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  • Conditioners and Transmitters

    PT Limited

    DIN rail mounted micro-controller based analogue load cell transmitters. They have very high accuracy and long term stability with advanced design.Using an up to-date delta-sigma ADC and 16 bit DAC to achieve higher speed and accuracy these instruments give the system designers a lot of advantages towards increasing system reliability and reducing the installation and service times. All instruments' analogue outputs are matched during production to simplify calibration with a PLC and to simplify exchanging the instrument without recalibration in service when initial adjustment has been performed in the PLC.

  • Wide Range High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supply

    N3600 Series - Next Generation Instrumental (Shanghai) T&C Tech. Co., Ltd.

    N3600 series is developed based on NGI's years of experience in testing for battery fluctuation simulation test, battery charger, high voltage diode, electrolytic capacitor, electromechanical control, ATE test system, etc. It is a high-voltage wide-range programmable DC power supply. According to different test environments in the fields of lab test, system integration test, and mass production line, NGI has made a number of optimization designs based on the international advanced technology. N3600 series is a market leader in similar products in terms of reliability, maintainability and safety.

  • TorqueLab® Torque Analyzer

    LTT-Series - Mountz Inc.

    The torque analyzer is designed for calibrating tools, joint testing, auditing and measuring torque. Torque tools go out of calibration with use. To maintain consistent accuracy, torque tools must be checked periodically for wear or defective parts. A power or hand torque tool is a measuring tool that must be properly calibrated and maintained. The LTT-Series is an advanced torque testing and documentation solution. Using a quality torque tester makes a safer world through accuracy and precision. Controlling torque is essential for companies to ensure their product’s quality, safety and reliability isn’t compromised.

  • Insulation And Protection Solutions

    TE Connectivity Ltd.

    TE provides insulation and protection solutions for substations, underground cables, overhead lines, and railway applications. These products have earned a world wide reputation for materials, innovation, quality, service and technical expertise. Safety and reliability are vital in high voltage products. TE is committed to pioneering improvements in performance for our customers at all levels. Our development teams work to generate a superior range of high performance products. Our strong, international brand portfolio provides a range of products with proven performance including Raychem, Bowthorpe EMP, and Axicom.

  • Generator & Earthing Series

    Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    AC Impedance Tester is the newly developed enhanced impedance tester on the basis of improving and perfecting the old model product. The instrument has three new functions: equipped with rotating mouse to achieve easier operation; display and print AC impedance characteristic curves; achieve data download and editing the test report with PC online. This instrument adopts the most advanced high-speed microprocessor with more powerful function and better performance. It is well established for its high reliability, simple operations, high accuracy and lightweight. Currently the instrument is in leading position in china.

  • Two-wavelength SM WDMs

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs) are used to combine or split two different single mode signals with low insertion loss. Thorlabs' WDMs featured on this page are manufactured using Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) technology and are designed for common NIR and telecom wavelengths (see the table to the right for options). They are an ideal solution for combining pump and signal wavelengths in fiber lasers and amplifiers or for combining telecom signals. Our WDMs have undergone extensive testing to ensure they meet or surpass Telcordia requirements; please see the Reliability Testing tab for details.


    Nippen Electrical Instruments Co.

    This is flush mounting micro controller based instrument with multilayer PCB having SMT components offering accuracy and reliability along with reduction in EMI and EMC interference. These are specially designed to simultaneously measure, display and communicate several electrical parameters. This meter is an Ideal data source for effective Energy management, SCADA, PLC, BMS etc to measure as many as 36 parameters on 23 display pages, which are true RMS. The readings are displayed on 3 line bright Red 7 segment LED, each row/ line having 4 14.2mm high LEDS.

  • Portable Oil Analysis Kits

    Spectro Scientific

    Monitoring lubricant condition in machine wear when and where it is needed significantly reduces the time required for laboratory analysis and improves machine reliability. Spectro Scientific offers a wide range of portable devices with field simplicity and lab accuracy. The product combinations are powerful for different applications as together they provide more comprehensive analysis of oil condition, contamination and machine wear condition. All Spectro portable devices are battery powered, use small amounts of oil, and do not require solvents or chemicals to clean. They are light weight and ideal for field use.

  • Electrostatic Discharge Generator

    SKS-0220S - Shanghai Sanki Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.

    Electrostatic discharge generator SKS-0220S has high reliability, the host itself can resist 20kV electrostatic discharge test; 7-inch touch LCD screen, simple interface, convenient operation; unique combination test mechanism, multiple modes, arbitrary combinations of parameters, continuous testing; Equipped with a file management system, which can save commonly used test parameters, and can also import and export test parameters through a U disk; it has a temperature and humidity monitoring function, which can display the temperature and humidity indicators of the experimental environment in real time.

  • Automotive Electronic Electrostatic Discharge Generator

    SKS-0230S - Shanghai Sanki Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.

    Automobile electronic electrostatic discharge generator SKS-0230S has high reliability, the host itself can resist 30kV electrostatic discharge test; 7-inch touch LCD screen, simple interface, convenient operation; unique combination test mechanism, multiple modes and parameters in any combination, continuous Test ; equipped with a file management system, which can save commonly used test parameters, and can also import and export test parameters through a U disk; has a temperature and humidity monitoring function, which can display the temperature and humidity indicators of the experimental environment in real time.

