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A controlled reference or acknowledged technical criterion.

See Also: IEC, IEEE, Mil

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  • Spring Stiffness Testing Machine

    STB Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    STB Computer Control Spring Stiffness Testing Machine Under Axial and Lateral Load is to measure the displacement stiffness of spring under both axial and lateral load, complying with the standard EN13298 Railway applications - Suspension components - Helical suspension springs, steel. The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine measures both axial and lateral stiffness of spring, displacement for both lateral and axial, both loads, offset angle etc. The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine is an ideal testing equipment for spring of chuck and train.

  • Programmable & Single Channel - DC (Power Supply)

    PPS-3635 - Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    The PPS-3635 is a single output, 126W Output, programmable linear DC power supply. OVP and OCP hardware protection, compliance to major safety standards such as UL, CSA, and IEC, ensures a high level of safety and reliability. The remote sense adds extra level of precision by compensating cable losses between loads. The SCPI command set and LabVIEW driver access through GPIB interface provide remote control and ATE software development. The flexible PPS-3635 is ideal for high-level applications requiring high precision and an extra level of safety

  • 1 Gbps, 20 Channel, LVDS Digital I/O Adapter Module

    NI-6589 / 783888-01 - NI

    1 Gbit/s, Kintex-7 FPGA Support, 20 LVDS-Channel Digital Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO—The NI-6589 is a digital I/O adapter module that, when combined with a PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO or the Controller for FlexRIO, creates a digital instrument for interfacing with 20 low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) digital pins. A digital I/O adapter module for FlexRIO can be used to do real-time interfacing of standard protocols and implement customized protocols. The NI-6589 can sample digital waveforms at up to 1 GHz and includes support for common LVDS voltages.

  • Wideband BIAS-Ts

    Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

    The RF operation bandwidth extends from 100 kHz up to 8500 MHz. The current sink of each channel is adjustable in the range 0…400 mA in 0.5 mA steps. The phantom supply voltage may vary in the range 1.5 V up to 15 V. Integrated voltmeters enable themeasurement of the phantom voltages of each channel under load conditions.Based to the high bandwidth, the high current and voltage range, the system is suitable in routine tests of infotainment components for all common broadcast, cellular radio and wireless standards.

  • Photometer & Colorimeter Solutions

    Photo Research, Inc

    Fully automated filter photometer available today. We''ve automated the measuring apertures (5 standard sizes), the filter turrets, the measuring (zero) shutter and viewing (eyepiece) shutter. All of these features are controlled by an on-board computer and are accessed via 8 push buttons on the integral control panel. After setting up the measurement from menus on the 4 x 20 back lit LCD display, making a measurement is as easy as pushing a button. The corrected measurement value (e.g. luminance) is automatically displayed following the measurement. T

  • Software

    Vortex Data Distribution Service | DDS - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ADLINK DDS is a ubiquitous data sharing software framework based on the open and proven DDS standard that supports a wide range of device technologies, operating systems and programming languages. Combining deterministic data delivery, system-wide data sharing and support for data analytics, ADLINK DDS helps system integrators, OEMs, device platform vendors and Cloud service providers (SaaS, PaaS and DaaS) deliver software solutions for many vertical markets, including: Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Robotics, Healthcare,  Transportation / Automotive and Industrial Automation.

  • ISA Digital IO Board

    MS 1804 - Meltronics Systemtech

    *Discrete Input / Output 48 Channels*TTL Pulse measurement channels (Timers / Counters) 12 Channels*TTL Pulse Generation 12 Channels*Bi-directional Bus 16 Bit*The Pulse Generation Frequency from 10Hz to 40MHz*The no. of pulses controlled from 1 to 255 pulses*All Channels are compatible with 5V TTL / CMOS*All the pulse input and the output signals and Bi-directional write signals driven through Pin Driver*Standard ISA Bus Interface*Driver interface for Windows2000/XP/VISTA and LINUX OS

  • Satellite ATE

    MS 1123 - Meltronics Systemtech

    Configurable Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) MKII is a customized tester, built to carry out card level testing for satellite systems (12 different types of boards). The purpose of ATE is to provide a user-friendly environment to test the boards for their functionality, perform specific tests of each card. The card level testing facilitates troubleshooting down to a faulty signal flow path. Both hardware and software designed such a way that each Input / Output is configurable and user can dynamically script the test procedure using standard ‘C’ Language.

  • Voltage Stabilizer

    MS 7643 - Meltronics Systemtech

    VSTAB is a voltage stabilizer, regulates the incoming supply +28V voltage into the required +15V. The electrical specifications meets MIL704 standard. Over load and short circuit protections are provided. Voltage stabilizer Module is a part of shipborne unit and it is meant for ensuring the power supply of the devices of this unit when fed from DC mains with nominal voltage of 28 V and variations of voltages from minimum 16V to maximum 32 V. The power consumption is 45 watts. The module is subjected to Qualification Tests as per MIL-STD-810G.

