Board Test - aka PCB Test

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  • RITS510a - Automatic PCB Impedance Coupon Test System Automating impedance testing allows a high degree of measurement repeatability essential when tolerances are very tight. This repeatability is ensured as the RITS measurement system self verifies automatically to an internal standard every few minutes. Air lines are the definitive standard for impedance calibration.
    Polar Instruments
  • FR700 - High Voltage Dedicated Mechnical-Arm Automatic PCB Test System Test Current 20mA (Max) ¡À 10% Test Voltage 50V ¨C 300V ¡À 10% Continuity Test 10¦¸ ¨C 100¦¸ ¡À 10%. Isolation Test 1M¦¸ ¨C 50M¦¸ ¡À 10%. Carbon Test 200¦¸ ¨C 10K¦¸ ¡À 10% 
    Centalic Technology
  • STAR-REC V5 - Automatic Printed Circuit Board Testing System One-touch attachment/removal fixture Double-sided alignment High-speed testing Large-sized touch panel display High-speed I/F Enables to perform strip type CSP and BGA testing
  • Automatic High Voltage Universal Grid PCB Tester Test Points: 49152points / 81920points, 98304points / 163840 points. Test Area Min: 9.6"×12.8" Max:12.8"×16".
    Shenzhen Kaima Times
  • k518WD - Board Testing Patented on board electrolytic capacitor polarity and missing part technologies: ECJ

    Patented SMD IC solder joints open/contacted discriminating technologies: TAJ

    PIC/ regulator IC test functions.

    LED Luminous comparison functions.

    Key stroke test functions.

    Auto start test functions.

    Pane board editing and testing functions.

