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  • IL/RL Testing Platform

    JW18001 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    To meet the test requirements of MPO devices, we adopt the JW18001 optical device testing platform,JW1608 No-mandrel IL/RL tester module, JW1606 multi-channel optical switch module and form an integrated solution for MPO testing. The application of No-mandrel technique solves the problem that the multi-core optical device can not be winded and needs fiber matching cream, thereby the testing efficiency of the insertion loss and return loss of the multi-core / ribbon fiber has been greatly improved. At the same time, MPO applications can configure a variety of testing mode, test reports, threshold setting function, so multi-core optical device testing is no longer complicated.

  • Ferroelectric Test System

    LCII - Radiant Technologies, Inc.

    Precision LC II is an affordable Ferroelectric Tester for research labs. This system offers 5Khz at 9.9V and also comes in a built in 10V, 30V, 100V, and 200V option. This unit can also be expanded to 10kV for bulk ceramic testing. Vision Software is provided with the LCII Test System. Vision uniquely allows the user to construct complex or simple programs with any number of tests to characterize all aspects of the sample in one execution while keeping track of the measurement results and the history of the sample being tested. Tasks such as Hysteresis, I/V, C/V, PUND, Waveform, Magnetoelectrics, Piezoelectrics are just a few features to choose from.

  • Image Sensor/Fingerprint-on-Display Testing


    Enli Tech provides the most advanced optical and non-destructive inspection technology, which can de-convolute the digital images back to the analog properties, such as quantum efficiency, spectral response, system gain K, Dynamic Range (DR), PRNU, DRNU, Linearity Error LE, and Chief-Ray-Angle (CRA). The testing solution can be applied to CCD and CMOS image sensors in aerospace, defense, and scientific camera field. Image sensor packages that can be tested by Enli Tech’s systems include bare wafers, dies, chips, or camera modules. Our image sensor testers can help users reduce the sensor-modules or camera-modules development time and RD budget.

  • Production Test Equipment

    CISC Semiconductor GmbH

    CISC offers a portfolio of quality assurance products for mass production of RAIN RFID and NFC tags and labels. Reaching test speeds of 100 kUPH for multiple test points per tag and providing log details the CISC products provide highest test speed, but also encoding options and support of crypto suits as used in RAIN and NFC tags. RAIN Xplorer inline supports the UHF RFID band, while NFC Xplorer inline supports the 13.56 MHz protocols. Both may be used in the CISC reel2reel desktop tester, which is a basic desktop solution of a quality assurance and high volume performance testing device.

  • Dual Space Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

    WAW-E Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    WAW-E series computer control servo-hydraulic testing machine is suitable for testing tension, compression, bending and shearing strength of various metallic & non-metallic materials. Equipped with the electronics, computer &software packages, the servo-hydraulic tester of dual space is capable of controlling the test procedures by the predetermined programs. The computer control servo-hydraulic testing machine can also display, record, process and print the test results. The test curves can be drawn automatically in real time. The servo-hydraulictesting machine is easy to operate and is versatile in the applications of metallurgy industries such as steel mills & alloy, reinforced bar, aircraft manufacturer, research institutes, laboratories, calibration institutes etc.

  • Package Test Loadboards/DIB

    Dynamic Test Solutions

    DTS Package Test (DIB) loadboards are designed to specific devices and configured for both hand test and fully automated handler applications. DTS loadboards incorporate any brand of socket or contactor and can be configured for multi-site testing. Designs incorporate all necessary components, connectors, mechanical hardware and stiffeners to provide a complete plug-n-play solution. DTS has a vast database of tester and handler information which allow designs to be started and completed quickly without burdening the customer to supply excessive information. DTS designers are experienced in all device types, including digital, analog, mixed signal and RF devices.

  • UDP Test Tool, Flood Generator, VoIP Readiness Test Tool

    The Multiprotocol Network Tester is a freeware, open source tool which enables you to measure quality of your IP network. It can also be used to generate UDP flood or to simulate UDP DoS attack. SIP call is usually established using a SIP session with a bidirectional RTP stream. SIP and RTP protocols are based on UDP transport protocol. UDP uses a simple transmission model without implicit reliability, ordering and data integrity. Each single UDP packet is transferred independently. The quality of a SIP call depends on delays and loss of IP packets in a network. Long delays lead to large RTP jitter and bad sound quality of a SIP call.

  • Flightline Pilot Static Test Set

    ADTS-3350 Series - TestVonics, Inc.

    TestVonics™ ADTS-3350 Series Test Set is a portable, high precision, dual channel pitot static test system. This tester is designed to calibrate, test and troubleshoot air data instrumentation and aircraft pitot-static systems. The test set has been designed with functional and reliability features highly suited to withstand the harsh environmental and demanding conditions of the flight line environment, especially for military end users. The test set is designed for testing a wide range of commercial and military aircraft flight control systems, both rotary and fixed wing. The ADTS-3350 Series accuracy complies with standards for RVSM and is designed to replace the TTU-205 and other legacy test sets.