  • Analog Multiplexer Board

    104-AIM-32 - Acces I/O Products, Inc.

    The 104-AIM-32 is an analog signal multiplexer conforming to the PC/104 standard. The card will multiplex and condition 16 differential or 32 single-ended analog signals before passing them to an analog-to-digital converter card like the 104-AIO12-8. A system may comprise one to seven of these cards in tandem with one 104-AIO12-8 A/D converter board. The 104-AIM-32 card may be used as part of a large data acquisition system. The 104-AIM-32A Kit consists of one 104-AIM-32 and one 12-bit 8-input A/D board.

  • Network Tester

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Compact 3½-digit multimeter, developed according to the CAT III 600 V standard with integrated LAN network tester. In addition to the extensive measurement functions for voltage, current and resistance, this model has a fast-reacting continuity test with an acoustic signal and the possibility of performing diode tests. This combination measuring device is a very practical test device that easily shows the correct pin assignment of network cables by comparing a transmitter with the corresponding cable receiver using an LED. Trouble-free checking of cable passage, open, short and cross connect is possible.

  • Electrical Safety Test Equipment

    IBEKO Power AB

    Making a product “safe” requires an understanding of “hazards” that exist in each electrical product. Electrical shock is one of the four fundamental hazards. Because of that, it must be a part of any product electrical safety evaluation. Even though a product requires an electrical power source and uses electrical or electronic components, it should not present an electrical shock hazard to the user.Ground bond or earth continuity testing prevents electrical shock hazards. Similarly to a fault to earth, test instruments generate a high current. The standard requires that the resistance between protective earth and any conductive surface on the equipment does not exceed 0,1 Ohm. The test is performed by applying a DC current between the conductive surface and protective earth. By measuring the voltage drop, it calculates the resistance.RMO-E instruments are ideal for testing the protective bonding (grounding) of equipment following the standard IEC 61010-1. Applying current up to the value of 100 A and the ability to provide in the Contin menu (continuous operation) test current for the pre-set test duration (equal or exceeding 1 min) gives a user a possibility to easily check the protective bonding/grounding of the equipment. The full load voltage of 12 V assures proper measurement and accurate result. Finally, an instrument displays pass/fail classification according to user-preset parameters.

  • Advanced solar charge controller with 48V/96V/120V/192VV/240V/360V

    SDC360V-100A - Zhejiang Sandi Electric Co., Ltd

    The solar charge controller is the intelligent devicewith integration of controlling . It has good running performance with LCD display and convenient operation. Also have multi protection functions such as over-charge, over-discharge protection, and pole-confusion protection for storage battery. The controller is adopted PWM charging mode. It has day and night two type working mode with high reliable and safe operation, high efficiency, long service life functions.Technical Features:The solar charge controller adopts industrial-grade chips to ensure the stable feature of controllerExcellent EMC designHigh efficient PWM charging technology which has three charging stages (buck charging stage, equalize charging stage and float charging stage), and improves battery storage efficiency and charging efficiency.Advanced battery activation technology which increases battery lifetime 30% at least and improves the system performanceThe 120a solar charge controller adopts imported IGBT power module or MOSFET as electronic switch which can improve the stable performance of controller. There aren’t any mechanical switches in the systemLCD will display the system status and working parametersParameters setting flexiblyUsers can parallel connect lots of the controller is a systemFully enclosed duct design and high speed fan for cooling making the controller working in a variety of harsh environmentsDC output function (Optional)Standard Modbus protocol for RS-485 communication to extend the communication distance (Optional)The 120a solar charge controller will alarm when the system status is abnormalNew SOC method displays battery power accuratelyWith power generation statistics function to facilitate the view of power generation of daily, month and totalThere is temperature compensation function which will compensate the temperature according to different battery typeThe 120a solar charge controller adopts graphical dot-matrix LCD and 4 buttons as HMI for full menu and easy operationRTC time functionWall mounting type is easy for installation

  • Portable Dew Point Monitor

    1500 - Edgetech Instruments

    The Model 1500 is a self contained system; not only is there no field assembly required, there’s no need to carry around a myriad of individual components such as control boxes, sensors, cables, pumps, and power cords. Simply attach the sample line, adjust the flow (with the integral flow meter) and turn on the power. Within minutes you’ll be collecting field dew point data with the same chilled mirror accuracy of a lab standard hygrometer. And with a nominal battery life of 12 hours, you will be able to collect for the entire shift or spot check your processes for several days.

  • Halo Automatic Testing System

    Fortress Technology Inc.

    Our revolutionary Halo system is an automatic metal detector testing device. It is designed to automatically test ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel samples on all Fortress metal detectors. Automatic testing saves time, money, labor, along with removing the risk of human error and work place injury at critical control points on a manufacturing line while complying with industry standards. The Halo system is ideal for applications where manual testing of a metal detector is made difficult due to access, position, access to the product flow, environmental conditions, etc.