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  • Test Solutions Services

    Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing, Inc.

    As standard practice, all of our SMT assemblies are washed and tested through our Automated Optical Inspection and pass through our stringent internal QA/QC policies. In Cables and Wire Harnesses, pretests, such as pull tests and crimp type tests, are performed on all builds before being tested for continuity, hi-pot, shorts and mis-wires, to name a few. Our electromechanical assemblies are capable of receiving full functional testing through custom test fixtures and RF test. Some RF tests include Gain/Loss, Frequency Response, VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), Inter-Modulation Distortion and Output Power.

  • Threat Analytics Platform

    FireEye, Inc.

    FireEye is transforming detection and incident investigation with our cloud-based Threat Analytics Platform (TAP). Built ‘by security practitioners for security practitioners’, TAP goes beyond traditional SIEM technologies to provide enterprise-wide visibility, codified detection expertise and guided investigation workflows to amplify your defense against today’s most sophisticated cyber-attacks. The Threat Analytics Platform applies threat intelligence, expert rules and advanced security data analytics to noisy event data streams. By revealing suspicious behavior patterns and generating alerts that matter, security teams can prioritize and optimize their response efforts.

  • TMAH/H2O2 Monitor

    CS-139E - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The CS-139E is a high-precision chemical concentration monitor designed for use with TMAH/H2O2 solutions used in cleaning processes during semiconductor manufacturing. It offers a faster response speed and a more compact size than anything available to date, and monitors the concentrations of the various components of the SC-1 solutions (TMAH/H2O2/H2O) are used as substitutes for SC-1 on an ongoing basis. Feedback control based on the monitor output is used to keep the concentrations of the TMAH/H2O2 solutions within the allowable ranges and to eliminate unnecessary replacement of chemicals. In addition, a model with an integrated cooling unit is available, allowing accommodation of a broad range of sample temperatures.

  • Traceroute and Network Diagnostic Tool

    VisualRoute - Visualware, Inc.

    Traceroute. Key diagnostic data such as packet loss and response times are displayed in an easy to understand traceroute table. Hop by hop analysis makes it easy to pin point problem areas. Reverse trace (remote agents). One of the most powerful features of VisualRoute (SupportPro edition) is the ability to create remote agents. Remote agents allow the user to perform a reverse trace between two locations without actually being present in either location. Reverse DNS. Use VisualRoute to perform a reverse DNS lookup. This allows the user to uncover the IP address behind a domain name, such as

  • USB Controlled High Precision Audio Test Interface

    AudioConnect 4×4 - Listen Inc

    AudioConnect 4×4 is a high accuracy 4-in, 4-out audio interface specifically audio test and measurement. It offers digital and analog audio in and out at any user-specified sampling rate up to 200kHz, and a high signal to noise ratio and wide frequency response, making it suitable for the most demanding measurement applications. Controls are simple – a single USB connection and a power indicator – all other typical soundcard controls that are not used for audio test applications have been eliminated to make operation and calibration simple with no room for error. AudioConnect 4×4 is supplied fully calibrated.

  • Server Monitoring Software


    Motadata is an integrated server monitoring software & tool that delivers insightful details of all critical server performance parameters like hard disk capacity, CPU utilisation, memory utilisation and bandwidth utilisation from an intuitive web console. Our server performance monitoring allows a sysadmin to stay on top of server downtime and performance issues. This server monitoring software has the capability to monitor all types of IT infrastructure servers in both consolidated and distributed workload conditions. Identify server performance issues like resource utilisation, application downtime and its avg. response time.

  • Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) Monitoring

    Metal Samples Company

    The electrochemical technique, commonly referred to as Linear Polarization Resistance, is the only corrosion monitoring method that allows corrosion rates to be measured directly, in real time. Although limited to electrolytically conducting liquids, the response time and data quality of this technique make it clearly superior, where applicable, to all other forms of corrosion monitoring.

