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  • PCI Express Test Backplane

    Company: Amfeltec

    The PCI Express Test Backplane was designed to support production testing/debugging of PCIe-based peripheral boards. The backplane expands the x1 PCI Express interface of the host computer into one x4 and three x1 PCI Express slots via 7 ft CAT6 cable. The PCI Express backplane is a versatile platform that allows you to test up to 4 PCI Express boards at the same time, facilitates easy access to logic signals, provides hot-swap compatibility, and per-slot overcurrent protection.The backplane provides access to the PCIe-bus JTAG signals, thus acting as a universal device for programming/loading of FPGA/CPLD (during production and testing).

  • PCI Express Test Fixture

    Company: Allion Test Labs

    PCI Express Mini Extender can transfer signals between PCI Express and PCI Express Mini bus interface. Aims to measure signals of PCI Express mini modules, such as WLAN, SATA, and BT module and examine the compatibility. Users can hot-plug the PCI Express Mini card into the PCI Express motherboard for testing, which can save time by skipping the re-start procedure.

  • 702314-01 - Dual Channel PCI Express AFDX Test Access Port

    Company: TechSAT GmbH

    Two feed-through Ethernet interfaces with twisted pair transceiversDeterministic delay in active buffering modeAdvanced filtering mechanisms to reduce bandwidthHighly accurate time-stamping of all monitored packetsLink interruption on physical and data link layer

  • PCI to PCI Express Adapter

    Company: Amfeltec

    The Adapter is simply plugged into your computer's existing PCI slot with a PCI Express device plugged into the connector on the top of the adapter. This provides a seamless interface for new PCI Express devices on top of older PCI systems and makes possible the utilization of all test equipment (computers, PCI extenders, PCI bus analyzers etc) during migration from PCI to PCI Express interface.

  • Summit Z3-16 Exerciser - Traffic Generator

    Company: Teledyne LeCroy

    The new Summit Z3-16 is Teledyne LeCroy''s fourth generation exerciser (traffic generator), adding support for PCI Express at the new Gen3 data rates of 8 GT/s. The Summit Z3-16 Exerciser, in combination with the Summit T3-16 Protocol Analyzer, provides a complete test and development environment for engineers working on new designs using PCI Express 3.0 data rates. The Summit Z3-16 builds on the extensive programming and verification test libraries established for Teledyne LeCroy''s PETrainer™ and Summit Z2-16 PCI Express Exercisers, and provides the user a complete suite of test capability, including the ability to test products to the new PCI Express 3.0 specification.

  • 32-bit PCI Test Backplane

    Company: Amfeltec

    The 32-bit PCI Test Backplane was designed to support production testing/debugging of PCI-based peripheral boards. The backplane expands the x1 PCI Express interface of the host computer into four 32-bit PCI slots via 7 ft CAT6 cable. The PCI backplane is a versatile platform that allows you to test up to 4 PCI boards at the same time, facilitates easy access to logic signals, provides hot-swap compatibility, and per-slot overcurrent protection. By enabling access to the PCI bus JTAG signals, the PCI Backplane becomes a universal device for support programming/loading FPGA/CPLD during production testing. In addition, all PCI signals can be easily verified by plugging an oscilloscope or logic analyzer into the PCI bus debug connector.

  • M4i.77xx Series - Digital Data Acquisition Cards

    Company: Spectrum

    The Spectrum M4i.77xx series of Digital Data Acquisition cards represent a major performance breakthrough for test engineers who require high-speed digital data logging with multi-channel logic analysis over extended time periods. Based on Spectrum''''s proven M4i series PCI Express (PCIe) platform the cards are small and compact. Each card comes equipped with 32 fully synchronous channels, large 4 GB on-board memory and a PCI Express x8 Gen 2 interface that offers outstanding data streaming performance.

