mechanical oscillation of a particle or solid.

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  • Vibration isolation

    Company: EverBeing Int'l

    The higher magnification you use,the more vibration from the ground you have to suffer.The higher level of the building,the more vibration from the ground you have to suffer.The larger vibration source besides, the more vibration from the ground you have to suffer.

  • PCE-VB 102 - vibration meter

    Company: PCE Instruments

    The PCE-VB 102 vibration meter is a programmable device. The PCE-VB 102 has been especially designed for measuring movements in machines such as pumps, fans and hydraulic turbine. The PCE-VB 102 vibration meter monitors vibration signals and shows both the RSM and peak values in mm/s or inch/s. There are many causes and sources of error in machine vibrations: pieces in motion disequilibrium, fails in bearings, displacement of the axes and joints, wearing in gear wheels, etc... The PCE-VB 102 vibration meter measures the vibration amplitude which increases in relation to the rotation speed. Since machines increasingly have to work faster, the risk of vibrations which can affect the machine performance also increases. The LED display on the front of the PCE-VB 102 vibration meter and the relay output allow quick and easy usage. The BNC input in the front of the PCE-VB 102 vibration meter can transfer a signal to a frequency analyzer. Here you will find an overview of all the vibration meters available at PCE-Group. At this link, you can see another vibration meter model which detects noises in machines and installations.


    Company: Aerodyn Engineering

    Aerodyn Engineering can provide a single source solution for your vibration testing needs. Our field testing expertise enables us to instrument your part, measure your component’s vibration environment, and perform the data reduction. We can design and fabricate the fixtures required for your vibration shaker test through our in-house CAD, analysis,and fabrication services.

  • Regression Software

    Company: Vibrock Ltd

    Vibrock`s Regression Analysis Software is a very powerful and versatile tool which enables plotting and interpretation of site vibration data. This easy to use software requires the entry of a vibration level in terms of peak particle velocity, distance and explosive charge weight or any other source energy parameter.

  • Vibration Monitoring

    Company: Encore Electronics

    Encore Electronics offers a full line of vibration monitoring equipment, ranging from DIN-rail mounted accelerometer signal conditioners to complete multi-channel monitor / alarm cabinets. Most are equipped with a 4mA power source for IEPE (Integral Electronic Piezo-Electric) transducers.

  • Vibration Testing

    Company: Response Dynamics

    ibration Testing Overview - We often perform a vibration characterization along with Dynamic Tests (Force & Response measurements) to determine the structural dynamics that influence resonant amplification and transmission from the disturbance sources to the critical structures. We have made the untangling of this interrelationship the focus of our work for the last 29 years.


    Company: ELCOM A.s.

    The Sound and Vibration Analysis System (SAVAS) is an industrial measuring system for monitoring of products using the measurement of noise and vibration. The product may either be itself a source of noise and vibration (for example an electric motor), or is excited by an external impulse, e.g. a hammer. The SAVAS and it's software is designed for integration into production lines and testing sites. It provides variability in the number and types of input signals, allows you to perform several different analyzes of signals and output information in addition to the basic good / bad product it can also export the measured and processed data.

  • Compact vibration Generator

    Company: EMIC

    The compact vibration generator is used for calibration of a vibrometer, measurement of mechanical impedance, excitation source for modal analysis and reliability test of a small light specimen. In particular, EMIC uses the world's first ceramic armature for the 512-D and 513-D vibration generator,making it possible to excite up to high frequency of 30 kHz (513-D can excite up to 24 kHz).

  • Nor140 - Sound Analyser

    Company: Norsonic AS

    Sound recording. Environmental noise. Building acoustics. Noise source identification. Industrial hygiene. Product development. Quality control. Noise mapping. Sound power. Speech intelligibility - STIPA. Vibration measurements 

  • AC Response Embedded Accelerometers

    Company: Measurement Specialties

    Measurement Specialties is the pioneer and world leader in offering accelerometers manufactured out of piezoelectric film. Piezo film accelerometers are ideal for dynamic OEM vibration applications because they are low cost, highly sensitive and very reliable ? and they require no external power source

  • PCE-S 41 - Electronic Stethoscope

    Company: PCE Instruments

    The electronic stethoscope is battery powered and easy to use. This electronic stethoscope can be used for detecting noise in machine components, such as gears, valves, vents and pumps. The person responsible for the maintenance gets the possibility to recognize sources of error before a machine or installation failure can occur, due to the excellent noise and vibration monitoring of the electronic stethoscope.

  • LPFRS/AV1 - Reference Source

    Company: Spectratime

    The LPFRS/AV1 is a low-cost, high-performance reference source designed for rugged L/Avionics applications. It is compatible to the FEI 5650 model and comes in a low-profile package and 2 outputs. It complies to stringent vibration and shock standards, including low phase noise and spurious.

  • Open-Source Quartz Crystal Microbalance

    Company: OpenQCM

    The sensor is a surface sensitive quartz crystal capable of measuring phenomena at molecular scale. It works in vacuum, air and liquid environments. The QCM sensor is based on the piezoelectric properties of the quartz crystal. The application of an alternating current causes the mechanical vibration of the quartz crystal in the MHz range. The QCM technique measures the variations in quartz frequency for measuring the mass variations on its surface.

  • 652 - Tunable Laser Source 980 nm

    Company: DBm Optics

    The Model 652 is one of the most reliable tunable laser sources available. In fact, the Model 652 is a factory tunable laser with the quality of a deployable laser. Shock and vibration are fully specified to the ISTB Procedure 2B. With a standard tuning range of 35 nm, the Model 652 can cover many fiber Bragg grating, wavelength locker, and sensing applications

  • CL427 Series - Portable Multifunction Calibrator

    Company: Omega Engineering

    Sources Milliamps, Millivolts, Volts, Sine Wave, Square Wave, Triangular Wave, and 11 Thermocouple Types13-Point Calibration CertificateMeasures Current (mA), Voltage (mV, V) and Temperature (°C or °F)Short Circuit ProtectionAudio Frequency SynthesizerAuto-Step and Auto-Ramp FunctionsSimulation of PLCRechargeable Lithium Battery (Included)Data Logging Software and Data Storage for Field CalibrationsFunction Generation for Vibration Testing