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Resistance Test

measured in ohms is the ability of a current to conduct.

See Also: Resistance, Resistivity, Resistance Standards, Resistance Meters, Battery Internal Resistance Testers

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  • Resistance Test Systems

    QT-3000 Series - PowerTECH Co,Ltd.

    Developed for thermal resistance test of Transistor MOSFET IGBT DIODE.

  • Floor Resistance Test Kit

    PMK-152 - Prostat Corporation

    The PMK-152 Floor Resistance Test Kit contains the instruments you need to take resistance measurements.The PMK-152 includes Prostat's PRS-812 Resistance Meter with 5 pound conductive rubber electrodes. You can take measurements at 10 and 100 volts with accuracy within ±5%.

  • UV Resistance Test Chamber

    MRC ltd.

    The UV Weather resistance test chamber is the world’s most widely used weathering tester to test types of damages include color change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation.

  • Contact Resistance Test Sets

    Megger Group Ltd.

    Enables low resistance measurement, across multiple applications, in areas without access to mains power. The integral Li-ion battery supplies a constant 100 A current for up to 200 automatic or manual tests enhancing productivity in remote locations.

  • Low Resistance Test System

    9100-2 - Palico Instrument Laboratories

    The Model 9100-2 measures the resistance of single or multiple battery separators quickly and accurately when used with our Model 9000-9100 Electrolyte Test Bath. This system uses a 4-terminal measurement technique which cancels the effects of electrode/electrolyte potentials.

  • Ground Resistance Test System

    R1L-C - TEGAM Inc.

    The Model R1L-C is a Ground Resistance Ohmmeter designed to measure grounding system resistance as well as soil resistivity, over ranges from 2 to 20 k full scale. These resistance measurements correspond to soil resistivity from as low as 2 -cm to as high as 600,000 -cm. The R1L-C is capable of Wenner, Fall of Potential, 62% methods as well as bond and continuity measurements. Two, three and four are standard for this instrument.

  • UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber

    ACE Technology

     1-1.Typical Application  Used for nonmetal materials aging test, to inspect the resistance ability of sunshine and artificial light.    1-2.Standard  GB/T14522-93 " - plastic industrial products, paint, rubber material - artificial climate accelerated test methods"   GB/T16585-96 " - vulcanized rubber artificial weathering (fluorescent UV lamps) test methods"   GB/T16422.3-97 "plastic laboratory light exposure test methods"   Other terms of the corresponding standard of design and manufacturing;    2.Features  Imported USA made Q-Panel lamps;   Spray function, condensing function, UV function, can be circulate  Heating from water tanker in the inner bladder, heating fast, temperature uniform.  Drain system match to backset-style and U-style deposition device, convenient to clean.  Black board connect to temperature sensor, the device controls heating, lead to stable temperature.

  • CPV LED Thermal Resistance Test System

    TRT series - SW Link Ltd

    TRT LED Thermal Resistance Test system is specially designed and optimised for high power, high brightness LEDs applications in accordance with JEDEC standard. It measures the junction temperature and thermal/real resistance of LEDs. By fully integrated heating source measuring and control circuits together, the TRT system has achieved high performance, high accuracy, but with much low cost. It makes the thermal measurement accessible for every LEDs device makers and light designers. Users can also select different software package from just measure the junction temperature to full transient analysis.In case of HP LEDs, there is nearly half of electrical power need to be dissipated to air as heat to keep the LEDs cool. The junction temperature of LEDs is depending on the package of the LEDs, head sink, as well where the LEDs devices are installed.

  • Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

    ACE Technology

    1.Application and features:  The Xenon lamp temperature and humidity test chamber universally applied in bioengineering, genetic engineering environmental science,medical science, agriculture, forestry, livestock husbandry,educational organization and scientific research institute. Be used for cultivation test in a simulated climatic environment, so that to evaluate the function and quality of the specimen.  The product has the following features:  1.1.Design of system and structure is advanced and scientific, normative manufacturing process, good appearance, easy to be maintained.  1.2.Components and parts match to the set well, main functional components and parts are intermational advanced ones.  1.3.Safe and reliable, guarantee requirement of long-time and steady work.  1.4.Be convenient to use. What should be provided by user is only power supply.    Standards meet:   1) GB9344-88: Test method of plastic exposure to xenon lighting;   2) GB/T12831-1991: Manual climatic aging test method of vulcanized rubber (xenon lamp);   3) GB/T14522-93: Manual climatic test method with xenon lamp. (Manual climatic accelerating test method to plastic, coating and rubber material those used in machinery industrial product).   4) GB/T2423.24-1995: Test of electric and electronic products, PART 2: Test method – Test Sa: simulating ground solar radiation.    2. Main Basic Specifications


    S2020RHR - Statico

    The S2020RHR Tri-Functional Test kit measures surface resistivity, resistance, temperature and humidity. It is designed to test conductive, anti-static, and static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity/resistance according to EOS/ESD, CECC, ANSI, ASTM and UL test procedures.

  • Programmable AC/DC Hipot & Insulation Resistance Tester

    7122 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Programmable AC/DC Hipot & Insulation Resistance Tester can do hipot test and insulation resistance test

  • Footwear Testing Machines

    Dongguan Amade Instruments Technology Co., Ltd

    Footwear testing machines are designed to determine a variety of mechanical and chemical performances of different types of shoe materials and finished shoes including sneakers, high-heeled shoes, leather shoes, casual shoes, etc. There are appearance performance tests including yellow resistance test, ageing resistance test, fastness resistance test, etc, physical performance tests containing flexing resistance test, rubbing resistance test, anti-slip test, etc, biological and chemical performance tests covering PH test, Formaldehyde content test, flame retardant test, etc,  and service life test. Applicable to standards of ISO20344, SATRA, ASTM, etc.

  • Shoe Heat Resistance Tester

    UI-FT28 - Unuo Instruments

    Shoe Heat Resistance Tester is to test shoe outsole and upper hot contact resistance ability especially for safety shoe. Heat Resistance Test Method includes ISO 20344, SATRA TM49, EN 344 and etc.

  • Programmable insulation resistance tester

    2679 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Programmable insulation resistance tester Feature Resistance test range: 2512: (1µΩ—2MΩ nine shift) Variable speed test:5times/slow,10times/fast. Test accuracy:0.02%±2digits。

  • Electrical Safety Analyzer

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    Electrical Safety Test (EST) Analyzer that combines the functions of impulse test, hipot, insulation resistance and DC resistance measurements. It has 5kVac/ 6kVdc high voltage output, 5kV insulation resistance, 6kV layer short impulse voltage and 4-wire DC resistance measurement that can comply with the wound components test demands by providing maximum 10 channels output for multichannel scanning tests to save time and labor costs.