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  • Functional Systems

    ValidATE - SEICA SpA

    Designed for electronics needs, keeping into account also the future implementations, the ValidATE system features complete test solutions for Legacy Replacement of systems like GR179X, GR275X, L200, L300, Schlumberger S7XX and other. The open and modular architecture of its hardware and software components makes the Valid technology available also in the solutions Valid MT, to meet the needs of STE system integrators, or to bring new electronics over old testers to replace the outdated.

  • Functional Testing Service

    test IO Inc.

    Shortchange functional testing at your own peril. We’d liken it to leaving a toddler alone in a room with matches, firecrackers, and an uncapped gas can — there’s a big risk that something will go “boom.” Functional testing makes sure it isn’t your recently released app or app update that is blasted. test IO provides the essential functional testing techniques your product requires and thousands of highly skilled testers to make sure it is ready for the next step.

  • Integrated 5G mmWave Test System

    IQgig-5G - LitePoint Corporation

    The IQgig-5G is a fully-integrated, non-signaling solution for testing 5G mmWave products at both the 28 GHz and 39 GHz frequency bands. All signal generation, analysis, and RF front-end routing hardware are self-contained inside a single chassis. The IQgig-5G is license-upgradeable to support the pre-5G and 3GPP standards evolution with up to 1 GHz of tester bandwidth. The IQgig-5G solution has three bi-directional source and measurement ports each with 2.92mm connector coaxial interface.

  • MBT 1000 Series

    MBT 1000 EUROSYSTEM | VP 610012 - Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.

    The MBT 1000 EUROSYSTEM roller brake tester is used to test the brakes of single and two-lane vehicles such as motorcycles, trikes and quads with a wheel load of up to 1.0 t. Due to its short roller spacing, it is also especially suitable for testing small two-wheelers. Its MAHA modular design enables an optional motorcycle clamping and holding device for the rear and front wheel, whose removable clamping jaws ensure simple and rim-friendly testing.

  • Neon Bar Checker

    9195 - TAKK Industries Incorporated

    TAKK?s Model 9195 Neon Bar Checker offers a quick and inexpensive means of determining if static eliminator bars are functioning. The conveniently small pen size unit indicates that each bar emitter is performing properly by the activation of a neon light signal. Static eliminator bars may malfunction due to transformer defects, shorts in the system, need to be cleaned, etc. The bar tester may be used with shockless or ?hot? static control equipment.

  • Scienlab Battery Test System – Cell Level

    SL113XA - Keysight Technologies

    The cell is the basis of any battery system and directly influences its function, performance and safety. Therefore, it is essential to test and characterize the cell at an early development stage. For this purpose, Keysight offers reliable test systems for precise and reproducible measurement results. The Cell Level Series (SL1002A, SL1003A SL1004A, SL1005A, SL1007A, SL1132A and SL1133A) — also known as Battery Cell Tester — emulates sink and source for battery cells for automotive and industrial applications.

  • TAP Signal Isolation Module

    JT 2139 - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2139 is a TAP signal isolation module designed for use in combinational test systems that utilise multiple instrument interfaces. To avoid parasitic capacitance effects and/or unwanted ground loops the JT 2139 can be used to completely galvanically isolate any JTAG Technologies boundary-scan controller from the remainder of the instrumentation system. JT 2139 isolators are a standard component of the JTAG Technologies ‘Symphony’ systems that integrate boundary-scan with In-Circuits Testers etc..

  • Test Services


    Mu-TEST sells a complete package including tester hardware, with electro-mechanical structure and its connectors, test instruments set, diagnostics and calibration loadboards, workstation, and software licenseIn addition, customer technical and application support for loadboard design and manufacturing, test program development, can also be managed either by MuTest directly, or via our network of partnersFinally, equipments maintenance contracts, both preventive and curative, can be contracted to one of the companies selected in our ecosystem

  • Torque Analyzers

    Mountz Inc.

    You can reduce the risk of lost product on the line or failures in the field by using Mountz torque analyzers to ensure consistent quality. We have analyzers designed for the most efficient pass/fail assessments, models that use an internal computer to measure and display results in research and quality management environments, and even ones that connect to external torque sensors. Whatever variety you need, our torque testers are designed to fit into your processes and production environment.

  • Water Quality Sensor

    AQUADX Upgrade Kit - CDx, Inc.

    The AquaDx hand held water quality tester is for anyone who has ever been concerned about the quality of their well water or drinking water, and wants to get their water tested. AquaDx will test for a broader range of chemicals in water than most water testing kits and works with water testing labs and technology developers to make sure you have access to water testing services to check for the safety of your drinking water.

  • RF Test System

    DVTest Inc.

    Test Engineering Services at DVTEST are here to help our customers reduce their total cost of test. The DVTEST test engineering department is staffed with experienced engineers and designers who have worked with countless individual customers to develop test methodologies for their specific requirements. This experience has allowed us to quickly and cost effectively analyze test coverage, evaluate the feasibility of generic testers, then define and develop test procedures which accelerate time to market.

  • AC Voltage Proving Units

    HLV-2 - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Designed to proof.   AC voltage detectors   AC voltage testers● Compact, handheld, and easy to carry and use.● Battery operated.● LED indicates when power is "ON".● Normal 4mm test leads.

  • AC Voltage Proving Units

    HLV-1 - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Designed to proof.   AC voltage detectors   AC voltage testers● Compact, handheld, and easy to carry and use.● Battery operated.● LED indicates when power is "ON".● Normal 4mm test leads.

  • AC Voltage Proving Units

    HLV-3 - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Designed to proof.   AC voltage detectors   AC voltage testers● Compact, handheld, and easy to carry and use.● Battery operated.● LED indicates when power is "ON".● Normal 4mm test leads.

  • Adjustable Test Stab Set

    ETI Precision

    The ETI adjustable test stab set may be used with your high-current circuit breaker testers to maximize efficiency and convenience for testing multiple breakers. Our stab system allows your technicians to test breakers in-place and avoid jacking breakers up or down for testing. By combining mobility and flexibility into one simple system, this stab set is a proven improvement over conventional designs. The components in the adjustable stab set are made of 120 pounds of 110 copper.

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