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    MD-1035e - MEGABRAS srl

    The Megabras MD-1035e is a smart, microprocessor-controlled, 1 kV insulation tester. Besides the conventional measurement of insulation resistances up to 1 TΩ, its advanced features allow to automatically measure both the Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Index, thus significantly simplifying testing of transformers.

  • Textile Testing Equipment

    Gester Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture and supply a wide range of textile testing equipments. Our machines all meet with: ISO, ASTM, AATCC, BS, EN, DIN, JIS and other requireable standards. Yarn, Fiber and fabric testers. Strength, Abrasion, pilling, flammability fatigue, peeling, appearance, etc. testing.

  • Cable Scanner

    MI 2014 - Metrel d.d.

    Cable Scanner is easy to use LAN tester with wide variety of functions for fault finding and troubleshooting on IT cabling connections. TDR facility with adjustable NVP allows determination of distance to the fault or cable length measurement. Acoustic generator combined with a receiver enables pair determination in multi-pair cables.

  • High Voltage Surge Current Monitors

    HVSCM - Test Electronics

    Designed to be used with the Model HVST High Voltage Surge tester. The Surge Current Monitor allows simultaneously surge testing 20 units. The Surge Current Monitor monitors the current going through each unit under test at the time of the surge. If a unit under test breaks down or leaks, the Surge Current Monitor will identify the bad unit by lighting the corresponding LED. The most important features of the surge tester are its ability to test the entire winding insulation system. A high voltage surge generates turn to turn, coil to coil, and phase to phase voltage stress, as well as ground insulation stress. When used as a dielectric test, accurate voltage readings are essential. The HV Surge Tester monitors the voltage directly across the winding under test. In production testing we expect that most of the time the devices will pass. In the event that one should fail, the failed device would be removed and then all the parts would have ot undergo another surge test. Since most devices pass most of the time, simultaneous surge testing can be a real time saver.

  • Fiber Optic Loopback MTP

    Anfkom International Co.,Limited

    Anfkom can provide single mode and multimode MTP MPO fiber optic loopbacks. MTP/APC Singlemode loopbacks, and MTP/UPC Multimode loopbacks using high quality US Conec MTP connectors for the highest quality polish and lowest insertion loss. All fiber modes including 9/125, 50/125, 62.5/125. Our MPO MTP loopbacks in standard configurations such as for QSFP modules for a QSFP MTP loopback tester. Custom MPO MTP loopbacks are also available for any configuration. Call or e-mail us about custom MTP MPO loopbacks- we can make any custom configuration you need for your custom MTP loopback needs.

  • Fineliner

    MicroContact AG

    The parallel tester Fineliner enables two-sided contact with fne structures. Withvisual detection of both substrate sides and corresponding adapter position correction≥ 300μm test points can be contacted. The rigid needle adapter with a pitch of ≥ 400μmalso allows a high contact density. This results in a large test depth on the substrate.The integrated DMC reader ensures a correct test result assignment. Multiple PCB canbe tested step by step through in the X-direction of the Fineliner, further eliminatingsubstrate tolerances in the X-direction, and enabling more cost-effective adapters andmeasurement techniques. A quick-release system with identifable replacement kitsensures safe and quick retooling.The measuring technology can be defned customer-specifcally. There are 2040 pyloninterface points per side.

  • Moisture analyzer

    MOIST-41 - MRC ltd.

    Max Sample 18 samples (Inherent moisture)9 samples (total mo moisture)Sample Weight (0.9-1.1)g for moisture content on airdried basis; (10-12)g for total moistureFurnace Temperature 105C t0 110CTemp. Control Precision 3CAnalysis Time (20-40)minPower Requirement 220V(-15%-10%), 50HzMax Power 1.5kwSize / Net weight 542x506x564mm / 53kgStandard Layout Moisture Tester / Lenovo PC(Desktop) / PrinterISO117722 Solid mineral fuels Hard coal Determination ofmoisture in the general analysis test sample by drying innitrogen ASTM D5142-09 Standard Test Method forProximate Analysis of the Analysis Sample of CoalGB/T212-2008 Standard

  • Relay Buddy PRO Test Kit

    191 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    Relay Buddy is a quick go / no-go tester for the most common automotive relays. With the included adapters, Relay Buddy now tests 5 different relay types and also tests shielded relays. Relay Buddy provides you with an indication of the general health and functioning of the relay switch contacts and coil. It will check the control side of the relay by applying a signal to the relay coil while it checks for proper functioning of the relay contacts. Relay Buddy operates the relay several times during each test session as it watches for consistency in every cycle. Relay Buddy will fail the relay and light the RED LED if any one of the cycles proves unsuccessful during the test session.

  • Automated Wafer Prober for Magnetic Devices and Sensors

    Hprobe Company

    Hprobe design and fabricate turnkey automated testing equipment (ATE) for electrical characterization and testing of integrated circuits under magnetic field such as MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memory) and sensors. In each phase of the technology and product development as well as during mass manufacturing, a dedicated magnetic tester is available.

  • Network Test LanCaster Pro ST

    4404800 - BI Communications

    The NEW Lancaster Pro-ST is a low-cost wire map tester which tests and certifies structured cabling continuity to a TIA568A/B, USOC and ISDN standards. The new Lancaster Pro-ST displays on screen wiring configurations showing the length of all 4 pairs and length of pair to fault up to 150m (500ft).

  • Flight Line Armament Test System

    SST - BAE Systems Inc.

    The Stores System Tester (SST) is a ruggedized flight line armament test system that enables real-time diagnostic analysis. U.S forces need to perform alternate mission equipment (AME) troubleshooting and diagnostic analysis on the flight line. BAE Systems' SST provides this capability in a one-person portable package.

  • Bi-Polar low voltage power supply board

    LVPS - Tech-Aid Products

    This is our standard power supply board used in many of our testers but also available separately. This board is capable of +/-15v, +10 and +5v outputs. Also contained on board is our standard meter drive circuitry for testing instrument meters, a two-pole relay and an option for a sine/cosine oscillator circuit.

  • On-Line Electric Motor Analyzer

    EMAX - PdMA Corporation

    The EMAX tester allows for proactive predictive maintenance without requiring a shutdown of the motors for access. The power and convenience of dynamic testing collects data without interrupting production processes. The EMAX can be used for process analysis with motor current signature analysis and also provides voltage, power, and efficiency data.

  • Portable Power System

    VAP2000 - VA Technology Co. Ltd.

    VAP1000-II portable power system is a portable emergency power supply system specially developed by our company using high-capacity lithium-ion battery system for power operation and maintenance. It can provide emergency and standby power supply for automation devices such as protection devices and commissioning tools such as relay protection tester.

  • Pod/Nest Fixtures

    Test Head Engineering, LLC

    Nest and Pod Fixtures are used to test components and sub-assemblies. They typically are built in an array and the devices under test are subjected to tests that simulate operating conditions or life-cycle testing.  Test Head Engineering is experienced in providing nest and pod testers that meet the connectivity, ergonomic and mechanical requirements of component testing.

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