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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Wireless Load and Force Measurement

    Wireless ELF - Tekscan, Inc.

    The Wireless ELF 2 System is a user-friendly, cost-effective load measurement system. This system combines 3 FlexiForce WB201 sensors, battery-operated WiFi transmitter (certified 802.11b radio- 802.11b/g/n compatible), and Windows-compatible software*, turning your PC or laptop into a force measurement instrument. The WELF2 system, sampling rates up to 200 Hz and comes in a high speed version with sampling rates up to 6,000 Hz. The WiFi connection setup has ad hoc and access point (unsecured router) network capability. For multi-handle use an unsecured router is required.

  • SparkFun Qwiic Mux Breakout - 8 Channel (TCA9548A)

    SparkFun Electronics

    Do you have too many sensors with the same I2C address? Put them on the SparkFun Qwiic Mux Breakout to get them all talking on the same bus! The Qwiic Mux Breakout enables communication with multiple I2C devices that have the same address that makes it simple to interface with. The Qwiic Mux also has eight configurable addresses of its own, allowing for up to 64 I2C buses on a connection. To make it even easier to use this multiplexer, all communication is enacted exclusively via I2C, utilizing our handy Qwiic system.

  • GMSL3

    Framos Technologies d.o.o.

    FRAMOS is the first company in the market to integrate Analog Devices’s new GMSL3 technology into an embedded vision environment. GMSL3 can transmit high frame rates (4K, 90 fps) as far as 14 meters with unprecedented efficiency. This interface is well suited for applications where the MIPI CSI-2 (D-PHY) length restrictions are not sufficient, while at the same time, a highly durable cable with low power consumption and low cost are essential. Camera developers can use the flexible FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem to validate a variety of image sensors in the lab and in the field while taking advantage of the interface’s features.

  • Operator-Free Wafer Inspection, Analysis, and Sorting

    AW SERIES C‑SAM - Nordson Corporation

    The AW series can deliver better than 5 micron sensitivity, throughputs that are approximately two times faster than competitive systems and non­‑immersion scanners that eliminate false positives due to DI water ingression. The AW Series automatically handles, inspects and sorts wafers based on user-defined accept/reject criteria. The system is designed to handle wafer level products (BSI sensors, SOI, MEMS, LEDs, Chip-on-Wafer and Unpolished Wafers) manufactured by virtually any method, including bonding processes using direct fusion, anodic, glass frit and epoxy bonding.

  • Long Range Thermal Imaging Surveillance System

    Ranger HRC - Teledyne FLIR

    The Ranger HRC is a high-resolution mid-wave thermal imaging system built around a large format 640x480 array and a choice of powerful continuous-zoom telescopes. While the Ranger HRC is available in its standalone, environmentally hardened enclosure, it can also include and optional high-magnification CCD-TV camera, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and an integrated, gyro-stabilized, pan/tilt mechanism that provides precise target geo-location capability. Operators can field Ranger HRC as a portable stand-alone system, or integrate it into a network of fixed-site sensors via its suite of plug-and-play interface options.

  • Spectrum Analyzer

    FPL1000 - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    In an RF lab, the R&S®FPL1000 is as indispensable as an oscilloscope or multimeter. It is a single measuring instrument for a variety of measurement tasks. It supports not only spectrum analysis, but also highly accurate power measurement with power sensors and analysis of analog and digitally modulated signals.

  • General Data Acquisition Device With Strain Gage Measurement

    Spider-80SG - Crystal instruments

    The Spider-80SG is a high precision, general purpose data acquisition device featuring strain gage measurement. This device can be used in a variety of physical and measurement tests. The Spider-80SG can acquire data from a strain gage or a wide range of measurement quantities. A variety of general purpose and strain gage based sensors are supported. The Spider-80SG is built on the proven outstanding performance and reliability of Crystal Instruments’ DSP-based hardware platform. It features the same form factor as other Spider-80X front-ends from Crystal Instruments and can be configured into one measurement system with excellent compatibility and scalability. This gives the Spider-80SG capabilities to reliably acquire data from multiple sensors and for multiple measurement quantities simultaneously.

