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  • LKL064-03 - 64 well Tube Reader / Auto-Analyzer This is a 64 well Tube Reader with single fixed filter - no need to change lamps regularly (avoiding costly re-calibration contracts). This instrument allows Turbidimetric and Chromogenic Lysate to be used. It operates at 405nm and is a direct replacement for the ATi-6000
    Lab Kinetics Ltd
  • 2700 Series - Audio Analyzer With comprehensive PC control, unmatched programmability, and the highest precision and sensitivity of any audio analyzer made, the 2700 Series has established itself as the benchmark for audio test and measurement. And with four models to test analog signals, digital signals or both, there is a 2700 Series audio analyzer to match your most demanding audio engineering challenges.
    Audio Precision
  • PSM1735 - Frequency Response Analyzer PSM1735 NumetriQ is the latest addition to the N4L range of phase sensitive multimeters, providing engineers with an exceptionally versatile measurement instrument. Utilising an innovative design that incorporates both direct digital analysis and heterodyning techniques, the PSM1735 provides a broad range of measurement functions over a wider frequency range than any other instrument available today.
    Newtons4th Ltd
  • T3/E3/T1/E1 Ethernet Analyzer GL's newest T3 (DS3) E3 T1 E1 Ethernet Analyzer Pod is one of the smallest and lightest (weighing only 1.75 lbs) analyzer units in the world. The pod when connected to Notebook PC is capable of capturing two full T3 (DS3) / E3 data streams, dropping and inserting T1 or E1, full Ethernet analysis, and HDLC, ATM, FR, and PPP Analysis. GL's T3 E3 T1 E1 Ethernet Analyzer can also be used in conjunction with GL's Laptop T1 / E1 analyzer for individual T1 (DS1), E1, DS0, and analog analysis
    GL Communications
  • LA-Gold-36 - 1Mb/ch USB Logic Analyzer plus 8-channel Pattern Generator A maximum sampling rate of 1 GHz is available on all channels. The LA-Gold-36 has a large data buffer of 1 Mega samples per channel for sampling rates of up to 500 MHz on all 32 channels. The large buffer allows long capture times at high sampling rates. The digital logger function is for capturing very slow varying signals, e.g. room temperature.
    Team Solutions
  • UI9730 - Magnetic Material Analyzer • Parameters to be measured (absolute value): Measure hypo-class U, Iout, Hz, Hc, Br, Bm, Hm, Br /Bm, μm, magnetic core loss, B-H curve, U curve and I curve • Output capacity of the high frequency power: Uout: 1~300V, Iout: 0.05~5A, Pout: 300VA, frequency: 10~300kHz • Accuracy: 2% • With 12-bit high-speed A/D, sampling rate up to 40MHz, ensuring data precise and stable test result • Supermaximal database, suitable for almost all kinds of magnetic material in market, such as: circle, E ,U , ETD-EER, JAR, RM , EP , PM , EL , ER, PQ, EFD, plane E, etc • Perfect software interface enables observation of curve in detail • Meet international test requirements for magnetic particle ASTM E1444, ASTM E709-08.
    Lisun Electronics
  • GoLogic-72™ - Main Logic Analyzer Unit 250 MHz Timing analysis across 72 channels; up to 2 million samples 500 MHz Timing analysis across 36 channels; up to 4 million samples 125 MHz Transitional Timing across 72 channels; up to 1 million samples 125 MHz Transitional Timing across 36 channels; up to 2 million samples 125 MHz state analysis across 71 channels; up to 2 million samples Advanced triggers (edge, range, timers, etc.)
  • SR760 - Single Channel FFT Spectrum Analyzer The SR760 and SR770 are single-channel 100 kHz FFT spectrum analyzers with a dynamic range of 90 dB and a real-time bandwidth of 100 kHz. Additionally, the SR770 includes a low-distortion source which allows you to measure the transfer functions of electronic and mechanical systems. 
    Stanford Research
  • VSA-1214 - Vibration Spectrum Analyzer The Datastick VSA-1214 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer is Datastick's new-generation low-cost tool for vibration analysis and data collection. Paired with the Palm TX handheld computer, it offers increased storage capacity and security, longer battery life, larger display, and improved performance compared to the original VSA-1212. 
    Datastick Systems
  • GAO A0050003 - Portable PCM Channel Analyzer This advanced, portable PCM Channel Analyzer integrates an analog signal generator/receiver, a selective level meter, a BER Tester, a signaling generator/receiver, a ring generator/identifier, a Dialer, a DC loop circuit (ICT, OGT), a balanced bridge and a Reflecting Bridge all into a single instrument
    GAO Tek
  • LA-Gold-16 - 16-channel, 1GHz, 1Mb/ch USB Logic Analyzer plus 8-channel Pattern Generator A maximum sampling rate of 1 GHz is available on all channels. The LA-Gold-16 has a large data buffer of 1 Mega samples per channel for sampling rates of up to 500 MHz on all 16 channels. The large buffer allows long capture times at high sampling rates. The digital logger function is for capturing very slow varying signals, e.g. room temperature.
