Peak Hold 11,000 count display with 41 segment analog bargraph CAT III 600V rated cULus 61010 3-year limited warranty
    Test Products International
  • SST2318 - Remote Pressure Transmitter Normally, imitate signal with digital signal need go through A/D device, Most of capacitor smart transmitter adopts the electric circuit of signal .Change capacitor signal to imitate signal, to get the digital signal through high precision A/D electric circuit's design normally it's complex, it's easily been disturb by noise .SST transmitter embed the board of line on the sensor ,signal circuit and sensor capacitor ,constitute the electric circuit of vibration .and also sending out the frequency signal. Because of separately unit may test directly to signal of frequency ,Thus get the digital signal directly ,So eliminated the A/D link ,also convert to the better way can be more simple reliable and the ability of interference rejection is strong.
    R&B Instrument
  • ST2822 - Portable handheld LCR Meter The handheld LCR Meter ST2822 is available in 3 versions: 1 kHz, 10 kHz and 100 kHz. This portable LCR Meter device stands out with the simultaneous display of primary and secondary parameters as well as through its ease of use and extensive measuring capabilities. Besides the highly accurate measurement of inductance, capacity and resistance, this handheld LCR Meter also can determine impedance and phase angle as well as the capacitor loss factor, coil quality and ESR. In addition to manual the portable LCR Meter also has an automatic range selection. Using the function keys various functions such as auto lcr function (fast SMD classification), remote control, zero point calibration, data hold, Mini-Max Comparator, sorting by tolerance, mean, measurement speed, frequency (100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz ) and select L / C / R / Z / Angle / D / Q / ESR can be selected on the rlc meter. Via the USB port, the handheld LCR Meter can easily be remotely control from a PC, so that the portable LCR Meter can record data such as measurement trends on the computer (data logger). The extremely low power consumption of this esr meter (stand-by: 2μA; Operating: 25mA) is achieved by the new highly integrated circuit layout. Power is supplied either via mains operation or efficiently, rechargeable batterie (ST2822C) which allow the mobile operation of the lcr meter for up to 16 hours. Knowing the ever increasing demands SMD measurements you can choose from two special 4-wire Kelvin test tweezers. You also have the choice between 3- and 5- terminal configurations for your rlc meter.
    Sourcetronic GmbH

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