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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

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  • Particle Sensors

    Shinyei Technology Co., Ltd.

    We have developed a new sensing technology which applies the optical light scattering detection principle used in our particle sensor product line to new particulate sensors. Our existing particle sensing products have been used in consumer air purifiers for many years, our new sensors can be used in both home and industrial applications.

  • Particle Size Analyzers

    NanoBrook Series - Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

    Rapid and accurate protein & nanoparticle size distributionsMultimodal & unimodal size distribution softwareISO 13321 and ISO 22412 compliant resultsRange: < 0.3 nm to 10 mThree measurement angles: 15, 90, and 173Ideal for fast, routine sizing applications in research or quality controlHigh power 35 mW diode laserDynamic light scattering at 173 and 90Temperature control, -5 C to 110 CCompact bench top unit, USB connectionMolecular weight determination (relative and absolute through Debye plot)

  • Particle Sizing

    Fritsch GmbH

    Reproducible analysis of particle size and shape. Static Light Scattering – perfect for particle sizing from 0.01 to 2100 µm! The Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec is used worldwide in production and quality control, in research and development for the precise measurement of particle sizes. Dynamic Image Analysis – particle shape and size analysis in a wide measuring range 20 µm - 20 mm! The Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is ideal for particle shape and size analysis of powders and bulk solids.

  • Personal Safety Voltage Detectors

    Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    Warning Proximity of AC Voltage (240V~50kV).● Waterproof.● Easy-to-wear on body or belt.● Ultra high bright LED indication.● High pitch sound indication.● Test & diagnostic circuitry.● Friendly priority alert reporting.● Circuit test function.● High impact type casing.● Different alerting sound & light.● Can be adapted to Sunrise(stick).● Meets EN 61326-1● Dimension : 114(L) × 67(W) × 27(D) mm● Weight : Approx. 152g (battery included)● Power supply : 9V(6F22) × 1

  • Personal Voltage Detector

    V-Watch - HD Electric Company

    The next generation V-Watch® Personal Voltage Detector provides an extra level of safety by detecting and alerting you to the presence of electrical fields or energized electrical equipment. Alerts user to the proximity of high voltage with a loud alarm and bright lights. Provides another level of safety for line crews, storm restoration workers and first responders. Frequency of alarm increases as the user gets closer to the electrical hazard.


    SKYSCAN 1294 - Bruker microCT

    A new way to reveal previously invisible features of objects non-destructively and in 3D is realized in the world's first commercially available phase-contrast desk-top microtomography scanner, the SkyScan-1294. On top of traditionally observed local object absorption, the system allows you to reveal local X-ray refraction and scattering in object features, far beyond reconstructed pixel sizes. The new SkyScan1294 is based on the unique technology of phase-contrast imaging with polychromatic X-rays patented by the Paul Scherrer Institute at the Swiss Light Source (Zurich, Switzerland) and licensed to Bruker microCT for commercialization.

  • Phase Detector/ Rotary Field Indicators

    Shanghai Beihan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    On the supply side: Quickly verify the presence of the three Phases on a 3 Phases Power System. Confirm the Phase Rotation on a Powered 3 Phase System. On the Motor Side (Load): Confirm the Phase Rotation on a unpowered 3 Phase Motor 3 Phases Alternator. Confirm that each winding is connected to the terminals of the motor when the rotation Leds light up.

  • Portable Emissions Measurement System

    OBS-ONE - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Modular on-board emissions measurement system to comply with latest emission testing regulation requirements. Portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) for measuring real driving emissions (RDE) as a direct response to new requirements and testing procedures for certifying passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The OBS-ONE series measures concentrations of emissions, particulate matter, particle number, exhaust flow rate, monitors GPS data and environmental conditions and calculates mass emissions.

  • Oxide Arrester (MOA) Tester

    HTYB-2H - Wuhan Huatian Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd.

    HTYB-2H Oxide Arrester (MOA) Tester special applies to test gapless arrester MOA bad contact internal defects of power system under 10KV. Measured the leakage current under DC reference voltage (U1Ma) of MOA and 0.75 U1mA .This device composed by DC HV power source, measuring and controlling system, all components in one case, small in volume, light in weight .

  • Outdoor Nodes

    NIT Laboratory

    The upgraded Outdoor Nodes have been developed by the NITLab team and support MIMO operation. The new version of the Outdoor Nodes are equipped with 802.11a/b/g and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless interfaces. They also feature 2-core Intel cpus, new generation solid state drives and usb web cameras. Last but not least, each node is equipped with light, temperature and humidity sensors.

  • Sensor Solutions for IoT


    Imec is a reference in the design of ultra-low power electronics, low-power algorithms to increase intelligence and data security, and in all aspects of data science. Our multi-sensor environmental monitoring platform features sensors for temperature, relative humidity, NO2, CO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds), particle matter, ambient light, sound, vibrations and presence detection. Our test platform is suitable for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and control, and can be used in smart buildings, smart cities and more.

  • Single Photon Counting Camera

    LINCam - Photonscore

    LINCam is a solution for scanning-free time correlated single photon counting implemented as a camera. This camera resolves x and y positions of individual photons as precise as a CCD with 1000 × 1000 pixels does together with 50 ps accuracy timing. Being paired with a pulsed light source LINCam turns any conventional fluorescence microscope into a powerful lifetime measuring instrument.

  • Single, Double Power Cord Tester

    LX-30A+ - Shenzhen Lian Xin Technology Co., Ltd.

    Meet UL, VDE, CSA, SAA, T-MARK, KS. IRAM, CCC and other countries’ standards ..·used to test single – ends ,double –ends ,three-ends power supply cords..·Auto and continuous test in COND,Insulation Resistance ,Leakage Current, Line-to-line Hi-pot(inside HV), Leaking copper(outside HV), relative length,.·Auto test the fine and detective goods, tested qualified ones can be be ejected by ejector pin and marked , automatic cutting defective products, and alarmed with voice prompt and light,

  • Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

    SX-640 - Jin Sai Xun(TIANJIN) Electronics Technology Co.,LTD

    .Color LCD monitor &magnification2.Compact & light weight3.Reversible monitor with control panel on each side4.Max.wind velocity of 15m/s5.8 seconds splice time,40 seonds tube-heat time6.Simultaneous X and Y views7.Large capacity internal battery8.System test ensures the best worjing condition9.User programmable10.Auto check fiber end face11.Auto calibrate parameters12.Store 8000 groups of splice results13.Multiple language options

  • Psiber Cable Tracker Network ID Complete Kit

    29400 - C2G, Lastar, Inc.

    This kit consists of the CT10 toner/blinker, the CT15 tone probe, the CC2 carrying case, and one RJ45 jumper cord; it is specifically designed for network managers and technicians. Toning an active LAN circuit can disrupt network traffic and is difficult to track due to cable twist and tone bleed. This test system works with both active and inactive (dark) cables, and features a port ID function that blinks the link light to verify cable connectivity.