    Team Solutions
  • Vector Network Analyzer and VNWA multiband antenna analyzer Designed by Thomas Baier DG8SAQ. VNWA Driver and software now runs on all recent Windows 64 bit and 32 bit operating system, from Windows 7, Vista, to Windows. XP up to Windows 98th
  • SD DIO-H3744 - 1 Gbps, 36 Ch, Digital IO / Digital Pattern Generator and Analyzer 1 Gbps per digital I/O channel 36 digital I/O channels LVDS logic standards Digital Waveform Generators Feature-rich Data Acquisition sytem (DAQ) 16 MB, 128 MB or 1 GB of RAM Hardware programming (HVI real-time technology) 1-slot size
  • CDMA2000 - Protocol Analyzer GL's CDMA Protocol Analyzer can be used to analyze and view protocols across A1 (between Base Station Controller and Mobile Switching Centre), A3 and A7 (between two Base Station Controllers), A9 (between Base Station Controller and Packet Control Function), and A11 (between Packet Control Function and PDSN) signaling interfaces.
    GL Communications
  • RTSA - Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Keysight’s real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) is available as a new purchase or as an upgrade to an existing PXA or MXA signal analyzer. Adding real-time spectrum analysis to the PXA or MXA lets you see, capture and understand the most elusive signals—known or unknown.
    Keysight Technologies
  • SK-4000-TC - Antenna and Cable Analyzer The pocket-sized SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer operates from 85 MHz to 4 GHz and features an intuitive interface readily accessible to the first time user and minimizes clicks for an expert using it every day. Substantial internal storage eliminates the need to worry about file storage, holding thousands of traces on the device for future analysis or reporting. Suitable for use in Worldwide Cellular and PCS/DCS systems; supporting measurement of CDMA, GSM, and LTE Protocols.
    Bird Technologies
  • WLAN Signal Analyzer WiLANTA LVSA11abg is the ideal solution for research, design and evaluation of IEEE 802.11a, b and g transmitters. WiLANTA LVSA11abg displays PHY layer measurements including raw data and MAC parameters. It allows you to take advantage of high-efficiency testing and measurements by defining suitable span, trigger, attenuation, and reference levels.
    Seasolve Software
  • WE-2705P - Antenna Analyzer and Tester Use this 1.5 MHz - 2700 MHz antenna analyzer to quickly and accurately test, tune, check and fault find your HF, VHF, PMR, UHF, TETRA, GSM, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE or WiMAX antenna and cable system:
    Waterbeach Electronics
  • UltraT3 Cards - PCI Based Ultra T3 Analyzer The GL's UltraT3 Cards (PCI) plug into PC expansion slots and provide digital T3 input/output for analyzing, testing, simulating, and monitoring T3 signals. A single T1/E1 input and output is provided to insert and receive T1 (or E1) signals into the T3 stream. The cards provide the capability of generating 28 DS1 or (21 E1) signals within the DS3 output. The T3 Card when used in conjunction with Ultra T1 Card in same PC provides a complete DS3, DS1, and DS0 testing solutions.
    GL Communications
  • TE1000/TE3000/TE3001 - VECTOR RF IMPEDANCE ANALYZERS The TE1000 vector impedance analyzer is a versatile, portable test instrument which enables the user to make highly accurate impedance measurements through VHF RF frequencies.
    LBA Group
  • 2801/2802 - Advanced Single and Two Channel Power Analyzers With an extended measurement range from micro-amps to hundreds of amps and milli-volts to kilovolts, the XiTRON 2801 and 2802 are ideal analyzers for standby power or Energy Star testing. Numeric results and waveforms can be displayed, read via the communication ports (RS-232, GPIB, USB, and Ethernet), or sent directly at full resolution to a USB printer.
    Xitron Technologies
  • SS1 - Emulator and Analyzer The GL's SS1 Analyzer detects and analyzes tone sequences that make up SS1 dial digits. Sequences of pulse and guard tones are detected, decoded, and assembled into their corresponding dial digits. The tone sequences are also verified for compliance against a "specification" parameter file which can correspond to published standards or user criteria.

    The SS1 Emulator (Dialer) application provides the ability to setup and dial tone sequences that make up SS1 dial digits. The applications' interface includes options to setup Dial Code, and control Mask (pulse) & Space (guard) frequencies and duration, Initial, Nominal, and Final Durations, Timeout definitions, Transmit Channel, and other similar parameters related to the dial code.
    GL Communications
  • 3013 - SWR TRUE 3013 ANTENNA ANALYZER • LCD Display works in direct sunlight and with backlight in dark areas • Built-in synthesized RF sweeping source • Measured results can be stored for further analyzing and documentation on internal and external storage media • Time stamp and operator ID is possible • All in one analyzing for antenna tuning and control • Measures antenna, frequency, SWR and bandwidth by sweeping band of interest • A cost-effective SWR Analyzer covering all major Cellular and mobile radio communication bands • SWR TRUE 3013 Antenna Analyzer gives you quick and reliable trouble-shooting capabilities
    LBA Group
  • DSA1000 - Economic Spectrum Analyzer DSA1000 series products are high-performance and portable spectrum analyzers with compact design, small size and light weight. What's more, with their low price, DSA1000 series spectrum analyzers are an ideal option to solve your budget problem.

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