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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar

    ProScan™ - Teledyne Marine BlueView

    Teledyne BlueView's 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar user interface software. ProScan connects to the sonar and pan/tilt unit, configures each scan, generates full 3D point clouds, and optionally streams output to third party hydrographic software for fusion with other sensors. Data is recorded in multiple file formats: .son (raw acoustic data file for ProScan reprocessing), .txt (plain text record of all point locations and positional data) and .xyzi (industry standard xyzi data for 3D point cloud viewers, registration software, etc.). In playback mode, users can review and reprocess scans to modify sound speed, intensity threshold, multidetect and range settings as needed. ProScan coupled with Teledyne PDS MotionScan, pitch, roll heading and position sensors provides the capability to scan areas to collect 3D point clouds while correcting for motion.

  • APEX Deep Autonomous Profiling Float

    Teledyne Marine Webb Research

    ​The APEX Deep is the first commercially available autonomous neutrally buoyant drifter rated to 6000 meters. APEX Deep, a patented combination of a depth-rated glass pressure vessel and buoyancy engine, carries sensors such as the Seabird SBE-61 and AADI 4330 to new depths. APEX Deep is another example of TWR's commitment to the world's ocean and climate research communities. Designed, tested and built entirely with Internal Research & Development (IRAD) funds, no taxpayer money or government sponsored research laboratories were used to bring this truly commercially available product to market. Available now in baseline configuration with Sea-Bird's new SBE 61CP CTD and AADI's model 4330 optode. TWR's development of APEX Deep continues with integration of an altimeter to avoid and keep station off the bottom, more energy, and new sensors such as Seapoint Turbidity and Turner Designs Cyclops 6K.​

  • EM Tracking Products

    Northern Digital Inc.

    The strength of the Aurora and 3D Guidance electromagnetic tracking solutions lies in their similarities and their differences. Both can provide unobstructed in-vivo tracking of OEM medical instruments, share exceptional measurement accuracy and reliability and are engineered and manufactured to deliver unparalleled tracking performance. Between them, there are seven different field generators with unique measurement volumes, and 20 standard sensor offerings (plus custom options). While the Aurora has 6DOF and 5DOF sensors, the 3D Guidance solution specializes in 6DOF tracking. 6DOF sensors are usually re-processable; 5DOF can be disposable. Some of our field generators are portable, while others seamlessly integrate into the medical OEM’s procedural cart or operative table. These differences provide near-countless opportunities to customize and integrate the Aurora and 3D Guidance solutions – all while benefiting from a shared foundation of technical excellence and expert product execution.

  • Flexible Current Sensor Probe

    CTA - Powertek LLC

    The CTA current sensors convert ac current to an isolated 0-5A current with available ranges from 100A to 10,000A. Because the current sensors are flexible split core, installation is possible without shutting down the LV electrical supply, avoiding expensive down-time costs. Typical applications are retrospective energy monitoring in factories, offices buildings, process control data logging systems, where power, energy and current monitoring is important. Typical applications are factories, offices buildings, ac/dc VFD drives, welding, power conversion and power distribution. For all CTA current sensor models, a NIST/NPL (UKAS) traceable calibration certificate and certificate of conformance is supplied. All CTA sensors use UL94V0 or CSA approved materials. The CTA flexible current sensors are suited to permanent or semi permanent installation. The coil sensor is durable, lightweight, flexible and will easily clip-around a power cable. The 5A output from the CTA current sensor connects direct to installed metering, rotary metering or current transducers.

  • Combustion Analysis


    AOIP has two combustion analyzer ranges from 2 to 9 gas sensors according to the models (oxygen O2, carbon monoxide CO, hydrocarbons CxHy, Sulfur Oxides SOx or NOx Nitrogen ...). The instruments meet the requirements of applications in domestic boilers (HVAC market) and industrial facilities (process furnaces, incinerators, power plants, gas turbines ...).

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

    ScopeCheck® FB-DZ - Werth Inc.

