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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • PXI BRIC4 FIBO Matrix Dual 124x4 2pin Brkout

    40-592A-014 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 40-592A FIBO (Fault Insertion Break-Out) Matrix Module is a large-scale high density switching matrix based on the Pickering BRIC format. The fault insertion BRICs are designed for applications requiring the simulation of a variety of faults in complex, high pin count, applications involving sensors and control units. Typical faults that can be simulated are open-circuits, short circuits to ground or battery, or short-circuits between input/output lines. Typical applications are in automotive and aerospace industries which involve safety or mission critical systems that have to behave predictably when cabling or sensor faults occur.

  • Enhanced Vision Systems

    Elbit Systems of America®

    Elbit Systems of America’s Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) solution uses intuitive 3D grid symbology along with a helmet tracker to provide critical helicopter/tilt-rotor cues during brownout operations. This system, which is an upgrade to the head-up display installed on many military helicopters, removes weight or drag penalties by eliminating nose-mounted sensors. The helmet tracker provides numerous ancillary benefits such as depicting the other pilot’s Line of Sight (LOS) for improved crew coordination, as well as providing the ability to slew weapons or optical payloads to the pilot’s LOS, hands-free and heads-up.

  • Long Range Thermal Imaging Surveillance System

    Ranger HRC - Teledyne FLIR

    The Ranger HRC is a high-resolution mid-wave thermal imaging system built around a large format 640x480 array and a choice of powerful continuous-zoom telescopes. While the Ranger HRC is available in its standalone, environmentally hardened enclosure, it can also include and optional high-magnification CCD-TV camera, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and an integrated, gyro-stabilized, pan/tilt mechanism that provides precise target geo-location capability. Operators can field Ranger HRC as a portable stand-alone system, or integrate it into a network of fixed-site sensors via its suite of plug-and-play interface options.

  • Equipment & Vision Systems for Surveillance & Defense Applications

    Exosens Group

    Photonis equipment systems are designed with Photonis sensors and cameras, while providing ease-of-use for in-depth image capture and analysis. These low light imaging systems are specifically developed with Night Vision, Observation & surveillance, Situation Awareness in mind.Two main equipments are proposed: the TacFusion is a handheld binocular combining low light camera core and thermal imaging sensor and the SR750 is a long range surveillance camera with powerful zoom and adapted ergonomics for rapid deployment. Both devices can be used for surveillance applications (police law-enforcement, borders and infrastructure surveillance) as well as SAR operations.

  • Cameras

    Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    Excelitas offers the broadest portfolio of scientific, industrial and specialized imaging camera systems on the market. Equipped with CCD, iCCD, CMOS, sCMOS or InGaAs sensors, our PCO imaging cameras have helped customers achieve successful and reliable measurements over three decades. We also design and manufacture a range of medium and long range thermal cameras covering the MWIR and LWIR wavebands which leverage our proven pedigree in designing and manufacturing high performance optical modules and cameras for demanding surveillance, targeting, naval and C-UAS applications.

  • RF Proximity Detector

    Type RPD-2 AND Type RPD-2A - National RF, Inc

    The Type RPD-2 Radio Frequency (RF) Proximity Detector is designed to detect and locate devices that radiate radio waves in the high frequency to low microwave frequency range. Such devices often include surveillance and “spy” equipment. The Type RPD-2, when used with the different sensors, will detect the emanation of the radio wave within a confined area, and then isolate its location to within approximately a square foot. The type RPD-2A may be used as an RF field strength indicator for antenna field strength measurements. The RPD-2A is identical in function except that the meter scale is calibrated in relative dB units.

  • Duct Type Wind Speed Sensor

    WSA - Chuan Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Due to environmental quality management and energy management, we've developed WSA, wind speed sensors which can be applied on ventilation systems, air conditioning, and negative pressure rooms. WSA is a high-accuracy duct type wind speed sensor which can quickly measure the small wind speed. It is stable, high-accurate, and with small drift only. Also, it can caculate the value of the current air volume depending on the measured cross-sectional area of the ducting. Ducting installation and screwless terminals help the users work more easily. Besides, the sensor is equipped with EMC anti-interference devices so that it can withstand strong electromagnetic interferences.

  • Innovative Multiple - Object Tracking Radar

    iMOTR - BAE Systems Inc.

