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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • 2-Channel Portable Ultrasonic Instrument

    VOLTA - Innerspec Technologies, Inc

    VOLTA features a patented pulser technology to satisfy the most energy-demanding EMAT applications in a compact and rugged package. Standard software built on Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) includes an intuitive menu to set up any EMAT application using standard sensors from Innerspec’s catalog for normal beam, angled beam, and guided waves.

  • Onsite Calibration Services

    Tempsens Instrument Pvt. Ltd.

    Tempsens offers NABL Accrediated on-site calibration i.e. calibration of temperature sensors at customers plant or site.Our experienced and trained Engineers visit site or plant as scheduled by our customer to calibrate the instruments, usually without the time and expense of removing and reinstalling them. Work is performed with minimal disruption, and detailed documentation is provided upon completion.

  • Balance Thermocouple Power Sensor, DC To 50 GHz

    N8487S - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight N8480S Series Balance Thermocouple Power Sensors are intended to be used as measurement standards for RF power. They are suitable for use in a microcalorimeter-based primary measurement standard and as a secondary or reference measurement standard. The new balance thermocouple power sensors offer a broad frequency range DC up to 18/50 GHz, high maximum input power of +20dBm, fast measurement speed/settling time as well as ease of maintenance.

  • Balance Thermocouple Power Sensor, DC To 18 GHz

    N8481S - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight N8480S Series Balance Thermocouple Power Sensors are intended to be used as measurement standards for RF power. They are suitable for use in a microcalorimeter-based primary measurement standard and as a secondary or reference measurement standard. The new balance thermocouple power sensors offer a broad frequency range DC up to 18/50 GHz, high maximum input power of +20dBm, fast measurement speed/settling time as well as ease of maintenance.

  • Accessories


    This group of devices comprises of I/O modules, auxiliary power supply, interface converters, optical heads, interface cables, temperature sensors, transducers etc.

  • Color Sensor

    ams AG

    The color sensor product family includes both RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and high-accuracy XYZ light sensors for precise color measurement, determination, and discrimination. XYZ sensors are capable of providing xy chromaticity co-ordinates in accordance with the CIE 1931 color map. The ams color sensors include filters to block unwanted IR light in the visible spectral range, enabling highly accurate color measurement. Their high sensitivity coupled with their wide dynamic range make them well suited to continuous color temperature measurement of ambient light in display management systems, and automatic-white-balance assistance in camera applications. Some products have additional IR channels to assist with IR light source identification.

  • Flexible Current Sensor Probe

    CTA - Powertek LLC

    The CTA current sensors convert ac current to an isolated 0-5A current with available ranges from 100A to 10,000A. Because the current sensors are flexible split core, installation is possible without shutting down the LV electrical supply, avoiding expensive down-time costs. Typical applications are retrospective energy monitoring in factories, offices buildings, process control data logging systems, where power, energy and current monitoring is important. Typical applications are factories, offices buildings, ac/dc VFD drives, welding, power conversion and power distribution. For all CTA current sensor models, a NIST/NPL (UKAS) traceable calibration certificate and certificate of conformance is supplied. All CTA sensors use UL94V0 or CSA approved materials. The CTA flexible current sensors are suited to permanent or semi permanent installation. The coil sensor is durable, lightweight, flexible and will easily clip-around a power cable. The 5A output from the CTA current sensor connects direct to installed metering, rotary metering or current transducers.

  • Free floating Buoy

    Tarka-Systems bv

    The buoy has internal space to assemble equipment for all kind of applications. Operating on an integrated battery supply the buoy has been applied for the following projects:Wireless data-transfer from sensors on a submerged wreck to a control office on a nearby ship. Multiple incline and acceleration sensors were placed on the wreck and connected by wire to the bottom of the buoy, the data was gathered and wireless transferred over more than 100 meters.Wireless video transfer from a camera to follow the activities of a diver on a fixed object. Camera was connected by cable to the buoy and video was wireless transferred from the buoy to a video control room at a nearby ship.“Flessenpost” An IRIDIUM transmitter was placed inside a buoy and the buoy was dropped in the Nordsee, a geocaching look-a-like game was initiated to find the buoy.Survey of bottom with a camera on the diver and the buoy following the diver on the surface. Video was transferred to a control room on the quay.

  • Portable Calibration Baths

    6109A / 7109A - Fluke Calibration

    The Fluke Calibration 6109A and 7109A Portable Calibration Baths are liquid baths that let process industry professionals calibrate four times more sanitary sensors per batch in less time and with twice the accuracy of other portable baths in this class. Larger than micro baths, up to four tri-clamp sanitary sensors fit easily into these baths for calibration at ± 0.1 °C temperature display accuracy. Throughput is even higher for sanitary RTDs with small or no flanges. Two bath models cover a wide temperature range: 35 °C to 250 °C for the 6109A and -25 °C to 140 °C for the 7109A. Each model offers a “-P” version that includes process electronics for connecting an external reference probe. Professionals working in clean process industries, including facilities managers, production engineers and calibration technicians, prefer these baths for a variety of reasons.