  • Smart Camera


    Smart Cameras combine powerful onboard processors and imaging sensors into an all-in-one vision system. Smart Camera digital I/O includes optoisolated digital inputs, optoisolated digital outputs, a RS232 serial port, and Gigabit Ethernet ports. Smart Cameras also can include built-in digital I/O and industrial communication options for dynamic, real-time communication and integration with industrial automation devices including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interfaces (HMIs), robotics, sensors, and industrial machinery. You can configure Smart Cameras with the included Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI) software and program the camera with the LabVIEW Real-Time Module and the Vision Development Module.

  • SparkFun Triad Spectroscopy Sensor

    AS7265x (Qwiic) - SparkFun Electronics

    The SparkFun Triad Spectroscopy Sensor is a powerful optical inspection sensor also known as a spectrophotometer. Three AS7265x spectral sensors are combined alongside a visible, UV, and IR LEDs to illuminate and test various surfaces for light spectroscopy. The Triad is made up of three sensors; the AS72651, the AS72652, and the AS72653 and can detect the light from 410nm (UV) to 940nm (IR). In addition, 18 individual light frequencies can be measured with precision down to 28.6 nW/cm2 and accuracy of +/-12%. Utilizing our handy Qwiic system, no soldering is required to connect it to the rest of your system. However, we still have broken out 0.1"-spaced pins in case you prefer to use a breadboard.

  • Radar Echo Generation

    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Developing new automotive radar sensors, radar based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) or Autonomous Driving (AD) features have demanding challenges, during each step of the development process. Dynamic, flexible and scalable test concepts and test environments are required.

  • AirTech Test Systems

    Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger Ultrasonic-Techniques

    Hillger NDT has developed AirTech testing technology for the requirements of air-coupled testing. Our USPC 4000 AirTech ultrasonic testing system and our robust AirTech sensors consisting of optimized transmit and receive probes deliver optimal results under demanding conditions.

  • 25 kS/s, 24-Bit, 8-Channel PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module

    PXIe-4330 / 781346-01 - NI

    25 kS/s, 24-Bit, 8-Channel PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module—The PXIe‑4330 is a simultaneous input module that provides integrated data acquisition and signal conditioning for bridge-based sensors. The PXIe‑4330 includes increased accuracy, high data throughput, and synchronization features, making it ideal for high-density measurement systems. To remove noise, the PXIe‑4330 offers antialiasing and digital filters per channel. Each channel also features an independent, programmable excitation voltage. Additionally, the PXIe‑4330 provides remote sensing, internal bridge completion, and shunt calibration options per channel.

  • 8-Channel, 51.2 kS/s/channel, -5 V to 5 V, C Series Sound and Vibration Input Module

    NI-9231 / 783610-01 - NI

    8-Channel, 51.2 kS/s/channel, -5 V to 5 V, C Series Sound and Vibration Input Module - The NI-9231 is a high-density sound and vibration module that can measure signals from integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) and non-IEPE sensors such as accelerometers, tachometers, and … proximity probes. It can perform the high dynamic range measurements necessary for modern measurement microphones and accelerometers and features simultaneous sampling. The NI-9231 incorporates both a TEDS input path and 2 mA of IEPE signal excitation source that can be turned on and off, removing the need for external sensor power and reducing the complexity of the data acquisition system.

  • CATx Surge Protector

    SP-CAT5-6V - Network Technologies Inc

    Protects sensors running on CATx unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable against the effects of electrostatic discharge, faulty wiring and lightning. The use of two protectors on each end of the line will provide increased protection for each end against surges. Protected pins: (1,2) (3,6) (4,7) and (7,8) pass through. Impedance: 85 to 115 Ohms. Surge suppression: 22Vpeak @ 100A 10/1000µs. Maximum continuous voltage: 6Vpeak. Dimensions WxDxH: 1x3.6x0.9 in (25x91x23 mm). Regulatory approvals: GR 1089, NEC 800.100 and 830.100, ITU 703, UL94 V0 Flame Rated.

  • Counters and Timers

    Orbit Controls AG

    Orbit Controls counters and timers are designed for connection to practically all industrial sensors and pulse sources . They can be used as process monitors to display the process variable to be measured or as process controllers for control and monitoring tasks. The devices display and process pulses and frequencies, as well as quadrature signals from incremental and absolute encoded rotary encoders. In addition to information on the display, the devices also generate data and analog outputs and monitor preselected limit values. The process parameters are entered via the keyboard so that the display is calibrated in the required units and the output signals, serial interfaces and limit values ​​are optimized.

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