  • Rail Wheel Testing Using Phased Array System

    ECHOMAC® PA Wheel Tester - Magnetic Analysis Corp

    MAC introduces two versions of Rail Wheel Testers using ECHOMAC® PA platform based on customer requirements. One is a semi-automated solution using local immersion technique. Used for tread inspection of new and/or reprofiled wheels. This solution meets or exceeds EN13262, ISO5948 or AAR M-107/M-208 standards for tread inspection. The second solution is a fully automated immersion tank. Performs tread and face inspection of rail wheels using two phased array probes simultaneously. This solution meets or exceeds EN13262, ISO5948 or AAR M-107/M-208 standards for tread and face inspection, while monitoring the backwall on the face side per EN 13262.

  • QT 200NXT

    Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    QT 200 NxT is a ultra modern stylish Inbuilt external controller ATE with touch screen features, is now available as a desktop unit with the cost, flexibility, and performance demanded by a large number of users in research, design, manufacturing, and repair & maintenance industry. It is a combinational-mixed signal board tester for PCBAs designed to cater the needs of PCB test and repair depots, keeping in mind the changing PCB technology and challenges in testing them offline with the combination of all such complex test methodologies in a single test hardware platform with simple to use graphical user interface software. The vast library support helps you to functionally test host of different IC families.

  • PCB Test Fixture Kits

    Emergent Electro-Mechanical

    Emergent's fixture kits are available in bottom and double sided probing versions. They are fully scalable, from compact benchtop testers to full size multi-UUT production floor models. The removable, interchangeable plate design allows you to easily add and move test points, or swap out plates to test a completely different product. Each kit comes with a standard linear collapse over-clamp. A cam-follower closing system can be specified for higher force applications. Our fixture kits are manufactured using industrial grade phenolic laminate, which is similar to G10 in hardness and strength but easier to machine. The standard kit comes pre-assembled with blank plates for machining.

  • SPD High, Medium, and Low Voltage TOV Test Equipment

    Shanghai Guantu Technology Co., Ltd.

    The high (medium) voltage TOV tester is used for transient overvoltage tests caused by faults in high and medium voltage systems such as surge protectors (SPDs), and can also be used for other scientific research tests.standardGB/T 16927-1997 High voltage test technology.GB18802.1-2011 Surge protective device (SPD) for low-voltage power distribution system Part: Performance requirements and test methods.IEC61643-1:2005 (Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power distribution systems part 1: Performance requirements and testing methods)TOV fault test equipment1. Three-phase isolation test transformer2. Single-phase test transformer3. Low voltage switchgear4. Power controller5. Test voltage and current measurement6. Sample box

  • LEON Fixture

    Konrad Technologies GmbH

    The KT LEON Fixture, is the ideal fixture solution for function test, final test and ICT applications. Our test system combines optimal ergonomics with high performance, durability, and precision, ensuring your investment over the long term. It is prepared for a safety switch with guard locking, and an electrical interlock. It’s hard-ware interface ensures minimal maintenance and retooling times. Our fixture technologies reduced debug time, ease ECO‘s and reduced maintenance, while allowing for the highest test performance, ability to probe denser smaller targets and achieve ultra-high node counts. As well as all testers of Leon Family the KT LEON Fixture is based on the multifunction card KT-PXI-501.

  • Condensation Chamber

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    The condensation test chamber does not need special installation conditions, just need to connect to the ordinary power supply and running water can be used normally. The functional diversity of the equipment, fast and low operating costs make the machine a very high cost performance condensation testing machine in the market. The machine can be programmed to control three different test effects: Humidification, natural cooling and drying, and the corresponding temperature and running time of each test, and set the total time of program running and the number of cycles. The condensation tester has an automatic water replenishing device. When the water temperature exceeds the upper limit, there will be a protection device for safety warning, and it is very safe to use.

  • Universal Checkback Standalone System

    UCBS - Ametek Power Instruments

    The Universal Checkback Standalone System (UCBS) provides periodic testing of "ON-OFF" carrier sets other than the TC-10B and the UPLC/UPLC-II (which incorporate this same checkback tester internally). The UCBS determines the functionality of the complete channel including the transmitters, receivers and associated coupling equipment. Periodic testing is required for the normally "off" channel, to provide warning of signal deterioration prior to needing it for relaying, The UCBS facilitates automatic testing of the channel at preset intervals. The UCBS is totally field programmable. All programming is done with a computer using the RS232 serial port or limited factory settings with switches on the Checkback module. Front panel LEDs indicate the factory or custom setting applied and the status of alarms.

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