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  • LED Power Driver ATS

    8491 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    1. DC Electronic Load : Chroma 6310A/6330A Series2. Transducer Unit/Module*1 : Chroma A849101/A849102, A849103, A8491043. Time/Noise Analyzer : Chroma 80611 & 80611N card4. Sytem Controller*2 : Industrial PC5. DC Source: Chroma 62000P Series6. Digital Power Meter : Chroma 66200 Series7. OVP/Short Circuit Tester : Chroma 806128. ON/OFF Controller : Chroma 80613*1 : A849101 transfers UUT output signal to voltage signal, and measure by 84911 LED power driver measurement card (200kHz). The optional 80611N Noise card is required for 20MHz ripplecurrent measurement.*2 : The controller includes both 84911 LED Power Driver measurement card and 84903 control card.- 84911: Measure rms current, dimming current/frequency/duty, timing, power & ripple current (200kHz)- 84903 : Provide BL control signal(DC level, PWM, SM bus), and enable ON/OFF signal.C Source : Chroma 6500/61500/61600 Series

  • Electrostatic Discharge Generator

    STT-ESD-2005 - Beijing KeHuan Century EMC Technology Co,.LTD

    Is a tester that meets the requirements of IEC61000-4-2 and GB/T17626.2. Its maximum electrostatic discharge voltage can reach 30kV, covering the electrostatic voltage requirements in the standard (the electrostatic voltage requirement for the fourth level of air gap discharge is 15kV), and it is suitable for more application fields and the requirements of future new standards. Therefore, the ESD-2005 electrostatic discharge generator can be used for most electrical and electronic equipment electrostatic discharge tests, and can ensure the comparability and reproducibility of the test.

  • Common Point Ground Connector

    Q007-T - Prostat Corporation

    The Prostat Q007B Qube™ replaces ordinary electrical grounding devices with a convenient, cost effective means to connect several ESD controls to a single grounded electrical outlet. Use the Q007B Qube™ to ground workstations, mats, wrist strap & testers, instruments, and other ESD control products to a pre-tested facility electrical ground. It consists of a robust multi receptacle frame encased in fire retardant ABS with a solid brass grounding pin.

  • SureTest and Qube

    Q007-PGT - Prostat Corporation

    The Prostat Qube™ replaces ordinary electrical grounding devices with a convenient, cost effective means to connect several ESD controls to a single grounded electrical outlet. Use the Q007B Qube™ to ground workstations, mats, wrist strap & testers, instruments, and other ESD control products to a pre-tested facility electrical ground. It consists of a robust multi receptacle frame encased in fire retardant ABS with a solid brass grounding pin.

  • Test Services


    Mu-TEST sells a complete package including tester hardware, with electro-mechanical structure and its connectors, test instruments set, diagnostics and calibration loadboards, workstation, and software licenseIn addition, customer technical and application support for loadboard design and manufacturing, test program development, can also be managed either by MuTest directly, or via our network of partnersFinally, equipments maintenance contracts, both preventive and curative, can be contracted to one of the companies selected in our ecosystem

  • Integrated 5G mmWave Test System

    IQgig-5G - LitePoint Corporation

    The IQgig-5G is a fully-integrated, non-signaling solution for testing 5G mmWave products at both the 28 GHz and 39 GHz frequency bands. All signal generation, analysis, and RF front-end routing hardware are self-contained inside a single chassis. The IQgig-5G is license-upgradeable to support the pre-5G and 3GPP standards evolution with up to 1 GHz of tester bandwidth. The IQgig-5G solution has three bi-directional source and measurement ports each with 2.92mm connector coaxial interface.

  • Battery Powered, Multi-Range, Analogue Portable Instrument

    Tester SA9083 - JSD TestPhone Ltd

    The Tester SA9083 is a battery powered, multi-range, analogue portable instrument. It is primarily intended for use by faultsmen for maintenance testing of telecommunication lines and equipment, subscriber installations connected to exchanges where faultsmen do not have access to a test desk, or where the testing equipment at the local exchange is not staffed during normal working hours. It has three input terminals, a range selector switch and a dual purpose push-button reversing switch (B-A changeover/test cell).

