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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Steriliser

    S - Memmert GmbH + Co.KG

    The indispensable safety feature for this hot air steriliser: Setpoint Wait. This means that the programme for sterilisation only starts when the set temperature has been reached. This feature can also be used with freely positionable Pt100 temperature sensors. Here the sterilisation time only begins when the set temperature has been reached at all measurement points, and reliable sterilisation is guaranteed at all times.

  • Systems Tool Kit

    STK - Analytical Graphics, Inc.

    STK is a free 2D and 3D modeling environment used by engineers, mission analysts, operators and decision-makers from more than 700 global organizations to model complex systems (such as aircraft, satellites, ground vehicles and their sensors) to evaluate their performance in real or simulated time. Built on a time-dynamic, physics-based geometry engine, AGI software answers fundamental questions essential to solving dynamic analysis problems

  • Temperature Measurement System

    TMM-100 - Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc.

    The self contained TMM-100 module accepts diode, thermocouple and thermistor temperature sensors. The USB-connected instrument is supplied with Windows™ 7, 8 & 10 compatible software that provides for sensor measurement on a cyclic basis and for data logging of all measured values. LabVIEW™ Virtual Instrument (VI) drivers are available as an extra cost option for users that wish to incorporate the TMM-100 into an application-specific measurement environment.

  • Thermocouple Data Logger

    IM2000 Series - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    We have been offering IM2000 Series Thermocouple Data Logger with direct interfaces for various types like J / K / R / S / T / B / E etc. Loggers have built in ambient compensation. The thermocouples are most commonly used sensors for measuring temperature in process industries. These can take any form and are available in various mechanical shapes. The temperature ranges are varied.

  • Vacuum Gauge Controllers

    MKS Instruments

    MKS offers a range of controllers that control ion gauges, heat-loss sensors, and thermocouples. Product features can be configured to meet your specific process needs. A variety of communication protocols, including RS-232, RS-485, and DeviceNet™, are available to speed and ease integration into your control scheme. In addition, many of the controllers provide local displays and a choice of set points that further simplify control system integration.

  • Voltage Variable Attenuators

    Fairview Microwave Inc.

    Voltage variable attenuators (VVAs) that offer up to 60 dB of attenuation across a broad range of frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz. These voltage variable attenuators are frequently used in applications such as electronic warfare, instrumentation, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, fiber optic and broadband telecom, microwave radio and VSAT, military radios, radar, ECM, SATCOM and sensors, and R&D.

  • Biaxial Clip-on Extensionmeters


    The Instron 2650 Series Biaxial Extensometers are ideally suited for testing a wide range of materials, including polymer matrix composites, metals, and plastics over a range of temperatures. Two sensors measure axial strain on opposite sides of the specimen and a third sensor measures transverse strain. The extensometers meet the calibration requirements of ASTM E83 class B1, ISO 9513 class 0.5, and ISO 527.

  • Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter (Low concentration type)

    HE-480C-GC - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The length of the sensor has been reduced by 50% as compared to existing systems to reduce space requirements. At the same time, the measurement range has been increased tenfold, enabling the system to measure even samples with comparatively high concentrations. Two different types of chemicalresistant glassy carbon sensors can be used, making the system ideal for chemical dilution/recovery management and pure water recycling as well.

  • Auguscope Portable Diagnostics

    Augury Inc.

    The Auguscope incorporates over 3 years of Electronics and Analog circuit development, resulting in best in class analog signal sampling at never before seen sampling rates. The Auguscope can record both Vibration and Ultrasonic (AE) sensors and can be used for mechanical diagnostics, as well as leak detection, pump cavitation and steam traps. The result is a small, portable device, that replaces over $40,000 worth of monitoring equipment.

  • Calibration Hangers And Weights

    Mountz Inc.

    Calibrated Dead Weight are the official means by which torque analyzers and torque sensors are calibrated and are traced to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T, ISO and others. Many industries like as medical, aerospace, nuclear and others continuously calibrate their measuring equipment to comply with government regulations. For companies that prefer to have calibration capabilities in-house when their calibration requirements become extensive, they need calibration equipment.

  • Automotive Radar Echo Generator

    AREG800A - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®AREG800A Automotive Radar Echo Generator is an innovative and versatile solution for testing automotive radar sensors. Thanks to the flexible and scalable concept of the R&S®AREG800A and the full harmonization with the R&S®QAT100 Advanced Antenna Array, the solution fulfills the test requirements of the most advanced radar echo generation applications. The R&S®AREG800A

  • Digital Dailysate Meter

    Digital Dialysate Meter™ D4 & D6 - Myron L Company

    The DIGITAL DIALYSATE METER is specifically designed to test both acetate and bicarbonate dialysate quality. Measure Conductivity, pH and Temperature to ensure proper mixing during dialysate preparation and as a final check of dialysate quality before hemodialysis treatment. There are no strips or reagents that expire or subjective interpretation of results. Internal sensors require the user to place the sample in the instrument, preventing contamination of dialysate by the measurement device.

  • 8-Channel VME LVDT/RVDT Scanner

    V550 - Highland Technology, Inc.

    The V550 is a 6U, one-slot VME module which will acquire position data from up to eight LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) position sensors. The LVDT sensors are excited by an ultrastable synthesized sinewave generator, and conditioned by a precision 16-bit A/D converter followed by digital signal processing. The resident microprocessor supervises scanning and signal conditioning, and places updated position data in VME-accessible dual-ported data registers for instant access from the VME bus.

  • UV Meters


    USHIO developed a UV meter series to measure intensities of UV radiation. As an add-on, the temperature is also registered. You can decide between the high-end UV meter UIT-250, and UIT-201. The former has a wider measurement range, allows the measurement of energy doses and has the capability to transfer the data via a serial communication protocol to a PC. Various sensors are available. The most popular sensors have center wavelengths at 254 nm, 365 nm or 410 nm.

  • PCI High Density Pecision Resistor Card, 4-Channel, 3Ω To 6.97kΩ

    50-298-130 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 50-298-130 is a high density programmable resistor card with 4 channels which can be set between 3Ω and 6.97kΩ with 0.125Ω resolution The 50-298 range provides a simple solution for applications requiring accurate simulation of resistive sensors. The 40-298 is available in a variety of resistance ranges and resolution capabilities that meet the needs of most functional test systems. It is particularly well suited to applications such as the testing of engine controllers where resistive sensors provide information on parameters such as temperature.

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