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  • COM Express® Type 2 Reference Carrier Board in ATX Form Factor

    Express-BASE - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    The COM Express approach of custom carrier combined with off the shelf system cores is an excellent solution when you need to customize but lack the time or quantity for a complete redesign. It fits most system integration projects with production volumes from 500 to 10,000 pcs per year. The COM Express concept has a great many advantages over full custom designs, it reduces engineering complexity, lowers the threshold for total project quantity and last but not least brings your product to the market in no time. The average time to design a carrier board is less than half the time of a full custom OEM board.

  • Compact Optical Spectrum Analyzer

    WaveAnalyzer 100S - Finisar Corporation

    The WaveAnalyzer 100S Compact Optical Spectrum Analyzer is a small, lightweight instrument which has been designed for spectral measurements on advanced optical communication systems in R&D and manufacturing. The WaveAnalyzer 100S uses a coherent measurement technique which provides two measurements per second across the entire C-band of optical communications with a measurement resolution of 1.8 GHz. It is operated using Finisar's established WaveAnalyzer Graphical User Interface (GUI), which provides analysis functions like Optical Signal to Noise Ration (OSNR) measurement and WDM analysis. A full programming interface is provided for integration into automated test systems.

  • CoolMaster

    1000D - Dimax

    CoolMaster 1000D is versatile bridge device connecting Daikin VRV Air Conditioning systems and any RS232 or USB capable device like Home PC, Embedded PC or Home Automation Controller. Exposing simple interface over RS232 communication line or USB bus, CoolMaster gains user application full control on indoor units and provides access to VRV system parameters. In other words CoolMaster hides complexity of internal Daikin Communication line (including very unique physical layer) and instead gives simple, comprehensive, well documented protocol running on popular RS232 or USB connection.

  • FlowControl-Lab

    Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

    Periodically filtered measurements allow for high-accuracy differential measurements of particle propertiesElectrically-actuated three-way ball valve allows flow to be bypassed through submicron filter cartridge before instrumentationIncludes valve, power supply, controller, one paddlewheel flow sensor, cables, and Windows softwareValve position indicatorFlow sensor data indicates proper system functioning, filter fouling and are used for post-processing and QCRemovable flow sensor windows for flow visualization, cleaning and servicingSoftware allows for valve scheduling, manual setting of valve position and logs flow rates and system state to hourly ASCII filesRugged construction for use in laboratory, ship-board, or dock-side applications

  • GNSS Modeling And Simulation

    CAST Navigation

    CAST Navigation’s GNSS simulation systems produce GNSS RF signals that provide a precise and repeatable testing signal, perfect for use either in the field or in the laboratory environment.  These systems can be used for a wide range of testing and integration verification applications and they are an ideal choice for stimulating military or commercial devices where only GNSS signals are needed.  Our simulators are powered by proprietary multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS RF signal generation technology.  This technology provides you with highly accurate and fully programmable signals along with advanced vehicle trajectory capabilities allowing you to custom tailor parameters and trajectories to meet your simulation requirements.

  • Handheld OTDR

    JW3302B - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3302B handheld OTDR is a new generation of intelligent optical measuring instrument designed for the optical fiber communication system testing by JOINWIT.This product is mainly used to measure the parameters of optical fibers and cables, such as length, loss, and connection quality, etc.; it can realize the accurate positioning of event points and fault points, and can be widely used in the construction, maintenance testing and emergency repair of the optical fiber communication systems as well as the research, production and production measurement of optical fibers and cables and so on. This product can provide you with the highest performance of solutions for installation and construction of fiber optic network construction and the subsequent fast and efficient maintenance and troubleshooting testing.

  • Hillgus for Windows™

    Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger Ultrasonic-Techniques

    *Fast imaging with A-, B-, C-, and D- scans*(A-scan-software) and for ultrasonic imaging (generating of Full-wave-scan option*Hillgus controls the HFUS 2XXX-, HILL-SCAN 3XXX- and all USPC XXXX- systems *Easy to handle, shortcut- and menu- driven functions *Hillgus for Windows™ is the digital high resolution and fast data acquisition package for evaluation of A-scans 1 (A-scan-software) and for ultrasonic imaging (generating of C-, D-, and B-scans). *Hillgus for Windows™ controls ADC-boards up to 5 GSamples. *Hillgus for Windows™ combines the control of motion and of ultrasonic systems, serves to data acquisition and data analyses.

