Audio Analyzers - aka Audio Analysis

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  • TrueRTA - Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software TrueRTA audio spectrum analyzer software, in combination with your PC, provides a test capability that would normally require thousands of dollars worth of traditional audio test instruments. Now you can afford the powerful audio testing capability normally seen in better audio research and design laboratories! Includes: Real Time Analyzer, Low distortion, Signal Generator, Digital Level Meter, Crest Factor Meter
    True Audio
  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2009 - Audio Spectrum Analyzer Level Balistic DIN 45406. musical notes detector. 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 Octave frequency displaying. dBFS and RMS Peak Level Meter.Weighting filters dB(A), dB(B) and dB(C). 48000 hz audio stream.
  • SpectraPLUS - Audio Spectrum Analyzer SpectraPLUS allows you to perform complex audio signal analysis without the use of any other hardware other than your Windows compatible sound card. Real-time FFT analysis of live input.
    Pioneer Hill Software
  • PAA3 - Handheld Audio Analyzer with USB Interface Handheld Audio Analyzer with USB Interface. # Palm-sized, lightweight audio analyzer for all sound engineers
    # 31-band spectrum analyzer, RT60, SPL meter, and more
    # Easy operation with built-in microphone and generator
    # EQ setting calculation offers advice for boosting and cutting at the touch of a button
    # USB interface allows real-time computer operation
  • RAL - Realtime Analyzer Light Quality sound measurement software equivalent to $10,000 hardware. Simple and easy-to-use RTA, Real Time Analyzer. For wide scope of audio and acoustics: car audio, home audio, concert hall and room acoustics, sound analysis and noise measurement.
    Yoshimasa Electronic
  • Modulation Analyzer The Modulation Analyzer is a complete Test and Measurement tool, incorporating a multitude of innovative features such as a digital FM demodulator, RF spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, dual channel audio generator, distortion meter, MPX and RDS analyzers and now, also an inbuilt RF Generator.
  • SA-3052 - Real Time Analyzer The SA-3052 is a microprocessor controlled, one-third octave, real time spectrum analyzer. It is affordable, rugged, reliable, easy to use, fast to setup, and designed and manufactured by audio enthusiasts who have been building spectrum analyzers for twenty years. 
    AudioControl Industrial

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Audio Analyzers - Evaluate acoustic, electro, and mechano frequencies.