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  • USB Compliance Test Bench

    W2353EP - Keysight Technologies

    The W2353EPUSBCompliance Test Bench helps solve the problem of simulation-measurement correlation. In the past, the pre-manufacture design could be simulated and tested using compliance tools from an EDA vendor. And the post-manufacture prototype could be bench tested using compliance tools from test and measurement instrument vendors. However, because of subtle differences between the two vendors independent approaches to compliance, it was almost impossible to correlate the two. This opened the possibility of the pre-manufacture design passing and the post-manufacture prototype failing, necessitating a time-consuming and expensive design spin. In contrast, USB Compliance Test Bench leverages the exact same industry-leading Compliance App used on Keysight Infiniium oscilloscopes. It mimics a real hardware test bench, and, using a scripting technology called "Waveform Bridge," emits the same waveforms that the Infiniium app receives when you are testing in your lab. Thus, the exact same tests no ifs, ands, or buts -- are applied to both the pre-manufacture simulated design and the actual post-manufacture prototype.

  • USB A TX Test Fixture

    AUT20135 - Allion

    This newly designed AUT20135 brings enhanced user-experience with the following features:

  • MCCI USB Test Services


    MCCI's Test Lab offers quick, cost-effective USB-IF Logo Compliance Testing for low-speed, full-speed and high-speed devices, and for low- and full-speed systems. As a certified logo-test facility, we can save you time, and give you expert advice.

  • USB Optical Loss Test Set

    ST-FHM - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    The FHM2 series Optical Loss Test Set(Multimeter) combines a power meter and a 3-wavelength laser source, for optical fiber network installation and maintenance. With the large capacity of data storage, its very convenient for field testing and transfering the test results to PC through USB interface..

  • USB Controlled Audio Test Interface

    AudioConnect - Listen Inc

    AudioConnect is a 2-in, 2-out audio interface specifically designed for audio test and measurement. It offers digital and analog audio in and out, a a 44.1kHz/48kHz sampling rate, USB control, and a power indicator; all other typical soundcard controls that are not used for audio test applications have been eliminated. This makes operation and calibration simple with no room for error.

  • USB Power Delivery Test Equipment

    MQP Electronics

    The Packet-Master USB-PDA is a USB PD Analyser, for FSK and Baseband variants of Power Delivery.

  • Manufacturing Test, Development And QA Testing Of USB

    Root 2 USB Test Host - RPM Systems Corporation

    USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 Compliant Supports testing of High-Speed, Full-Speed and Low-Speed USB peripherals and hubs Rugged aluminum enclosure User controlled Vbus 4.0 ~ 5.50V Accurate Vbus Current measurement User controlled Suspend/Resume and USB Reset Supports RootScript Scripting Language Serial RS-232 and 10/100 Ethernet control ports Field replaceable USB connector One year warranty

  • USB Controlled Loudspeaker & Microphone Test Interface

    AmpConnect™ ISC - Listen Inc

    AmpConnect ISC is an all-in-one audio interface that simplifies your test setup and operation. It is a single, rugged, rack-mountable piece of hardware containing a high-accuracy audio interface, impedance box, amplifier, headphone amplifier, 2 microphone power supplies and digital I/O. It replaces multiple hardware devices, connecting to your computer via a single USB cable, and it is fully controlled by SoundCheck. This simplifies setup and calibration, eliminates cabling and reduces connectivity errors, as well as reducing overall system cost.

  • ARINC 429 Test And Simulation USB Module

    USB-429 - SET GmbH

    *4, 8 or 16 software programmable TX / RX channels*Programmable high / low speed operation*Simultaneous operation of all TX / RX channels*Error entry and detection*128 MB RAM*Label selective triggering for recording / filtering*Sorting according to SDI field*IRIG-B timecode encoder / decoder for data correlation*Real-time recording and later analysis of multiple channels*Supports: C, C ++, C # and .net*Driver support: Windows, Linux, VxWorks and other systems

  • USB 2.0 SmartCable For MIL-STD-1553 Test And Simulation

    ASC1553 - AIM GmbH

    The ASC1553 (AIM SmartCable) USB module offers full function test, simulation, monitoring and recording for MIL-STD-1553B applications implemented in an ultra compact form factor.

  • USB 3.0 Performance & Protocol Stress Test Suite

    GRL-USB3-PROTO - Granite River Labs Inc.

    Developed in collaboration with Teledyne LeCroy, GRL’s USB 3.0 Protocol Performance & Stress Test Suite (GRL-USB3-PROTO) allows LeCroy users to make the most of their Voyager investment. In the past, LeCroy users had to develop their own scripts to implement functional and protocol stress tests. Now, with GRL-USB3-PROTO Voyager users can instantly read enumeration information, run raw performance benchmarking, perform randomized protocol stress testing, and characterize protocol error margin tolerance. GRL-USB3-PROTO offers the ease of use of Windows PC-based tools without the driver, OS and system loading effects that impact performance. And, GRL-USB3-PROTO offers precise error injection control and detailed protocol trace logging capabilities available only on the Voyager. Compatible with any Windows 7/8 PC, GRL-USB3-PROTO unlocks the Voyager’s full potential and allows USB developers to easily and quickly optimize the performance and robustness of their USB 3.0 products.

  • USB Controlled High Precision Audio Test Interface

    AudioConnect 4×4 - Listen Inc

    AudioConnect 4×4 is a high accuracy 4-in, 4-out audio interface specifically audio test and measurement. It offers digital and analog audio in and out at any user-specified sampling rate up to 200kHz, and a high signal to noise ratio and wide frequency response, making it suitable for the most demanding measurement applications. Controls are simple – a single USB connection and a power indicator – all other typical soundcard controls that are not used for audio test applications have been eliminated to make operation and calibration simple with no room for error. AudioConnect 4×4 is supplied fully calibrated.

  • MIL-STD-1553 A / B Test And Simulation USB Module

    USB-1553 - SET GmbH

    *Dual redundant*1 or 2 channels*Simultaneous bus controller, 31 remote terminals, bus monitor*Error entry and detection*FPGA based hardware architecture*More programmable triggers and acquisition*10 programmable I / O*Onboard IRIG-B timecode encoder / decoder*Supports stand-alone operation via USB connection, without external power supply*On-board battery for runtime without power supply

  • USB High Speed Signal Quality Test Fixture Set

    USB2SIGQUAL - Allion

    The USB High Speed Signal Quality Test Fixture Set contains two types of test fixtures:*USB-A HS Device SQ Fixture (Model Name: USB-TF-HS-Device-V21)*USB-A HS Host SQ Fixture (Model Name: USB-TF-HS-Host-V20)