  • Digital I/O Instruments

    Company: National Instruments

    NI high-speed digital I/O instruments offer advanced interfacing and test features for today’s digital and mixed-signal systems. With PC-based digital instruments, you can build flexible, powerful test systems to meet application challenges from custom communication analysis to end-of-line functional testing. NI high-speed digital instruments offer advanced test features such as onboard data validation and dedicated throughput over a PCI Express interface.

  • U4305A-021 - Protocol Test Card 3.0 Software Licence

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    U4305A Option 021 Protocol Test Card is a Keysight third generation PCIe 3.0 link transaction compliance test tool. Designed to the requirements of the PCI-SIG®, the industry organization chartered to develop and manage the PCI Express standard, the PTC3 will provide the Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) and Independent BIOS Vendor (IBV) with link transaction test results designed to maximize interoperability and conform to current PCIe 3.0 industry protocol specification.

  • GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA - Specification Receiver Calibration and Test Automation Software

    Company: Granite River Labs

    GRL’s PCI Express®4.0 Base Specification Receiver Calibration and Test Automation Software for the Anritsu MP1800A BERT (GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA) provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test your PCIe 4.0 Receiver to the Base (ASIC) Specification. GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA automates the MP1800A and Keysight real-time oscilloscope to calibrate the stressed eye opening and test Rx conformance.

  • 81133A - Pulse Pattern Generator

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    he Keysight 81133A single-channel 3.35 GHz Pulse Pattern Generator is the latest product in the long history of Keysight´s high-speed Pulse Pattern Generators. When timing and performance requirements are critical, for example in high-speed serial bus applications like PCI Express or Serial ATA, its fast rise times and low intrinsic jitter allow the precise and in-depth characterization of devices, e.g. receivers or backplanes. Like its predecessor, the Keysight 8133A, the new 81133A sets the standard for high-speed applications. The Keysight 81133A lets you test your DUT instead of the pulse or data source! For applications that require multiple output channels or multi-level signaling like pre- and de-emphasis (PCI Express) or squelch (Serial ATA), please refer to the 81134A.

  • AXIe Logic Analysis & Protocol Test

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's AXIe Modular Logic Analysis and Protocol test modules and powerful analysis software provide essential capabilities for engineers working on fast digital designs and chipsets using high speed parallel and serial buses, such as DDR and PCI Express Gen 3.The AXIe modular analyzers help you transparently record in real-time the traffic patterns between two digital devices and easily visualize the trace information from bit level to the transaction level with the right decoding capabilities.

  • FS4400 - PCI Express Analysis Probe

    Company: FuturePlus Systems

    The FS4400 PCI Express Serial Analysis Probe is a low-cost bus analysis probe capable of non-intrusively probing a PCI-Express bus at a serial data rate of 2.5 Gbps. The FS4400 connects to the system under test with one of several adapter cables. Protocol decode software is included to decode and display incoming data using an Agilent logic analyzer.


    Company: GOEPEL Electronic

    The SCANBOOSTER/PEC is equipped with a Cabled PCI Express x1 interface. The controller provides two fully independent TAPs and supports a programmable TCK frequency up to 16 MHz.Both TAPs use externally controlled active test heads (exclusively). By utilizing GOEPEL electronic's TIC01 (TAP Interface Card) modules serving as interface between controller and UUT, some of the SCANFLEX® advantages apply. That means both TAPs are independently programmable with regard to output voltage, input voltage, output impedance and input impedance.

  • HSSub - PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem

    Company: Teradyne

    The Teradyne PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) addresses defense and aerospace ATE requirements that are common to most recent designs including buses with increasing speeds, protocol complexity, big data handling and processing demands. HSSub further accommodates the need for lower latency interaction with the unit under test. HSSub is designed for integration into existing or future test systems with the ease of a single LXI instrument. For serial or parallel, standardized or custom, and protocol-based buses of any speed including: LVDS, LVTTL, M-LVDS, Fibre Channel, FireWire, Ethernet, Serial RapidIO, PCI Express and Infiniband.