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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Computer Vision and Visualization

    Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications

    The Computer Vision and Visualization Department consists of three research and development groups working on innovative technologies in the field of monocular, stereoscopic and multichannel video processing. It covers the entire processing chain from original capture to rendering, with a focus on advanced 2D and 3D analysis, post-production synthesis, computer vision, image understanding, human-machine interaction, and immersive media , The department also has expertise in processing complex systems consisting of multiple cameras, sensors, displays, projectors or screens.

  • Pressure Comparators

    AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    Our high-pressure, hydraulic pressure comparators are portable, self-contained, hydraulic pressure generators for calibrating pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, and safety valves. They are much faster than deadweight testers and most automated pressure controllers; and it’s so quick and easy to use, it’s ideal for calibrating those low cost gauges that are often overlooked for ISO9000 compliance. Each pump is available on its own, or in one of our complete ready-to-use pump systems.

  • 5-in-1 Environmental Meter

    Extech 45170CM - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The 45170CM is a convenient 5-in-1 Environmental Meter which measures Air Velocity, Air Volume, Humidity, Temperature and Light. Ergonomic housing design with a large dual "smart" LCD where characters on display reverse direction depending on the function in use. This multi-functional meter is ideal for professional or home use in testing the environmental quality in a building. Featuring Data Hold, Min/Max, Auto Power Off functions. Complete with built-in sensors, wrist strap and 9V battery.

  • Sensor

    Grid-EYE - Pure Engineering, llc

    The Panasonic Grid-EYE® is a type of thermal imaging sensor that can detect the presence of people or objects based on their heat signature. It consists of an 8x8 grid of 64 thermal sensors, which allows it to provide a detailed temperature map of the area being monitored. The built-in lens has a 60 degree viewing angle. The Grid-EYE features compact surface mount design using MEMS thermopile technology and offers digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction, and temperature values.

  • Vacuum Leak Test Systems

    Cincinnati Test Systems

    Vacuum leak testing is the principal leak test method for testing parts that could have leakage from an external source into their housings and casings. Parts like underwater sensors or housings, outdoor electrical housings, sealed components, and components associated with vacuum sources are all prime candidates for vacuum leak testing. Operation of instruments that supply vacuum to test parts instead of pressure works in a similar, yet essentially opposite, manner as pressure decay testing.

  • Temperature Calibrators

    Fluke Corporation

    Fluke Temperature Calibrators simulate process sensors for testing temperature instrumentation. Specifically designed for the field, these lightweight compact tools are EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant and offer an easy to use single push button interface. When paired with a temperature sensor they can take high accuracy temperature measurements to verify process temperatures and ensure the highest product quality and safety. There are a variety of different temperature calibrators designed for your unique calibration and testing requirements.

  • FlowQuest Acoustic Current Profilers

    LinkQuest Inc.

    FlowQuest is a line of Acoustic Current Profilers manufactured by LinkQuest Inc., a company renown for its innovation, capability and product quality. The FlowQuest current profilers are ideal for measuring currents and flows in oceans, harbors, lakes and rivers. With its capability for significantly longer range, standard deepwater depth rating and seamless integration with third-party sensors and LinkQuest acoustic modems, the FlowQuest system is not just a current profiler. It also serves as a focal point for your underwater deployments.

  • Laser Doppler Surface Velocity Meter

    LV-7000 series - Ono Sokki

    The LV-7000 series detects speed, uneven speed, distance, length of moving object or rotating object without contact. By contacting with 2 sensors, it enables to calculate difference in velocity/length between the two points in real time and output with 3,000 ppm of accuracy. The frequency response can be expanded up to 20 kHz, which achieves to understand phenomena and evaluate mechanical systems at high speed, efficiently, and accurately. It is useful for evaluation of motor control and behavior measurement, improving parts quality, and reducing loss of material.

  • Non-contact Io/Ior Leakage Clamp Meter


    ・Safety by non-contact sensor, not touching live part directly (prevention of electric shock, short-circuit, etc.).・Easy to carry and operate, clamp CT + display part integrated type.・Measurable line current + leakage current + resistive leakage current by one unit.・Available direct voltage input at live part as ordinary.・Calculable insulation resistance value(MΩ)by voltage & current (only in case of using direct voltage input sensors)・Available measurement for 3P/4W star connection.

  • Digital Fiber Sensor

    FX-500 Ver.2 - Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    Thanks to its new “application-specific integrated circuit” (ASIC), Panasonic can solve applications with Fiber Optic Sensors that were previously impossible. Not only can the FX-500 Series reach a response time of 25µs while providing extremely accurate detection, integrated logic functions save you money because external controllers are no longer needed for normal applications and threshold tracking and self-diagnostic functions save time for maintenance. Moreover, the reliability of the detection has increased by 75% compared to that of previous models.

  • Smart Analog

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Sensing devices play an increasingly important role in many areas of modern life — at our workplace, in industry, at home, as well as our personal mobile devices. In consumer applications, sensor-based electronic control provides us with additional safety, health information, power savings, and overall convenience. And for more complex systems in industry and commercial applications, the trend is toward more intelligent sensors that deliver more precise and "intelligent" data to improve product quality, increase operational savings, and reduce energy consumption.

  • Isolation and Power Solutions

    Silicon Labs

    Silicon Labs' innovative digital isolation and power product portfolio includes CMOS digital isolators, isolated gate drivers, isolated current sensors, isolated system products and Power over Ethernet (PoE) families. These mixed-signal IC solutions leverage Silicon Labs' superior isolation and high voltage expertise to enhance power system performance, flexibility and reliability while reducing system size and cost. The entire isolation portfolio supports isolation voltages up to 5 kV.

  • Low Input Bias Current Op Amps (≤100 pA)

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Low input bias current op amps are required whenever the difference of currents or voltage is small and needs to be measured accurately. These op amps are used so that the signal is not loaded down by the input of the op amps. Low input bias current op amps are critical for interfacing sensors in applications from photodiodes, pH meters, or other electrometer related functions to downstream electronics. Analog Devices has many precision op amps that fit the definition and range of these applications.

  • SeaRaptor Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

    Teledyne Marine Gavia ehf.

    The SEARAPTOR™ is a survey grade deep water autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) designed to operate at abyssal depths. A wide range of sensors allow the SeaRaptor™ to complete several types of missions including: broad area search with side-sc​an sonar, hydrographic survey with multibeam and sub bottom profiler, and high resolution inspection survey with camera and acoustic sonar. These surveys support a variety of applications, such as search and recovery, salvage, exploration, construction support, marine archaeology, and oceanography.

  • Industrial CANopen And CANopen FD Module For Digital I/O Applications

    PCAN-MicroMod FD DR CANopen Digital 1 - PEAK-System Technik GmbH

    The PCAN-MicroMod FD DR CANopen Digital 1 is an I/O module for use in CANopen and CANopen FD networks. The modern CANopen FD® standard makes it possible to cope with the constantly increasing need for data transmission from sensors, machines and complex production systems. The module has a CAN FD interface as well as 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. With the DIN rail housing and the support of the extended temperature range, the module is suitable for use in an industrial environment.

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