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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • Flying Probe Test System

    A8a - atg Luther & Maelzer

    The A8a test system provides the flexibility of flying probe testers while delivering high throughput testing for bare board printed circuit boards (PCBs). The target market for the A8a is the electrical test of tablet and PC motherboards and high density interconnect (HDI) products for smart phones. The A8a is designed for high productivity, reliability and test accuracy. To achieve high throughput the key feature of the A8a is a new dual shuttle system, which reduces the product exchange time to zero seconds in automation mode. In combination with the fast test speed of up to 140 measurements/second the A8a will give customers a competitive test solution for batches up to 5000 boards. A typical cycle time of a 4-up smart phone board is about 2 minutes.

  • Large-Displacement Low-Frequence Vibration System

    9363-LN-100 - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    This tester is designed to assess the damage made to product packaging and internal objects caused from transporting environment; to discover the packaging flaw and product’s early failure from a long-term cumulative vibration fatigue; avoid man-made transporting damage and improve product’s reliability and quality of delivered products. With the use of high-performance foot absorber, the resonance effect to floor caused by the bounce test may be waived; and can reduce the pile’s destruction to industrial plants. Two displays can make comparative display on both frequency and rpm at the same time; thus no need to switch in order to read these two values. The dual-control mode of time accumulator and counter can avoid human error resulting from the conversion. Easy to operate; no need for complicate training program.

  • Communications Manufacturing Test Set

    CMW100 - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®CMW100 communications manufacturing test set is based on the R&S®CMW platform. The flexible RF interface permits simultaneous testing of up to eight devices. The R&S®CMW100 remote control and measurement concepts are compatible with the R&S®CMW500. The R&S®CMW100 is optimized for cost-effective calibration and verification of wireless devices in non-signaling mode (analyzer/generator). The tester provides a new eco-friendly hardware concept, featuring extremely low energy consumption and a very compact size, making it ideal for use in fully automated robotic production lines. It supports LTE, 5G NR, WLAN, Bluetooth® and IoT technologies, making it ready for today and tomorrow.

  • Electroacoustic Analysis System

    CRY6151 - CRYSOUND

    CRY6151 Electroacoustic Analysis System is a full-featured electroacoustic device tester launched by CRY Sound. It has a history of 10 years. It is powerful and stable. It can measure the performance indicators of headphones (USB, Bluetooth, common), microphones (electret, MEMS, moving-coil type), headphone and microphone assemblies, receivers/headphone speakers, speakers/loudspeakers (common, Bluetooth), communication helmets, loudspeaker crossover devices, and other electroacoustic devices, such as sensitivity (SPL), impedance, distortion (THD), resonance frequency F0, left and right headphone balance, left and right headphone position, phase polarity, microphone current and voltage, SNR, microphone directivity, speaker's TS parameters, telephone receiving and sending loudness ratings, etc. Its test frequency range can be up to 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

  • 2-Module ICT System, I317x Series 6

    E9902G - Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's family of i3070 Series 6 In-Circuit Test (ICT) systems are built on a proven technology foundation, and they improve test efficiency with time-tested software, hardware, and programmability. I3070 Series 6 ICT tester supports a wide range of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) sizes for applications including IoT and 5G, as well as automotive and energy. The i3070 features a unique design that delivers the shortest signal path between measurement circuitry and devices under test to minimize undesired effects from parasitic capacitance, improve immunity to crosstalk, and eliminate stray signal coupling effects, delivering consistent and repeatable measurements. The Series 6 is fully backward compatible with previous systems and makes highly repeatable measurements.

  • 12V Automatic Battery and 12/24V Electrical System Analyzer

    6044 - Associated Equipment Corp.

    • Easy-to-read LED voltmeter and ammeter• 500 amp safety clamps with “Flexi-Spring” and patented side terminal adapters• Separate 6 ft. high impedance test leads with alligator clips for tight spots• Cart / Printer can be purchased separately – Cart Model 6038C, Printer Model 6041• Automated testing of Batteries, Alternators, & Starters• Max/Min of Current and Voltage• Microprocessor based control board protected from reverse connections• Testing of 12V and 24V electrical systems• Test all types of batteries • Ideal for testing remotely mounted batteries accurately• Automated 500A variable load tester• INCLUDES: Model 6043 1000 Amp AC/DC Inductive Amp Clamp for checking starter draw or parasitic drain test, also can be used with conventional multi-meters• Made in USA of US and Global Components

  • ADI Test Fixture

    TA-6500 - Tech-Aid Products

    The TA-6500 test fixture combines the features of the OEM's Instrument Servo Tester(T307962), the Pointer/Flag Test Fixture(T307951) and the AD-650/600 Test Panel(T334043) all into one panel to facilitate testing of these Attitude Director Indicator's. The panel switches and adjustment pots are labeled to match the test procedure numbers and the duplicity in marking makes it easier for the technician to understand each function. The UUT interface is through a 96 pin zero insertion force(ZIF) type connector to minimize contact wear. The expanded localizer and nav input pins J2-34/35 are exposed on the panel to facilitate the insertion of a 200 ohm shunt when required. The fixtures rear panel has connectors for the required dual API/Synchro transmitter interface while the panel switches provide the correct routing of each.