    Machine with a fixed bridge design and precision air bearings for solving the most challenging measurement tasksHeavy duty granite base for increased stability and improved accuracyEasy measurement of large workpieces using multiple sensors with reduced risk of collisionsContour image processing for fully automatic measurements of simple and complex geometrical elementsTemperature compensation included for accurate measurement on the shop floor

  • DMS Transmitter

    Knick Elektronische Messgeräte GmbH & Co. KG.

    Transmitter for load cells and the evaluation of strain gages in 6 mm housing with calibrated range selection.Detection signals from sensors for physical variables such as displacement, angle, pressure or force. Functional safety up to SIL 2, SIL 3 redundant to parameterization via interface or intuitively, directly on the device. Universal use with 24 V DC or AC power supply.

  • High Resolution Fiber Grating Sensor Interrogation System

    GM8037 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    UC INSTRUMENTS’ GM8037 portable high resolution fiber grating sensor instrument is ahigh power with high accuracy and wide dynamic range for fiber Bragg grating (FBG)sensors, and compact PC-based interrogation system, and is also a high accurate opticalspectral analysis system. It includes an external device, PC-based application software andoptional high performance laptop.

  • Infrared Pyrometer with Laser Sighting

    thermoMETER CTlaser - Micro-Epsilon Group

    Pyrometers of the thermoMETER CTLaser series are used for precise, industrial measurements. Using two laser beams, the measurement spot is marked which ensures a precise temperature measurement. thermoMETER CTLaser temperature sensors are used in numerous applications. From extremely low temperatures (-50°C) to the highest temperatures (3000°C), these IR pyrometers measure precisely and reliably.

  • Integrated Signal Conditioning Data Recorder

    DTX-9417 - RC Electronics, Inc.

    The DTX-9000 series of data acquisition systems provide state-of-the-art signal processing for a variety of environmental test sensors along with embedded wideband data recording in a compact chassis. A comprehensive user GUI running on the embedded Windows OS can be used locally with the addition of a user keyboard, mouse and video terminal, or run remotely via the integrated Ethernet connection.

  • IoT Developer Device

    Thingsee One - Haltian Oy

    Thingsee One is a smart developer device for Internet of Things (IoT) application and solution development. The device is designed for the easier and faster deployment of new IoT applications and services at a fraction of the current cost. Thanks to its robust structure, wide variety of fully programmable sensors and extensive cellular connectivity, Thingsee One is an ideal host for a multitude of different applications.

  • IR Temperature Sensor with GigE (Manual Focus)

    FLIR A35 - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR A35 is a thermal imaging temperature sensor for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention applications. The A35 integrates seamlessly into existing systems, offering comprehensive visual temperature monitoring. As part of the Ax5-Series, the A35 is among the only thermal imaging temperature sensors on the market to provide temperature linear output through GenICam™ compliant software.

  • Low-Tc Systems

    Magnicon GmbH

    With our long year experiences in SQUID electronics, SQUID sensors, and SQUID systems, we can offer exactly the system you need. No matter if you need a small 5 litres LHe dewar with just a single channel or a 100 litres multichannel system, we cooperate with excellent dewar manufacturers to guarantee the best possible performance for the overall system.

  • Ocean and River Instruments

    RINKO III - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    Rinko III is an analog version with the fast optical DO sensor and a temperature sensor. With an external 12 DCV power, the instrument seamlessly outputs the analog data (0 to 5V) of the sensors. Rinko III can be easily integrated on various platforms with an Impulse cable. By the fast response, the instrument provides high accurate DO data without restricting profile speeds.

  • One-Component

    LDV System 1 - TSI Inc.

    The pre-configured (typical) one-component (1D) LDV system from TSI gets you up and running in a hurry. The fiberoptic transceiver probe offers point-and-shoot velocity measurement capability with no other probes or sensors needed. The probe is attached to a convenient rotating mount for easy setup. Processing electronics have been pre-selected and configured for a wide range of velocity measurements.

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