  • Carrier Type Instrumentation Amplifier

    WGA-120A - Kyowa Instruments

    WGA-120A is a compact, lightweight and affordably priced carrier instrumentation amplifier that is suitable for measurement of load, pressure, torque or displacement in combination with a strain-gage transducer. While available in a manual or auto balance version, it enables easy switchover of bridge excitation, sensitivity adjustment range, calibration value or frequency response by changing jumper connections.

  • Electronic Loads


    The SLM family includes 11 models of fully programmable, single input AC or DC modular electronic loads. DC models are offered to test power supplies, battery chargers, battery discharge, power supply transient response and integration into ATE systems. AC models are ideal to test low power inverters.

  • NETCAR-Analyzer


    Timing Analysis and resource usage optimization for in-vehicle networks. Worst-case response times / jitters on CAN with and without frame offsets. NETCAR-Analyzer implements a set of proprietary optimization algorithms that typically enable doubling the bus load on Controller Area Network (CAN), which may defer the need for additional CAN networks and FlexRay technology.

  • Connect Generators to the Grid

    GridCode - DIgSILENT GmbH

    DIgSILENT has developed a new verification tool called DIgSILENT GridCode. The software has been designed in response to the need to verify whether a conventional or renewable power plant is compliant with local Grid Code interconnection requirements on basis of generating unit tests. There is a new trend towards verification of requirements at the point of interconnection of a power plant using transient stability simulations with numerical models. An increasing number of Transmission System Operators are including model validation methods to quantify the risk and uncertainty when using these simulation models in stability studies. These new methods have been included in the DIgSILENT GridCode tool.

  • Digital Multimeter

    KT7202 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    *3 3 /4 auto-range digital multimeter *Unit symbol display. Back light *Full overload protection *Frequency response: 40Hz - 400Hz *DC / AC voltage measurement up to 600V(0.8%) *DC current measurement up to 10A(0.8%)*AC current meansurement up to 10A(1.0%) *Resistance measurement: up to 40M ohm(0.8%) *Capacitance measurement: up to 40uF(2.5%-3.5%)*Frequency measurement: up to 10MHz (0.5%) *Duty cycle: 0.1% - 99.9% *Temperature measurement: up to 1000C(0.75%) *Diode check *Fuse: F0.2A/ 250V,F10A /250V *EN61010,CAT III 600V

  • Dissolved Oxygen

    Sper Scientific

    Dissolved oxygen (DO) is one of the most important indicators of water quality. It is essential for the survival of fish and other aquatic organisms and is used in hydroponics as well. When dissolved oxygen becomes too low, fish and other aquatic organisms cannot survive. Sper Scientific dissolved oxygen meters are made to accommodate the user with rugged, portable meters for use out in the field. All of our DO meters offer fast and accurate DO response times in wastewater, surface water and aquaculture applications. Three basic styles of DO meters are available for varying applications: Pens, Portable Meters, and Multi-parameter meters.

  • ELiiXA+ 16k Mono And Colour

    Teledyne e2v

    Teledyne e2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. The ELiiXA+ 16k features Teledyne e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, providing an unmatched 200,000 lines/s and combining high response with extremely low noise levels. This delivers a high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5μm pixel size is arranged in four active lines in the monochrome model and two active lines in the colour model. The dual line filter configuration allows the camera to be operated in several modes.

  • LISN & Voltage Probes

    Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    All commercial LISNs include an artificial hand connection and a transient limiter. This adds a 30dB insertion loss. A 30dB pre-amplifier is included which can be connected in the RF output feed to return the insertion loss to 0dB. The Voltage Probe requirement is covered by our PLIP (Power LIne Interference Probe). This fully meets the requirements of CISPR16, but has additional features:*Fully galvanic isolation between input and output (>1kV), for the safety of operator and analyser!*Shrouded safety clips for attachment to the line to be measured.*Filtered frequency response matched to Band A and B.*Current limiting on the output.*Visual indication of high voltage input.