  • Temperature Forcing System

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    Wewon Technology specializes in the research, development, production and sales of laboratory testing equipment system services. Through more than ten years of accumulation in the field of equipment, the business of wewon Tech is mainly divided into three fields, namely optical communication, automobile and new energy industry.Specialized equipment from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. includes thermal stream instrument, environmental chambers, walk in chamber, salt fog test chamber, vibration testing machine, xenon lamp aging tester, ultraviolet weather testing equipment, tensile testing machine and various IP protection level test equipment. The system characteristic of Wewon Tech thermal stream temperature test system as below technical parameters mentioned.

  • HSI Test Fixture

    TA-552 - Tech-Aid Products

    This test fixture provides the necessary panel controls, switching and cable pin-outs required to test the KPI-552/KPI-553/A series of HSI's as described in their respective maintenance manuals. This fixture will serve as the "Instrument Bench Tester" and does have the required differential resolvers and relay switching. Panel jacks are provided for the Heading, Course, RMI and ADF synchro sources that are external to this fixture. The use of external synchro sources serves to minimize the cost of this panel. Additional items incorporated on the panel are test jacks to monitor the meter drive voltage and current as well as a momentary switch to open the meter drive and this serves to verify sticky meter stops. The fixtures rear panel provides for all power inputs as well as an I/O connector if the shop desires to interface an external synchro panel.

  • Resistance Wire Bonding

    Electronic Systems of Wisconsin, Inc.

    ESW's Resistance Wire Bonding System comes equipped with the latest features the market has to offer. Our system is capable of bonding armatures, stators or coils. The on-screen display in our bonder makes it easy to read, track, and record your bonding data. If desired, ESW offers complete electrical testing of the part prior to the bonding sequence as well. This ensures only good parts that have been electrically tested are processed through bonding. It is our duty to make sure you never have to worry about losing important information again. Our Sales and Engineering staff will work closely with you to make sure that a bonding systems will meet your needs. See the slideshow below to see some of our Resistance Wire Bonding Testers.

  • Herbal Sensor

    CANNA Dx™ - CDx, Inc.

    Our first sensor, Canna, will enable you to identify the most important chemicals in cannabis and then relate them to how you feel when using that specific chemical combination. By using MyDx™ to detect THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid and Terpene ratios coupled with an extensive database of countless chemical combinations and their associated feelings, you will finally have the ability to find the best chemical profile that works for you all in one convenient, portable THC tester. By doing so, you also join a growing community of users that test and add new chemical combinations and related feelings each week. This is the perfect cannabis analyzer that allows you to do your own THC testing without the need to go to an expensive central laboratory.

  • SFP Based Fiber Optic Test Solution

    Eye-BERT Micro - Spectronix

    The Eye-BERT Micro is a low cost, easy to use, all-in-one SFP based fiber optic test solution offering high performance bit error rate testing at a fraction of the cost while providing a rich set of features not found in other bit error rate testers. Features include: variable bit rate, user programmable patterns, and optical power and temperature monitoring (per SFP capability). Additionally, with a click of a button, the Eye-BERT Micro will automatically test an SFP module based on the information it reads from the module and generate a detailed test report complete with manufacturer, part number, serial number, date code, fiber type, link length, speed, and test results. The Unit is supplied with anti-skid bumpers and is small enough to be integrated into larger systems for dedicated link verification.

  • ICT Software: Interactive Developmetn Encironment ICT ICE & ICT Sequencer

    ICT IDE and Sequencer - Konrad Technologies GmbH

    The ICT software consists of two parts, the interactive development environment ICT IDE and the ICT sequencer. The IDE provides a graphical user interface for convenient creation and testing of these test sequences and allows:- Convenient management of hardware resources via topology editor- Support of several independent embedded testers for parallel test execution- Editing sequences in a text or table editor- Error highlighting during sequencing- Sequence execution (also single step) directly on a selected DUT- Debugging (single step)- Loop execution via sequences, or single steps- Optimization function with regard to waiting time and integration with Shmoo plot- detailed results output within tables as well as various results diagrams- Pin-Finder function to support adapter wiring- Automatic test program generation is available via Aster Testway

  • Single Space Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

    WAW-F Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    WAW-F series single space Servo-Hydraulic Testing System Computerized is suitable for testing tension, compression and other strengths of various metallic or nonmetallic materials with high strength. The ultra-large testing space & dual-action actuator with longer stroke enable it to test not only standard specimen, but also longer ones with long elongation every so often. Equipped with the electronics, computer &software packages, it is capable of controlling the test procedures by the predetermined programs. The Servo-Hydraulic Testing System Computerized can also display, record, process and print the test results. The test curves can be drawn automatically in real time. The Servo-Hydraulic Tester of Single Space is easy to operate and is versatile in the applications of metallurgy manufacturers such as steel mills & alloy, reinforced bar, aircraft industry, research institutes, laboratories, calibration institutes etc.

  • Mechanical Creep and Rupture Testing Machine

    MRC Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    MRC series mechanical creep and rupture testing machine with single-lever structure is designed for long-term creep and stress rupture test applications. The series mechanical creep and rupture testing system is mainly for the metallic materials under room or elevated temperature according to GB/T2039, GB/T 20120, EN ISO 204-2009 and ASTM E139. The creep and rupture testing machine can also maintain constant loads for extended periods of time. Through the mechanical advantage of the lever arm loading system, constant loads can be maintained with a high degree of accuracy for long duration. This creep and rupture tester uses dead weights without continuous operation and the dependency of a mechanically powered drive. The creep and rupture testing system is an ideal equipment for metallurgy manufacturer, research institute, colleges and other relevant factories and mines.

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