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  • Solar Simulators

    N-Zone - TS Space Systems

    We work with many of the leading PV research groups around the world and our aim is to provide research tools to meet their requirements.The N-Zone was developed in response to the problem of accurately measuring multi-junction devices with >4 junctions.The simulator delivers the same, world leading close-match AM0 and AM1.5 spectrum as our Unisim range but with 2-12 adjustable, fully independent spectral zones.

  • Static Meter

    5740 - TAKK Industries Incorporated

    Our model 5730 handheld LCD static meter is the leading instrument in its class, quickly registering negative and positive static electricity charges of up to 150,000 volts, 100 volt resolution, on surfaces at a recommended distance of 4?. Its excellent accuracy, stability, ease of use and quick response make it an ideal instrument for engineers and quality experts in the analysis of static problems.

  • Power Devices

    Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    Panasonic offers DC-DC Step Down Regulators that integrate power MOSFETs and employ a hysteretic control system as well as single-channel, synchronous DC-DC Step Down Regulators with a power supply in package (PSiP) design.  Whether the requirement is a compact and simplified point-of-load design, or high-speed response with minimal output voltage fluctuations, Panasonic has a power IC to suit the application.

  • Imaging Colorimeters & Photometers

    Radiant Vision Systems, llc

    Calibrated to replicate human response to brightness, color, and scatter, Radiant ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers are CCD-based camera systems designed to make precise, spatial measurements of luminance and chromaticity.

  • Real Time Simulator

    Crest Test Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    The Real Time Simulator, RTS 1.4 is a speciality test system designed to test Bombardier Transportation's MITRAC Series Digital Control Units. This system is used to control the dSPACE signal generation hardware which generates several analog and digital events, and helps to carry out real time simulation tests. The RTS interface is designed to allow quick changeover between different project models by making use of swappable pre-wired modules. The Drive Control Unit DCU-II receives the signals from RTS 1.4 in an amplified or conditioned form, and perceives them as inputs from transducers, etc. The program in DCU-II takes decisions on the prevailing real time condition and generates responses accordingly. The integrity of stimulus and response helps to establish that the system is performing as expected. The system mainly consists of dSPACE as a simulation hardware, dSPACE wire wrap board, CREST Interface, DCU-II wire wrap board, and DCU-II as a Device-Under-Test.

  • Solar Array Simulator

    62000H-S series - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The latest programmable solar array simulator power supply 62000H-S Series released by Chroma provide simulation of Voc (open circuit voltage) up to 1800V and Isc (short circuit current) up to 30A. The 62000H-S provides an industry leading power density in a small 3U high package. The solar array simulator is highly stable and has a fast transient response design, which are both advantageous to MPPT performance evaluation on PV inverter devices. The 62000H-S Series have many unique advantages including high speed & precision digitizing measurement circuits with a 100kHz A/D, 25kHz D/A controlled I-V curve and a digital filter mechanism. It can simulate an I-V curve accurately and response the mains ripple effect from the PV inverter. In addition, the built-in EN50530/Sandia SAS I-V model in the standalone unit can easily program the Voc, Isc, Vmp, and Imp parameters for I-V curve simulation, without a PC controller.

  • Temperature Indicator

    Aarohi Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd

    Aarohi develop special temperature indicator for motor & pump testing with high accuracy. Micro controller based design provide fast response, precise measurement & easy compatibility with data acquisition system

  • Simulation Suite

    SolidWorks Corporation

    Efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, and boost product innovation with the powerful and extensive suite of SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages. You can set up virtual real-world environments to test your product designs before manufacture. Test against a broad range of parameters during the design process, such as durability, static and dynamic response, assembly motion, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastics injection molding.

  • Smart Camera

    HAWK MV-4000 - Microscan Systems, Inc.

    quadruples the processing power of the previous generation. It boasts up to six times the frame rate of its predecessor, achieving real-time trigger response using an FPGA. Building upon a 35-year history of development in Automatic Identification and Machine Vision, the HAWK MV-4000 does code reading, code verification, inspection, guidance, and gauging, incorporating state-of-the-art algorithms that can serve applications in virtually any industry.

  • RT Accessory

    DGT-RP6000 - Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Intelligent Eadiation Detector*High sensitivity, good energy response characteristics*High-speed low-power microprocessor unit*Chinese/English menu*Color LCDl display, backlight brightness adjustable*Dose rate, cumulative dose can be measured*Dose rate/ cumulative dose of ultra-threshhold alarm, timing measurement recording function*Battery low voltage, dose rate overload, detector failure alarm function

  • Benchtop Power Meter

    JW3201NS - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3201NS benchtop power meter is a high precision and wide range equipment designed by Joinwit. It has intelligent microprocessor control with automatic range switching. The photodetector PIN tube is linearized in 8 sections in the whole range of measurement, which eliminates the error caused by the non-linear response of the PIN tube to power value at the same wavelength and different power. It greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of equipment detection.

  • Full-Size Loudspeakers

    UPQ - Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.

    Meyer Sound’s award-winning UPQ loudspeakers have been core components in both portable and installed systems for more than a decade. Characterized by a high power-to-size ratio; smooth, uniform coverage; and consistent polar response; these two-way, self-powered loudspeakers are available in three coverage patterns to fit any application, from FOH mains in small-to-midscale systems to fills in large systems.

  • Active Differential Probe, 100 kHz to 12 GHz

    U1818B - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight U1818B 100 kHz to 12 GHz active differential probe makes it easy to perform high frequency in-circuit measurements using network, spectrum and signal source analyzers. With flat frequency response, low noise floor, and direct power from instrument connection, the U1818B allows measurements to be made while taking full advantage of Keysight's RF analyzers dynamic range.

  • Active Differential Probe, 100 kHz to 7 GHz

    U1818A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight U1818A 100 kHz to 7 GHz active differential probe makes it easy to perform high frequency in-circuit measurements using network, spectrum and signal source analyzers. With flat frequency response, low noise floor, and direct power from instrument connection, the U1818A allows measurements to be made while taking full advantage of Keysight's RF analyzers dynamic range.

  • Atomic Force Microscope

    NX-Hivac - Park Systems Corp.

    Park NX-Hivac allows failure analysis engineers to improve the sensitivity of their measurements through high vacuum Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM). Because high vacuum scanning offers greater accuracy, better repeatability, and less tip and sample damage than ambient or dry N2 conditions, users can measure a wide range of dope concentration and signal response in failure analysis applications.