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actinide series element with atomic number 92.

See Also: Nuclear, Nuclear Radiation, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Radioactive

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  • Handheld/Mobile/Portable XRF Spectrometers

    Bruker Nano Surfaces

    Handheld / portable X-ray fluorescent (XRF) analyzers have the capability to non-destructively quantify or qualify nearly any element from Magnesium to Uranium, depending on the instrument configuration.

  • Portable XRF Spectrometers

    Bruker microCT

    Handheld / portable X-ray fluorescent (XRF) analyzers have the capability to non-destructively quantify or qualify nearly any element from Magnesium to Uranium, depending on the instrument configuration.

  • Handheld XRF Analyzers

    Evident Scientific

    XRF stands for X-ray fluorescence. It’s a powerful, nondestructive technique for measuring elemental composition from magnesium (Mg) to uranium (U), from parts per million to 100%. Handheld XRF analyzers are portable devices that can be used on location for immediate, lab-quality results to help you determine the next course of action and where it’s needed.

  • Proton Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE)

    Elemental Analysis, Inc.

    Elemental Analysis Incorporated, utilizing Proton Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE), provides a non-destructive, simultaneous analysis for the 72 inorganic elements from Sodium through Uranium on the Periodic Table for solid, liquid, and thin film (i.e. aerosol filter) samples. The PIXE technique offers the advantage of analysis, without the necessity for time consuming digestion, thereby minimizing the potential for error resulting from sample preparation.

  • Quick Α Digital Scintillation Actinography

    FFA-2 - Langeo Co., Ltd.

    FFA-2 quick α digital scintillation actinography is designed to measure α ray intensity in soil sample or on α cards for the purpose of locating geological structure, such as concealed fault, fissure, fracture zone, underground water reservoir, and the tectonic cloud of the natural gas and oil. It can also be used to engineering geology exploration, the deep uranium mineral ore, regional radon detection (environmental protection detection), and trace original gold vein.

  • Handheld Xrf Analyzer, Metal Analyzer, Rohs Analyzer

    SG-2000S - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    Handheld XRF Analyzer, Metal analyzer, ROSH analyzerThis is a portable analyzer specially designed for production site and field environment, which is featured with small size, light weight, easy operation and super long standby, etc. It's widely applied in such fields as alloy steel, geological surveying, mining and metallurgy, metal recycling, and precious metal testing, and can also be applied in quantitative analysis of all elements from Magnesium (Mg) to Uranium (U).

  • Radioactivity Meters

    PCE Instruments

    At PCE Instruments you will find three types of radioactivity meters: Alpha radioactivity meter, meter for Alpha, Beta and Gamma radioactivity, radioactivity meter for human beings. It is very important to measure radioactivity as well as to classify radioactivity values. An example of Gamma radioactivity: Terrestrial gamma radiation is measured according to general values from 0,03 – 0,3 µSv / h (micro Sievert/ hour). This "normal“ oscillation range is conditioned by contents in the ground of natural radioactive elements such as uranium, potassium, etc.

  • Affordable EDXRF Analyzers

    NEX QC Series - Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc

    NEX QC is the lowest cost variant of a line of affordable benchtop EDXRF spectrometers designed for rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) in solids, liquids, alloys, powders, and thin films. For more demanding applications, or for situations where short analysis time is critical, we recommend the NEX QC+ spectro­meter. Employing the next generation silicon detector technology, the enhanced NEX QC+ affords significant improvement in elemental peak resolution and counting statistics.

  • Nuclear Safeguards


    Nuclear Safeguards are measures to verify that States comply with their international obligations not to use nuclear materials (plutonium, uranium and thorium) for nuclear explosives purposes. Global recognition of the need for such verification is reflected in the requirements of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) for the application of safeguards by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Also, the Treaty Establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (the Euratom Treaty) includes requirements for the application of safeguards by the European Commission. Organizations such as the IAEA and EURATOM and others are tasked with ensuring declared amounts of material are indeed present in the facilities in which they are stored and that such material is not being diverted to other uses.

  • High-power Benchtop Sequential WDXRF Spectrometer

    Supermini200 - Rigaku Corp.

    Elemental analysis of solids, liquids, powders, alloys and thin films. The new Supermini200 has improved software capabilities as well as a better footprint. As the world''s only high-power benchtop sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer for elemental analysis of oxygen (O) through uranium (U) of almost any material, the Rigaku Supermini200 uniquely delivers low cost-of-ownership (COO) with high resolution and lower limits-of-detection (LLD)..

  • Simultaneous Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

    Simultix 15 - Rigaku Corp.

    Multi-channel simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer system, the Simultix 15 high-throughput WDXRF spectrometer. Analyze beryllium (Be) through uranium (U) in almost any sample matrix. The most important metrics for automated process control are precision, accuracy and sample throughput. With up to 30 (and optionally 40) discrete and optimized elemental channels and 4 kW (or optionally 3 kW) of X-ray tube power, Simultix 15 delivers unparalleled analytical speed and sensitivity.

  • Low cost EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

    NEX QC+ QuantEZ - Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc

    As a premium low-cost benchtop EDXRF elemental analyzer, the Rigaku NEX QC+ QuantEZ delivers wide elemental coverage with easy-to-learn Windows®-based QuantEZ software. Non-destructively analyze from sodium (Na) through uranium (U) in almost any matrix, from solids and alloys to powders, liquids, and slurries. The 50 kV X-ray tube and Peltier cooled silicon drift detector (SDD) deliver exceptional short-term repeatability and long-term reproducibility with excellent element peak resolution. This high voltage capability, along with multiple automated X-ray tube filters, provides a wide range of XRF applications’ versatility and low limits-of-detection (LOD).

  • Field Portable NIR Spectrometers For Mineral Identification And Analysis In Mining Exploration

    Spectral Evolution Inc.

    With Spectral Evolution field portable NIR spectrometers and EZ-ID mineral identification software, geologists can measure and identify minerals within seconds and cover more ground than by using traditional methods. They can identify different mineral phases, create mineral alteration maps and more accurately identify mineral pathfinders for vectoring to ore deposits. Spectral Evolution's field portable, battery-operated oreXpress, oreXplorer and oreXpert ultra-high resolution NIR spectrometers are designed for mineral identification in mining exploration. The oreXpress, oreXplorer and oreXpert provide quick payback with faster, more accurate mineral identification in exploration for gold, silver, diamonds, iron, nickel, copper, uranium, aluminum - in the field, core shack, or in the lab, and provide:

  • Tube-Above Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

    ZSX Primus IV - Rigaku Corp.

    As a tube-above sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, the new Rigaku ZSX Primus IV delivers rapid quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements, from beryllium (Be) through uranium (U), in a wide variety of sample types — with minimal standards. ZSX Guidance supports you in all aspects of measurement and data analysis. Can accurate analysis only be performed by experts ? No — that is in the past. ZSX Guidance software, with the built-in XRF expertise and know-how of skilled experts, takes care of sophisticated settings. Operators simply input basic information about samples, analysis components and standard composition. Measured lines with the least overlap, optimum backgrounds and correction parameters (including line overlaps) are automatically set with aid of qualitative spectra.

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