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  • Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyzers For Natural Gas

    Process Sensing Technologies

    Michell Instruments’ online hydrocarbon dew point analyzers and portable hydrocarbon dew point tester provide essential quality measurements for natural gas at custody transfer. Helping pipeline operators to avoid custody transfer disputes which frequently result in shut-ins due to today’s tighter contractual limits, the analyzers also provide assurance that the risk of damage from entrained hydrocarbon liquids or methane hydrates is reduced.

  • Automatic Test System

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    Automatic Test system is the ultimate solution for power electronic testing. The system includes a wide range of hardware choice such as AC/DC Sources, Electronic Loads, DMM, Oscillate Scope, Noise Analyzer and Short /OVP Tester. This flexibility combined with its open architecture software platform-PowerPro III, gives users a flexible, powerful and cost effective test system for almost all types of power supply testing.

  • Component Test


    Our innovative multi-function Electrical Component Testers have advanced functions such as voltage power control feed to activate components like radiator fan, headlights, horn, actuators, etc. and the sensor simulator can provide simulation of voltage signals, frequencies, square waves & duty signals with varying intensity to test the feasibility of good sensor signals in comparison to bad ones when troubleshooting vehicle electrical faults.

  • Flashpoint

    Grabner Instruments

    The MINIFLASH is a uniquely designed flash point tester for the determination of flashpoints of liquids and solids, using the GRABNER INSTRUMENTS flash point detection method of measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber due to a hot flame. The MINIFLASH flashpoint analyzer series is a new approach to flash point testing. It revolutionizes traditional methods, when it comes to safety, sample volume, speed and instrument size.

  • Hydraulic Test Systems


    Genuen specializes in hydraulic test stands, including component tests, pumps, motors, valves, actuators, fatigue, load frames, and burst testers. As an industry leader in custom test systems, we focus on hydraulic solutions that leverage off-the-shelf technologies for mechanical subsystems and components. Our hydraulic test equipment has been deployed in aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial, commercial, and many other industries.

  • Fixed Attenuators

    ZTS Technologies Co., Ltd

    Coaxial fixed attenuators are used for absorbing energy of transmission line, expanding power range and controlling power level, they are also used in accurately measuring power or spectrum of RF microwave transmitters accompany with small power meter, comprehensive tester or spectrum analyzer.ATS serial coaxial fixed attenuators featured with wide frequency band, low VSWR, flat attenuation value, excellent capacity in anti-pulse and anti-burnout etc.

  • Motor & Drive Troubleshooting Kit

    Extech MG302-MTK - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The Extech MG302-MTK Motor and Drive Troubleshooting Kit includes three compact tools for troubleshooting three phase motors and drives. The first tool in the kit is the MG302, a 13 Function Wireless True RMS Multimeter/Insulation Tester featuring 125 V, 250 V, 500 V, and 1000 V test voltages. It also features insulation resistance from 0.001 MOhm to 4000 MOhm, auto discharge of capacitive voltage, a lock power on function for hands free operation, data hold, min/max, relative mode, auto power off and more at a CAT IV 600 V safety rating. The second tool is the 480403 Motor Rotation and Three Phase Tester that features a double molded, durable housing and CAT III 600 V safety rating. The third tool in this kit is the MA435T 400 A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with a built in non-contact voltage detector, 10 functions and a CAT III 600 V safety rating.

  • Satellite Meters

    Wuhan Sunma Technology Co., Ltd.

    Satellite Meter is a dedicated instrument for the direct version of the program using ST-Tech, integrated market-seeking Satellite, launched digital search Satellite.Satellite lock accurate, not false positives or missing signals, just listen to the sound of a few seconds can rapidly lock signal frequency. SunmaFiber provide all kinds of CATV meters, such as Signal Level Meter, QAM Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, DVB/DVC/DVT Analyzer and other TV testers.

  • Test System

    IP750 - Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne's IP750 series dominates the image sensor tester market with its superior performance and low cost of test. The IP750 delivers high throughput and high parallel test efficiency, broad device test coverage from CCD and CIS, analog and digital capture, and concurrent image sensor and logic testing. In addition, Teradyne's IG-XL software environment provides easy, shorter test program development and easy maintenance.

  • Battery Cell Testing Equipment

    Xiamen WinAck Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

    The battery cycle life tester is a high-precisionsystem designed specifically for the battery cell charge and discharge testing.It is suitable for the battery cell cycle test, battery cell charge anddischarge aging test, battery cell performance test, battery cell capacitydetection test, battery cell IR test, deep-discharging test, function test ofhigh-power lithium-ion battery cells, such as EV battery module, ES batterymodule, super capacitor…

  • QT Enterprise Software

    Vitrek Corporation

    Procedures stored via QT Enterprise can be recalled via a barcoded scan to enable fast and accurate setup. In situations where multiple test points are involved, the software can interface with Vitrek’s 964i High Voltage Switching Systems, operating in conjunction with V7X & 95X Hipot Testers to further automate the process. For complex setups, QT Enterprise can display detailed instructions and images to the operator to ensure proper connections prior to testing.

  • Single column automated force test stand up to 500 pounds

    701SN - Com-Ten Industries

    The advanced 701 Universal Test System is ball screw driven test stands, excellent for affordable, precision tensile and compression testing of a wide variety of materials or products up to 500 pounds.This variable speed tester has increased speed ranges and include adjustable travel limit switches. With the unique dual testing area, users can setup for two tests, tensile and/or compression, without having to switch out fixtures.

  • Optical Loss Test Set

    KI23424OL-INGAAS-APC - Kingfisher International

    A Quad Two-Way Optical Loss Test set / OLTS fiber tester that's perfect for medium to ultra high fiber count loss, length & optical return loss testing applications on both multimode and single mode fiber with APC connectors on both ports at 850 / 1330nm 1310/1550 nm. A pair of these compact SM & MM instruments set new standards of productivity, ultra-stable source accuracy and ease of use.

  • Pattern Generator

    S-113 - Notice

    The Pattern Generator slot module of FOTS system is an efficient module for the characterization and test of external optical components and systems to be performed in high bit rate. This module is a kind of pattern generator and bit error rate tester that can be used to modulate optical components or systems and to test the bit error rate characteristics of optical systems or optical lines. This pattern generator slot includes two differential Tx/Rx channels, which can be operated simultaneously.

  • Wearables Testing Service

    test IO Inc.

    With test IO, professionals around the world perform wearables testing under real-life conditions — wearing devices and using your apps at home, while they’re exercising, and in situations where connectivity isn’t a given. We identify testers with the right profile and devices, then coordinate with you to test the right combination of hardware and software. Wearables testing can include functional and usability testing, so you can ship to your users with confidence.

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