  • Oxygen Analyser

    Rapidox 1100 - Cambridge Sensotec Ltd

    The Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser is the company’s most cost-effective and versatile range of gas analysers fitted with either zirconia or electrochemical type gas sensor.The zirconia oxygen sensor is the most common solution providing fast and accurate gas analysis over the range 1ppm to 30% O2 and is particularly suitable for aggressive industrial applications.Users have a choice of two electrochemical oxygen sensors: one for low ppm measurements of 1ppm up to 1% and another for high percent measurements in the 1ppm to 30% oxygen range. Electrochemical sensors are ideal for high oxygen applications or ppm applications where VOC’s, flammable gases, CO, H2 or He is present in the gas sample. A special “oxygen clean” version of the high range analyser is also available.Together the three sensor types offer an oxygen measuring solution for almost any application possible.

  • APEX Deep Autonomous Profiling Float

    Teledyne Marine Webb Research

    ​The APEX Deep is the first commercially available autonomous neutrally buoyant drifter rated to 6000 meters. APEX Deep, a patented combination of a depth-rated glass pressure vessel and buoyancy engine, carries sensors such as the Seabird SBE-61 and AADI 4330 to new depths. APEX Deep is another example of TWR's commitment to the world's ocean and climate research communities. Designed, tested and built entirely with Internal Research & Development (IRAD) funds, no taxpayer money or government sponsored research laboratories were used to bring this truly commercially available product to market. Available now in baseline configuration with Sea-Bird's new SBE 61CP CTD and AADI's model 4330 optode. TWR's development of APEX Deep continues with integration of an altimeter to avoid and keep station off the bottom, more energy, and new sensors such as Seapoint Turbidity and Turner Designs Cyclops 6K.​

  • EM Tracking Products

    Northern Digital Inc.

    The strength of the Aurora and 3D Guidance electromagnetic tracking solutions lies in their similarities and their differences. Both can provide unobstructed in-vivo tracking of OEM medical instruments, share exceptional measurement accuracy and reliability and are engineered and manufactured to deliver unparalleled tracking performance. Between them, there are seven different field generators with unique measurement volumes, and 20 standard sensor offerings (plus custom options). While the Aurora has 6DOF and 5DOF sensors, the 3D Guidance solution specializes in 6DOF tracking. 6DOF sensors are usually re-processable; 5DOF can be disposable. Some of our field generators are portable, while others seamlessly integrate into the medical OEM’s procedural cart or operative table. These differences provide near-countless opportunities to customize and integrate the Aurora and 3D Guidance solutions – all while benefiting from a shared foundation of technical excellence and expert product execution.

  • MEMS Foundry Services

    Teledyne DALSA

    Teledyne DALSA is one of the world’s foremost pure-play MEMS foundries. We operate over 41,000 sq ft (3800m2) of clean rooms, 24/7, using both 150mm and 200mm wafers. Our comprehensive MEMS toolbox allows us to manufacture in high volume for a wide range of applications.Across many device types, from micro-mirrors for telecommunication, gyro sensors for game controllers, microfluidic devices for miniaturized medical systems, automotive pressure and inertial sensors for automobiles or microphones for smartphones, Teledyne DALSA has delivered high volume MEMS production for innovations that reduce both size and power consumption even as they increase performance.We are ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 registered and RoHS compliant, well equipped and experienced to meet the demanding requirements of customers that serve all the main MEMS markets including consumer, automotive, industrial and biotech/medical.

  • Optical Meters

    Gamma Scientific Inc.

    The Gamma Scientific range of light meters includes handheld and benchtop models.  Configuration options include a wide range of sensors and calibrations in units including:  Luminous Flux (lumens) or Radiant Flux (Watts),  Illuminance (lux, foot-candle) or Irradiance (W/cm2 ), Luminous Intensity (candela) or Radiant Intensity (W/sr),  Luminance (cd/m2 , foot-Lambert) or Radiance (W/m2 sr),  or Pulse Energy (Joules). Cooled sensors and reference standard detectors are also available.

  • LVDT I/O Cards

    CP3000 - Computer Conversions Corporation

    Universal AC Sensor interface digitizes up to 8 channels of individually Programmable Synchro, Resolver and LVDT/RVDT sensor inputs on a 3U cPCI (Compact PCI) and PXI Compatible plug-in circuit cardProduct allows users to interface into the widest variety of AC Position sensors all programmable within a single cardA must have for anyone using LVDT-RVDT's, Synchros and Resolver sensors or signals, electronic gauging, motion control, and instrumentation.

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