    Pane board skip test/ board view edit functions.
    ADSYS Technologies
  • RMZ-225 - Manual Bare Board Test System Double-side PCB testing. Incorporates a semi-fine-tuning mechanism for positioning of lower fixture. Simple design incorporates the tester and base in a single unit 
  • DIGITALGALAXY 430 - Fully-automatic Bare Board Test System Advancing the high-performance requirements of conventional models, the DIGITALGALAXY 430 offers improved speed and usability. Along with the enhancement of safety mechanisms on the machine, the manufacturing process has been reassessed resulting in a significant reduction in price.
    Taiyo Industrial
  • ProbeMaster - Bare Board Electrical Testing ProbeMaster is the complete software solution to your shops needs in bare board electrical testing. ProbeMaster is PentaLogixs top-of-the-line software package that combines all of the power of the PentaLogix CAM and Fixturing packages with support for moving probe, Netlist Comparison and other robust features.
  • TE-10K - PC Board Test Fixture TE-10K bed of nails style test fixture. Completely self contained. PC style passive back plane with plug in data acquisition boards. Programmable with National Instruments Labview or Labwindows CVI. Can be configured to create a complete full performance cost efficient functional, in-circuit, or bare board tester.
    Test Electronics
  • BCPS-300 - Package PCB Bare Board Tester Semiconductor package CSP automatic step and repeat, open/short testing with the fine-pitch pattern. PCB Size(m/m) 20 x 100 ~ 120 x 260 mm, Thickness 0.1~2.0mm. Test Points Top: 4,096 Points / Bottom: 4,096 Points.
  • TC-300HV - high voltage general pcb bare board testing machine 1.Adopt advanced Pentium System Computer ,computer software platform in windows 98 system,user interface beatiful and easy to operate,easy to learn and easy to use . 2.Machine has 12288-32768 testing points needle bed(optioal) for uesers and 1024 special needle bed test interface for double test. More suitable for SMT printed circuit board .
    Shenzhen Leadsmt
  • HPC-512/1028 - Automated Burn-In Board Test and Inventory Control System The HPC-512/1028 Automated Burn-In Board Test and Inventory Control System performs test, record keeping, data retrieval, and maintenance scheduling functions on burn-in boards and interconnect cables. Test system hardware will operate in a PC-compatible environment without additional control cables or hardware. Parametric test boards plug directly into backplane slots.
    Advanced Microtechnology
  • 20-313146 - PCB Test Point PCB Test Point Terminal assembly designed for attachment of scope probes etc. Extended lead length for thicker PCB's up to 2.4mm. The compliant pin design allows the terminal to be inserted without damaging the hole plating. The terminal will remain in place even when the board is inverted for soldering. The sintered glass bead has a recommended maximum working temperature of 475C. This exceeds all current standard temperature profile requirements. Assemblies are available in 8 standard colours. Material Specifications: Bead: Boro Silicate Sintered Glass, Wire Loop Material: Phosphor Bronze (BS2873) Plating: Electroplated Bright Tin: 3.0-5.0 micron. .
    Vero Technologies
  • 134-637 - Vertical Board Test System MTS probing station, max PCB size 203 x 203mm(8 x 8 inches)
    Cascade Microtech
  • PCB test & Design-for-Test Services Intellitech India Pvt. Ltd. provides high quality engineering talent for customer DFT and 1149.1 based test development. EU and US based customers get the right mix of local engineering talent and low off-shore costs. Customers can immediately realize engineering cost savings - with turn-key fixed prices from Intellitech far below the cost to hire a local engineering 'consultant' for 1149.1 test development.
  • TE2600 - PC Board Test Fixture Simple Low cost Bed of Nails Clamshell style Circuit board test fixture. Drill it yourself, or let Test Electronics precision drill and customize the TE2600 bed of nails style test fixture for your circuit board. Next, add a desktop or rack mount computer, plug in low cost off the shelf data acquisition boards and create a complete full performance cost efficient functional, in-circuit, or bare board tester.
    Test Electronics
  • SERIES LMP 60 - LUTHER & MAELZER BARE AND LOADED BOARD TEST PROBES Mechanical MINIMUM CENTERS: .100 (2.54) FULL TRAVEL: .160 (4.06) WORKING TRAVEL: .107 (2.72) OPERATING LIFE: 1,000,000 cycles Electrical MAXIMUM CURRENT: 5 amps continuous at working travel, non-inductive RESISTANCE: At 35 mA test current, 35 mOHMS mean Materials and Finishes PLUNGER: Heat treated beryllium copper, 24 Kt gold plated over nickel BARREL: Nickel silver, 24 Kt gold plated over nickel
    Test Connections
  • MV300 Series-B6 - High Voltage Dedicated Grid PCB Test Solution Testing voltage 50V~300V Open circuit resistance 10Ω~100Ω±10% (1000ΩOptional) Insulation resistance 1MΩ~100MΩ±10% Open circuit testing current 20 mA(Max) Carbon line resistance 200Ω~18KΩ Operating Environment Temperature 22℃-25℃ Humidity 40%~60%以下(Non-freezing) Fixture Format Fixture Mason specific fixture(compatible with fixtures of other format) CAM MUNet2000(Selective fixture design, Net list support)
    Shenzhen Mason Electronics
  • ParallelRiter - Circuit Board Parallel Test ParallelRiter offers a powerful, easy to use solution for parallel test and/or programming of circuit boards that do not support the IEEE1149.1 standard. ParallelRiter operates with the ScanMaster card and transforms the generated serial stream to parallel data that is then applied to the target via test pads, headers, connectors, etc.
  • SERIES LMP VZ - LUTHER & MAELZER BARE BOARD TEST PINS Materials and Finishes MATERIAL: Heat treated beryllium copper and music wire FINISH: 24 Kt gold plate over hard electroless nickel
    Test Connections
  • PCB Test Fixtures ATE, ICT, semiautomatic & manual electronic test fixtures, PCB test fixtures, cable test fixture, wiring harness test fixtures, dedicated test fixtures, functional test fixtures, electronic test fixture programming. PADS Schematic capture, circuit board layout, PCB design prototype, solder paste stencils, X-Y coordinate data, B.O.M. maintenance, and manufacturing documentation, Gerber data.
  • DIGITALGALAXY 650 - Fully-automatic Bare Board Test System These flagship models offers efficient testing, accurate test results and ease of operation that represent the fruition of our accumulated knowledge in board testing systems.
    Taiyo Industrial
  • TE-5000 - PC Board Test Fixture The TE-5000 lever action bed of nails style test fixture is designed specifically for testing flex style circuit boards. The fixture is a simple 3 plate design. There is a top plate, a middle plate and a bed of nails plate hidden underneath. 
    Test Electronics

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Board Test - The testing of printed circuit boards.