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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

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  • Degree of Polarization Meter

    DOP-201 - General Photonics Corp.

    The DOP-201 measures and displays the Degree of Polarization (DOP) of a light source in real time on the front panel display. The instruments incorporates a patented maximum & minimum search technique that accurately measures both low and high DOP. This technique is superior to polarimeter-based methods that are inaccurate at low values of DOP as well as scrambler-based methods which are less accurate at high values of DOP.

  • Customer Acceptance Test Panel

    TA-65 - Tech-Aid Products

    DGS-65 Customer Acceptance Panel for both testing and trouble- shooting. We have added an option to the panel that allows you to select an analog slaving meter or the LED monitor lights as shown in the maintenance manual Fig. 5-14. The addition of the meter provides the technician with a more visible means to monitor the slaving "trend". The 50 pin DG connector is broken out on the panel to assist in monitoring or isolating unit signals.

  • Custom Optics & Systems

    Optical Surfaces Ltd.

    Optical Surfaces Ltd. is able to produce light weight mirrors that combine top optical performance, high structural strength and significant component weight reduction. Much of our production consists of special optics and systems, which do not fall easily into any standard list or category. We are pleased to quote for your own particular requirements to drawing, or carry out prototype and feasibility work at the early stages of a project.

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meters

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    An audible indicator increases in tone starting at 35 ppm. The higher the concentration of co, the faster the alarm will sound. Above 200 ppm, the alarm will sound continuously. A backlight on the display can be used for low light areas. Additional features include: max hold, data hold, and auto-power-off. The meter comes complete with a 9-volt battery, protective holster, and case.

  • CB Analyzer

    HTGK-H - Wuhan Huatian Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd.

    This product is special used for testing HV Switch Dynamic Characteristic. It takes single-chip as kernel to take sample ,process and output, its main feature: displayed and printed in Chinese, operated by man-machine conversation, intelligent, multi-functional, accurate data, strong anti-interference ability, easy to operate, small in volume, light in weight, beautiful appearance, etc. It can test the switches as follows: indoors or outdoors switches with less oil or more oil, vacuum switches, SF6 switches and so on.

  • CCCP Controller

    Nüvü Cameras

    CCCP is the technology behind Nüvü Camēras’ extraordinary sensitivity in low light imaging. The patented controller generates significantly less clock-induced charges (CIC) than any other CCD controller during charge transfer throughout the EMCCD (down to an average below 0.001 ē/pixel/frame), therefore allowing for greater EM gain to ultimately attain sub-electron readout noise.

  • E1/T1/J1 Tester

    AT1000 - Linkbit, Inc.

    AT1000 is a complete E1/T1/J1 Tester build inside PC Card form factor. The unit small size, light weight and high performance makes it a great travel companion for Field and Support Engineers as well as a powerful R&D tool. Linkbit PCMCIA card features two independent T1/E1 ports, a digital signal processor (DSP) and an embedded CPU.

  • Exposure Equipment


    Our uniform collimated light irradiate equipment is possible for the effective use of UV which is from the ultra high-pressure mercury lamp.A brand new development of San-Ei, the high efficiency Twin Mirror Unit that can get the UV on any surface of irradiation is used for every product of us. In addition, high efficiency twin mirror unit is used from the standard type to the high precision type.

  • f/1.3 Modular Spectrometers

    Raman - Wasatch Photonics

    Our f/1.3 modular spectrometers can be configured for fiber couple or free space. They use our proprietary volume phase holographic gratings paired with f/1.3 optics. This allows us to build a high-performance spectrometer in a small package. These spectrometers constantly outperform larger more expensive units. They have high throughput and are ideal for applications that demand fast integration times or for low light applications.

  • Fabry-Pérot Lasers

    Alpes Lasers sa

    Fabry-Pérot (FP) QCLs do not have an integrated optical grating to select a single spectral mode. Therefore they emit multimode light in a broad range that an cover more than 10% of the central emitting wavelength. FP-QCLs can operate at room temperature. The emission is in the same wavelength range as for DFB QCLs. FP-QCLs are well adapted when broad band emission is acceptable.

  • Fiber Inspection and Cleaning

    Fluke Networks

    Dust - just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. A 1-micrometer dust particle on a single-mode core can block up to 1% of the light (a 0.05dB loss). The only way to know it's clean is to inspect it before you connect it. And if it's dirty, it needs to be cleaned with the right tools or you might just make it worse. Know it's clean with our cleaning and inspection tools.


    MS6820 - Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd. CO.,LTD

    Introduction: The Fiber Tester is a small hand-held tool for verifying and troubleshooting and quickly diagnose problems during Fiber cable installation. Features: ﹒Power saving automatically ﹒Power on ang Battery low indicator ﹒Operation is the easiest ﹒Cost-effective is the most Specifications ﹒Light wave Wavelength:1300nm ﹒Fiber core:62.5/125μm ﹒Power range:-20dBm~-40dBm ﹒Power:6F22(9V)×1 ﹒Size:112×62×23mm ﹒Weigh:receiver 95g(include battery) ﹒Emitter 92g(include battery)

  • Display Calibrator

    i1Display Pro - Pantone, Inc

    i1Display incorporates new technologically advanced filter and optical systems, amazingly fast measurement speed, and unrivaled color accuracy on all modern display technologies including LED & Wide Gamut LCDs. It's also spectrally calibrated, which makes it field upgradeable to support future display technologies. The ultra-modern ergonomic design incorporates three functions ambient light measurement, monitor profiling, and projector profiling into a very sleek, compact and fully integrated device with no parts to misplace.


    S2001 - Statico

    The S2001 is designed to locate and measure static charge potentials on product, people, equipment and packaging. The instrument uses a non-contacting, chopper stabilized field sensor and a ranging light mechanism to ensure correct measurements of electrostatic fields in all areas- even those using air ionization. The Fieldmeter is easily zeroed with the turn of a small knob and does not require re-zeroing between measurements. Powered by a 9 Volt battery, the S2001 features a conductive case and a convenient snap-on ground lead to facilitate grounding and increase accuracy. NIST Certified.

  • Emitters

    Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    At Excelitas, we're sensing what you need for a healthier, cleaner and safer tomorrow. From infrared light emitting diodes to high power pulsed laser diodes, our emitter technologies are addressing your high-performance and high-volume applications. We have the emitter technologies and capabilities to enhance and accelerate your OEM designs. You can depend on our seven world-class design, manufacturing and R&D facilities including: Montreal, Canada; Wiesbaden, Germany; Fremont, USA; Singapore; Manila, Philippines; Shenzhen, China; and Batam, Indonesia.