Broadband Speed Test - aka High Speed Internet Test

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  • Onlineeye Pro - Router Monitor / Router Test Measure, analyze, and record the bandwidth and speed of your Internet connection. Works with DSL, Cable, Modem, SNMB enabled Router, Networkcard and any other Internet enabled device.
  • 5530 - Motive Network Analyzer The 5530 Network Analyzer provides comprehensive line testing and quality management products that help ensure that DSL and fiber lines meet quality and stability requirements for the successful deployment of high-speed Internet and triple-play services.
    Alcatel - Lucent
  • NetWorx - Free Bandwidth Monitoring & Usage Reporting NetWorx is a simple and free, yet powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth situation. You can use it to collect bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet or any other network connection.
    SoftPerfect Research
  • Broadband Software Powerful software to analyze the most demanding broadband signals with digital speed and precision. Advanced software features and DSP-based analysis modules provide the latest tools to measure and characterize signals captured in BSA hardware or loaded from stored signal files.
  • BX100A+ - ADSL Network Testing Comprehensive ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL link turn-up capabilities including ATM and IP test features all supported in a single compact handheld unit. Triple Play service verification of VoIP, IPTV, and high speed Internet is made possible using powerful IP and Web test features including Web Browser. Service testing can be performed on either the DSL line using Modem Emulation mode or on the Ethernet port while connecting and emulating a PC. WiFi and CAT-5e cable testing are powerful features for in-home installations.
  • MS2687B - Spectrum Analyzer High-speed Internet services using Wireless LANs are spreading rapidly. High-speed hot-spot wireless services are appearing in hotels, offices, and restaurants. 5-GHz Wireless LAN equipment and devices are being actively developed and there is urgent need for OFDM signal analysis. The MS2687B Microwave Spectrum Analyzer covers a frequency range up to 30 GHz and can measure up to 5th-order harmonics on 5-GHz Wireless LANs.
  • PCI - Satellite Receiver Card Nano@Value is fully DVB-S compliant cost effective PCI satellite receiver card and provice up to 60Mbps IP : filtering performance. nano@Value(PCI Satellite Receiver Card) can enable high pertormance DVB IP handling application such as DVB IP router, high speed file deliver and high speed satellite internet.
  • E3200 - High Performance Dual-Band N Router The Linksys E3200 offers fast speed to connect your computers, Internet-ready TVs, game consoles, and other Wi-Fi devices at transfer rates up to 300 + 300 Mbps speed for an optimal home network experience.
  • E4200 - Maximum Performance Dual-Band N Router The Linksys E4200 offers ultra fast speed to connect your computers, Internet-ready TVs, game consoles, and other Wi-Fi devices at transfer rates up to 300 + 450 Mbps speed for a premium home network experience.

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Broadband Speed Test - Determines the amount of data transferred per second.