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small stick of explosives.

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  • Software

    TDAS ControlĀ  - DTS, Inc.

    TDAS Control is the original set-up, control, viewing and export software developed by DTS. TDAS Control provides easy-to-use tools for configuring output timing, as well as advanced features such as automatic sensor assignment, detailed channel diagnostics, real-time display and squib fire for airbag testing. TDAS Control only works with TDAS G5 and TDAS PRO.

  • Current Pulsers and Laser Diode Drivers (Pulsed Current)

    Avtech Electrosystems, Ltd.

    These instruments generate current pulses whose amplitude is largely independent of the load voltage. This makes them ideal for pulsing device whose voltage may vary with time (for instance, the voltage drop of laser diodes may vary with temperature, or explosive squibs which change impedance during ignition). This voltage independence is a trade-off with speed. If faster rise times are required, consider using pulsed voltage instruments instead.

  • High Current Generators

    Quantum Composers

    Quantum Composers is a recognized industry leader for Current Pulsers and Firesets. We specifically design our units for use in pyrotechnic applications such as Aerospace, Defense, Propulsion, and Automotive Safety and Squib testing. Our current generators are used throughout the world in demanding and harsh testing environments where quality, reliability, and safety are paramount. We are also an excellent replacement and upgrade solution for legacy equipment.

  • Igniter Testers


    Igniter Tester is a failsafe and portable digital ohmmeter specifically designed for ultra-safe resistance testing on squibs, flares, bridge-wire, and other explosive devices. The 620A-4 ohmmeter has been approved by the USAF Non-Nuclear Munitions Safety Board for usage on all non-nuclear munitions, and independently certified to meet Mil. Std. 810 Mtd. 511 for usage in fuel-filled environments. Due to its intense self-safety design and numerous certifications, the 620A-4 failsafe ohmmeter is the industry standard for military programs in need of igniter testing.

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