  • Water Quality Sensor

    AQUADX Upgrade Kit - CDx, Inc.

    The AquaDx hand held water quality tester is for anyone who has ever been concerned about the quality of their well water or drinking water, and wants to get their water tested. AquaDx will test for a broader range of chemicals in water than most water testing kits and works with water testing labs and technology developers to make sure you have access to water testing services to check for the safety of your drinking water.

  • Battery Starting & Charging System Analyze

    12-2415 - Associated Equipment Corp.

    *Shown with optional 12-2416 barcode scanner*Graphical Hand-Held Tester with Thermal Printer and USB Port*Tests 12V Flooded, AGM, Gel Cell, & EFB Batteries from 100 to 2000CCA*Graphical/Symbol Based LCD display*Tests 12/24V charging and electrical systems*Stores last 70 test series with or without power*Carrying case, printing software and USB cables included*Built-in thermal printer with thermal paper (611305)*Field-Replaceable Cables (900165)

  • Automated Regression Testing For BACnet

    BOTS - PolarSoft Inc.

    BOTS is an easy-to-use BACnet regression testing tool for Windows. BOTS runs under Windows 7/8/10, and Server 2012. It provides a robust set of regression tests based on the 135.1 standard, including BTL additional tests and PolarSoft's own developer-oriented tests. BOTS includes many features tailored to the needs of QA Testers and product developers, at a price that's lower than competing systems that cost more than ten times as much.

  • Adjustable Test Stab Set

    ETI Precision

    The ETI adjustable test stab set may be used with your high-current circuit breaker testers to maximize efficiency and convenience for testing multiple breakers. Our stab system allows your technicians to test breakers in-place and avoid jacking breakers up or down for testing. By combining mobility and flexibility into one simple system, this stab set is a proven improvement over conventional designs. The components in the adjustable stab set are made of 120 pounds of 110 copper.

  • Power Functional Test with Energy Saving Solutions

    Power System - SEICA SpA

    The Power System is a test platform conceived to verify and certify the operation of power modules.The complete structure, combining two Multi standard cabinets, is sized to contain all of the resources required for testing: drive/sense modules, power modules and load simulators.In this tester, in addition to strictly perform the requested measurement as per technical specifications, the issues of consumptions and dissipations were taken into account, integrating an Energy Recovery circuit which enables reuse of output energy to supply the system.

  • Conductivity Meters

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek conductivity meters report the conductivity of a substance as an inverse function of resistivity. Resistivity is measured in ohms/cm, while conductivity is measured in mhos/cm. Our portable conductivity meters and testers are ideal for water conditioning, medical, beverage, laboratory, and other industrial applications. Our high-performance conductivity meters are reliable, high quality, accurate and affordable equipment that facilitate easy inspection and testing. They are compact,  portable instruments that allow a user to conveniently work in complex conditions in a lab or onsite.

  • Application Test Environment Services

    Azure DevTest Labs - Microsoft Corp.

    Azure DevTest Labs is a service that helps developers and testers quickly create environments in Azure while minimizing waste and controlling cost. You can test the latest version of your application by quickly provisioning Windows and Linux environments using reusable templates and artifacts. Easily integrate your deployment pipeline with DevTest Labs to provision on-demand environments. Scale up your load testing by provisioning multiple test agents, and create pre-provisioned environments for training and demos.

  • Transformer Testing

    Technology Products

    The ART-3D series of Automatic Ratio Testers are precision instruments, designed to measure the turn ratios, phase displacements, excitation currents of single phase and three phase power, distribution and instrument transformers in conformity to the IEEE C57.12.90 & IEC 60076. Now featuring an enhanced test lead design, the ART-3D is the perfect instrument for real-life field usage. ART-3D series also has Anti Induction circuit which makes it suitable for system voltages upto 765KV.

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