    We have advanced the multiple-object tracking radar concept with an innovative application to meet today’s test range needs. The iMOTR features enhanced clutter suppression capabilities to deliver clearer, more accurate assessments of object launch trajectory and flight path data on airborne and low flying objects. This tracking information can then be handed-off to other radars or data collection sensors in real-time. The system is also better equipped to provide precision time, space, and position information (TSPI) data of multiple objects in flight over a wider field of regard than the current test range radars in service.

  • High Quality UCI - And Leeb-measuring Technology

    SONODUR Product Family - Foerster Instruments, Incorporated

    The non-destructive UCI test method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) as well as the Leeb test method enable fast and mobile measurement as a supplement to the classical hardness test. Due to the compact measuring probes and sensors of the SONO series, the devices can also be used in difficult test positions and with complex component geometries. Fields of application are e.g. incoming goods inspection, mix-up testing, production control, quality assurance, weld seam testing, cut edge testing, maintenance on installed components as well as the replacement of dynamic hardness testers for small material thicknesses (below 50 mm, e.g. boilers, tubes).

  • Isolated Digital I/O 60VDC, 150mA

    OTP2 module no.186 - LXinstruments GmbH

    The National Instruments PXI-6528, PCI-6528, and PXI-6529 Digital I/O Modules are isolated digital I/O interfaces for PCI and PXI. These modules can use inputs from NI 6528 and PXI 6529 devices to capture the status of sensors, actuators, and logic devices. NI 6528 devices have 24 SSR outputs for switching external devices with input currents up to 150 mA. The NI 6528 and PXI-6529 devices are suitable for a variety of applications, from automotive development and industrial factory automation to aerospace, laboratory research, and biomedical applications due to their high current handling capacity and isolation.

  • 25 kS/s, 24-Bit, 8-Channel PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module

    PXIe-4330 / 781346-01 - NI

    25 kS/s, 24-Bit, 8-Channel PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module—The PXIe‑4330 is a simultaneous input module that provides integrated data acquisition and signal conditioning for bridge-based sensors. The PXIe‑4330 includes increased accuracy, high data throughput, and synchronization features, making it ideal for high-density measurement systems. To remove noise, the PXIe‑4330 offers antialiasing and digital filters per channel. Each channel also features an independent, programmable excitation voltage. Additionally, the PXIe‑4330 provides remote sensing, internal bridge completion, and shunt calibration options per channel.

  • Pregius Global Shutter CMOS USB 3.1 Gen 1 Camera

    Lt545R - Teledyne Lumenera

    The Lt545R camera uses the high performance global shutter CMOS IMX250 sensor from Sony for optimal image output while operating at very fast frame rates. The Lt545R provides the fastest full resolution images possible from the Sony Pregius® sensors when coupled with Lumenera's proven and reliable USB 3.1 Gen 1 technology. Image captures can be synchronized using either a hardware or software trigger. FPGA enabled performance, complemented by onboard memory for frame buffering, ensure dependable and reliable image delivery even in the most demanding machine vision systems.

  • 3-Channel DC Current Datalogger

    Extech SD900 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    Extech's SD900 allows technicians to easily monitor and record DC mA values from 3 external sensors, transducers, and other sources using one meter. It also stores the time and date of when readings are taken. The logger features a large triple LCD display and records data on an SD card in an Excel®-ready format for easy transfer to a PC for analysis, trending, and archiving. Complete with six AAA batteries, SD memory card, Univeral AC Adaptor with multi-plugs (US, EU, UK, AUS), 3 input connect sockets, and mounting bracket.

  • Wide-range Programmable DC Power Supply

    IT6900A Series - I-TECH Electronic Co., Ltd

    IT6900A series wide range programmable power supply have built-in standard RS232, USB, GPIB, RS485 and analog interface (RS485 and analog interface are just for IT6900B), support SCPI protocol, facilitate remote control, industrial PLC control and the formation of intelligent test platform. Remote compensation terminals avoid the problem of inaccurate testing caused by voltage drop on the wire.Low ripple, low noise and built-in digital voltmeter make IT6900A easy to do external measurement.IT6900A can be widely applied in DC-DC power supply module, battery charging and sensors and other test areas.

  • Imaging Modules

    Teledyne e2v

    Teledyne e2v has developed compact MIPI modules which feature our own high performance CMOS image sensors inside a pre-focused, industrial-grade scanning optic. As a turnkey sensor/optics for imaging systems, these modules offers customers significant reduction in development time and cost savings. Only a few screws are needed to mount the module, with simple connection to the image processing system through an FPC cable connector. Software development efforts can also be reduced by using some limited API-layer Linux software drivers. This enables the module to be seamlessly interfaced to popular ISP platforms.

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