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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Stimulus Test Cell

    HA7300 - Advantest Corp.

    The Stimulus Test Cell HA7300 is a test cell which provides an environment for high-speed, highly accurate temperature and pressure test of differential pressure sensors, utilizing Advantest’s unique temperature control unit with simultaneous temperature control for 8 devices, as well as a newly developed 2Port pressure controller and pressure application nozzle.

  • Temperature Calibrators

    Beamex Oy Ab

    We offer temperature calibrators in different shapes. We offer temperature dry blocks that can generate an accurate temperature, for example for temperature sensor calibration. We also offer electrical temperature calibrators that can measure and simulate various temperature sensors (RTDs and thermocouples). We also offer high-accuracy reference temperature probes.

  • Vaccine Storage Alarms


    ThermoWorks vaccine storage alarms feature temperature sensors housed in a vial of glass beads to more accurately measure biopharm stored chilled products. Visual and audible alarms record max and min data along with date stamps so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pharmaceutical storage.

  • Water Sensor

    miniWIPER - Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc.

    The miniWIPER is a self-contained, completely submersible, wiping device that can be used with a variety of sensors. It can be programmed to wipe at various intervals, and is powered from two AA Lithium batteries. A small brush rotates over the sensor in order to perform a complete wipe of the sensor surface, and then rests away from the sensor to allow for accurate and continuous monitoring.

  • Temperature Humidity Data Logger

    S654-HCHO - Huato Electronic co., ltd

    S654 formaldehyde, temperature and humidity recorder Applied in to museums, libraries, laboratories, factories, farms, research and production, HVAC ect. USB communication interface to facilitate the analysis of data download. Comes with the switch button, low power consumption, using Switzerland imported temperature and humidity sensors,with high precision, stable and reliable.

  • ATOS ScanBox

    Series 5 - GOM GmbH

    Both ATOS ScanBox models use ATOS Triple Scan sensors of the highest performance class. Thanks to the automatic precision calibration, high levels of accuracy are also achieved with large parts. As the relative position between the component and the sensor is constantly monitored throughout the entire measurement, interfering ambient influences can be detected and eliminated.

  • UltraTEV Detector

    EA Technology

    The UltraTEV Detector is the ideal instrument for initial PD surveys. EA Technology's UltraTEV Detector identifies faults BEFORE they lead to failures by testing for critical PD activity using both internal and surface sensors. This device is essential to personal safety and due to its self-explanatory LED display system requires minimal training.

  • Optical Power And Energy Meters

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' expanding line of optical power and energy meters includes power meter consoles, a large selection of sensor heads, a wireless power meter with a built-in photodiode sensor, and a fiber optic power meter designed for use in the field. The consoles (PM100, PM400, and PM300 Series) when paired with our extensive line of power and energy sensors provide calibrated (NIST traceable) measurements across a broad range of powers, energies, and wavelengths. The console(s) and sensor(s) can be purchased individually or as bundles based on our most popular console and sensor pairings. The sensor calibration data is stored in the sensor head and is automatically read by the console, which allows the user to use multiple sensors with the same console. Compatible sensors are easily identified by the red c-series connector. All of our old A/B-Type sensors are available with the new connector; plus, we have continued to expand our power and energy sensor product lines.

  • Radar Test System

    UTP 5065 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Radar sensors are core elements to realize autonomous driving. The UTP 5065 radar test system from NOFFZ Technologies has a compact vertical design and contains everything needed to allow State-of-the-Art measurement and sensor calibration. The test bench setup and component selection are tuned to get best possible results for highly accurate and cost-efficient testing in production of automotive radar sensors.

  • Resistor Simulation Card

    SET-1210 - SET GmbH

    The card has two ranges of values ​​that meet the requirements of most functional test systems.The SET card is designed for applications in which resistive sensors provide information about parameters such as temperature (e.g. when testing motor controls)Each channel of the SET-1210 resistor simulation card is able to simulate the common short-circuit and no-load conditions, which can occur in a system due to faulty wiring or sensors.

  • CO₂ Sensor

    SprintIR®-R - Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd.

    The SprintIR®-R high-speed CO₂ sensor is part of a range of CO₂ sensors designed to deliver unprecedented high-speed measurement capability. The SprintIR®-R will take up to 50 readings per second, making it ideal for applications that require individual measurements at high repetition rates or where the CO₂ concentration is changing rapidly.

  • Custom Solutions


    Optimet offers custom measurement solutions according to customer needs. The custom solutions are based on its unique 3D conoscopic holography measurement sensors together with a variety of customized objective lenses, periscopes and other relay optics, motion synchronization, special algorithms, surface oriented measurement solutions, data processing and analysis and more.

  • Data Logger for Temperature and Humidity

    DSR-TH - ZOGLAB Microsystem Co., Ltd.

    Built-in compact high precision temperature and humidity sensors Selectable USB, RS232 / 485, LAN, wireless communication interfaces High definition LCD with wider viewing angles and redundant operation temperature Support on-line linear and nonlinear calibration Suitable for pharmaceutical, electronic production, biochemistry laboratory, museum management and other applications

  • Digital Panel Meter

    Premier Electrosystems

    Premier's Digital Panel Meters (DPMs) present numerical information that’s easy to read. Used extensively in process control equipment, they are an inexpensive way to present data from instrumentation such as voltage, current, thermocouples, humidity, pressure sensors, etc. By displaying voltage or current information they can also be used to monitor the performance of electrical equipment.

  • Dual Channel Transmitter

    9950 - Georg Fischer Signet

    The 9950 Transmitter is a two channel controller that supports two sensors of same or different types in one instrument. The sensor types supported by the 9950 are Signet Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity, Temperature, Pressure, Level, Dissolved Oxygen, and devices that transmit a 4 to 20 mA signal with the use of the 8058 iGo® Signal Converter.

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