  • Image Sensor/Fingerprint-on-Display Testing


    Enli Tech provides the most advanced optical and non-destructive inspection technology, which can de-convolute the digital images back to the analog properties, such as quantum efficiency, spectral response, system gain K, Dynamic Range (DR), PRNU, DRNU, Linearity Error LE, and Chief-Ray-Angle (CRA). The testing solution can be applied to CCD and CMOS image sensors in aerospace, defense, and scientific camera field. Image sensor packages that can be tested by Enli Tech’s systems include bare wafers, dies, chips, or camera modules. Our image sensor testers can help users reduce the sensor-modules or camera-modules development time and RD budget.

  • Impedance Meter, Audio, 200Ω, 2KΩ and 20KΩ scales

    72-6948 - Tenma

    Active device is essential for reliable installation of background music and paging systems in residences, offices buildings and public areas. Avoid costly service calls and amplifier damage by verifying actual speaker system impedance prior to operation. Unlike conventional volt/ohm meters, which measure DC resistance, this unit utilizes an internal 1KHz oscillator to measure true impedance. Accurately measure speaker lines that utilize impedance matching volume controls, switchers, transformers and passive crossovers. Because this unit accurately measures up to 20Kohm, it may also be utilized with 25V, 50V, 70V, and 100V speaker line transformers in commercial installations.

  • Inverters

    Analytic Systems

    Analytic Systems has been producing Pure Sinewave Inverters since 1994. Originally designed for running navigation computers on commercial and fishing vessels, the line has evolved into a range of models with power outputs from 300 to 3600 watts featuring Digital Signal Processor control. High power MosFet technology creates a low voltage Sinewave that is fed into a compact toroidal step-up transformer to produce a very clean low EMI AC output. Northrup Grumman evaluated inverters from all major manufacturers and chose the IPSi series by Analytic Systems for their Army portable command centers for precisely this reason.

  • IPTV Monitoring and Test Solutions

    Net-x TVMS - NET Research Corp.

    The NET-xTVMS is a system of specialized computer probes networked to the enterprise server and clients. The probes, strategically located at the hub sites next to edge routers and edge QAMs, continuously monitor IPTV QoS with MPEG-TS transport metrics of SPTS and MPTS multicast streams as well as DVB-C MPTS streams. The NET-xTVMS is scalable from 1 to 1000 probes. Several types of probes are available to suit many different monitoring applications. Metrics are collected at the probes and alarms are sent to the server once they exceed predefined thresholds. A system wide alarm matrix, alarm logs and periodic metrics for each location can then be viewed via Internet on client computers.



    The IPMT-3 is a precision attenuator used to test IP video systems to insure that you have an adequate digital signal margin. Digital signal margin is the amount of signal level above the digital cliff that you have in your system to prevent a picture failure from occurring. IP cameras will give you a perfect picture until the network cable loss reaches beyond the minimum allowable signal level and then you suddenly get no picture at all. This effect is called the digital cliff, because like walking off of a cliff, everything is great till you take the last step off the edge and then all is lost.

  • L-Band Separate Raman Fiber Amplifier

    RFA6000 - Hangzhou Huatai Optic Tech. Co., Ltd.

    1. Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier, due to the multiple cascades and the accumulation of noise caused by spontaneous emission, will reduce the system CNR greatly and thus it will limit the transmission capacity and distance of the system. Raman Fiber Amplifier (RFA) is a newly designed fiber amplifier based on Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) effect. It is considered as the core technology of new generation DWDM fiber over-long communication. Compared with Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier, Raman amplifier has the advantage of low Noise Figure (NF), wider gain bandwidth, flexible gain spectral region and stable temperature. It is the only device that can operate in 1300~1600 nm.

  • Load Cells

    WIM Systems, llc

    Load cells are electronic weight sensors whose purpose is to receive the electrical excitation caused by a certain weight applied to the scale or balance and transmit it to a weight indicator . The load cell is an essential component in any scale or electronic balance and they come in different models and specifications. A Wim load cell is essential for a weighing system where precision, durability and a fair price are required. WIM-Systems manufactures a wide variety of load cell models, one for each need, in addition to offering all the advice you need to choose the model that best meets the particular needs of your weighing system and always backed by WIM-Systems quality and technology.

  • L.V. Power Capacitors

    Entes Elektronik

    LV power capacitors are circuit elements which compensate the inductive reactive loads on a system. Being able to connect and disconnect up to 100 times a day in accordance with load variations in automatic reactive power compensation systems really speaks for the quality and endurance and capacitors. Upon connection/disconnection instances, currents which have higher values than the nominal value may occur on reactive power compensation capacitors. ENTES ENT.C series power capacitors are designed to withstand the severe and poor conditions which may shorten the operating life during reactive power compensation. This endurance is the result of advanced engineering and long-term test procedures.

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