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subatomic or minute speck of matter

See Also: Nanoparticle, Airborne Particle, Particle Accelerator, Particle Counters, Particle Detection

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  • Nanoparticle Measurement Device

    NANO-flex® - Particle Metrix GmbH

    Nanoparticle Measurement Device for Particle Size Distribution with 180 DLS Dynamic Light Scattering. System for characterization of colloids by dynamic light scattering within a size range of 0.8 nm to 6.5 m. Suitable for material systems with concentrations from ppm up to 40% vol., depending on substance type. Minimum is 1 droplet.

  • Multi-channel PM Sampler

    PMS-200M - Focused Photonics Inc.

    The PMS-200M particle multi-channel sampler accepts closed-loop response control technology to sample multiple gaseous and particulate samples simultaneously in the atmosphere. The PMS-200M can monitor meteorological parameters such as atmospheric humidity, pressure, temperature and wind speed in real time. The PMS-200M is configured with 4 sampling channels, which can be extended to 8 channels through stream and timing multiplexing.

  • Multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation & Analysis

    STAR-CCM+ - Siemens Digital Industries Software

    STAR-CCM+ is a stand-alone simulation solution for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computational solid mechanics (CSM), heat transfer, particle dynamics, reacting flow, electrochemistry, electromagnetics, acoustics and rheology. STAR-CCM+ delivers accurate and efficient simulation technologies through a single integrated user interface and automated workflows. This facilitates the analysis and exploration of complex real-world problems.

  • Sample Dispersion Systems


    Since the introduction of the Small Volume Recirculator (SVR) in 1982, Microtrac has been supplying the particle analysis industry with sample dispersion delivery mechanisms. Thanks to countless hours of research and development, Microtrac continues to exceed the sample dispersion needs of customers. Slurry or dry powder material, Microtrac has a sample dispersion accessory for you.

  • Laser Type PM Sensor

    Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    Panasonic’s Laser Type Particulate Matter Sensor is comprised of an on-board microprocessor, micro-fan, and laser diode. This PM Sensor has been programmed so that the fan will operate based on the amount of particle dust surrounding the laser diode so that the overall lifespan or usefulness of the Sensor can be extended much longer than its’ average commercially available equivalent.

  • Test Chamber For Air Filter And Air Purifier

    Dongguan Simplewell Technology Co.,Ltd

    It is unique and significant way to test the performance of Air Filter and Air Purifier. It is manufactured by stainless steel and internal surface of it is covered with low-adsorption film. In that way,it can assure the majority of hazardous gas is absorbed by the chamber. It is applicable for us to test the formaldehyde, particles, VOC, ozone, oxynitride, oxysulfide, ammonia gas and more from the Air Filter and Air Purifier.

  • High-Speed Multichannel Data Acquisition Systems and Software

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight AXIe high-speed digitizers provide the ideal solution for advanced experiments in hydrodynamics, plasma fusion, particle physics, and aerospace & defense. With these modules you can build a large number of synchronous acquisition channels with unprecedented measurement fidelity in the smallest footprint. Advanced IP design, state-of-the-art technology and on-board real-time data processing are combined to achieve outstanding performance.

  • Semiconductor Sensors

    CyberOptics Corporation

    Whether it’s for leveling, vibration, relative humidity, airborne particle sensing, teaching, or gapping, CyberOptics WaferSense and ReticleSense sensors for Semiconductor fabs and equipment OEMs are the world’s most efficient and effective wireless measurement devices. CEO, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni provides a view into the use of CyberOptics’ Multiple Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology in back-end and front-end semiconductor.

  • Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Tester

    WKS-1010 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    WKS-1010 Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Tester is used to test the percentage of the mask material to filter out the suspended particles containing bacteria under the specified flow rate. It is suitable for the performance test of the bacterial filtration efficiency of medical surgical masks by metrological inspection departments, scientific research institutes, medical mask manufacturers and other related departments.

  • Aerosol Neutralizer

    3077A - TSI Inc.

    Aerosol Neutralizer 3077A has five times the activity of the Model 3077. The 3077A is offered for general-purpose applications involving highly charged aerosols and low flow rates. It is supplied with our Model 3034 Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS) spectrometer.Features and Benefits Radioactivity of 370 MBq Maximum flow rate of 5 L/min Kr-85 source

  • Ambient PM TOF-MS FastTrack System

    LAMPAS-3.0 - Focused Photonics Inc.

    LAMPAS adopts the single-particle aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometry that can measure single particles' chemical composition and size in real-time and respond rapidly to a sudden source of pollution. Due to its versatility, LAMPAS is generally used to determine pollution sources in the urban, remote, and marine environment or verify the PMF module's accuracy to provide data reports to the environmental agency.

  • Disintegration Testing

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent offers innovative dissolution testing systems to accurately measure the disintegration of dosage forms into particles under standard conditions. The Agilent 100 Automated Disintegration Apparatus is a fully programmable solution delivering reliable disintegration testing results. Our disintegration testing systems are compact and easy to manage, featuring precise temperature control and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Washability & Abrasion

    Elcometer Limited

    Improved mechanical resistance to wear is a key requirement of a wide range of products. From coatings to clothing, leather to upholstery, keypads to plastic toys, a product’s ability to resist wear is an important characteristic. There are testing methods relating to the ‘abrasion by friction’ concept. Others are based on the projection of abrasive particles on to the test specimen. These techniques provide valuable information about materials and processes.

  • Geiger Counters

    PCE Instruments

    A geiger counter detects nuclear radiation by measuring the emission of ionizing radiation of alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays. Also referred to as a radiation detector, a geiger counter consists of two main elements: the processing electronics and the geiger tube. The geiger tube is filled with low-pressure inert gas like helium, argon or neon. If radioactive radiation occurs, the inert gas is ionized. An anode within the geiger tube registers the quantity of ionized particles numerically correlating with the strength of the radioactive radiation. The radioactivity measurement is then displayed on the LCD screen of the geiger counter or radiation detector.It is very important to measure radioactivity as well as to classify radioactivity values. For example, terrestrial gamma radiation is measured according to general values from 0.03 - 0.3 µSv/h (microsievert / hour). This "normal" oscillation range is conditioned by natural radioactive elements in the ground such as uranium and potassium. To calculate this factor, one must take into consideration cosmic radiation. For example, when considering cosmic radiation, the maximum radioactivity content at Schneefernerhaus, the highest-located German environmental research station, is approximately equal to 110 µSv/h.At PCE Instruments, you will find three types of geiger counter or raditation detection devices to help you measure radioactivity: 1) alpha radioactivity meters, 2) meters for detecting alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity and 3) radioactivity meters for human beings.

  • Flowability Index Tester

    FLODEX™ - Teledyne Hanson Research

    The Flodex is a simple-to-use tool that helps you determine a reliable and repeatable flowability index over an arbitrary scale of 4 to 40 to use as a specification for your raw materials. This one simple test takes in account the numerous parameters that affect powder flowability such as particle size and shape, “fines,” unit surface, actual and bulk density, porosity, settling, and electrostatic charge.

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