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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • General Purpose I/O Modules

    HY-TTC 30XH - TTTech Computertechnik AG

    The HY-TTC 30XH is a CANopen based, user-friendly and smart Input/Output module that can be utilized as flexible control system extension in mobile applications. HY-TTC 30XH is used in combination with, and controlled by a master electronic control unit, communicating with the slave module via the standardized CANopen® protocol. By mounting the master control unit centrally on the machine and the I/O modules close to the sensors or actuators, a distributed electronic architecture can be implemented in order to reduce mounting time and cost for cabling.

  • Handheld Network Coverage Verification Tool

    Nemo IoT Meter - Keysight Technologies

    An easy-to-use handheld NB-IoT and LTE-M network coverage verification tool. Nemo IoT Meter is an easy-to-use handheld measurement tool for verifying IoT service quality at customer premises. Nemo IoT Meter can be used in industrial environments to verify coverage and end-to-end connection quality for IoT device installations. Ideal for technicians installing IoT probes and sensors, it runs on a regular Android-based smartphone and is connected through an NB-IoT or LTE-M dongle.

  • Handheld SF6 Leak Detector

    JHLK-1 - Xiamen Jiahua Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd

    JHLK-1 uses pumping method and intelligent digital sensor to measure SF6 concentration. It has high sensitivity and good repeatability. Insert type MCU control contributes to the reliable performance. Excellent interface features with complete function and easy operation. Clear 128*64 LCD, small and good design shape are convenient for handheld. Built-in high accuracy digital temperature and humidity sensors make it as an optional temperature and humidity measurement device.

  • Inclinometers

    BEI Industrial Encoders

    BEI Sensors sturdy and compact T-Series industrial inclinometer is a high performance sensor for angle measurement of inclination (pitch and roll) and rotational movements. Using the latest MEMS technology, these inclinometers offer the best combination of precision and responsiveness. The T-Series provides outstanding mechanical stability with a completely encapsulated sensor for reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments. The series is offered with a glass fiber reinforce plastic or aluminum alloy housing, and analog or CANopen output.

  • *Laser Power & Energy Meters

    Ophir Photonics

    Ophir laser power meters work on the smart plug principle. This means that almost any Ophir power meter can work – plug and play – with almost any of the wide range of Ophir sensors. Ophir power meters are also the most precisely calibrated units on the market thus measuring with the highest accuracy. Noted for their versatility, ease of use, and user friendly interface, Ophir meters can be used stand-alone or interfaced with LabVIEW or the user's own software.

  • Liquid Flow Meters

    Sensirion AG

    Sensirion''s liquid flow sensors establish new standards wherever low liquid flow monitoring, liquid handling and liquid dosing are important. Our unique CMOSens Technology allows to measure the liquid flow even through the wall of the flow channel (US Patent 6183944) in milliliters, microliters or even nanoliters per minute. Applications in fields like medical devices, diagnostics and process technology benefit daily from our solutions.

  • Load Cells

    VPG Transducers

    The heart of each weighing system is a load cell. Load cells are mechanical components which act as force sensors by employing strain gages to provide an electrical output proportional to the applied force. Typically the electrical output is either analog (voltage or current) or digital. Load cells have specific mechanical packaging and sensing orientation to fit into electronic scales, and testing and monitoring systems. Load cells can be used for tension, compression, and/or shear measurement.

  • LXI Matrix Switching Unit

    ProDAQ 6140 - Bustec Ltd.

    The ProDAQ 6140 provides a relay matrix which can be fitted between the sensors and actuators on a device under test and the data acquisition and control system. It allows to separately connect/disconnect the signals from either side and to connect them to an internal bus. In this way signals can be routed via the bus to new destinations or the bus can be used to monitor or supply test signals. This allows calibrating and debugging the system without disconnecting and separating channels throughout the system wiring.

  • Magnetic System

    NMR-EA300 System - Caylar

    The NMR-EA300 system is the reference for calibrating magnetic sensors. It allows to generate an absolute magnetic field at <±10mG (0.1 uT) without temperature drift (<0.1ppm/C°) over a range from 14mT to 3T. This system is composed of an EA300 electromagnet with NMR poles, a MPU-16U ±150A ±70V current source of class 1ppm and a NMR20 Teslameter with a magnetic field controller (FR020).A thermostat chamber can be installed in the air gap (Optionally available on 50mm and 70mm gap poles).

  • Microscope Cameras

    Carl Zeiss AG

    In contrast to digital cameras for normal photography, microscope cameras are built to meet the demands of high-end science- and research applications. For maximum light sensitivity they use large CCD or CMOS sensors for image acquisition. Color reproduction is often critical, why features like Microscanning or Color-Co-Site Sampling ensure optimal image quality. Due to the lack of a light absorbing color filter monochrome microscope cameras for fluorescence imaging are even more sensitive.

  • Noise Sensor

    CRY2100 Series - Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

    CRY2110 / 2112 noise sensor is a new type of noise testing equipment for industrial applications. Product performance implements IEC61672-1 / 2 standard and GB / T3785-1 / 2 standard. CRY2110 / 2112 noise sensors are small in size and equipped with precision measurement microphones to ensure good temperature and humidity characteristics. The sensor's integrated signal conditioning, amplification, sampling, and calculation circuits can provide a dynamic range of 110dB and measure environmental noise as low as 25dBA.

  • Open-source All-in-one Instrumentation

    OpenScope MZ - Digilent Inc.

    OpenScope MZ is a USB/WiFi oscilloscope with a Waveform Generator and Logic Analyzer. What does that mean? It's a device that you connect to your computer (through WiFi or a USB cable) that allows you to acquire, analyze, visualize, and control signals from circuits, sensors, and other electronic devices. Unlike typical USB instruments, OpenScope MZ can also be programmed to run standalone like an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, but with high-speed precision analog and digital I/O.

  • Optical Sensor Test

    Cohu, Inc.

    For optical sensor test Cohu offers a variety of solutions being driven by requirements for tri-temp, parallelism and stimulus spacing. Customized optical stimulus units are integrated into Cohu’s test handling systems. For light detector test, we implement different types of light sources, such as infrared, ambient- and colored light. We offer different solutions for 3D image sensors combining emitter and receiver tests of LiDAR, Time of Flight and Structured Light devices.

  • PCI Express 16 Isolated Input Digital Interface (10-30V)

    8006He - Sealevel Systems, Inc.

    Optimized for sensing up to 24V inputs, the 8006He PCI Express digital I/O interface provides 16 optically isolated inputs for connection to devices including sensors, switches, pushbuttons, and other user inputs. The inputs can sense both AC and DC voltage while providing optical isolation, which eliminates spikes and surges present in industrial environments. The board is PCI Express X1 compliant and is compatible with any PCI Express slot.

  • PCI High Density Resistor Card 10-Channel, 12-Bit, 0 To 4k Ohm

    50-295A-121-10/12 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 50-295A is a Programmable Resistor card with up to 18-channels of 8-bit resolution resistor chains in a single PCI slot. The flexible architecture allows the card to also be supplied as 12-bit, 16-bit or 24-bit resolution versions for applications requiring finer resolution, greater resistance range or higher channel count. The card is ideal for simulating the sensors for control and management systems under test, allowing the user to verify system response in design verification or manufacturing test applications.

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