  • vibration test system

    Labtone Test Equipment Co., LTD

    Labtone EV series of electrodynamic shaker vibration test System simulate the vibration environment under the laboratory condition, and test the impact strength as well as reliability of various vibration test applications.Labtone EV series of electromagnetic vibration testing system simulate the vibration environment under the laboratory condition, and test the impact strength as well as reliability of various vibration test applications. In the laboratory, with the aid of vibration testing system, simulations of reproduction of sinusoidal, random, resonant search and dwell, classical shock and road models, etc. can be achieved. It is essential for product quality assurance, new product research and development.Labtone EV series of electromagnetic vibration testing system is specially designed to meet the need for long time operation. Vertical and horizontal vibrations can be achieved by the installation of vibration resistant base. The standard platform is equipped with high efficiency airbag shock isolation device, so that the vibration transmitted to the building can be minimized. There is no need for additional foundation in most of the cases.A complete set of vibration testing system is composed of shaker, power amplifier and vibration measuring control system, in accordance with the relevant national and international standards (such as: MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, BS, etc.) to provide technical support for establishing product quality inspection.

  • CATV Multi-ports Output High Power Full Function Optical Amplifier Module

    HHOA-F5000 - Hangzhou Huatai Optic Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Huatai HHOA-F5000 series is a kind of multi-port output, high power, full-function optical amplifier module and is suitable for CATV with low noise. Its total output power is 27~40dBm (0.5W~10W) optional and its optical output port can reach to 64 pieces at most. The module has standard RS232 interface, adopts high reliable and low power consumption design as well as adopts APC, AGC control mode. The product has two series: The output power of Huatai HHOA-F5000 high power optical amplifier module can be chosen in the range of 27dBm~40dBm. According to different output power, Huatai HHOA-F5000 adopts two latest technical solutions. One is to use single mode high power 980nm pump laser with cooling and EDF, multi-pump synthesis technique. The other is to use multi-mode high power 980nm pump laser without cooling and double-clad Er-Yb doped fiber-optic technology. It provide a whole set of high reliability, low cost, low noise and low power consumption solutions for the application of high power, multi-port output amplifier. It can be widely used in CATV head-end or FTTx distribution network.

  • Domestic Direct Reading Spectrometer

    CS-8610 - Wuxi Tianmu Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

    1. Convenient, practical and reliable: unique combustion device, equipped with infrared detection system, direct connection, remote control operation.2 , patented burner design (using utility model patent technology)The burner electrode upgrading system adopts a spring structure, the electrode adjustment is convenient, and the double sealing ring guarantee the pressure balance in the furnace cavity without tempering.3 , to ensure accurate measurement results◆Using low-noise, high-sensitivity, high-stability pyroelectric infrared detectors.◆Specially-made new platinum infrared light source, continuous heating and high spectral efficiency.The modular design of the whole machine, the electronic circuit is highly integrated, which improves the reliability of the instrument.◆Industrial-grade integrated linear module power supply, stable output, no fault.◆The infrared detection part and the combustion furnace are connected by optical fiber, and cooperate with multi-level concealed isolation circuit to completely eliminate arc interference.◆Double filter device to reduce the impact of dust on the analysis results.4 , electronic balance is not quantitative sample: you can choose different brands of electronic balance, automatic online, to achieve non-quantitative weighing.

  • Integration Automatic Tester

    Haomai Electric Power Automation Co.,Ltd.

    ◆High Voltage and Current Accuracy: 4-phase voltages and 3-phase currents output, high precision and high stability, the amplitude and phase position can be adjusted as will.◆Build-in High-Precision GPS Module: It makes sure that the time mark error of all variables < 10us.◆Powerful Test Function: Remote control, telecommand(storm) and telemeter test functions. SOE test are available inside substation or inter-substation. GPS time-matching module is applied to test the response time and PPS error of telecommand and telemeter of the integrated and automatic system.◆High-Fidelity & High-Reliability Modular Linear Amplifier: Output units adopt power amplifier with high performance, which can guarantee the waveform of all the large and small current smooth and high precision.◆6 Non-Polarity Binary Inputs: compatible with empty contact and 0~250V potential contact.◆7 pairs binary outputs use isolated empty electric contact, withstand DC400V/AC220V and high-speed output without jitter.◆Excellent heat dissipation structure, self-diagnosis, self-protection and lock-out function, high reliability.◆High performance build-in IPC with Windows XP system, analyzing various of telecontrol protocols.

  • Mini Connector

    HMA-M - OPTOKON a.s.

    The OPTOKON HMA-M connector series, a mini size „Expanded Beam“ connector is designed for connection of the nodes of harsh environmental network by the help of cables with optical fibers. The used expanded beam technology preservers all advantages of signals transmission through the optical lines in field harsh environmental conditions. Additionally to ruggedized optical networks the HMA-M is suited for a vast array of applications, like heavy industry connections, petrochemical application, broadcasting temporary optical lines. The innovative designs ensure its ability for deployment in the toughest environments where high performance and total reliability are critical. Benefiting from expanded beam technology the precision optical alignment system creates immunity from water, mud, dust oil and other contaminants. The HMA-M Hermaphroditic coupling eliminates the need for adaptors and male and female mating halves. Hermaphroditic housings allow for rapid deployment, creating low loss Singlemode and Multimode daisy chained links in a variety of planforms ranging from simplex fiber to a four fibers. The OPTOKON HMA-M is ideally suited for environmental extremities where low maintenance and quick repairability is necessary.